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au where Saitama responds to his haters with overwhelming sarcasm

I needed a little pick-me-up but I got lazy halfway through lol, but I’ll be focusing on au stuff now I promise! my brain has been really unfocused recently and I just, need to get refocused (; _ ; )



I kinda like that sketchy style, I might keep it :p

Soo I finally decided to answer some older asks. It’s gonna take me only like, what, 40 years?

for some reason I get a lot of asks for Laxus and Cobra’s first meeting, so expect that sometime in the future

in the next 100 years


reason number 345678 why Acno shouldn’t be a parent


mentioning his height is probably like a taboo in the house

yeah if you haven’t noticed before, the age differences in this au are slightly different from canon. I wanted the kids to be closer in age so I made the gap smaller (I mean Wendy is like, what, 6,7 years younger than Natsu and Gajeel? Yeah, I just didn’t want to make them teenagers here I guess)

alternative title for this post: everyone bullies Sting

                  ~*Stanford Pines: The Violet Knight*~


I could never leave you.


“I am the governor, and protecting the people who live here is something that I must do.”

  • crush: *acknowledges my existence*
  • me: wow our children are going to be so pretty and trilingual

Kii and Gio <3

Kii’s design was actually influenced by Gio tbh, but personality-wise, they’re complete opposites. Kii’s very touchy-feely, perverted, outgoing, violent and stubborn, whereas Gio doesn’t like being touched, pure, anti-social, non-violent and a huge over-thinker. The things they have in common is that they’re both aren’t the type to take shit from people, have a sweet tooth and blush easily.

Due to the fact that I've been hearing shit about these specific characters lately:

Raphael isn’t evil, his people are being killed by Camille, who Simon released after he warned him not to.

Alec isn’t an asshole, everything is going downhill for him and unlike the others, it’s harder for him to cope with things. (Furthermore, his sexuality is valid STOP ERASING IT BY SHIPPING HIM WITH WOMEN)

Clary isn’t weak, this is all new to her and she’s trying her best to learn.

Simon isn’t clingy, he’s been in love with Clary his whole life and wants to protect her and care for her.

Luke is important, he’s the only good parent in the show and he isn’t even Clary’s biological dad. Not to mention, he went a against his whole clan to help Jace get to Alec, anddd has been helping Simon cope with everything since he first turned.

Magnus is more than just Malec, he is his own character, and he needs to be appreciated because let’s be honest here, all your faves would be dead if it wasn’t for him. He’s a badass who didn’t earn the title of ‘High Warlock of Brooklyn’ for nothing. He’s also the sweetest fucking character (don’t fight me on this) he’s helped so so many people and he’s so intelligent and understanding.

Izzy is more than just looks, she is a strong and independent lead female character, she is a badass and can probably shred you to pieces. :))


finally drew a kwami swap for marinette and adrien. i went with wonderfulworldofmoi’s idea for red-tipped cowlicks because i thought it was super cute! hope that’s ok u v u 


All right, I’m gonna go ahead and call pre-boarding for all Zabvronians with elite status. Ah… Oh. No, wait. That’s… that’s only me. Suck it, coach trash.



His voice startled her awake. She yawned quietly as she rolled over and blinked sleepily up at him. When her eyes finally focused she frowned. He looked like he hadn’t slept in days.

“What’s wrong?” she asked quietly, scrubbing at her eyes with the palms of her hands.

“You said we should talk,” he murmured, pulling her against his side.

Ryleigh glanced up at the window. The sky was a dusky peach colour; sunrise. “What time is it?”

“Still early,” he quickly glanced at the window himself. “But if we don’t do this now, I might not have to courage to do it later.”

“Courage to do what?” she frowned at him.

“Answer the question you’ve been wanting to ask since we left Windenburg,” he turned from the window to stare at her. “The question that’s been on your mind since Aaliyah told you it wasn’t her story to tell.”

“You overheard that?” Ryleigh grimaced.

Salim chuckled quietly. “I was in the room next door Ryles, not miles away, and the two of you weren’t exactly whispering.”

“I’m sorry,” she ducked her head down and rested her cheek against his chest.

