since halloween is coming i guess

Update Notice

Hello, everyone! It’s admin. I’d just like to point out that I will not be updating as often as I usually do over the next month or two. I will post things whenever I can, but the busiest time of the year for me is autumn so please be patient. I’m very disappointed because I really wanted to do a Halloween Event starting this September. It was going to be about England visiting France in Paris, and the two of them get stuck in the Catacombs, and they end up in the Père Lachaise Cemetery, and the dead start coming to life… it was gonna be crazy. But I can’t do it because i don’t have the time. So, I guess I’ll just post some sketches I made of the Halloween Event since I know it’s not going to go anywhere. 😢

Phan Hogwarts AU - Halloween Special!

Hello everyone! Here’s the latest chapter of the Phan Hogwarts AU, which is the Halloween special. Lots of pranks, spooks, and fun ensue at Hogwarts with Dan and Phil! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while, life’s been crazy since school started.

The costumes in this chapter are based off of this drawing by emolise.

You can read Chapter One of the offical AU here.

I hope you enjoy! Happy Halloween!

There was a pumpkin on his head.

“Um…Phil?” He asked, shooing Susan away from trying to climb up there as well. “Why…do I have a pumpkin on my head?”

“Guess what’s coming up soon, Dan!” Phil chirped, setting another large pumpkin down in front of him. “Halloween! And that means carving pumpkins!”

“Carving pumpkins?” Dan repeated, finally managing to get the smaller pumpkin off of himself. “Is this some sort of Muggle thing?”

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I’d like to imagine Steven taking Peridot and Lapis in a costume store where Peridot’s having the time of her life with kids costumes and Lapis is just not into it at all. 

Junkrat Headcanon Idea? Hmmm.

I was listening to a song and it gave me an idea for a headcanon for Junkrat that I thought I’d share.

It’s about him sleeping. I figured he’s a very restless sleeper and is all kinds of fucked up when he’s awake so I thought that might be the same for him being asleep as well.

I’ll just list a bunch of ideas off
-sleep walking
-sleep paralysis
-sleep apnea
-night terrors
-shadow people

Idk thought it might give people ideas for art/fanfics. xD I’ve experienced all of these except sleep apnea. So if you have personal questions about them I’d be happy to answer!

Idk why I thought about this lol it’s kinda super scary none of them are fun to go through… I guess since its Halloween the spooky side of me is coming out x)

So I haven’t really touched this guy since last weekend but I keep getting asks about the process and since Halloween is coming up I guess I can talk a little about what I’ve done so far. PLEASE know that I am not a professional, have never done this before/ am figuring this out as I go, and that without duct tape this would not have been possible. This is at least 70% duct tape’s work.

Read below for the skinny!

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Speaking of Halloween, guess who’s going to Tampa to see you @taylorswift?? THIS GIRL!!!



I’ll be flying to Tampa from Chicago just to see you for the weekend with @livelaughlovebefearless. I’ve been dreaming to come and see your last show since I was 10 years old. It’s finally coming true. I loved the show so much that I HAVE TO COME AND SEE THIS TOUR ONE MORE TIME. THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BEST HALLOWEEN EVER because I get to spend it with the people I love. You and the rest of the fandom. I really hope to get a hug from you one day. I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me and to have a mini dance party. 😂 I decided to dress up as a cupcake because I mean who doesn’t love cake or a cupcake?

It will be my first time going to Florida. It will be my first time seeing you on the last day of the tour. It will be my first time flying with one of my bestfriend. I will also get to meet all of my mutuals that I’ve known on the Internet for the very first time. We’re all spending it all together to see the person who brought us together and loved, which is YOU TAYLOR. Halloween weekend is going to be a PARTAY!


“I never liked haunted houses” (Jack Barakat Halloween imagine)

~Request: hey, an idea for a jack barakat halloween imagine - y/n is scared of haunted houses and their friends left them behind so jack sees them & is like “i don’t even know you but your friends left you behind so i’m gonna hold your hand and get you through this”?? & like fluff i guess?? (obvs)~

(This was requested a couple days ago, and ya know I dont care that its November Im writing a Halloween imagine!)

