since flower crowns are a thing


I just finished Witcher 3′s Blood and Wine DLC

and i love Regis so much

he is THE BRO

like damn I teared up when he stands by you and respects Geralt’s decision

also the fact that he is refraining from drinking human blood again and he and Dettlaff just went to slaughter those men under Roderick.

he is the best guy

i would want to try his brew

i wanna hug him


Edit: I added the full png  doodle drawing of Regis with the flower crown since many of you liked it ;u; 

The Tarot Trumps as THAT Guy/Girl at the Party

(This is about as close as I ever come to reading reversals.)

The Fool: Shows up too early, but so charming that you don’t really mind. At least he brought wine!

The Magician: Brought his guitar, so you’re getting a mini-concert (and a postcard promoting his next gig) whether you want one or not. 

The High Priestess: Arrives unfashionably late, doesn’t really talk to anyone. You suspect opiates are involved. She’s still doing that Lana Del Rey flower-crown thing.

The Empress: Hones in on the all gay men in the room and insists on becoming their new best friend. Watch out, she’s a hugger.

The Emperor: Has read exactly one book since college, finds a way to mention it in every conversation (meanwhile, can quote any Adult Swim cartoon at length).

The Hierophant: Occasionally puts down his phone long enough to bombard conversations about feminism or social justice, supported by input from his black and/or female friend.

The Lovers: Slow-dance during a fast song and then spend the whole night making out in a corner. Later when you’re waiting for the bathroom, it’s totally obvious there are two people in there.

The Chariot: Didn’t actually show up – but they might as well have, because they won’t stop texting you updates about whatever drama derailed their plans.

Strength: Acts cheerful, pointedly does not talk about her problems, but anyone who’s following her on social media knows she’s a total mess right now.

The Hermit: Is too sober for this party.

The Wheel of Fortune: Sorry, no one wants to play Spin the Bottle. Please stop asking.

Justice: Every conversation is an opportunity to explain why something is “problematic.”

The Hanged Man: His latest long-distance relationship isn’t going well. Loves explaining why all your helpful advice won’t work in his situation.

Death: All about the shock humor.

Temperance: In an annoyingly happy relationship and always trying to hook you up with someone they find attractive. 

The Devil: You know this person has wanted to sleep with you from day one. They know you know. One of these days they might even wear you down. In the meantime they’re slowly picking off your other friends, one by one.

The Tower: Gets too drunk, too honest, and too rambunctious until finally there is An Incident, which culminates in this person leaving and everyone else breathing a collective sigh of relief.

The Star: Makes a big entrance, posts a selfie from the party to prove she was there, and then slips out when no one is looking – you were just a quick stop on the way to her real plans.

The Moon: Terrible at making conversation but desperate to feel included, hovers awkwardly and laughs when everyone else does. 

The Sun: Romantically out of your league, but still wants to hear your story and fix your whole life. This is flattering until you realize s/he’s never had any real problems, ever.

The Last Judgment: Talks shit about everyone before they arrive and after they leave, stays late to make sure no one is spared. (Conveniently, this way no one gets a chance to talk shit about her.)

The World: Lingers till the bitter end, asks if s/he can crash on your couch, then sleeps in too late and is in no real hurry to leave.

Writing project: The Spider, book 1 of the Night Flowers trilogy

“So that is how you see it. I am king and master of Prysenn, and you’d have me crown you queen.”
“You have to admit, we’d look good in crowns.”

(Status: First draft, finished. Currently working on book 2/ subsquent revisions of book 1)
(Edit quotes by Segovia Amil and Nikita Gill)

  • Lyanna Stark, after being crowned Queen of Love and Beauty: So...why is everybody stressing over this thing? I mean, it's just flowers. Could really just... *breaks it*
  • Robert Baratheon : *gasps in shock*
  • Lyanna Stark: Share it. A piece for Elia Martell, a partial Queen of Love and Beauty. A piece for Ashara Dayne.
  • Ned Stark: Seriously, most people just take the crown and go.
  • Lyanna Stark: And a piece for King Aerys. He hasn't had a manicure and a haircut since Aegon's Landing and he still looks like a rockstar. And some for everybody else. All right, have a good time, everyone thank you!
Some Kind of Fairytale - smarshtastic - Overwatch (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Fandom: Overwatch (Video Game)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jesse McCree/Reaper | Gabriel Reyes
Characters: Jesse McCree, Reaper | Gabriel Reyes, Fareeha “Pharah” Amari
Additional Tags: Spring, Picnics, Flower Crowns, Fluff, Outdoor Sex, Blackwatch Era, Blackwatch Jesse McCree, Blackwatch Reaper | Gabriel Reyes

Summary: In the three years since joining Blackwatch, Jesse had been all over the world and seen all kinds of things, good and bad, beautiful and ugly. But he still tries to get back to the Swiss base for spring time. In his mind, it is a touchstone, a reminder and a reset: Jesse’s here for a reason, and he’s finally, finally doing a good thing with his life.

