since he's a ginger his hair's red so she makes him blush

Chew Toy

Request: “Could you please write something where the reader is best friends with the marauders, especially Remus and Sirius? And at a party after a won quidditch game they all get drunk and end up in a threesome.”

Pairing(s): Sirius Black x Reader, Remus Lupin x Reader, Sirius Black x Remus Lupin, James Potter x Lily Evans

Word Count: 3k


The pounding music had been ongoing throughout the entire night since the end of the Quidditch match, your dorm room door barely muffling the sounds of constant laughter, chatter, and overall rowdiness. Your friends had been prettying themselves up, hoping to at least make out with one of the boys or girls on the team, since everyone downstairs was too drunk to care who they had a little fun with.

“You coming (Y/n)?” Your roommate giggled after taking a shot of Firewhisky.

You huffed, rolling your eyes as you had stuffed up your lipstick for what had to be the third time. “In a sec. It was probably a bad idea to start drinking before I started my makeup, huh?”

Your friends laughed at your crooked grin, promising to meet you down there. You waved them off, knowing for certain that by the time you got down there, they would all be off getting laid.

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Fred Weasley x Reader

Prompt: Imagine your OTP have a morning class together and person A always walks in late and has obviously just woken up and person B thinks that the grumpy person who sits in front of him is the cutest thing ever

Words: 1131

Requests are open! Send em in.

Weekdays have never been your forte, mostly because waking up early wasn’t really your forte. You spent most of your nights staying up late and then waking up early for classes. It usually led to you very grumpy, very tired, and most likely, very late for morning classes.

Today, was no exception to that. None of the people in your dormitory even dared wake you up and so here you were, stumbling to pull on your robes and grab your bag before you were rushing down the stairs and out the portrait hole.

You grumbled as you slung your bag over your shoulder. Your tie was loose on your neck and your uniform was definitely not on right, you’re lucky you didn’t have Snape this morning or else you surely would have lost a lot of points for your house.

Your eyes scanned the vacant halls as your pace quickened, barging into the Tranfiguration room.

McGonagall didn’t even need to turn around from the blackboard to know who barged in after class had already started. “Ms. L/N, it’s so nice you could finally join us.” Minevra didn’t add anything to that, continuing to write on the board.

You cleared your throat, starting to walk to your seat and slumping down in your chair as you attempted to flatten down your hair, combing it with your fingers.

A voice behind you spoke up. “How do you do that?” The voice questioned with a chuckle after he finished speaking.

You turned around, quirking up an eyebrow before you met the familiar eyes of Fred Weasley. “Do what, exactly?”

“Not get any points taken away from walking in so late?!” His voice raised only slightly, not wanting to get caught talking during class.

“It’s called being a good student.” You laughed, turning back around in your seat, pulling out your quill and parchment to catch up on notes.

Fred Weasley never got the nerve to talk to you, he was far too nervous and well frankly, a bit scared. He saw how grumpy you seemed every morning, he studied you almost every day, figuring out your schedule and how you were rarely late on Fridays and always 30 minutes late on Mondays. It was a bit creepy, he thought, how much interest he took in you. But, he found you exceptionally cute and by the way people would talk about you, he guessed you were a pretty great girl.

Fred Weasley hadn’t talked to you anymore since that day, it’s been a week and he’s been thinking of something else to say, but nothing came to mind. He couldn’t lead with “Hey, I’ve been watching you come in late every day and I think you’re really cute, wanna date?” That’s far too creepy. He wasn’t sure how to approach you. Fred Weasley was rarely stumped with girls, but this one? This one, he was.

Fred Weasley barely paid attention to the board and whatever McGonagall was saying. He was staring at the empty seat in front of him. It was Friday and you still weren’t here. The first class of the day is almost over and you aren’t here. You rarely missed Fridays.

He let out a small puff of air, pouting without even realizing it and George took notice. How could his twin not? Something was obviously bothering his other half.

“What’s wrong with you?” George laughed, leaning over a bit more so he could whisper, not needing or wanting to get caught by McGonagall.

“Nothing.” Fred grumbled, crossing his arms, his leg tapping at a fast pace. George followed his brother’s eyes to the vacant seat in front of them. George laughed, finally realizing what his brother was upset at.

“Really? Y/N? That’s what’s been bothering you?” George laughed, glancing up at the front of the classroom to make sure the teacher didn’t notice them.

Fred made another noise of discontent, acting like a child.

“How many times have you even talked to the girl?” George teased his brother, nudging his side.

“Once!” George watched his brother finally break, his voice raising a bit and catching a few eyes from the people around him.

“Ask her out if you like her that much.” George laughed again. Both of the boys’ ears perked up at the sound of the bell. They both stood up, gathering all their stuff and started their path to the hall. “Why don’t you go find her?” George tried to help, glancing at his brother who still hasn’t said much.

“Yeah, I think I will. I think she has a free period.” Fred answered, glancing around at the other students in the hall.

George chuckled. “So, you have her schedule memorized?”

“I might.”

You had been sick all day, not feeling good around the first class of the day and you weren’t sure if you could make it through the day alive, so you sat in the common room, in front of the fire as you read a book you found in the library.

Your cough echoed in the empty room, but you’re sure that the first class has ended and kids with free periods will be flooding in here soon. You carefully stand up, gathering all of your belongings and are about to head up to your dorm before the portrait hole swings open, a redhead rushing through.

“Well, hello.” You laugh at his disheveled appearance, quirking an eyebrow up at him.

“I’ve been looking for you!” Fred lets out, out of breath.

“Me?” You question, looking around for someone else he could be talking to.

“Yes, you! You weren’t in class today.” The ginger was still catching his breath.

You laughed, curiosity getting the best of you. “So… You came rushing to find me, all cause I wasn’t in class today?”

“Well… Yes… Yeah…” Fred’s face started to heat up, red growing up his neck as he looked anywhere, but you. “I’ve been wanting to talk to you… Even possibly ask you out, if you’re up for it, of course.”

It was now your turn to blush, not really sure what you were expecting, but it wasn’t that. “Well, I think that’d be great. I’m kind of sick, right now, but if I end up being better by the Hogsmeade trip, I’m all yours.”

Fred’s face lit up, mentally congratulating himself for finally getting the nerve to ask you out. “Well! Lovely! I’ll check up on you until then.”

You laugh again, nodding your head as you begin making your way up the stairs. “I can’t wait.”


‘Malfoy’s up to something’

‘Ah, shit, not again’ Ron looked from his friend to his girlfriend, a desperate sigh escaping from his lips as he got up from the library table. Harry looked unfazed, his eyes still fixed on the blond who was sitting alone at a distant corner. ‘We need to do something…’

'I know, I’ll just go grab my cloak…’

'No, Harry.’ Harry stopped, finally turning around to look at his friends. Hermione had a strange expression on her face, a mixture of pity and amusement. Ron, however, looked just like that time during second year when they had to face Aragog. What caught Harry’s attention, though, was the way Hermione had spoken, almost like she expected him to hex Malfoy right then and there. 'This needs to stop, really. We know it’s been hard for you…’

Harry winced, he hated when she treated him like a child. And, for fuck’s sake, he was sure Malfoy was up to something because he was sitting alone, scribbling something Harry was sure wasn’t related to the potions book he had opened in front of him. And he had that look on his face, like, like… he was up to something.

'Wait- what are you talking about?’

'Your obsession’ Ron whispered again, refusing to look Harry in the eye.

'I’m not obsessed!’ A bunch of students glowered at him and Madam Pince sent the three of them a warning look from where she stood. Harry felt his cheeks heat up immediately and he had to do his best not to turn around and see if that had caught Malfoy’s attention.

Hermione was still staring at him like he was a lost puppy.

'Why would you think he’s up to something?’ she sounded like a psychiatrist.

'Just look at him! He’s alone, for fuck’s sake, he’s never alone. And, and he’s obviously not studying. I bet he’s scheming something from the way he’s staring at that paper’ Harry turned his head slowly to catch a glimpse of Malfoy and had to turn around quickly since the blond seemed to have noticed them and decided to stare back.

Harry felt his cheeks heat up again for some reason. He saw from the corner os his eyes the Slytherin walking through the door, throwing something at the closest trash bin on his way out. That was it, that was Harry’s chance.

'Harry- wait, where’re you going?’ Hermione looked worried now, but she and Ron didn’t hesitate to follow him. Harry walked straight to the bin and grabbed the tiny ball of parchment before gesturing the other two to follow him.

They walked out of the library and turned an empty corner where Harry started to open the ball, flattening the paper as best as he could.

Wait-what… holy shit.

'What is it- Harry… Are you blushing?’

Ron snatched the paper from Harry’s hands before Harry could react. He stared down at the parchment to see a thousand different drawings moving, amazing doodles that covered the whole page. Drawings of Harry.

'Well, I knew I was right’ Hermione’s voice startled them both. The girl sighed and gave Harry a little smile before grabbing the paper from Ron’s hands to take a closer look. Harry felt his cheeks heat up even more and a sudden urge to snatch the piece back took hold of him. His hand stopped mid air when Hermione spoke. 'He’s really good, isn’t he?’ She was still smiling.

'What? This- this is Malfoy we’re talking about! And- fuck, Harry, I don’t even know what to say…’

Ron looked from the piece of parchement in Hermione’s hand to Harry’s face, which was still beet red.

'Isn’t it obvious?’ Hermione sent Ron one of those looks, the ones they were both so used to. She looked at Harry expectantly but Harry just stood there, speechless. So Malfoy was drawing him, not scheming an evil plan, nor sulking, nor writing all the names he’d put on his black list. He was doodling nice, actually beautiful, drawings. Of Harry. Which meant the boy had probably spent a hell lot of time looking at him, at his hair, his neck, his shoulders. His eyes, his smile. Because he was smiling in one of them, actually laughing.

'It means he has a crush on Harry’ Hermione rolled her eyes like she hadn’t just said the most absurd thing.

Ron coughed and burst out laughing before realising that the girl wasn’t joking. He froze in place, turned his head slowly towards her, his mouth gaping.

'Can you hear yourself?’ he was whispering again, probably without realising it. 'Malfoy is a boy. Harry’s enemy. He hates Harry’ he spoke punctuating every word, his blue eyes blown wide.

'Oh, Ronald, are you blind? Are you going to tell me Harry’s obsession is hate?’

'I don’t have an obsession!’ Harry tried to yell but his voice faltered. None of them seemed to notice.

'I- I don’t know what it is! I wouldn’t say 'hate’ but… Oh, come on, Hermione, are you saying you actually think-’

'Just think about it for a second! I’m sure if Harry knew how to draw he’d probably be doing the same thing’

'I can draw- wait… what- I DON’T HAVE A CRUSH ON MALFOY!  

'Holy. Shit’ Ron was staring at something above Harry’s head, his eyes blown wide like he’d just understood some complex potions theory. 'That… explains a lot’.

'NO IT DOESN’T! Harry snatched the paper from Hermione’s hand and stuffed it deeply in his pocket. That was absurd, that was… ridiculous! So maybe Malfoy wasn’t up to something, okay, he was wrong, but that- that didn’t mean…

'Harry’ Hermione sighed, pulling him into a hug. He tried to stay angry at her, thought about pushing her away but he couldn’t. He knew she wouldn’t say anything to make him feel bad, even though he still couldn’t believe both his friends would say something like that. Fuck, Malfoy? How could he have a crush on Malfoy? He hated him, the slytherin was a prick, an arrogant bastard…

He- he didn’t actually hate him. But he didn’t have a crush on him either!

Hermione pulled away. 'So you don’t have a crush on him. Okay, well, now that we know he’s not up to anything we can just drop it, right? I need to finish my transfiguration essay and you both need to finish your potions essays so we better go back in there’ She sent Ron a hard look before turning on her heels and marching to the library. Ron tried to follow her but Harry grabbed his arm, holding him in place.

'What the fuck?’ Harry whispered so Hermione wouldn’t hear him.


'Do you actually think I have a crush on- on Malfoy?’

Ron blushed and looked away. 'Mate, let’s just leave it, okay? We better get going-’

Harry strengthened his grip, bringing back Ron’s attention.

'I don’t have a crush on him. I don’t’

Ron nodded and gave him an unconvincing smile 'Whatever you say, Harry. As long as you stop talking about him’.

Except Harry didn’t. Harry couldn’t.

The next day Ron sat across from Harry at breakfast just to find his friend constantly searching the table at the opposite wall from them. Harry wouldn’t say a thing, wouldn’t pay proper attention to their conversation. Until he found what he was looking for and Ron had to watch as Harry’s cheeks were painted in pink, darker by the second.

The next day Hermione observed as Harry did the same thing, smiling widely - even though Ron had no idea why she’d do that - when Harry asked which classes Gryffindor had with Slytherin since now they were eighth years and their schedule had changed quite a lot.

And then they had herbology on thursday morning and Ron almost punched Harry when Professor Sprout took points from them because Harry 'couldn’t keep his eyes on his own table’.

Inside their dorms Harry would always have the map open in front of him, while studying, while talking to his roomates, even while changing, for Merlin’s sake. His finger would follow that small dot Ron never had to check to know who it was.

The worst part was that Malfoy was basically doing the same bloody thing.

Instead of his typical sneer the slytherin would blush and turn his gaze away everytime he caught Harry looking at him, which had been a lot. The rare times Harry wasn’t looking, and Ron unfortunately was, Malfoy would scribble on some random piece of parchment while casting glances at Harry. Some of them he would fold and hide in the middle of his notes. The other ones he would throw away just so Harry could fish them out of the trash bin. Harry thought Ron didn’t know he was doing that and, being his loyal friend, the ginger preferred to spare the other from the humiliation so he didn’t tell him he knew.

When monday rolled around Ron snapped.

'I can’t, that’s it, that’s enough’ Ron’s grip on his feather was so strong it broke in half, startling Hermione who was focused on her own potion. She opened her mouth to ask what was wrong when her eyes turned to Harry and consequently to Harry’s table where she could see small pieces of parchment with tiny doodles glued to the margins of Harry’s notes. She let out a giggle and Ron grunted, throwing his things inside his bag.

'Where are you going?’ Hermione stopped immediately when Ron pushed his chair to get up. He stopped before doing so and bent forward so he was face to face with the girl.