“Come on Y/N its not that scary” Your best friend whined. You and your friends wanted to go to this spooky carnival since it was almost Halloween. The rest of the Halloween themed carnival was pretty fun; roller coasters, creepy games where you could win ghost stuffed animals, and more, but you were off put the whole time from the haunted house, which only got worse when your friends decided to drag you into the line. Youve personally never been a fan of haunted houses. First time you went in one, a man with no eyes scared you so bad, you hated them with all your being. That didnt stop your friends from dragging you in

‘Maybe it wont be as bad as I remember’ You thought as you waited in line with your friends, trying to distract yourself by stealing pieces of your friend’s cotton candy. 

One of your friends whispered in your ear. “Dont look now, but theres a guy in line who keeps looking at you. The tall one with the blonde streak.” After a moment, you glanced behind you to see a guy talking with his friends, only two people behind. Pretty cute, you had to admit. “Hey quit looking at the guy and come on” You turned around and felt your heart sink. You guys were next in line into the building.

You hid behind your friends.. It wasnt like a normal haunted house with one path. It was almost like a small maze. The synthetic fog enveloped the floor and your legs, the sounds of evil laughter and chain saws in a different area, making some girls scream. You tried staying close to your friends, who were just as afraid as you. While you all walked around, avoiding eye contact of a fairly frightening clown mask on the wall, the three of you made it to a three way fork in the maze. 

“What do we do?” One of your friends asked. “I think we should split up” The other said. Uh fuck no! Before you had time to say that was a bad idea, one friend went to the right and the other went straight. “Uhhh” you shook a bit. Suddenly you heard stomping behind you, and you sprinted left.

Several things tried to jump out at you, recorded screams, axes in walls, fog, and freaky masks on the walls as you tried to find your way out of the haunted maze. You finally couldnt handle it and stopped, leaning on one of the walls and thinking on how to get out of here without having a heart attack. “Hey” someone said behind you.

 You stood up straight and sighed in relief to see it was someone else lost. More specifically the tall kid with the blond streak who your friend said was checking you out. “You ok?” he asked, a considerate smile on his face. “U-uh yeah..” You stuttered, not trying to hide the fact you were shaken up “I never liked haunted houses.” You admitted. “I could tell” the boy laughed. “You didnt look very enthusiastic on the way in here.. I know the way out if you want to get out of here” he said. You smiled at him and nodded. “Come on.” He said and grabbed your hand “My name is Jack by the way..”

Jack leg you through the haunted house, warning you whenever something was going to jump out at you. Every time you tensed up, you could feel his hand squeeze yours gently in hopes it would help. “How do you know this maze so well?” You asked as you followed “The maze is always the same every year, and I come to this every year. I know the ropes” Jack said. “I know its silly” He muttered as you guys made it to the exit. 

When you stepped down the metal stairs and outside again, you sighed in relief and hugged Jack. “Thank you” You said. Jacks face flushed a bit, he smiled and hugged you back.. You could feel your heart race a bit when he wrapped his arms around you. You felt safe. When you pulled away he said “Youre welcome… but you know, if you ever get scared of anything, you can always give me your number and give me a call. I’ll come save you” Jack said with a wink. You could feel your face turn bright red. You didnt have time to answer before you heard your friends call from a distance “Hey sorry to ruin the moment but we got to go” You sighed and looked up at Jack. “I got to go.. but I may want to have a horror movie marathon some time and cant watch alone” You said in attempts to flirt (you werent necessarily a professional but you werent bad at it either) Jack just smiled and handed you his phone. You gave him your number and handed the phone back to him, before your friends finally dragged you away. 

You and your friends sat in a Burger King having dinner. They wouldnt stop asking you about Jack. Who he was, how you two started talking, if you liked him, how big his dick was(in a joking way) etc. You laughed it off and kept eating your chicken fries (making me hungry :c) when your phone buzzed on the table. Yours friends said “Hey its your boyfriend” You smiled and picked up the phone, seeing the new message

Unknown number: Hey its Jack so I dont know if youre busy on Friday night but ya know Fridays are perfect for horror movie marathons ;)

(Yes its not Halloween I do not care haha. Hope you liked it ^^)