“Don’t be,” he chuckled again. “Considering how I reacted I’m not surprised at all that you had questions and I should tell you—”

“You don’t have to,” she cut him off quickly, raising herself up on her elbow to look down at him. “Really, if you don’t want to tell me I understand.”

“No,” he shook his head. “You told me about your past, it’s only fair. And … I always want to be truthful with you … you deserve to know.”

Ryleigh nodded and lowered herself back down to rest her head on his arm and waited. He was quiet for so long that she’d begun to drift off and he startled her again when he started to speak.

“I guess it all started with her…”


Rhett roleplaying as a jerk and trying his best to insult Link’s appearance. Three separate attempts. (x)

Patater birthday heacanons

  • Tater grew up in a large family with not a lot of money, so his birthday was never really a celebrated thing
  • It wasn’t that his family didn’t love him, they really did, but they couldn’t afford to get him any fancy presents or take the entire family out to a nice dinner
  • So every year his mom would say “Happy Birthday Alexei” when she saw him in the morning, and in the evening he’d get to unwrap a small toy (when he was a kid) or a card with a bit of money in it (when he got too old for toys)
  • But he never minded, that was just How Things Were
  • Until he got to America and met Kent Parson, Captain of the Las Vegas Aces
  • The first thing Alexei Mashkov sees when he opens his eyes is Kent’s face above him smiling
  • “Happy birthday handsome! I hope you’re ready for an exciting day!”
  • Then Kent disappears. Is this hide-and-seek? Is he supposed to go find Kent?
  • While he’s pondering this, his boyfriend reappears with a tray full of their favorite breakfast foods. “I thought we’d have breakfast in bed today, since it’s a special occasion and the sheets are already dirty anyway” he winks. Of course he winks.
  • Breakfast is amazing, and Alexei thinks that’s probably the end of the ‘exciting day’. But he’s wrong.
  • Next, he experiences birthday sex, and he thinks this whole birthday thing is maybe the best thing ever
  • After that, they go to a special surprise, which turns out to be the zoo
  • Cute. Animals. Everywhere. 
  • Tater especially likes the bears, because bears are awesome.
  • Kent prefers all cats, both large and small
  • They spend the whole time eagerly pointing at things to show each other
  • “Kenny, look! The bear swims!”
  • “Babe, can we have a tiger? Pleaaaase?”
  • After they get home, Kent announces he’s going to cook dinner tonight. Tater grabs the fire extinguisher, just in case. He doesn’t need it though and the food turns out to be somewhat edible. He eats it all, because Kenny tried so hard to make it.
  • Later when they’re curled up on the couch watching Disney movies, Tater thinks “this is what birthdays are meant to be like”
  • Maybe he can convince Kenny it’s his birthday every month
A Golden Proposal

A/N: Another Otayuri prompt I wrote out for my friend. I’m really proud of this one, Otabek seems to bring out some serious descriptive writing in me haha. Quick FYI, this is placed in the future, seven years after the end of Season 1, so Yuri is 22 and Otabek is 25. I tweaked the times/ages that she gave me a bit.

Prompt: Otabek and yuri have been dating for a year (ever since he turned 17) and one competition they do together otabek actually wins gold and yuri silver and happy bf is really happy for Beka saying “I’m really happy you won gold after working so hard and finally got what you wanted.” And then beka looks down and is like “but I don’t have you” and yuri is like really confused especially when otabek gets down on one knee and fishes out a box from his costume and then yuri is like too shocked to speak and then otabek is like “I know I don’t deserve you but I know that I love you more than anything else in the world and that I’d want to spend the rest of my life with none other than you. So.. will you marry me Yuratchka?” And so yuri starts crying and nods with his hands covering his mouth CUZ ENGAGEMENT ON NATIONAL TV