'Look at them, just look. They’re not even trying to hide anymore, they just keep staring at each other like- like, you know what I mean. And Harry just sighed, shit, if i see anymore of this I’m gonna puke’

Harry, apparently, wasn’t even listening, his eyes fixed on Malfoy who kept darting glances at him while scribbling fast. Harry knew he was drawing him and that alone was sending shivers down his spine. The boy decided not to think about that, not to think about anything actually because he knew that was fucked up, he should be creeped out after all. But he wasn’t, he was… happy? And maybe Malfoy would throw that one away and Harry would be able to keep it…

'He’s not even listening! Who are you and what did you do to our friend?!’ Harry turned his head away from those grey eyes to face a red face full of freckles in front of him. Ron seemed pissed, though Harry didn’t quite know why since his friend’s potion seemed to have turned out okay from what Harry could see.

'What happened?’ He looked at Hermione, who was trying really hard to hold her giggles when her face drained of color and her mouth dropped open. The next second long fingers were digging in Harry’s shoulder, turning him around forcefully. And there was Malfoy, right there staring at him with cold eyes. His mouth was a line, barely visible, until he opened it to speak and Harry saw how red his lips were contrasting with his pale skin.

‘Potter’ He yanked one of the pieces of parchment from Harry’s- shit shit shit, they were everywhere, the doodles, the ones that were supposed to be where Malfoy had put them, not on Harry’s things. Harry darted his eyes up, his mouth opening and closing while he tried desperately to think of something to use as an excuse but nothing came to his mind. ‘We need to talk. I’ll wait for you outside’. They were dismissed the next minute and neither Ron nor Hermione said a thing when Harry got up and left alone.

Fuck, fucking shit. He was an idiot, what would Malfoy think now? That he was stalking him, which he obviously wasn’t. It was just, the drawings… they were, er, nice. Right, he could say that-

‘How many?’ Harry stopped shortly where he was when he heard that voice from behind him. He turned around to meet Malfoy leaning against a wall, next to the huge hallway windows. His hair was like silk, each strand curling at the ends, completely different from the gelled neat style Harry was used to seeing. His expression was hard, almost hurt, and something weighed uncomfortably at the bottom of Harry’s stomach.

‘Five’ Harry heard his voice though it didn’t sound like his own at all. ‘I’m sorry-‘

‘I couldn’t sleep’ Harry closed his mouth, Draco turned his eyes away. ‘After the war ended, I couldn’t sleep. I would stay awake for hours just… thinking. And the faces of-‘ The boy gulped making Harry shiver. He knew, he knew exactly what Malfoy was talking about because he saw the same faces every night. All of them now populated his dreams with his parents, Sirius, Dumbledore.

Draco closed his eyes before continuing. ‘So I needed to get them out. I like drawing, you see’ He opened them and Harry felt his whole body warm with the instensity of the other’s gaze. ‘But yours- your face wouldn’t leave me alone’

‘So you started drawing me’ Harry took a step closer.

‘Yes. And it helped at first. But I came back- we came back’ He looked at the ceiling, closed his eyes again, inhaled. Harry took another step closer.

'You’re really good at it. They’re so… realistic’ Another step. If Harry reached out he could touch Malfoy’s hair.

Malfoy looked at him, grey piercing through green. 'You were everywhere’ His voice came out a whisper but his eyes were screaming. 'The papers, those pictures. You- you looked exhausted

Harry let a sad smile form on his lips. He remembered the thousands of interviews, flashes of cameras, people screaming his name. He remembered the trials and he remembered Draco Malfoy’s face. Exhausted.

Draco was a victim of the war just like him.

'I couldn’t sleep’ Harry said, taking another step towards Draco, the last one.

'I wanted to reach you, but everyone kept saying I was-’


Draco’s eyes were wide, shining. Harry let his fingers play with his, intertwine, brush against each other. 'I guess I’ve been all along’ The blond whispered, lacing his fingers with Harry’s.

As classes ended, the corridors became more crowded by the minute. Noise, whispers, gasps of shock reached Harry’s ears but all he could think about was why had he waited so long to feel Malfoy’s lips moving against his own, how nice the Slytherin’s hands felt placed on his waist. And knowing that he didn’t care about anyone’s opinion was almost as good as knowing Draco didn’t either.


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REQUEST:  do you think you can write one more where the reader and chris and flirty best friends with benefits

REQUESTED BY: anonymus

PAIRING: Christoffer Schistad x reader

WARNINGS: sex language


– Oh my God, Christoffer Schistad!

Another day at the Nissan, another day of first year girls worshipping her best friend. It was typical, y/n was quite used to the fact that girls were practically drooling while looking at him. She laughed and shook her head looking at William, he shrugged while the two girls went toward Chris. He was well aware of the fact that they were totally mesmerized by him, so he flirted with them both and then went to her table and sit.

– Busy night about to come?

Asked Jacob while Chris was sitting next to y/n. She was always welcomed at the Penetrators’ table, being Chris and William’s best friend she was almost part of the group.

– Probably.

Chris said and the boys cheered, he smiled and started to drink his Coca-Cola.

– I like the blonde one.

Y/n said while looking at the two girls who just flirted with her best friend, he nodded.

– I think the ginger one will drive me insane.

He said and Jacob gave him five; she laughed and shook her head.

–Yeah, like no one else does!

Y/n said and opened a bottle of water; Chris looked at her and lifted the eyebrows while smirking. Just another normal day at the Nissen.

SUNDAY, 11:00 P.M.

– Y/n, It’s me!

Chris said from the other side of the door; she opened and smiled when he showed her the donuts he had brought her.

– I adore you!

She said and hugged him. She took the donuts box while he sat on the couch. Sunday was their day, they used to spend it together.

– So, how were the girls?

She asked sitting next to him and biting a donut, he shrugged.

– Nothing compared to you.

He said and she laughed. Chris and y/n were friends with benefits. No one knew but they started to fuck each other some months before. It all started during a Penetrators party at Jacob’s…

– I bet y/n is the best kisser in the whole Nissen.

Said Julian looking at her, she shrugged and opened a beer.

– You are probably right.

She said taking a shot, Chris smiled.

– Prove me.

He teased her thinking that she was not going to take him seriously. Y/n simply stood up from the couch, grabbed his face with both of her hands and crushed her lips against his. He remained so surprised that he couldn’t move for some seconds, then he pulled her closer and kissed her back. That kiss, accompanied by the screams and the whistles of the other boys, made them realize how much they craved each other. At the end of the party, he drove her home and decided to stay for the night. The rest, is history.

– Really?

She asked moving on him; he grabbed her by her hips and touched her butt while she was caressing the back of his neck.

– Absolutely.

He confirmed kissing her neck. She brushed her hair behind her ear and let him give her a love bite.

– You’re telling me that just to please me.

She teased him while removing her own shirt. Chris blew on the already red mark on y/n’s neck and gave her a kiss on the left collarbone.

– I’m telling you that because it’s true.

He said making her want more. She rubbed her body on his, already feeling his hard on pressing against her inner thighs.

– Schistad, shut up and fuck me.

She said; his eyes lighted up in lust while he took her and gently laid her down on the couch, he moved on her body and looked at her in the eyes.

– As you wish.

MONDAY, 9:00 P.M.

– Where is y/n?

Chris asked to William, he pointed at her. She was at the other side of the hallway, and she was talking to Jonas. Chris looked at her and saw her laugh while she was touching his shoulder; he knew her best friend, she was flirting and he was totally keen on her. Who wouldn’t have been? She was beautiful, smart, she was sarcastic and hot as hell.

– It looks like someone will have a busy night.

Said Theo when y/n joined them near William’s locker; she smiled and looked at him.

– Actually, he asked me on a date.

She said while blushing a little. Chris bit his lower lip and almost dropped his book.

– What? And you said yes? He is a first year!

He said, she looked at him in confusion; he was definitely overreacting.

– I find him cute.

She just said and he nodded.
Chris didn’t know what was happening, but he suddenly felt a rush of rage; he didn’t like the fact that she was going on a date with him and he didn’t know why.


– So, how did it go?

William asked sitting next to his best friend on the couch. Y/n shrugged while zapping and looking at the tv.

– He is lovely.

She said drinking her cappuccino. Chris looked away and swallowed a curse while William was asking her about the date. Chris heard almost nothing of what his best friend was saying, he was so mad and bothered that felt the necessity to stand up and go in the kitchen. Y/n stopped talking and looked at him in confusion, she thought he was listening but, apparently, she was wrong. William’s eyes meet hers and they understood each other, as always.

– Chris, wait, I want a snack.

Said William and y/n nodded making him understand that he needed to talk with Chris and figure out what was going on.

– What’s wrong with you?

William asked looking at him, he almost jumped out of his skin.

– What do you mean?

He asked, half confused and half scared.

– You said not even a word, you looked like you weren’t even listening. She’s our best friend and she seems to like that guy, at least you could pretend you care.

William reproached his best friend and he felt like he had stabbed him I the stomach. It was true, he was not being supportive, he was being an asshole and she was not even making him feel bad for it.

– I’m sorry, you are alright.

He apologized and looked away, he couldn’t bear the disappointment in William’s eyes.

– Would you explain me why?

He asked crossing his arms, Chris bit his lower lip and desperately run a hand through his hair. William was his best friend since always, he was his brother, he could trust him and he needed to get rid of that secret.

– I think I am jealous.

He admitted and blushed. William opened his mouth and looked at him in shock.

– Shit, you like her! I knew that, God!

He said and smiled, Chris was confused.

– Was it that fucking obvious?!

He asked opening his arms, his best friend bursting out laughing.

– To me, it was! You two are always flirting, you look at each other like you could undress the other with one look. I know the both of you, I remember the way you guys kissed at Jacobs’. Please, all the references and the dirty jokes, not to mention the amount of time you two spend together alone, if you guys are not fuckfriends then I am the Queen of England.

He explained and Chris almost chocked with his own saliva: William was impossible to fool, he knew them both too damn well.

– You need to tell her, mate.

William concluded and Chris sighed. He wanted to, really, but he was scared.

– What if I screw up our friendship?

He asked to his best friend. William put a hand on his left shoulder and looked at him.

– Chris, there is this chance, I will be honest. If you tell her and she’s not into you, then you’ll lose her for a while, but she will come back, she cares about you too much to let you go. If you don’t tell her, if you don’t take the risk, you’ll have to watch y/n being with someone else and I think this would totally destroy you.

William said. Chris nodded, his best friend knew how to use the words, he was his rational part, it had always been like this.

– Guys, are you two having an affair without including me?

Y/n voice made them both jump out of their skin. She was standing on the kitchen’s door with her arms crossed and she looked amused.

– I was telling Chris that, since when he practically finished all the cookies, I’m going to buy some. Plus, we would never have an affair without involving you.

William said; Y/n laughed looking at him while he was grabbing his jacket. Chris opened his eyes looking at William and he winked to his best friend.

– Y/n, do you want something?

William asked on the door, she frowned while thinking.

– Pancakes!

She enthusiastically said while searching for money in her pockets. William stopped her and gave her a peck on her cheek, she smiled and hugged him before he left Chris’ house.

– So, you were saying about Jonas?

Chris asked sitting on the couch, she shrugged sitting next to him.

– You don’t have to pretend you care. I know you don’t like Jonas because of Eva’s situation of the first semester.

She said and Chris shook his head.

– It’s not this. I want to know if he makes you happy.

He said surprising her. Chris was not the sentimental kind of person, it was rare that he talked about feeling so openly and directly. This was not his style and, even if she knew he wanted the best for her, that was the first time he spontaneously said to her.

– Too soon to say it.

She confessed and looked at him, he nodded.

– I just want you to be happy, you know that.

He said and she smiled looking at him. He was one of the most important person of her life, there were no doubts about that.

– Jacob asked me if we had sex already!

She said and laughed. Jacob was like this and that thing was supposed to make him laugh, instead he froze. Just the thought that someone could touch her in the way he did made him cringe.

– You can’t have sex with him.

The sentence just came out and he regretted in the exact moment he said it.

– What do you mean? You can have sex with the whole school but I can’t have sex with someone who’s not you, right?

She asked. Her voice was full of rage and disappointment. Of course she was mad, she thought he was being selfish from the sexual prospective, she couldn’t imagine he was being jealous.

– That’s not what I meant..

He said but she was already grabbing her jacket. He stood up and sighed.

– You are such an asshole, Chris. I don’t know what is going on with you, but please, get over it. I can’t bear your constant depressed attitude of this last two days.

She said while putting the jacket on and going toward the door. Chris bit his lower lip and rolled his eyes, screw everything, he was not letting her go.

– Y/n!

He called her and, in the moment when she turned around, he kissed her. She froze for a second, before realizing he was kissing her and not because they were having sex. This kiss was totally different from any other happened between them. This was sweet, patient, this was delicate and Chris was caressing her face while she was closing her eyes and getting involved. There was no rush, no aggressiveness, the kiss was taking its own time because it was intense, it was real and they were just discovering something new. For the first time, she felt something more than a passion, something more than a physical desire. She was kissing Christoffer, her best friend, and she was feeling love. She opened her lips and let his tongue in while hugging him and getting closer to his body. He gave her a last quick kiss and smiled on her lips.

– I was not being an asshole, I was just jealous.

He confessed and touched her hips. She crossed her hands behind his shoulder and laughed.

– I get that, Chris.

She joked and he nodded, his checks turning red.

– So, you like me.

She said moving a lock of his hair from his eyes, he shrugged.

– It seems so.

He admitted and she smiled.

– It seems that I like you back.

She admitted and bit her lower lip. His eyes lighted up while he was looking at her. A series of emotions crossed his face: doubt, surprise and then the realization.

– Really?

He asked in surprise, she laughed and caressed his check.

– Absolutely.

She said and he kissed her again. She could sense his smile on her lips and she realized she hadn’t felt so happy in a long time.

– So, we have to tell William.

She said and Chris lifted his eyebrows.

– Uhm.. he knows.

He said and looked at his best friend. She seemed confused at first, then she connected all of the dots.

– That bastard! That’s why you guys spent a lifetime talking in the kitchen and then he left.

She said laughing and Chris joined her while caressing her back.

– What are you going to say to Jonas?

Chris asked curious and looked at her. She caressed the back of his neck and shrugged.

– That I have feelings for my fuckfriend.

Headphones: Min Yoongi x Hogwarts AU






Headphones: Min Yoongi x Hogwarts AU

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Rating: T
Genre: Fluff
Words: 8547

Of course, our Min Yoongi will be a Slytherin~!!

-Admin Taettybear

Yoongi released a large yawn, walking down the hallways of his school. Although crowded with students rushing to their next class, people opened up space for the Slytherin to walk as he glared at anyone who entered his path.

Yoongi knew he was releasing an aura of danger. But who can he blame? He was grumpy, the lack of sleep making him extremely moody.

