since her connection has been severed to him anyways

This pic always kinda stuck out to me. We finally see the infamous moment of Moon blasting off Toffee’s finger. But this is one moment taken out of a whole battle we’ve yet to see. There’s probably more to this picture than we can see.

Toffee’s obviously in shock and Moon in rage. And judging by the way she’s riding Lil Chauncey it seems like she had just arrived to the battle.

If there’s a possibility of Moon and Toffee being friends at one point then something had to lead up to this moment. And I honestly think this moment is a misunderstanding.

Think about it. Toffee never seemed like the guy to run up to a princess with a weapon and try to straight up kill her. He seems poised, calm and collected. He takes his time and thinks his moves through before acting. Moon however in this picture seems brash and bold. She clearly didn’t think about her actions and make a plan, she just rode Lil Chauncey straight into battle and blasted her darkest spells at Toffee. And she still shows signs of rushing into battle in Starcrushed. And eventually she let her guard down off screen for Toffee to be able to control Ludo and drain her magic. And once she’s revived she jumps right back up and engages in battle.

Where am I going with all this? Maybe this tapestry isn’t the story we’ve been lead to believe. Toffee could have been on Moons side during this and actually fighting the other monsters. But seeing the skulls on his shoulders could lead to a misunderstanding. Those could be symbols of the Queens he serves, not slayed(Spades since his obvious connection to Eclipsa. Diamonds for Moon). Or he could have simply been a diplomat for the monsters and was working out an agreement with Mewni while meeting and possibly befriending Moon in the process. But anyway, Moon, quick to fight and defend her people, jumps to conclusions seeing the skulls and Toffee with the monsters and feels betrayed.

Leading to her lashing out unfairly at him

We still don’t know how she really feels torwards him or if she has any regret for severing his finger. But maybe it could explain Toffee’s motives, and more of his character.

Maybe he’s the true victim here. After all Moon could’ve started the fight between them. And this is just a plan of revenge that’s been in the works for a long time. He won’t be so civil from now on.