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shadowhunters fluff/sitcom/everyone is happy universe episode 1: pet shop

jace wants to get a pet to therapeutically heal from the falcon story and the gang goes along for moral support

once confronted with all the pups and kits and adorable faces the gang is suddenly much more invested and investigate ‘for jace’

luke is kind of bummed at first bc he used to love animals but now that hes a werewolf animals are always scared of him. but he doesnt want to ruin everyone elses fun so he tries to stay out of trouble and drifts to the back where he finds a wall of reptiles. one thin green one seems to be looking right at him. ‘just like harry potter’ luke thinks, smiling to himself. it is just like harry potter, luke. he tentatively reaches into its cage and picks it up. it wriggles around in his hands contentedly and wraps itself around his wrist. its smooth cold skin is refreshing since luke usually runs pretty hot since the change. he turns around to show someone his new friend (hopefully simon since hes always been terrified of snakes) and sees magnus holding a 30 pound yellow python around his shoulders. ‘just like britney’ whispers luke. ‘JUST LIKE BRITNEY!’ cheers magnus.

izzy and alec, meanwhile, gravitate towards the kitties and puppies respectively. they playfully banter over the differences between cat and dog people, quickly becoming less casual and more competitive. they give each other a look. cut to 10 minutes later theyre giving their troops battle speeches before they send them down the racetracks and obstacle courses they made out of treat boxes, jimmy jabs style

clary and simon go with jace to look at the hamsters and mice and bunnies. jace, with at least 2 tiny soft little furballs in each hand and a tear in his eye: ‘theyre okay i guess.’ simon and clary politely ignore his sniffling, even when he uses a guinea pig’s fur to dry his tears. clary and simon are good friends. theyre all amusing themselves picking out animals that remind them of the rest of the gang when simon says ‘guys. uh.’ by some wacky twist of circumstance simon has managed to release every single rodent in the store. ‘we should tell someone’ simon says intelligently, eyes wide with worry. ‘NO WE SHOULDNT WE CAN HANDLE IT’ jace and clary whisper frantically, eyes wild with determination. as it turns out, they can not handle it. they can not handle it at all.


Requested Imagine: The reader is kylo’s long term best friends but when rey comes along and kylo wants to train her, he totally shuts the reader out and all his attention is on rey instead. reader gets jealous and starts hanging out with hux and that’s only when kylo notices her again and it makes her angry. Anonymous. 

You know you’re not supposed to get angry, because you’re not actually together. You’re not in any position to tell him who to spend time with, but ever since Rey turned up, he’s been so focused on her that he barely looks in your direction. Before Rey you and Kylo would spend every day together and you felt honored that he showed his real him to you. But now Rey got to see that. 

“What are you doing today?” you ask Kylo one morning and he mumbles something before heading out the door. That’s when you decide that you’ve had enough of waiting around for Kylo to realise what’s right in front of him. So you start hanging out with Hux instead. He’s surprisingly funny when you get him out of his uniform. It’s as if he takes away all the cruelty in him when he removes the uniform. 

“Another drink?” you ask one night as you’re together with Hux. Both of you are a little tipsy by now, so you giggle a lot more and you may end up being a little more flirty than you mean to. But it’s all in good spirit. Right until Kylo breaks through the door looking angrier than ever. 

“What’s going on here?” he asks and you can just tell he doesn’t approve. He’s never approved of you spending time with others and it makes you so mad that he can do whatever he wants, but you can’t. 

“We’re just spending a little time together,” you reply now painfully sober. Kylo walks toward you and now Hux is getting up standing in front of you. 

“Careful, Ren,” he says and you see where this is heading. 

“Hux, can we get a minute?” You give him a nod letting him know it’s okay, before he heads out and you’re left alone with Kylo. 

“You can’t do this,” you whisper because you don’t trust your voice right now. You’re so angry with him for always telling you what to do. 

“You don’t make decisions for me. In the last couple of weeks you haven’t even bothered to talk to me, so you don’t get to be angry when I find someone who wants to spend time with me!” I say my voice slowly turning from a whisper to full on yelling. 


“I’m talking!” you yell at him, “I’ve said nothing to you about how much time you spend with Rey! So don’t you dare get angry at me for spending time with Hux.” You’re still yelling but you also feel drained by now. You’ve been holding onto this anger for so long that now you don’t even feel angry now. 

“I’m sorry,” he says realising that he’s in the wrong this time. You’re thankful he didn’t have one of his tantrums. 

“You should be,” you say sighing. Kylo stays quiet for a moment before he pulls you in for a hug. This is the Kylo that you appreciate and care for. The Kylo no one ever sees.

“I’ll be better. I promise.”