Last night, he was asked to join a group of Auror to help them raid an abandoned warehouse where a group of Death Eaters was spotted. It was a successful mission, but that didn’t mean that Yoongi was happy about it. He was exhausted and he was tempted to return to his dorm and just crawl into his bed, ditching classes for that day.

“Um, excuse me, Yoongi-ssi…”

Hearing his name being called, the platinum blond haired man stopped, facing a small female who timidly stood behind him.  

“I-uh… You dropped your headphones…”

Yoongi stared at the white headphones in your hand, looking slightly surprised that you knew what the muggle items were called. They were gifted to him by Jimin and he carried it around with him everywhere so he could listen the rap Hoseok has downloaded for him.

As Yoongi stared at you, you became nervous, shrinking under his sharp eyes.

“Thanks,” Yoongi quickly muttered as he took them out of your hand. You nodded, avoiding looking into his eyes as you scurried off, catching up to your fellow Ravenclaw housemates who patiently waited for you down the hall.

For a moment, Yoongi looked down at his headphones in his hand, a question arising in his mind.

‘She knew my name. And how did she know these belonged to me…? Is she a classmate….?’


“Do all of you truly not know the answer?” Professor Snape’s voice was filled with venom as he faced his group of students, “You all were taught the Calming Draught in the fifth year at Hogwarts.”

As the man hissed, no one spoke up, fearing the wrath they may face.

Yoongi yawned, not intimidated by the Professor that stood in front of the class. Even when he became the prime target of his Professor’s glare, Yoongi didn’t change an expression. He just wanted to sleep, just like usual.

“T-The Calming Draught has the property to calm one down… The ingredient needed are five cups of sugar water, a dash of scurvy-grass, three leaves of mint, a spring of peppermint, ¼ pounds of ground ginger powder, ⅓ cup of moonstone and three drops of belladonna…..” a small voice spoke up.

The entire class, including Yoongi, snapped their attention to the person who sat quietly at the corner of the room, looking extremely small in their chair. Yoongi’s eyes lit up in recognition, realizing that it was you, the same girl who returned his headphones the other day.

“Correct, Y/L/N, what color should the Potion be after it is cooled and settled? And how long can the potion be stored?”

You gulped at Professor Snape’s sudden question and the class’s attention.

“T-The Potion s-should be an amber color…. If it’s n-not, the desired result will n-not be seen….” You started to stutter, “It has to be stored i-in room temperature and c-could be kept up to six months….”

Snape’s frowned, “If you had known the answer, you should have spoken up, Y/L/N.” At the professor’s word, you ducked your head, using your hair as a curtain to hide your red cheeks.

You were feeling extremely embarrassed, regretting that you had spoken up. At first, you weren’t going to like usual. But you started to fear Professor Snape’s anger and spoken the knowledge you knew.

“10 points to Ravenclaw.”

Your head snapped up in surprise, your eyes widened in shock as you looked at your Professor who went back to the lesson. You blushed as your friends who sat near patted your shoulder in congratulation, giving you a thumbs up.

Yoongi blinked one before placing his head back down.



“Oh, we have a hundred!!” Professor Flitwick exclaimed as he passed the test out, “Miss Y/L/N! Excellent job!”

Yoongi eyed you curiously as the small Professor gave back your test with a perfect score. He could only see the back of your head but he knew you had the soft, proud smile on your face as you looked at your paper.

It took a couple of more days since his first encounter with you to make Yoongi realize that you had literally every class with him. He had just never noticed you because you were so quiet, always sitting at the corner of the room, diligently taking down notes on what the professor said in class.

However, it didn’t take him long to realize that you were one of the best students in his grade, excelling in almost every class.

You had the well-known characteristic of Ravenclaw, intelligence but he wasn’t sure if you were witty like many of your housemates. Many Ravenclaws were prideful of their intelligence, but he could tell that wasn’t the case for you.

Actually, you didn’t seem prideful of your knowledge at all. You were a timid creature that never spoke up in class unless the professor directly addressed you. Even then, your voice was only above a whisper, barely being heard by the students in the class.

Yoongi had even seen you once let out a loud squeak and fall out of your chair when a Gryffindor has accidentally yelled a couple of feet way from you. You were almost like a little mouse, getting scared so easily.

“Y/L/N? Oh, you must be talking about Y/N-Noona!” Namjoon’s eyes lit up as Yoongi asked about you.

“You know her?” Yoongi questioned, eyeing the younger male who sat beside him during dinner.

“Of course, I should be calling her Sunbaenim with the amount she helps me. When there’s something I don’t understand or when there’s a time when I need help on an assignment, she’s the only person not including the professors that I can trust with proper information. She’s a genius, you know,” the glassed Ravenclaw spoke as he stuffed food into his mouth.

Yoongi motioned for Namjoon to continue.

“She spends more time in the library than me. She probably has read every book in there already and I’m certain she memorized everything she reads.”

Hearing Namjoon compliment you definitely surprised Yoongi. In his mind, Namjoon was a genius, one of the most intelligent man he’s met. So to hear him acknowledge you meant you were truly amazing.


You sat outside with your reading book in your lap, gazing at the thestrals that flew overhead, pulling the carriage that carried the students and their items to the Hogsmeade Station.

“So, you can see them as well.”

You flinched in shock as you heard the voice from behind you. You gulped, looking at the blond Slytherin known as Min Yoongi with your eyes widened.

“O-Oh… Yes… I guess you can see them as well…” You trailed off, closing the book you were reading. You became even more surprised than what you already were as the man took a seat beside you, one of his headphones plugged into his ear.

The same exact headphones you had once picked up and returned to him.

“For how long?” Yoongi’s question made you stiffen, “I’ve seen them for the past twelve years.”

The man’s words made your mouth drop open in shock. But you quickly shut it close, realizing that you needed to share your own answer because he told you first.

“Nine years… Since my fourth year at Hogwarts….”

At your surprising answer, Yoongi lowered the sound of his music, looking at your small form that sat beside him.

At that moment, the two of you thought similar things.

‘He/She is rather interesting….’

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A/N: This turned out unexpectedly long, holy moly! I am not sure if I like it, everything seemed much cooler in my head.. It’s inspired by the picture you see below. (Source)

Summary: It’s a game, a silly game that you had developed by not wiping away the foam on your lips.

Pairing: Fred Weasley x Reader

Word Count: 4367

Warnings: none. It’s fluff

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Tiny Dancer - Chapter 1


It’s 6:56 and Jughead Jones is currently sitting in the back row of a dance hall, his camera tucked into his side and a packet of red vines falling out of his pockets. Oh yeah and he’s alone. Well he’s not alone exactly, the hall is filled to max capacity with students and teachers all comfortably waiting for the show to begin. Jughead on the other hand? He’s about ready to crawl out of his skin.

This is not his scene, men in suits and women dressed for what appeared to be a medieval ball, the room was lined with high class people reeking of wealth from their diamond cuff links to their Armani shoes. Jughead pulled tight on his worn down leather jacket and spared a glance at the old combat boots he had owned since freshman year of highschool. Where the hell were Archie and Veronica?

Sure enough his phone went off, a text from Archie, quickly dimming his brightness he scanned the message

ARCHIE: sorry dude Ronnie caught some kind of stomach bug. We aren’t gonna make it. Make it up to you soon sorry pal.

Jughead gripped the cellphone tight in his hands, he had to get out of here, he couldn’t face this on his own. Just as he went to rise from his seat, the lights dimmed and soft music came from all around him. He couldn’t leave, he wasn’t rude like that, his father had raised him not to be like the trash he grew up with, he would just have to leave at intermission.

That definitely didn’t happen. Jughead was hooked. It was art, each number an absolute beautiful work of art. These dancers moved with such grace it wasn’t possible to look away even if you wanted to, which Jughead did not.

And then there was her. The most beautiful blonde haired angel he had ever seen, he wished he had grabbed a program, he didn’t even know her name, all that he knew was that she was the star of the show. She was born to dance, that much was clear, the way she moved so effortlessly, her body bending and flying as she left the entire audience in awe. The young photographer could hear the gasps of the people around him as she twirled around the stage, her long toned legs stretching in ways Jughead didn’t even know possible. He pulled out his camera, he just needed one picture, just one piece of her and he would be okay. Sitting here, watching this gorgeous dancer Jughead remembered why he had started photography, why he loved it so much. He wanted to capture these moments, he needed to.

When the show was over, Jughead stayed in his seat, thoroughly exhausted and completely enraptured. Two hours, he had just sat through two hours of dancing women and men yet he had never felt more enlightened in his life. When the dark haired boy glanced around he realized he was the only one left in the hall. He made his way towards the subway, images of long tan legs and shiny blonde hair flashing dangerously through his mind.

Betty sighed as she ran her fingers through her messy hair, she had messed up last night. Skipped out on two pirouettes just because she thought she couldn’t do it. Her dance professor had said it was “perfect” but she knew better. She had doubted herself, willed herself to fail and she had. The compliments and praise meant nothing to her, not when her own disappointment in herself was so crushing.

Veronica was laying on the couch in the common room and Betty plopped down beside her, handing her sick best friend a glass of ginger ale.

“How are you feeling?” Betty asked softly, placing a hand on Veronica’s forehead, her natural maternal instinct was something that always seemed to come out around Veronica.

Veronica sipped at the soda gratefully and leaned into Betty’s cool touch.

“It’s the worst stomach bug I’ve ever had, although you look like you’re doing worse than me. Don’t tell me your getting sick too.” Veronica glanced up concerned as Betty leaned back against the couch.

“No I feel fine, just upset about last night.” She waved her hand carelessly as to dismiss her problems, if there was one thing Betty learned from her upbringing it was “don’t bother other people with your own problems, they’re meaningless.” The voice of Alice Cooper echoed in her head.

Veronica picked her phone up from the coffee table

“I’m sure you did amazing, you always do. Rumor has it The Sydney Ballet was scouting you last night and they think you did amazing. That’s what Cheryl said and you know she hates giving compliments.”

Betty rolled her eyes and smiled slightly, it was true the two girls were often accompanied by their friend Cheryl Blossom, she was vicious most of the time but around her friends her soft spot peeked out on occasion.

“Let me go make you some toast, you have to try and keep something down.”

Veronica continued scrolling lazily on her cellphone
“Yes mom.”

Two minutes later just as Betty was popping the toast from the toaster, she heard a scream from the living room, startling her into burning her finger as she ran to see what was wrong.

“Ronnie?! What’s the matter?!”

Veronica was sitting up now, ginger ale spilled on the freshly cleaned carpet, her eyes glued to the phone before she thrust it in Betty’s direction

“This is you! I knew it! He told Archie he just went out and got a burger but I knew that he stayed. Look at it! That’s you!” Betty made her way slowly to the couch, cautious of her crazed roommate, she slowly grabbed the phone from Her bouncing best friends hands and looked at the photo. Sure enough there she was, in all her leotard and ballet slippered glory, the picture was beautiful and the boy who took it had captioned the Instagram post “muse”
Betty blushed rose petal pink and handed the phone back.

“Yes that’s me, who is this guy?”

Veronica leaned back into the couch, sick taking hold of her again.
“That’s Jughead Jones, he’s Archie’s best friend and roommate, he was supposed to come with us to see you last night but I got sick. I Guess he was already there when we texted him. He’s a photographer. You have to comment.” Veronica sensed her friends hesitation so she pulled out the big guns “I mean, it would be rude to not say anything at all. It’s is a beautiful picture.” She added slyly, picking up her empty cup and sipping air casually.

Betty rolled her eyes at her sneaky friend but pulled her cellphone out none the less.

Jughead couldn’t take his eyes off the photo, she was so beautiful, every time he looked he swore he could picture her back on that stage, passion flowing through every graceful movement.

His musings were quickly interrupted however, when Archie slammed into the dorm room, carelessly throwing his guitar on the pull out couch.

“Betty Cooper.” The redheaded boy declared triumphantly.

Jughead looked up, his expression blank


“Betty Cooper!” Archie exclaimed again.

Jughead finally stood up from his place at the kitchen and sighed
“Okay, I’ll entertain this. Who is “Betty Cooper” arch?“

It was Archie’s turn to stare blankly at Jughead
"What? What do you mean who’s Betty Cooper? Do you not read your Instagram comments?”

Jughead shrugged his shoulders, his patience wearing thin.

Archie rolled his eyes and pulled his own cell phone out
“Look, that girl you posted on your Instagram? That’s Betty Cooper. That’s Ronnies best friend! She even commented you dope!”

Jugheads eyes went wide when he spotted his dream girl on the screen.

Wait a second.. if that was Veronica’s best friend that meant….

His muse had been right under his nose this whole time.

Well shit.

The New Girl

 Word Count: 3350

A/N: this was requested, and I had a lot of fun writing it. Be careful tho lol because there are some… interesting and kind of inappropriate names… don’t be too confused, you’ll understand if you read it, haha. Much love! Also I’m back after what feels like 10 years lol

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    “Welcome to Riverdale, a town with pep.” Y/Ns mom read as they passed the sign, and Y/N sighed, choking back tears that were threatening to spill. She stared out the window watching as trees and houses passed by her in a blur, trying her best to observe her new home. “Y/N, are you okay sweetie?” Her moms voice called, and she faced the front of the car, giving a soft but fake smile.

    “I guess so, why?” she asked, and her mom shrugged, looking back at her daughter for a split second.

    “I don’t know, you just looked like you were in one of those sad R&B music videos from the early 2000’s, that’s all.” she said, and Y/N looked at her confused, to which her mom noticed through the rear view window. “Or is that too early for you to remember?” she asked, and Y/N rolled her eyes. “Maybe you’re too young.”

    “I know what you’re talking about mom, I just didn’t think I looked that emo.” she mumbled, and her mom chuckled to herself.

    “You may not think you look like it, but you’re definitely starting to sound emo.” she mumbled to herself, thankfully Y/N didn’t notice. Her mom sighed softly to herself, looking at her daughter through the rear view window again, watching as she sulked and stared outside.

    “Y/N, sweetie, I know you’re upset about the move, but we will be okay. We just needed a fresh start, away from your school, away from the house, and away from your father.” she said, watching as Y/N swallowed hard.

   "I know… I just miss James and my friends, that’s all.“ she said, wiping the tear that strayed from her eyes.

    "James is always welcomed to visit, same goes for your friends.” her mom tried to reassure, but Y/N shook her head.

    “They’re 16 and we live hundreds, even thousands of miles away!” she spat, her voice shaking slightly.

    “You and James can make a long distance relationship work, I believe in what you two have.” her mom said softly, but Y/N just huffed.

    “Doesn’t matter, we broke up because we knew we couldn’t make it work, we are too young.” she said, more tears falling, and her mom slowly nodded her head.

    “I’m sorry honey, maybe you’ll find someone new out here.” she replied quietly, her grip on the steering wheel tightening. She just wanted to take her kid away from their old life, it wasn’t a nice one and Y/N and her deserved better. She deserved better.

    After a few minutes more of driving, her mom pulled up into a driveway, and Y/N looked up from her phone, observing the nearby neighbors. In the house next to her she watched as a red-headed boy walked out of his house, a guitar in hand. His gaze caught hers for a split second before a blonde and a raven haired girl ran from a car parked in front of the house to him, bringing his attention to them. But then she saw another boy walk out of the house, and just like the first one his eyes met hers, although this time her breath caught in her throat and neither of them looked away.

    “Home sweet home.” Y/Ns mom called, parking the car and Y/N jumped out of the car, eyes still on the boy in the neighboring lawn. The boy wore a grey crown beanie on his head, and wore dark brooding clothes. He was tall and seemed like he had gone through some shit, but she could see he was sweet, although it seemed like he didn’t show that side of him often. The boy smiled softly, and she returned it, not noticing the blonde making her way towards her.

    “Did you just move here?” She asked excitedly, and Y/N snapped her gaze from the boy who had really caught her eye.

    “Betty, calm down, you’ll scare the poor girl.” The raven haired one said, and Y/N smiled sweetly, as to not look bitchy towards the two girls who were obvious just trying to be nice.

    “Oh hello girls!” Her mom said excitedly, closing the car door.

    “Hi!” The girls said in unison, and Y/N rolled her eyes, earning a chuckle from the dark haired boy.

    “I’m Stephani Wishings, and this is my daughter Y/N Wishings, we just moved here, in fact, this is our first day here.” her mom said cheerily, hoping that the four kids standing in front of her would be friends with her daughter. She looked towards the ginger and smirked, he definitely seemed Y/Ns type, James was pretty similar to him.

    “Hi Y/N, I’m Betty Cooper.” The blonde said, and the raven haired one smiled too.

    “Veronica Lodge, happy to be your friend!” she said happily, and Y/N smiled softly.

    “I’m Archie Andrews,” the ginger called, making his way towards the group with the dark haired boy behind him. “And this is-”

    “Uh no, I can introduce myself, I know how to talk.” he said, making Y/N chuckle slightly. “I’m Jughead Jones the third.” he said, extending his hand to which she gladly accepted.

    “It’s nice to meet you, Jughead.” She said sweetly, and then quickly looked to everyone else. “It’s nice to meet all of you.”

    “Y/N sweetie, we should probably start moving stuff into the house, you can talk to your new friends when we’re done.” Her mom called, and Y/N turned to her and nodded. Stephani looked at her daughter still holding hands with the tall Jughead boy and gave her a suspicious look, to which Y/N realized what it was about. She looked at Jughead and pulled her hand away, blushing as she backed up.

    “We’ll be at Pops diner later tonight around 8, you should join us.” Jughead said, and Y/N nodded.

     "I’ll be there.“ she quickly replied, and everyone nodded.

    "She’ll be there if we’re done with moving boxes and such inside!” her mom called, and Y/N faced her new friends, mouthing “I’ll be there either way.” The teenagers laughed and she made her way inside, smiling to herself.

• • •

    “You made it.” Jughead said, and Y/N turned towards the booth where the boy was sitting, walking towards him.

    “I did, I have to admit though, I got lost trying to find my way here.” She said, taking a seat and the boy laughed, closing his laptop.

    “We all do every once in awhile, don’t sweat it. Anyways, you’re new so you have an excuse.” He said, and Y/N blushed slightly, a comfortable silence falling between them.

    “Where is everyone else?” Y/N asked, and Jughead checked his phone for messages and opened it up, texting his friends back.

    “They…” he started, typing away on his phone, and then setting it down. “They said they’re on their way.”

    “Oh okay, good.” she said, and Jughead chuckled.

    “I’m sorry hanging out with just me is so terrible.” He teased, and Y/Ns face drained, panic setting in that she’d given him that impression.

    “N-No, not at all it’s just…” she trailed off as Jughead gave her an amused look, and she realized he was only kidding. “I mean yeah, absolutely awful. You’re the worst.”

    “Same to you, new girl.” He said, and a waiter came over, placing a basket of fries between the two.

    “These are on the house, Pops says welcome to the neighborhood.” the waiter said kindly, giving a smile to Y/N, and she returned it. The waiter leaned down to Y/Ns ear, checking to make sure Jughead could still hear what was being said. “He also says to watch out for this one, says he’s complete trouble with writing skills that could kill and a look that can make all the ladies swoon.” Y/N chuckled and the waiter left with a wink.

    “Thank you!” She yelled towards Pops who was behind the counter, and he gave her a nod in response, then she turned back to Jughead.

    “Anyways, as I was going to say before I was given that all important warning, thisnew girl has a name, you know. Or did you forget already, it wouldn’t surprise me.” she joked.

    “I haven’t forgotten,” he started, faking offense. “You’re… Jack Kanoff?”

    “Oh my god, no!” Y/N said, chuckling at his odd guess.

    “No? Damn… hmmm, are you Hugh Jazz?” he asked, a smug smile plastered to his face as Y/Ns burnt red.

    “Close, but no.” she said, taking fries in her hand and popping them in her mouth. “Wanna give it one more go?” she asked, and he nodded, pretending to think hard.

    “Y/N Wishings, that’s the name I was looking for.” he said, and she nodded her head, giving a quiet and slow round of applause for the beanie clad boy.

    “I’m proud you finally got my name right, Ben Dover.” Y/N said with a wink, making Jughead laugh so much he choked on his fries.

    “Did I just hear you tell Jughead to bend over?” Archie asked, sliding into the booth next to Jughead, and Y/Ns face burned bright red again.

    “That’s what I heard too.” Veronica teased, sitting by Y/N followed by Betty.

    “We were just calling eachother by outrageous names, that’s all.” Jughead said, winking over to Y/N, who for the first time since she had gotten to Riverdale, felt her stomach flutter. She was catching feelings for the raven haired boy, and she was…okay with it? Maybe he’d be the one to replace James, sure James and her were in love, but sometimes good things end so better things could come. She’d always love James, sure, but maybe, just maybe Jughead Jones would be her new love.

    “If you want to keep your crush on our very own Jughead Jones a secret, I’d refrain from staring too long.” Veronica whispered, snapping Y/N out of her trance, and she panicked realizing that she had in fact been staring.

    “Oh, uh, thanks. I kinda zoned out there.” Y/N whispered back, and Veronica nodded understandingly.

     "I don’t blame you, he might be the towns black sheep but he’s one handsome son of a bitch, gets it from his dad.“ Veronica said, and Y/N chuckled slightly with Veronica. ”If it makes you feel any better, Archie, Betty, and I were talking about how Jughead wouldn’t stop talking about you when you left for your house earlier, boy definitely is crushing on you, which is weird because before, we were almost certain he was incapable of any emotions at all. He’s usually so… neutral.“ Betty leaned in as well, smiling at Y/N.

    ”Very true, he’s kinda emo.“ She teased, and the three of them laughed, making Archie clear his throat.

    "What are we talking about, ladies?” He asked, and the three of them separated, putting on their most innocent looks they could.

    “None of your business, Archiekins.” Veronica said, giving a smile towards Betty and Y/N. For the rest of the night, the five of them joked around and ate, enjoying each others company’s and at the end, Y/N smiled to herself as she got up from the booth, she had definitely found her new best friends.

• • •

    Y/N had been in Riverdale for 2 months now, and she was the happiest she had been in awhile. Sure Riverdale was going through some… rough patches as her mom would put it, but she had friends that made her feel like she belonged. When she was with them, she forgot about her old school, her asshole dad, and her old shitty and depressing life. Tonight was no different, Veronica, Betty, Archie and Kevin were going to go clubbing, and had somehow talked Jughead into joining. At first, Y/N was skeptical, and she knew her mom wouldn’t go for it, but she decided a fun night with her friends would be worth the punishment she was sure to receive once her mom found out where she had gone.

    “Look at you!” Veronica exclaimed as Y/N walked out of the bathroom, and all eyes fell on her, Jugheads breath catching in his throat. Y/N made her way out of the bathroom in one of Veronica’s dresses, a sparkly black, tight dress which was something Y/N would never go for, but Veronica made her, and she was kinda glad she did. She was wearing heels, again something she’d probably never do, and her nails were painted as well. She decided since it was a night out, she was going to go with makeup, and went with her signature winged eyeliner and mascara, but added a little something new, a red lip.

    “You look amazing!” Betty said, walking over and giving her a once over, making Y/N smile. She noticed Jugheads stare, and she felt herself melt, although she wasn’t one to let it show, she stood taller and more confident and glanced around the room at everyone dressed up.

    “We ready to go?” Y/N asked, and everyone nodded.

    “Let’s get our party on!” Kevin exclaimed, opening the front door, and everyone shuffled outside, Y/N and Jughead walking together in the back of the group.

    “You look great.” Jughead said quietly, only loud enough for her to hear, and she blushed.

    “You don’t look bad yourself, you clean up nicely.” She said, and they climbed into the back of Archie’s truck, the engine starting and Jughead took Y/Ns hand, and she leaned into him. They made their way to the club and somehow got in even though they were literally a group of 6 underaged teenagers.

    Betty and Archie hit the dance floor, Betty a giggling mess with Archie’s hands on her waist looking all to happy to be dancing with the perfect girl next door. Kevin and Veronica had hit the bar, and were soon also on the dance floor as well, all eyes on them. Y/N and Jughead on the other hand were standing in a corner, sipping on Dr. Peppers and Rum, and talking to eachother.

    After an hour of chatter, Y/N felt her drink kicking in a bit and she felt an urge to dance. She excused herself and got two new drinks, hoping to drunken Jughead up enough to dance with her, and walked them back to him. She handed him his drink and they both took large drinks, shudders coursing through the two new drinkers.

    “Let’s dance.” Y/N blurted out, expecting Jughead to be completely against the idea, but he just shrugged.

    “Usually I’d say ‘hell no’ but dancing with you doesn’t sound all that bad, so why the hell not.” he said, taking her free hand in his, pulling her to the dance floor, Y/N giggling the whole way.

    “Look at you go!” she laughed as Jughead got down, swaying himself to the beat of the song, and Y/N did the same.

    “Look at you, I didn’t know you could dance Willie Stroker.” he teased, and she rolled her eyes, giggling.

    “We back at that?” she asked, and Jughead nodded, his beanie-less hair bouncing around. His face went from playful to serious, and Y/N gulped at the look in his eyes. She had seen it before, but from her ex James.

    “I have to tell you something.” Jughead said, grabbing her free hand, and she nodded, hoping he was going to say what she thought. Before he could say anything though, a tug at her shoulder spun her around, and she gasped.

    “Y/N, I found you!” James said, pulling her into a hug, and Jughead stood confused. Y/N didn’t know what to do, she didn’t hug him back and he pulled away, looking down at her worriedly.

    “James I-uh. What are you doing here? How’d you find me?” She asked, backing up slightly towards Jughead who placed a hand on her waist. James noticed and his face hardened, looking at Jughead, but when he looked back towards Y/N, it softened.

    “It doesn’t matter how I found you, but I’m here because the past two months without you have been hell. I love you, Y/N, and I miss you so damn much. I know you feel the same, you were so heartbroken when you left, and I knew in that moment you truly did love me and that we had something real. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I want to get back together.” James said, looking hopefully down at the (y/h/c) girl.

    “What’s going on here?” Veronica asked, and it was then Y/N noticed her, Archie, Kevin, and Betty were watching as this whole mess unfolded.

    “Y/N, can I steal your attention for a second before you answer him?” Jughead asked, and James folded his hands into fists, his jaw clenching.

    “No, you may-” he started, but Y/N interrupted him.

    “James, chill. Jughead, of course.” She said sweetly, turning to face the raven haired boy.

    “What I was going to say, was that I’m falling for you, Y/N. I have been ever since you moved here, ever since we first locked eyes through your car window. And I totally understand if you don’t feel the same way, although I could have sworn you did since the beginning, just like me.” he said, and Y/Ns stomach fluttered, and her heart swelled.

    “Why you little-!” James yelled, starting towards Jughead but Archie intervened, pushing him back. James ran a hand through his brown hair, and Y/N looked back at him, and she didn’t feel the spark in her chest she used to feel looking at him. It was gone, it belonged to Jughead now.

    “James, you should go home.” She said quietly, realizing the whole club was now staring.

    “Not without knowing I still have you! You haven’t gone and replaced me have you, with this emo!” he yelled, and Jughead rolled his eyes, his jaw now clenching. James was right, he was just a weird dark child, Y/N would no doubt go with James.

    “Don’t call him that!” Y/N yelled. “I’m sorry James, but I don’t feel that way towards you anymore.” She said quietly, and Jughead perked up. She turned to face him, and handed her drink to Archie, who also took Jugheads. She placed both her hands on the sides of his face and smiled.

    “Please don’t do this Y/N, you’re drunk, you can’t think straight.” James said rudely, but she ignored him.

    “Jughead Jones the Third, I’m falling for you too, and I have been since the very beginning.” She said sweetly, and he smiled, leaning closer to her.

    “I’m not seriously about to lose the love of my life to some skimpy loser namedJughead, am I? What the hell is this bullshit? Honestly, Y/N, I thought you had better taste-” James was cut off with a slap to the face, and when he looked up, he saw Y/N angrily staring at him. She quickly turned and kissed Jughead, his hands sliding to her waist.

    “I think it’s time you leave.” Archie said, and James rolled his eyes.

    “This isn’t over, Y/N. You’ll see soon enough you still love me, and that your wasting your time with that weird ass guy.” he called as he backed up, and Y/N held up her middle finger while deepening the kiss with Jughead. They pulled apart and Jughead laughed.

    “Damn I got lucky you moved here.” he said, and she nodded her head.

    “So did I. I traded an dick for a wonderful guy.” Y/N said, and Jughead chuckled.

    “Damn right you did.” He said cockily, and Y/N rolled her eyes. “Care to dance again?” he asked, taking his drink back from Archie and she did as well.

    “Absolutely.” she replied, dancing again and he laughed, Archie, Betty, Kevin and Veronica joining them, the six of them dancing the rest of the night away.

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Blaine the Babysitter

Summary: Dan and Phil are parents who work full-time jobs to provide for their two children, Dillon and Matilda. When they decide on hiring a babysitter for their kids, Dan is not a fan of the idea, especially if said babysitter is a charming young gay male named Blaine whom Dan believes is out to get his husband.

Word Count: 4.3k

Genre: cavity-worthy sweet fluff, parent!phan, babysitter!au, possessive!dan  

Warnings: some swearing, sex (no actual smut though), and a dash too much usage of italics in the second half

A/N: A lot of you requested for a babysitter!au fic so hopefully this suffices! I know it’s probably not what most of you were expecting, but I hope you all enjoy it anyway! whoo!

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Opposites Attract

Originally posted by asociallyunsocialfangirl

(Fred x Ravenclaw reader)

Requested by: @my-unique-mind

Hi! Can you write a Fred Weasley x Ravenclaw!Reader imagine? The reader is a bookworm, and is often found in the library. She and Fred are almost complete opposites. Fred is intrigued by the “different” girl you can say and they start hanging out. Introducing each other to their life, with things the other would never do. Ends with a cute passionate kiss? 

A/N: this one’s a little longer than usual, but it was so fun to write and I hope you like it xx

I sat at one of the tables in the library, reading The Tales of Beedle the Bard for the hundredth time. It was a late Friday night, so there weren’t many people. I loved spending my free time at the library. It was definitely my favorite place at Hogwarts.

After a while, I felt someone eyes watching me, and I looked around to find a red-headed Gryffindor boy leaning on one of the nearby bookshelves. As soon as I looked up and caught his eye, he winked at me, then slowly turned a corner and disappeared. 

I frowned. That was strange. Was that a Weasley boy?

I was so distracted by what had just happened, that the words on the page weren’t even making full sentences anymore.

Not being able to read anymore, I picked up my book and headed out of the library towards the common room.

On Saturday morning, I made my way to library, as per usual, to study for various subjects. 

I headed towards my usual table near the center of the library, but today, it was already occupied by someone else.

He looked up as I approached the table with a stack of books in hand.

I recognized him immediately as the Gryffindor beater. Fred? I think that was him. Although, it could very well be George…

“Is it alright for me to sit here?” he asked me.

“Um, yeah, sure, no problem,” I replied, still a bit confused.

He smiled, making his brown eyes shine, which I totally got lost in for a moment.

I sat myself next to him, dropping my books onto the table.

Although I usually liked to read alone, I found that I didn’t actually mind having him sit by my side.

“I’m Fred, by the way.”


“Well, that sure is a beautiful name.”

As much as I tried to hide it, I felt my cheeks turn warm, and when he smiled, they only blushed harder.

“What are you reading?”

“Just some stuff that Professor Snape made us read for homework. We have to write an essay on non verbal spells. It wasn’t even his class and he gave us homework,” I complained lightly.

He laughed. 

“I have a better idea.”


“Come with me, Y/N. Leave your books, we can come back.”

And with that he smiled so widely that I found myself unable to do anything but take his hand and wonder about the adventures that were about to take place.

It felt strange. Walking out of the library after having entered so soon ago. Strange, but good.

“Where are we going, Fred?” I laughed as I was led down the tapestry corridor.

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I Trust You

Request: Request for Teenage Clark maybe? Like the reader is new and is just kinda like “he’s a loner and people think he is weird…….I'ma be his friend 😊😀” and she sticks up for Clark and stuff?? Just like complete fluff and flustered clark??Also the other Clark fic was awesome!!!! Have a nice day!!

Word count: 1746

Characters/Pairing: young!Clark Kent x Reader, Clark Kent x Reader

A/N: I’ve had this request for a while now, so I thought maybe it wasn’t too late to post it. Anyway, not my best work but I hope you all enjoy it.

This work was beta’d by the awesome @lovethosewhoarentreal and @kpkarlee

First day of school…

It’s not that bad, Y/N. Come on, you can do this, you have to do this. You’re strong enough, you will survive this day… surely no one has died for going to a new school… not in the first day at least. Oh, God no, don’t think about dying. Don’t. That’s an awful idea. You can totally survive this, you know? This isn’t the first time being in a new school… but then again, you were just 3 years old the last time you changed. No, don’t think of that. Be optimistic. This is going to end soon. Before you know it, you will be back in the safety of the car returning to the warm and comfortable bed that won’t ever judge you… maybe a bit more emotionally scarred, but such is life.

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The Girl Next Door

@eggsterminate10 asked: First I just want to say your work is amazing! I could totally see you as a full fledged author or something, so keep on doing what you’re doing! Second could I request a modern sort of girl next door Kylo Ren/ reader where he’s Hux’s roommate and a new girl who’s moved to the area for baking and pastry school just kind of turns him into a love struck idiot! Even if you can’t do it, like I said keep on doin what you’re doin! (ღ•͈ᴗ•͈ღ)

Author: Zoe

(A/N: This is such a cute idea! Thank you for suggesting it, it was super fun to write! :3c)

Plot Summary: Moving into a new place all on your own can be pretty damn nerve-wracking, since you were living there in order to attend the nearby culinary school. However, some stress was resolved when your new neighbor was willing to help you move in after you nearly fell over from the sheer weight of the box filled with various kitchen gadgets. Learning that his name is Kylo Ren, living with Hux, a rather strict and stoic roommate, you decide to send them a basket of cookies as a greeting, hopefully to make a good first impression. With Kylo, however, you’ve made a more than memorable impression in his mind.

Warning: Light Swearing

Originally posted by knights-of-kylo-ren

The big city.

Sure it was tough, intimidating, and downright scary coming from a small suburbia, but when you want something, you’ll do whatever it takes to get it, right?

The culinary college in the city was one of the most prestigious in the country, and there was no way in hell that you were going to pass up such a huge opportunity.

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anonymous asked:

Could you maybe write a Kevin accidentally meeting Joaquin's closest friends/gang members oneshot? Like would it go well/friendly teasing or more threatening? Thank youuuu

This Is Not How I Imagined It

Or, Kevin meets Joaquin’s ‘family’

Word Count: 1.4k

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: mentions of gangs and mentions of violence

Read it on AO3

Note: all of the gang members and Joaquin’s brother are made up by me. These are my characters. All of Joaquin’s family life here is completely headcanon.

Kevin didn’t know when he had become the kind of kid who made out in the back of bars. He used to roll his eyes at the couples that would grope each other during school dances or behind the shelves of Riverdale’s library. Yet, here he was, in the back of a Southside bar, with his tongue down his boyfriend’s throat. Speaking of, Kevin swirled his tongue around Joaquin’s, mimicking something far dirtier and prompting the serpent to moan and press their hips together. Kevin smirked, his hands running all over Joaquin’s body before finally resting on his ass and gripping it firmly. Joaquin broke apart, tossing his head back with a moan that rushed straight to Kevin’s pants. Kevin attached his lips to the shorter boy’s neck, sucking and biting.

Suddenly, Kevin felt a short vibration. He ignored it in favor of continuing down Joaquin’s neck. Still, the vibrations persisted, coming from Joaquin’s back pocket, where Kevin’s hand was resting. He still ignored it, but Joaquin broke away, swatting Kevin’s hand and reaching into his pocket. Kevin didn’t get a glimpse at the caller ID before Joaquin hurriedly untangled himself and began to walk away.

“Don’t move a muscle, I will be right back.” He called over his shoulder before answering the call, moving away for some privacy.

Kevin slumped against the wall, annoyed that some stupid phone call was keeping his boyfriend from him. His super hot serpent boyfriend, who he had been very close to taking someplace more private. Kevin sighed, growing colder without the heat of Joaquin’s body shielding him from the draft. It was Kevin’s first time being in this particular bar, but it looked very similar to the other Southside bars Joaquin and he had attended. There were two pool tables down at the end farthest from where Kevin was standing, a rickety bar with even more rickety stools, and, right by the door, a snake slithering around in a large tank. Kevin shivered a little when he looked at the snake, not completely comfortable around the creatures yet.

Kevin was getting impatient. Joaquin had been gone for far too long, and he was slightly concerned about the four young serpents who had been staring at him ever since Joaquin had left. Kevin knew that he looked out of place in his charcoal sweater and blue button up, but he normally didn’t attract much attention from the other serpents. He kept his head down. But these four were staring and whispering and not even attempting to be discrete about it. Kevin swallowed nervously, but smiled at the group anyway, trying not to get beat up. Apparently, Kevin fucked that up because the group of serpents began to walk towards him.

“Hey there, preppy.” The tallest of them started. He was taller than Kevin, something that didn’t happen often, with white-blonde hair, and a scar running from his bottom lip to the edge of his chin. He was clearly the leader of the group. Kevin was immediately wary of the nickname, it was what Joaquin called him; how did this kid know that? Could it be a coincidence? It had to be.

“Um, hello?” Kevin questioned cautiously, “do I know you?” He shuffled back a few inches before his back touched the wall. This time, a small, yet still somehow intimidating, girl with jet black hair spoke.

“Nope.” She grinned. “But, damn. We sure know a lot about you, Kevin.”

Kevin gulped. This definitely was not going to end well. “Actually, I was just leaving. I’m sorry for bothering you.” Kevin made to leave, but was blocked by a short, chubby, ginger boy. In any other setting Kevin would have smiled at a boy who looked like him, winking and hoping to make him blush. But not in this bar. Not when the boy in question looked like he could easily kill Kevin, despite the red locks and rounded cheeks.

“You aren’t going anywhere. We need to talk to you.” He glared at Kevin, the taller boy and small girl following suit. It was only now that Kevin realized that the fourth member of the group hadn’t walked over to him. Behind the three serpents in front of him, a boy, with hair that matched Joaquin’s, but who was quite a bit older, leaned against the wall, talking in the phone in hushed tones. Kevin didn’t have time to give this anymore thought because the three serpents that were paying attention to him, closed in, forming a semicircle around their prey. Kevin stood tall, however, attempting to appear confident.

“Well if you know my name, it’s only fair I know yours.” He stated, and was surprised at how convincing he actually sounded.

“A joker, huh?” The blonde chuckled, but offered an answer. “Name’s Finch. This here is Winston, and the lovely lady is-” He was cut when the shirt girl elbowed him in the gut.

“Keep your comments to yourself Finch.” She spat back. “I’m Millie. Not that it means much to you.” She glared at Kevin, clearly not as impressed by his feigned confidence as Finch had been. Winston was the next to speak.

“Look. You are not part of this world. You aren’t a serpent. You couldn’t even pretend to be one of us.” He scoffed, reaching out and teasing the sleeve of Kevin’s sweater. Kevin resisted the urge to yank his arm away.

“So just keep that in mind.” Finch continued, “We know you think that you understand Joaquin, but you don’t. We are his family.” He paused and Millie picked up where he left off.

“And we are not the kind of family that quickly forgives. Hurt him, and your fate will be worse than that blossom boy’s.” She snarled. Kevin was sure she was going to hit him, or at least shove him a little, but at that moment, the kid from the wall hung up his phone and pushed through the circle, making him eye to eye with Kevin. He brought his hands down on Kevin’s shoulders menacingly.

“Here’s the bottom line, Keller, you hurt my little brother, I hurt you.” Kevin couldn’t stop the gasp that escaped him. This was not how he wanted his first impression with Joaquin’s brother to play out. He had been expecting dinner, maybe some light hearted chatter before explaining that he really did like Joaquin and wasn’t planning on screwing that up. Instead, here he was. In the back of some seedy bar, pressed against a wall, just hoping not to get the shit beat out of him.

“Damn it! Sebastian! What did I say about accosting my boyfriend?” Kevin smiled at the familiar voice as Joaquin rounded the corner. “Is this why you called me? To keep me occupied while Finch, Will, and Millie threatened Kev?” He questioned, pushing past the other serpents and grabbing Kevin’s chin, checking his face to make sure there were no bruises. “Are you okay, Kev?”

Kevin smiled and nodded, amused by his boyfriend’s worry. “I’m fine Joaquin. Just a little surprised, that’s all.” He lowered his voice, “This wasn’t really how I imagined meeting your family.”

“Wait. What?” Wilson interrupted, reminding Kevin that the gang members were still standing there.

“Uh, this isn’t how imagined meeting Joaquin’s family would be.” Kevin repeated.

“You imagined meeting his family?” Millie questioned further.

“Well yeah. I mean he’s met my dad. I assumed I’d be meeting his brother soon enough.” Kevin was confused by their reaction. Were they not threatening him a mere minute ago?

“So you guys are like serious?” Finch asked, backing away slightly to give Kevin and Joaquin some room.

“Of course we are, dumbass.” Joaquin interjected. “What? Did you think I was dating the sheriff’s son for shits and giggles?” This prompted laughter from the group, including Sebastian.

“Kevin?” Sebastian inquired.

“Um, yeah?”

“Take good care of my little brother, okay? He deserves to be happy.” As he said this, Sebastian reached over and mused Joaquin’s hair.

“He deserves everything.” Kevin muttered, looking at Joaquin as if he’d hung the moon. Sebastian chuckled, throwing his arm around Finch and leading the group away from the two boys. “You deserve everything.” Kevin repeated, taking Joaquin’s chin in his hands.

 “I have all I could ever want.” Joaquin responded, “I’ve got you.” Joaquin pressed their lips together gently, and Kevin couldn’t help the grin that spread across his face.

Please let me know what you thought! Let me know if you’d like to be tagged in any future Kevin/Joaquin fanfics that I write.

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A beater's bat (Fred Weasley X reader)

(A/N): Whoo! Fred! Requests are still open so feel free to message me😊

Warnings: Hinted smut at the end, just fluff and making out really, shy!bestfriend reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: The reader is bestfriends with Fred and George but has a little crush on Fred. When the Weasley twins host a singles people party will the reader make a move? Well be forced too…


You was walking with Hermione to the room of requirement; Fred and George was having a single people party. You both wasn’t going to attend until Hermione heard Ron was going and dragged you along too, “Come on (Y/N)! It will be fun! And Fred will be there!” She smiled dragging you arm along with her, for a fourth year, she was pretty strong. “Urgghh, keep your voice down!” You scowled; not wanting to be caught out of bed but also not wanting anyone to hear about your crush on Fred; your best friend. Hermione forced a dress onto you because she knows Fred would love it. Hermione rocking an outfit that you picked out for her so you two could have similar colour schemes.

You finally, safely, arrived on the seventh floor at the location of the room of requirement and the doors slowley appeared, then swung open by two handsome gentlemen who greeted the both of you. Well after shoving you inside so you wasn’t caught by Flinch or Miss Norris of course. “Hello ladies, we thought would have had to start without you!” Fred grinned, raping his arm around your shoulder like always, “Yer and we wouldn’t want to do that!” George winked at you all, soon following his brothers actions, but focusing the most on Fred who seemed to gain a flush of redness to his cheeks matching the colour of his firey hair. But you think it was just the light; Fred never blushed. And why would he? What was George implying, it was a single’s party but Fred would never look at you more than just his best friend; would he?

You giggle at the thought but forget it because you was living in a dream world, “You two do look nice tonight, anyone you have your eye on?” George grinned even more than before and winked again playfully but you knew it was in a jokey manner so you just rolled your eyes. “I know little Hermione does…” You giggle but Hermione gives you a death glare, warning not to say a word more, “Five guesses who!” Fred threw his head back in a crackle, knowing he caught you and Hermione gaving a girly chat about Ron, but Hermione threatened to hex him into next week if he even told George; Fred’s other half. “I’m not the only one wanting to snog someone’s face off tonight!” Hermione stared at you in shock as she let it slip, letting your best friends know you have a crush and that she wants to ‘snog someone’s face off’. You felt Fred’s arm tighten around you before realising what he was doing and went to mimic his brother, was that a hint of jelously in his greeny-brown eyes? No it couldn’t. “WHO?!” The twins almost screamed in your face after getting over the second of pure shock. “That’s for me to know…” they all looked alittle disapointed, “And you to find out.” You smirked making the Weasley twins grin with mischief written all over their freckle covered faces; Fred looking extra adorable.

When you and Hermione take a seat next to Harry and Ron, the Weasley twins explain you will be playing seven minutes in heven; great. Stuck in a tiny closet with someone you probaly don’t know for seven minutes forced to make out or you will have to take a shot of fire whiskey. And you know all to well that stuff is vile. Also drunk you pulls off the slight cloak of shyness and you hate being the center of attention, unlike your best friends. “Right which lucky lady will get to have first pick?” Fred shouts, signalling towards the bag full of one of each of the guys possessions that George is holding out. Every girl suddenly becomes super shy and no one approaches the bag, but Hermione is inpatient, she stands and hesitates for a second. Is she really going to go first?

But catching you off guard she grabs your arm and shuves you towards to bag before siting right back in her space beside Ron, smiling brightly at you as your friends laugh at your predicament. Taking a deep breath in your hand plunges into the bag which has a extendable charm cast apon it so all the objects can fit inside. Feeling around, no possession feels the same. You come across something long and hard, it was the shape of a really small baseball bat that muggles use to play sport, you deside to pick that one out since you was keeping everyone waiting. You wave it around so everyone can see it; it was a beaters bat from quidditch. That could be one of eight people for all you know!

Then Fred gives you a nervous looking smile as he holds out his hand for you to take, you got Fred Weasley. Fred Weasley. As in Fred Weasley, the boy you have had a crush on since second year. Fred Weasley your best friend. George and a couple of other guys wolf whisle like boys as you two enter the cramped closet, hand in hand.

Everything is dark and Fred releases your hand from his friendly grasp, the silence is nothing but awkward. You deside to be the one to make the first move after about thirty seconds of silence and deep breaths, “So… I-I don’t really drink fire whisky…” Before you say anymore a pair and smooth, warm lips crash into yours from above and two hands start to make their way to your waist. You kiss back hopefully with as much passion as you can considering the shock you’re in right now, leading to the hands on your waist. Yours perfectly intertwinded with his now messy ginger hair so you can easily pull him closer, deeping the kiss. He looses self control at your passion and soft touch so he rams you into the wall, being carful not to hurt you. You moan as he plants small kisses all over your exposed neck that turn into nibbles that are sure to leave a mark, a mark that your his, and only his. He kisses your collar bone making you moan louder that exspected; it’s your sweet spot. Without you knowing this turns him on like a switch and his grip tightens, lips locking once more, it’s filled with lust and more. His tounge outlines your lips asking for enterance, which you take no time to accept, his tounge rules your mouth and you don’t care. As he’s searching every square inch of your mouth, you hardly notice that his gentle hands have managed to snake their way up your back. Fingers rap around the zip of your dress and slowley pulling it downwards until you stop him, “Fred…” You are totally out of breath, “not now, seven… seven minutes only, remember.” He weakly smiled but takes his hands off you, “Sorry, I… I don’t know what got into me.” he inhales and nervously chuckles, “I guess I have wanted to do that for a while…” Exhale. He seems embarrassed by his conffesion but you feel happy, not just happy, exstatic. “I have too” You blurt and your cheeks feel set alight, good job it’s pitch black. “Really - you mean it?” You just kiss him, lunging forward and, carefully pushing him into the opposite wall. He kisses back before saying “Mine?” you giggle, “Always.“ 

Lips as one in the peak of your kiss, your heart was beating for 1000 men, the doors of the wardrobe swang open. "Freddie pulled!” George sqeaked like a little girl on christmas day but the two of you just blushed as you pulled apart. Fred grabbed your hand as you walked out. Before you left to sit back down with Hermione you quitely whispered in Fred’s ear, “We can finish that little thing you was starting later if you want…” he just went to same colour as his firey hair and winked at you before you went to your seat. 

Hermione giggled at you, “How was it?” she was beaming brighter than the sun. “Let’s just say can you re-zip up my dress?” She looked shocked and gave a simple we’ll-talk-later look while zipping up your dress.

Two Sugars, Extra Cream

Hello, lovelies! 

I do not expect chapter 2 of Bid Ye Soft Farewell to be up until next week (My SO is in town and I haven’t seen him in a while). SO, I’ve created this silly little ficlet in the meantime. Kind of crazy, kind of out of character. But I had a hell of a good time writing it! Hope you enjoy!

Caramel-Nut Latte, extra hot. Okay, 2 pumps caramel, 3 pumps hazelnut. 2 shots of espresso. Steam milk for extra 20 seconds and a caramel drizzle on top…

Beautiful, Beauchamp. You’re a goddamn coffee wizard.

“Caramel-Nut Latte for Duncan!”

I had been working for Mrs. Fitz for nearly a year at this point while putting myself through school. Though I loved the work that I did at university, there was always something so comforting and homey about the café. Perhaps it was the mismatched green walls, the exposed brick. Perhaps it was the baubles thrown haphazardly on the shelves, or the odd paintings Mrs. Fitz liked to pick up at second-hand shops. (The one with the chimpanzee queen was my favorite). Perhaps it was just the constant smell of coffee that reminded me of my Uncle Lamb– God rest his soul. It was an odd little place, but it was mine. I belonged here.

As if conjured by my own thoughts, I heard the tell-tale backfire of Mrs. Fitz’s ridiculously old car.  She really needed to upgrade.

“Ooooh, Claire, lass! Come help me with the milk! I heard we were runnin’ low, so I bought three crates full!!” Mrs. Fitz was terribly excited about that milk. I, however, did not share in that joy. I knew “helping” in this case meant “carry them all in for me.”

“Aye, aye, Captain Fitz,” I saluted her before going into the trenches. Or the trunk of her car. They looked similar at any rate.

She was making herself a latte when I walked back in with the third crate of milk.

“Mrs. Fitz! I’m utterly shocked that you would waste company products for your own use!” I placed my hand over my heart dramatically.

“Ach. I bought the stuff. I’ll do wi’ it what I please.” And with that she took a sip, smiling the whole time. Should I tell her she had foam on her lip? “Help yourself? I need to speak wi’ ye for a moment.” I waved her off.

“I’m all right. What’s going on?”

“My nephew is moving back into town, and he was needin’ a job. I told him he could work here. Could ye train him a bit? Show him how everything works?”

“Mrs. Fitz…” I was feeling extra dramatic today.

“Claire, dinna…”

“I am appalled that you would use your position as owner and operator of this establishment to hire those you are close to. Where is the democracy?”

“Tis no a democracy. Tis a dictatorship.” Mrs. Fitz was the great-auntie I never knew I wanted. I couldn’t help but laugh at her wit.

“Of, course I’ll help. When is he coming?”

“This Saturday, he’ll be back.”

“I’ll be here. Oh, and Mrs. Fitz?”


“You’ve got some foam on your lip.”


Saturday mornings were slow mornings. No one had to be at work. Well, besides me, I suppose.

I was leaning against the counter when the overhead door bell jingled. Perk up, Beauchamp. Don’t look like a slacker.

“First customer of the day! Congrats! What can I get for you?” I looked up at the man. I mean, really up. Could a man really be that tall, or were two kids pulling a Little Rascals on me? He leaned down, elbows on the counter. Now, I could really see him. Red curls. Blue eyes. Freckled nose. Was he made out of marble? I had never seen features so sharp.

“Are ye Claire?” His voice was like the honey I put in my Darjeeling.

“Yes, I am. Who wants to know?”

“I do. I’m Jamie. Mrs. Fitz is my great-auntie. She said ye’d be helping me? Learn, I mean.”

“OH! Of course! I’m sorry. Come in, come in,” I said as I lifted the flip-counter. He ducked under my arm to get through. “Sorry, that was a bit awkward. You could have lifted it yourself.”

“Aye, it’s all right. I appreciate the chivalry, madam.” He drew out the word ‘madam’ as long as he could. I bowed in return. He chuckled. We were off to a good start, here.

“So, Jamie what to you know about coffee?” His cat-eyes went totally round at the question.

“Well, ye drink it.”

“Mmhmm. And have you ever made coffee before?” I was skeptical that he had even heard the word coffee before today.

“Aye! I make it every day in my Bunn coffeemaker.”

“Bunns are for shmucks. This is the big league. Can you handle it?” He faked a look of concern before turning his attention back on me.

“Aye, I think so.” He nodded as if trying to convince himself.

“Can you take the heat?!” I was starting to sound like a coach, and he, my star player.


“All right! Let’s start with espresso, shall we?”


“So, you’ve grinded the espresso beans. Now what?”

“I put it in the machine…”

“No, no! You’re missing a step!”

“I tamp it!”

“Yes!” Jamie was a quick learner, his brain absorbing the things I said and did. Like a big ole ginger sponge. “You’re really getting the hang of it, especially for someone who didn’t even know what a tamper was when he woke up this morning.”

“It looks a bit like a weapon.” He rolled the bell shaped instrument in his hands.

“Perhaps to people with violent tendencies,” I said, giving him a pointed look. He just rolled his eyes. “How about you try to make yourself a latte or cappuccino?”

“Nay. I dinna drink lattes,” he answered distractedly, still playing with the tamper.

“Have you ever tried one?”

“No. I’m a simple man. Dark roast. Two sugars. Extra cream. These other drinks, they’re much too fancy for me.”

“Oh, Jamie,” I whined. “Be adventurous. Live a little!”

“Aye! All right! If it’ll get ye to stop squealing like a wee hog!”

“Did you just call me a hog?” I should be offended shouldn’t I?

“No, I said ye were like a hog. Big difference.” Yeah, definitely offended.

“Oh, well. Of course. Huge difference.”

“Oh, come, Sassenach. I was only teasing ye.” Oh, no, Mr. Fraser. You would not get off that easily.

“I know,” I mustered to most dejected voice. “No, big deal, right?” Could I fake cry right now? That would be the icing on this revenge cake.

“Claire, lass. Truly. I dinna mean it. Ye’re no like a hog. Ye ken that right?” God, that sincerity was killing me. I’d have to put him out of his misery…

“Oh, I know,” I perked up with a huge smile on my face. I’m pretty sure I was showing top and bottom teeth. Realization cam over his face.

“You wee-“


“Ye’ll pay for that. Make no mistake.”

“Bring it on, Fraser,” I crooked my fingers at him, and then quickly let them fall. “Later. We have a task to accomplish.”

“Which would be…?”

“You. Drinking some frilly, fancy coffee you wouldn’t have otherwise.”



               I decided to make Jamie my favorite specialty latte. 1 pump chocolate. 2 pumps almond. 2 pumps coconut. 3 shots of espresso. Extra hot. Whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. I handed it to him hesitantly.

“What did ye put in this potion?”

“Just drink it, Ron Weasley.”

He took a small sip, smacking his lips a bit and licking cream off his mouth. That motion was a bit distracting.

“So…?” He contemplated for a second, eyes studying the ceiling.

“Weel, tis a bit sweeter than I like…”


“But, it’s no bad. Well done, Sassenach.” I blushed prettily and batted my lashes.

“They do say I make the best coffee in town.” This wasn’t a lie. Some people did say that.

“Do they now? Well, I’m glad I was adventurous and tried one of your frilly lattes.”

“Good.” We sat in silence for a few moments, as customers milled around. He was sipping coffee. I was day dreaming about that argument I had with a customer last month… What an arse.

“Claire.” Jamie broke me from my reverie.  

“Jamie,” I answered just as formally.

“Since I’m being daring, I’d like to ask ye a question.”

“Um, sure.” Weird, but okay. He took a deep breath.

“Would ye like to go to dinner wi’ me sometime?” That was definitely not the question I was expecting. I was thinking more along the lines of ‘Not to be rude, but why does your hair look like that?’ or ‘Can you help me bury a body?’

“I’m sorry?”

“Dinner. Wi’ me. Tonight, possibly?”

“I wasn’t expecting that, but yes. Jamie, I would love to have dinner with you.” I pleasant surprise, that was.

“Aye? Really?”

“Yes, really.”

“Thank God. That could have been embarrassing. Is 7 okay?”

“7 sound perfect.” Jamie Fraser, prepare to get the pants charmed off of you.

Hopefully literally.

What Strangers See

Hey guys! As you may or may not know, I am currently on holiday travelling through Europe. I didn’t plan on writing while away, because I tend to put a lot of criticism on my own stories thus making it slightly stressful. (Although I am definitely reading all the new fics coming out :))
However, at this very moment I am on a train in one of those compartments like on the Hogwarts Express, except instead of moving towards our destination (or having anything magical happen) we’re stranded in the middle of the Swedish countryside because of a cable fire in a tunnel. So…since I had the time and the wifi I busted out this random one shot in a sitting of maybe 20 minutes? It’s a whole lot of nothing, but I hope you enjoy regardless. xx

“What are you smiling at, girl?” Finn sets down their drinks and pulls his chair closer to hers before sitting down.
“Just people watching” Rae turns to him briefly before looking back to the busy London street.

They’re sat outside, on the patio of some random cafe. It’s their five month anniversary and Finn had showed up at hers with a mixtape and an overnight bag, asking if she wanted to take a ride. He was all ready to make his case; argue that it was bank holiday weekend, that he had filled the back seat with crisps and water, that Linda and Karim were out of town anyway, his fallback being to confess just how desperate he was to have her completely to himself. Turns out all his careful planning to get his words right was for naught, and he was hit with a surge of pride when she said yes with zero hesitation. She’d come along way, his girl.

“See those two there?” Rae asks, as she nods her head in the direction of a boy and girl around their age stood outside a shop. “What do you think their story is?”
Finn looks at the shy way the boy looks at the girl, how his head dips to talk closer to her ear. His hands are in his pockets but his whole body leans towards her. “He likes her but she doesn’t see it yet.”
“How do you reckon that?”
Finn shrugs and takes a sip of his Coke. “Looks like us when we first started.”
“Oh, so he’s a dickhead and thinks she’s annoying?”
“Well ONE of those things is still true…” Finn laughs as he pulls her by the neck to plant a kiss in her hair.
“Oi!” Rae pinches the flesh of his thigh before scrunching her nose at him and turning back to the road. “Alright, Mr. Observant. Explain that” she juts her chin at an older man wearing a shirt and tie with cowboy boots, carrying a large sack of kitty litter over one shoulder.
“Easy. Giving up his office job to start a cat farm.”
“Right,” Rae agrees. “Only explanation.”

They go on like this for a long while, making up random stories to match the random strangers passing by.
Finn thinks a serious looking group of business people are actually MI6, scouting the area for a crooked arms dealer.
Rae jokes that the squad of power walking pensioners are off to some underground seniors-only night club. “Reckon that one in the matching track suit has a crop top and mini hidden underneath?” She asks seriously. That makes Finn nearly do a spit take as he chokes on his laughter, and he adds this memory to his mental file of ‘times Rae’s made him love her more’. (It’s a big file, even by imaginary standards.)
“Well girl, you’d know what that would look like wouldn’t ya? Old people peeper and all…” Finn trails off and guffaws when Rae slaps his bicep hard.
“I knew I shouldn’t have told you about that! Ugh now I’m picturing Mrs. Dewhurst all sweaty at the rave,” Rae covers her eyes and shudders a groan which sets him off again.
Finn points out a nervous looking man who keeps patting down his pockets and says he’s probably about to propose, and Rae thinks the look on his girlfriend’s face says the answer will be a resounding no.
Rae clocks a handsome lad carrying a large stack of books and all Finn can come up with is that “Archie would find him well fit” and “should we get his number or summat?” Which earns him a giant grin and a kiss on the cheek from Rae.
A young bloke wearing trackie bottoms tucked in socks passes by, and they over hear him boisterously telling a dick joke that earns nothing but eye rolls and sniggers from his mates. Finn and Rae turn to each other simultaneously and say “London Chop!” in unison before they’re both in a fit of giggles.
Then Rae is slapping Finn’s shoulder with the back of her hand when she spots a “fucking Damon Albarn doppelgänger” walking their way. She teases that he doesn’t need to have the talent if he has the face and pretends to stand. Finn pulls her back and chuckles like it’s no big deal, but by the time fake-Damon gets to them Rae is too distracted by Finn suckling her neck to notice. His arm doesn’t leave her waist after that.

When their food comes, they separate to either sides of the table and now their game has shifted to the other customers at the cafe. Finn tilts his head to one side to indicate a girl with long ginger hair sitting alone near them.
“What about her, reckon she’s waiting for a date?” His voice is low so the girl doesn’t hear.
Rae seems to stiffen a bit, before pushing her plate away from her. “Doubt it.”
“Huh, why not?” Finn looks over at the stranger again. She’s wearing a flowery dress and makeup, and her eyelashes are fluttering quicker than necessary as she continuously tosses her hair over her shoulder. From the girls at college Finn knows these are tell tale signs.
“Because she’s been eyeing you up since she sat down” Rae explains, her head cast low.
Finn’s ears go red, because now that Rae’s said it he picks up on the way the redhead keeps glancing at him, sending him a flirty smile when their eyes meet. Finn clears his throat and looks away, his hand instinctively moving to grab Rae’s across the table. It’s not there though, and he frowns when he sees how uncomfortable she looks. She’s curled up in to herself and that carefree attitude from minutes ago has drained from her sad but beautiful face.

The sight makes Finn’s chest hurt. There is no way he wants anyone else, she must know that. Fuck, he barely even notices anyone else anymore; doesn’t even remember a time before his vision was tunnelled by expressive eyes and dark hair and spectacular tits. Not to mention the fact that he’s so in love with her he sometimes has to wonder if he’s still sane. He hasn’t told her yet (the thought alone makes his lungs tighten and his fingers tremble) but, God, does he feel it. Once, when they were alone at the pub, Archie asked him what being in love felt like. Finn just shrugged and said “brilliant” because he wasn’t drunk enough to explain that it’s this all consuming thing in his veins that gets carried to his heart, only to be pumped back into every nerve of his body.
It’s scary, what he feels for Rae (and not just because it makes him agree with all the cheesy lyrics those Backstreet Boys sing). Terrifying, actually, because Finn doesn’t think he’d survive if she ever left (and he’s had enough of people leaving). So when he sees how rigid she’s gone, how her gaze has dropped to her lap as she readjusts her clothes, a strange thrill fills him because maybe she feels the same way. The same intensity, the same fear.

“Rae. Hey. Girl, look at me” Finn wraps his legs around one of hers under the table. Rae lifts her eyes but her head is still lowered. “See that couple over there?” Finn asks, shifting his eyes to the right. Rae peeks past her curtain of hair to the other table and then back at Finn. “They’re playing the same game. What do you think they see when they look at us?”
Rae furrows her brow, then turns her whole head to look at the couple, who are indeed looking at them. She makes eye contact with the woman and receives a kind, wide smile. Rae turns to look back at Finn, but his seat is empty. She feels a presence at her side and shifts to see he’s pulled a chair right up to hers, his back to the redhead. Finn’s one hand reaches over to trail his fingers down her back, while the other clutches at her fisted hands in her lap.
“Dunno, probably wondering why we’re together” Rae mumbles.
“Yeah maybe,” his tiny pause is enough to see her face cloud over with hurt “they can tell that you’re WAAAAAAAAAAAY too good for me” he finishes with a wink. Rae’s eyes roll back sarcastically, but they’re also sparkling and Finn’s so glad it’s not from tears.
He leans in closer, a hairs breadth away from her ear, his nose and lips brushing against her gently. “I think what they see is how fucking crazy I am about you.” He’s whispering but his voice and meaning are firm. Rae blushes and drops her gaze again, but this time she’s smiling.
“Such a sap” she replies, halfheartedly pushing him away.
“It’s our anniversary, I get to be sappy” Finn counters, his voice no longer hushed. He wants the whole place to know he’s celebrating with this girl, his girl.
“Yeah, and what’s your excuse every other day?” Rae teases, her finger making its way through one of the empty button holes on his flannel.
“Love,” he answers immediately. Rae’s stunned by that, and Finn’s a little shocked himself, but it was automatic and honest. They stare at each other frozen, both guarded hearts growing soggy as they soak in the heavy word that’s just slipped out. After the moment has passed, Rae is still silent so Finn guides her face to his so he can kiss her until she feels what the strangers can see.


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Such A Joker Part (1/?)

Jerome x reader

(y/n) POV:

I ruffle my hair once more in the mirror looking at my appearance before I turn to my father. “So whatcha think pops?” He looks up from his paper and looks over my outfit. “Change.” He says simply and returns to his paper. “What? Why? This is better then the other one!” “I wouldn’t even let Barbra wear that out!” He says strictly. As if on que Barbra walks in and looks me up and down. “Oh come on Jim. She looks hot!” “Thanks Barb.” I laugh and give her a wink while my father rolls his eyes.

“Come on dad. I don’t even have time to change. Jarred’s car is going to run out of gas before I get out there!” He sighs and stands up walking to the kitchen. “Where are you going?” I ask confused. “Giving you enough time to leave before I make you even more late by changing.” I run to the door grabbing my purse and jacket before running outside and into the waiting car full of my friends.

“Ohhh someone’s looking good. New top?” My best friend Steph asks looking at the expensive cloth on my body. “Only the finest for daddy’s little princess.” I say laughing. “Well I think you’d look much better with it off.” Noel says in my ear trailing small kisses down my neck and tugging at my shirt.

“Oh gross guys. I’d rather not ruin my car.” Jarred says in the drivers seat. “Well it technically would just be breaking it in.” Noel says humming the air. Noel and I are no where near a relationship, but way more then friends. It’s been that way since freshman year when I went to a party and well… Got very influenced by arable substances and alcoholic beverages, and woke up in the same bed with Noel. You know what they say about cops daughters. They’re the most wild ones.

Going on two strong years of fooling around with him. Sure he’s hot as hell, but I honestly want something more. Shocker right? The slut wants a real committed relationship. Huge surprise.

As Noel continues to rub my thighs and kiss my neck I get distracted by lights and a huge red and white striped tent. “Wait. Where are we exactly?” I ask pushing Noel away to get a better look at our new destination. “Welcome to Haly’s circus everyone.” Jarred says parking in the make shift parking lot.

“I hate clowns.” Noel rolls his eyes stepping out of the car. “Wow such a surprise given that you are one.” I say flicking him in the back of the head. “Now you listen here Gorden!” He says grabing my ass and biting my neck hard. “Ow! Stop Noel! Not here! There are kids around!” I exclaim pushing him away. “Well why not? Add it to the list.” He chuckles and pushes me up against the car and lightly putting his hand in between my thighs. “What the hell is wrong with you? I said no!” I hiss at him and push him away. “Are you two coming or not?” Steph yells at us.

As we come to the ticket booth I see a boy handing them out. “Hello welcome to Haly’s circus. How many?” He asks in a soft friendly voice. He looks around my age. Tall, fiery red hair, and greenish blue eyes that shine as he smiles. “Hi just 4.” Jarred says with his arm around Steph. “More like 3 and an idiot.” I mumble under my breath catching a slight smirk from the red head. He passes the tickets to us. When I reach for mine our fingertips slightly brush, and a slight shock is felt. “Enjoy your night.” He says and smiles at me warmly.

We walk into the gigantic red and white tent and take the first seats we saw that were free. As the clowns were clowning around a feel a tug on my arm. I look to my right and see Noel with longing glossy eyes. “Come with me.” “What? No I wanna see this.” I complain pulling my arm away. Not a minute later Noel pulls me up harshly and out of the tent. Seeing as most people are in the tent watching the show there aren’t many people outside.

Noel continues to pull me to the parking lot without a word. “What the hell is up with you?” I yell at him yanking my arm out of his grasp. He jingles the car keys in front of my face with a smirk. “Get in the back seat.” I look at his face closer. “Are you drunk?” “I said get in the back seat (y/n).” I scoff and cross my arms across my chest. “I’m not getting in the car Noel.” He chuckles and shakes his head. “Fine. Guess I’ll just have to force you in there.”

Noel throws the door open, and grasps both of my arms. He turns us around so my body was to the open door. “Get the hell off of me Noel!” “Oh come on stop fighting it! You’ll enjoy it.” He grunts as he pushes me on the leather seat. He sticks his hand up my shirt kissing me. “Noel stop!” I yell struggling to get him off me.

“I think she told you to stop.” A voice says from behind us. Noel looks behind him to see the ticket booth guy. “Beat it ginger. This doesn’t involve you.” Noel reaches to close the door but is stopped when the red head grasps his arm and tugs him out of the car. “What the hell you doing man?” Noel yells as he pushes my savior.

One clean punch to the face and Noel was on the ground with blood pouring from his nose. “Come on.” The red head sticks his hand out for me. As he helps me out of the car Noel is still on the ground trying to process everything. The boy who’s name I still don’t know leads me away from the parking lot and to metal trailers. He walks to one and opens the door leading me in.

He sits me on the couch as me gets me a glass of water. “Thank you.” I say grabbing the glass in my hand. “I figured you were thirsty.” He says and sits next to me. “No. Thank you for saving me back there. You don’t know how grateful I am.” I say laying my hand on top of his knee. “Uh Jerome. Jerome Valeska, and you’re welcome.” He says stammering over his words and rubbing the back of his neck.

“My names (y/n). (Y/n) Gorden.” Jerome smiles at me. “That’s a beautiful name.” “You think so?” “Yes. It’s a perfect name for someone as gorgeous as you doll.” I look down and blush. “I-I’m sorry. That was inappropriate of me.” Jerome says quickly. “No, no. Jerome it’s ok. It’s actually the first real compliment I’ve gotten.” He looks at me shocked. “Now I’m sure that’s not true. I mean look at you.” “Nope I’m being serious. Besides my dad that’s the first compliment I’ve gotten that’s not been related to anything pervy.” I say making him chuckle.

“So was that guy your boyfriend or-” “Oh god no! No. Just some asshole who I will never be talking to again.” I say rolling my eyes. As things start to quite down my phone starts to buzz in my purse. I pull it out and see a text from Steph.

‘Hey Noel said you got sick so you had your dad come pick you up. Guess we’ll have to plan the sleepover another night. You totally missed the fight Noel got I after. He said the other guy can’t even walk!’

I huff and lock my phone. “Yep never talking to him again.” I stand up and blow my hair out of my face. “What just happened?” Jerome asks standing up as well. “That dick left with my ride and now I’m stranded here.” “Well you could stay here tonight. As long as my mom is ok with it, and then I could drive you home tomorrow. I would do it tonight, but I don’t have my after 9’s yet.” Jerome says shuffling his feet. “Jerome I can’t ask for that. You’ve already done enough for me tonight. I can just go ask around I’m sure someone is generous enough.” I say and grasp the door handle.

“No please. I insist I wouldn’t want you in the car with some stranger.” “But you want a stranger to spend the night with you?” I ask crossing my arms and cocking my eyebrow with a smirk. “At least you know I’m not going to kill you.” He says putting his hands us in defense. “I actually don’t. You could just be very good at acting innocent.” “What are you a cop?” Jerome asks folding his arms and leaning on the small wall. “The daughter of one actually.” I say walking closer to him. “What does your mom do?” My face drops slightly. “She passed away when she gave birth to me.” “I’m so sorry I didn’t-” “It’s okay. It was just her time I guess.” I say wiping my head clean of my mother.

“You stay here and I’ll go find my mother.” Jerome says with a smile on his face. “No promises.” I wink and plop on the couch.

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Avon Calling!

Summary: Dean returns home to help his mother after an accident. Mary decides to play match maker to her philandering son. After reluctantly talking to her, Dean realizes she’s different than any of the girls he’s been with and is dying for more.  (I’m terrible at summaries.)

Characters: Dean x Reader (AU)

Warnings: Fluff, a little bit of insecurity from Reader

Word Count: 1427

A/N: This is my first challenge fic, written for @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog RomCom Fluff Challenge. My prompt was “You were spying on me, weren’t you?” It’s also my first fluff and my first series. I’ve never really written fluff before, so I hope it’s all warm and fuzzy. This is going to be the first part of a series. Dean is about 22 in this fic. Oh, and this is based on a true story.

Feedback is greatly appreciated

Dean was happy to be home again. After having been enlisted in the Marines for four years, he was released with an Honorable Discharge. Shortly before his arrival, his mother had been in a car accident, leaving her at home and unable to drive. Dean was more than willing to help her out while she recovered. Mary had offered to pay him for helping her with deliveries while she recovered and he didn’t mind, needing to make some money while he looked for more permanent employment.

Mary had worked with a cosmetics company for a long time, advancing from an in-home demonstrator and salesperson to the local distributor for other salespersons. Since she was unable to drive, Dean didn’t mind running her deliveries and errands.

He walked down the stairs towards the living room, seeing his mother sitting in her favorite chair, finishing a phone call. He leaned in and placed a gentle kiss to her forehead.

“Hey honey.” Mary smiled at him.

“Hey, Mom. Need help with anything?”

“Oh, no hot dates today?” She joked. She often teased Dean about his philandering. ‘Rushing one out the back door while another waits at the front.’ she would say.

“Nope. I’m all yours today.”

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Red Lines

Pairing: Albert x Reader

Warnings: mentions of abuse / al bb wanting to cry

Summary: Albert would’ve been in the refuge if it wasn’t for you. You would’ve slept another night in an alley if it weren’t for him.


The day had been going fast for Albert. He didn’t have to partner with anyone today, leaving him to sell on his own down by the food stands. He’s sold half of his papers by break time and was halfway through the rest of them when he heard a whistle blow.

He turned to look at the sound, his eyes going wide when he saw Snyder and two other guys running towards him. Usually, they focus their attention on Jack, but they would go for any kid they see that looks like they struggle. Which, is exactly what Albert looks like. Dirt on his face, his clothes crinkled and his shoes worn out. 

He ran, boy did he run, but it just seemed that the two guys Snyder was with had superpowers. They caught up to him quick, grabbing both of his arms and forcing him to lay on the ground with his hands straight up together so they could be put in handcuffs. Snyder finally caught up, slightly breathing heavy as he pulled out the cuffs and clicked them around Alberts’ wrist. Tears were in his eyes just thinking about being thrown in the refuge but he’d be damned if he cried in front of them. Before anyone could move to stand Albert up, Snyder was hit in the back of his head, knocking him forward into the slightly older guy on Alberts left. Albert looked up shocked as the guy on his right, a blonde haired guy held onto him tighter, laughing to himself when he saw who hit Snyder.

She was shaking with fear, but that didn’t stop her from hitting the guy’s leg. He fell down, groaning as he held his leg. Albert was shocked and confused as the girl grabbed the middle of his cuffs and started running, Albert right behind her.

“Don’t stop runnin’ ‘til I do!” She yelled, making sure he heard it. He nodded to himself, looking back once in a while, but the three men were fading quickly, Even as the blonde guy tried running after them. The two ran for at least fifteen minutes, stopping to hide behind a building, both panting heavily as they took in their surroundings. Albert realized they had stopped five blocks from the lodge. He watched as the girl, still breathing heavily, stepped forward and started messing with the handcuffs.

It was then he noticed how banged up she was. The bruises and cuts on her face were from a while ago, maybe a week and still healing. she wore a small dirty dress that barely went past her knees and a pair of boots with a couple of holes in them. he instantly knew she was homeless, but he wondered how she got the bruises. 

He was staring at her the entire time she tried to get the handcuffs off of him. when she finally did, he noticed that she had a strange stick in her hands as she forced it in the keyhole and jiggled it around for a bit. They came off and Albert slowly reached out to rub his sore wrists.

“Why’d ya help?” He asked slowly, his voice low just in case anyone chasing them were to be around. The girl rubbed the back of her neck, her oily hair being pushed back behind her. she looked down at the floor as she scuffed her boots on the gravel.

“I lived most my life in the refuge. If someone needs help gettin’ ‘way from ‘em, I’ll be there helpin’ ‘em.” He wasn’t all that surprised to hear her talk like every other poor person he’d met. He was surprised with how raspy her voice sounded, almost as if she hadn’t used it for a while. 

“Well, thank you. Do ya mind me askin’ what happened?” Albert asked, gesturing to her bruises. A light blush was on her cheeks, even though she was shivering, as she looked at him, shocked he even cared enough to ask. 

“As I said, I’s spent most my life there, I barely escaped last week afta one of the men beat me after I’s was slackin’ on sweepin’ the floor,” she said, shrugging her shoulders and continuing to shiver. The sun was starting to go down, meaning she better start heading back to the alley she sleeps in before it gets too dangerous for her, and too cold. 

“It was nice meetin’ ya,” she said with a small smile, trying to rush past him to get to the alley. She had made her way out when Albert placed his hand on her shoulder.

“Wait! It’s just… where ya stayin’? I live at the lodge ova there, I’m sure they’d welcome ya.” Albert motioned towards the building with chipped paint and dusty windows. “Plus it’s too dark to be walkin’ back now.” Y/N looked at the building, remembering it as the newsboy building. She had seen all the guys flowing out of those doors, shocked it was able to hold that many at once. She weighed her options, noting that the sun had about a quarter left ‘till it goes down, and that goes fast. She also noted that the newsboys were extremely nice, coming into contact with them since leaving the refuge was one of the best moments of her life so far.

She sighed, agreeing as long as she didn’t have to sleep with a strange boy. Albert gave a smile, still rubbing his wrists lightly to ease the pain. Y/N put her hands over his, stopping him from irritating the marks. She had done it so many times, she’d learn her lesson after getting a small infection once. she didn’t want that happening to anyone else.

Albert looked down at his hands as hers went back to her side. She gave a small smile to him as they walked in silence, but his hands went right back to rubbing the marks. He looked frustrated as he looked on, slightly in a daze. Y/N noticed the red lines growing bigger, so she grabbed his right hand in her left and stayed silent, holding his hand for the rest of the way.

Instead of focusing on his wrists, he focused on the cold hand in his. He held her hand tighter, hoping she’d get some warmth out of his hand. 

“Ya know, I didn’t getcha name.”  Y/N mentioned, holding tighter to his hands seeing as it’s the only nice affection she’d had in months. Albert fixed his hat, giving her a smile as he opened the doors to the building.

“It’s Albert. Whadda bout you?” He asked he led her up the stairs. 

“Albert? Is it alright if I call ya Albie? And ma name’s Y/N.” She gave a small laugh, shocking Albert into silence. Wasn’t she just in the refuge? how could she already be so happy? All he could do was nod in response of her question as they walked into where the main area where most of the guys slept. 

“Cool. I might start calling you ginger though,” she whispered with a smile, looking over at the laying bodies. She knew they weren’t asleep considering it wasn’t even 9 o clock yet. and what boys go to sleep before 11? not the newsboys, that’s for sure.

“I’d be really fine with that.” Albert smiled, already feeling his feelings for her grow. Just a little bit. He led her to his bed, leaving a pillow for her and taking one for the floor.

“No, you either sleep on that bed with me, or I sleep on the ground. I’m the guest.” Y/N demanded, not raising her voice as she crosses her arms with her nose raised high.

“Okay, ya’s highness.” Albert said, moving to lay on his bed, scooting over so there was just enough for her to lay down. She did, but they had to both lay on their sides, facing each other. Just as Albert was about to fall asleep, he heard Race speak against the silence.

“Ya know, I’d be fine with callin’ ya ginger too.” 

rennoftheraven-clan  asked:

Okay so I was finishing work outside earlier and a random girl came up to me out of nowhere and leant over the fire escape and was like "Can you do me a favour?" and she handed me a folded up towel really delicately and told me there was a tiny mouse wrapped up in it, and she asked me to go release it somewhere safe for her because she had no shoes on. I literally dunno who she was or why no shoes, but POINT IS, can you pretty please turn it into a Wayhaught prompt? Just because because

Waverly lets out a soft sigh as she drags a black trash bag across the parking lot, the mound of discarded gifts from her ex, weighing her down significantly. “Fuck you, Champ,” she murmurs to herself as she readjusts the bag again. 

She’d dumped the man as soon as she found him in his dorm with another girl and not just any girl, her own sister, Wynonna. Sure, Wynonna had apologized and really Waverly wasn’t all that mad at her, if anything she was relieved that she had an excuse to end her relationship. 

Champ on the other hand…he could go fuck himself, in fact, that’s probably what he’d be doing while Waverly disposes of any shred of evidence that she’d ever been with him. 

“Why the fuck is the dumpster on the other side of the fucking building?” Waverly huffs as she pauses to take a breath, running a hand through her hair. 

She shakes her head a bit, looking around the corner and into the alley where the dumpster sits, trying to gauge how much effort she needed to get her bag from point a to point b. 

She knows she could have asked her roommate for help, but there was something uncomfortable about getting someone else involved with something so personal. “Okay, you got this, Waves,” she nods before hulking the bag back over her shoulder. 

Thankfully the lid is open when she reaches the dumpster, making the job of wrestling the mess into the bin, just a little bit easier. When she’s finished, Waverly leans against the brick wall, eyes closed as she just lets herself relax. 

“Hey, you okay?” A soft voice above her asks, making the small girl jump, her eyes snapping open. There’s a tall redhead standing on the fire escape, a small towel folded in her hands. 

“Uh, yeah,” Waverly replies, brows furrowed as she takes in the other woman’s appearance. A baggy hoodie over fuzzy pajama pants and no shoes. “What are you doing?” 

The ginger looks down at herself and then to the towel in her hands before shrugging a bit. “Wanna do me a favor?”

“I-I guess?” Waverly answers, an odd frown pulling at her lips as she watched the taller girl kneel down, extending the folded towel toward her. 

“There’s a tiny mouse wrapped up in this, could you take it to the grass over by the car ports and let it go? I would but…I forgot my shoes and I’m five floors up from here,” Mystery Girl says, with the most sincere look on her face. 

How could Waverly deny this beautiful, caring girl? So, she reaches out and gingerly takes the folded towel from her. “Yeah, of course,” She says softly, bringing the little package close to her chest. 

This makes the girl grin before she’s darting back up the steps, presumably heading back to her apartment. “Alrighty then,” Waverly chuckles to herself as she heads toward the car ports. 

She kneels down in the grass once she reaches it, unfolding the towel slowly. “Hey little guy,” Waverly hums as she catches sight of the small, grey creature. 

The mouse wiggles their little pink nose at her, letting out the smallest little squeak when she gently strokes the top of their head. “You’re really sweet, huh?” Waverly murmurs, watching the mouse crawl from the towel and up her arm. “Don’t you wanna go home?”

The little thing just continues it’s journey up her arm, curiously sniffing her shirt before nibbling at it gently. “Aww, I can’t just leave you out here…” 

With that revelation, Waverly gently picks up her new friend and places them back in the towel, folding it up before making the trek back to her dorm. 

After introducing her roommate to their new pet and checking to see if it was a boy or a girl (which was harder than they anticipated, google was involved) they affectionately named him Goob and placed him in a small plastic tote with some towels and some veggies they checked to make sure were mouse friendly. 

“I’ll head to Petsmart tomorrow morning to get him a nice set up and food,” Waverly hums, smiling at her new little friend. 


A few weeks pass and Goob seems happy in his enclosure that seems much more extravagant than anywhere Waverly has ever lived in, complete with many tubes for him to run around in. “Can’t believe you gave up about half the living room for him,” Wynonna comments as she bends down to look into the cage. 

“I just wanted him to be comfortable…” Waverly mumbles, shrugging a bit as she comes to look at her pet. “I’m even looking into finding him some friends…since they’re social animals and I’ve read that they get really lonely.” 

“You’re ridiculous,” Wyn chuckles, shaking her head a bit as she straightens up. “Anyway, you ready to go? Doc’s waiting in the parking lot.” 

“Yeah,” Waverly smiles, taking a moment to drop some treats in for Goob before grabbing her jacket. “Let’s go!”

They head down stairs, chatting about the night they were about to have. Doc and his partner Doll’s had finally opened up their new bar and they were treating Wynonna and Waverly to free drinks for always supporting them. 

“Hey, do you mind if I check my mail quick? It’ll only take a second,” Waverly hums as they step off the elevator, brows raised at her older sister who just shrugs. “Kay, just wait for me by the door.” 

Waverly all but skips to the wall of mail boxes, skidding to a halt when she sees a familiar crop of fiery hair a few boxes down from her own. “Mouse girl,” she finds herself saying outloud, causing the taller girl to turn. 

“Oh, it’s you! I was kind of wondering when I’d run into you,” She says, running a hand through her already messy hair. “Well, hoping actually. I wanted to introduce myself since I didn’t after handing you a small life.” 

Waverly chuckles at that, biting her lip. How was this girl so damn cute? “Yeah, that was a little weird,” she says, shrugging her shoulders a bit. “But I’m Waverly.” 

“Nicole,” The red head replies, leaning against the wall of boxes. “I hope that little guy is alright out there.” 

“Yeah, about that, I kind of adopted him when he did the cutest thing and climbed up my arm and I just…i couldn’t leave him out there, ya know?” Waverly spits out quickly, rubbing the back of her neck.

This makes Nicole grin, the same grin she wore when Waverly accepted the little creature. “That’s really awesome and super adorable,” she says, shaking her head a bit. “I’d love to see him sometime.” 

“I’m sure Goob would love that,” Waverly replies, a blush crawling up her neck at the thought of seeing Nicole again. “I can give you my number, so you can let me know when you’re free?” 

“Yeah, that’d be awesome,” Nicole hums, offering up her device without a question. “Wait, Goob from Meet the Robinsons, Goob?” 

“Yeah actually,” Waverly smiles, handing the phone back before shuffling her feet a bit. “But, I should go, I have a thing to go to with my sister.” 

“Have fun,” Nicole says softly, offering Waverly a warm smile that has the smaller girl feeling a certain kind of way. 

“Thanks, I’ll text you,” She murmurs, taking a few steps back before turning around and forcing herself to walk to where her sister was waiting for her. 

Waverly is in the car when her phone vibrates, Nicole’s name flashing across the notification bar.  Do you like fishing? Cuz I’ve been hooked and you’re reeling me in 

Jesus,” Waverly breathes out, her cheek flushing as she shakes her head, sending Nicole a heart eyes emoji before tucking the phone away, unsure if she’ll be able to keep her mind from wandering during the night. 

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