Jesse takes Gabe for a picnic. (for @mcreyesevents day 5: bloom)

Review: Sorority Noise add light to pitch black with their immaculate album ‘You’re Not As ____ As You Think’

This album is on our AOTY Short List

This album has been running through my mind for months, ever since “No Halo” was released as the first single. This record has been the last thing I think about when I go to sleep and the first thing I consider when I wake up. It’s been the reason I’ve watched Twitter like a starved hawk, waiting for another track to drop and temporarily satiate the hunger that this pinnacle indie rock band has heated inside me ever since Joy, Departed and Forgettable passed through a pair of cheap, pharmacy-bought earbuds and into the part of my brain that faintly plays each song on repeat for weeks on end.

Even today, as I listen to You’re Not As ____ As You Think for what might be the tenth, or fortieth, or even hundredth time since it’s release, it’s hard not to stand in awe of the record’s sheer emotional power. Each track touches on some of the most crucial themes that you can’t even bring yourself to mirror on, like death, mental illness, and the outright fragility of very being, and creates a sense that you aren’t listening to rehearsed lines and written verses that were created at a far-off point in your past. Instead, this record feels like the most important conversation you will ever have. Whether it be with yourself, a friend, a family member, or a stranger; this album is coping and rebirth in a divine musical form. Just the magnitude of songs like “A Portrait Of” or “A Better Sun” speak volumes to the things that we are all too nervous to say aloud, or even casually think at times.

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prompt: artwork!au! where theyre at a museum, and one tells the other to stop taking pictures of the artwork while they take selfies.

Pairing: Peter Parker X The Reader

Warnings: some flirting

Words: 703

Y/N followed her teacher, as they were lead through an art museum in New York. She was pretty bored since none of her friends had come on this trip, since they thought it would be boring, and they were right. Y/N sighed, reading the description of one of the paintings.

She pulled out her phone, going on instagram, looking at all the fun things her friends were doing. Instead of being there, she couldve gone to the beach or something else, anything else would be better. As much as Y/N loved art, she thought this was the worst thing to ever experience.

She decided to go on snapchat, and us the filters. Taking a picture of herself, she used the flower crown filter, smiling.

“You cant take pictures of the art..” Someone spoke to Y/N, tapping on her shoulder.

Y/N turned around coming face to face with a pair of brown eyes. She looked at the persons face, seeing that it was some kid in her algebra class, but she couldnt really remember his name, all she knew was that he was one of the smarter kids in the class.

“I wasnt taking a picture of the art though,” Y/N gave him a confused look. “I was taking a selfie…” Y/N wasnt sure what was happening at all.

“I know.” He winked at Y/N, before walking away.

Y/N looked at him, shocked. Her?? Art?? What?? She blushed, thinking about someone calling her art. Following the direction of the person who called her art, she tapped his shoulder, making him turn around.

“You’re Parker right..?” He shook his head, giving Y/N a small smile.

“Im Peter, Peter Parker.” Y/N nodded, walking along his side.

“Y/N. You into art?” Y/N asked him, while looking at a sculpture that she had seen so many times already.

“Yeah, art with a pretty smile and glasses too big for her face."  Y/N giggled as Peter winked at her. "No, but seriously, i do like art, i think its neat.” Peter nodded at a painting, Y/N reading the description of it.

“I like art, but this is so boring.” Y/N sighed, following Peter to another sculpture.

“Wanna ditch this place and maybe grab some lunch?” Y/N smiled, nodding.

“Sure thing, Mr. Smooth.” Peter laughed at her as she called him Mr. Smooth

When the teacher in charge of their group wasnt paying attention, they slipped away from their group, and out the doors. They decided to eat at a burger place, and ordered their food. They both got a burger, some fries, and a shake.

“You dip your fries into your shake?” Peter asked, amused, watching Y/N eat her food.

“Uhm.. Yeah??” Her answer wasnt confident, since she felt slightly embarrassed.

“Is that good..?” Y/N nodded, slowly dipping another fry into her shake, before eating it.

Peter followed her, and dipped a fry into his shake, and once he ate it, he smiled. Y/N was relieved that he didnt think it was weird. She had weird eating habits, but she wasnt sure why she had them.

“We should probably get back so they dont worry about their missing children.” Y/N agreed, nodding her head.

“I had fun, thanks.” Y/N gave peter a smile, which he returned.

“Hope we can do this again sometime soon,” Y/N nodded im agreement. “But if you ever wanna look at some art, call me.” Y/N laughed, but nodded, not sure if he was implying that he was art or not.

They walked back to the museum, which wasnt too far. They made it in time before the teacher gathered everyone up and loaded them onto the bus. Coincidentally, Peter and Y/N were on the same bus and they didnt even know it. They sat next to each other on the ride home, the both of them listening to Y/N’s music. When they got back, they parted their ways, but continued to text each other.

anonymous asked:

So since today is the first day of spring, how would homra react to Anna and Tatara making flower crowns for everyone! (maybe even some of the blues)?

They would all wear them or run the risk of being burnt the fuck down by Mikoto XD

Anna and Tatara making flower crowns for everyone is the cutest thing though~! Like imagine them going all the way to S4 to hand them out too. Munakata wears his and is all sparkling. Fushimi can’t say no to Anna so he wears his while silently suffering from allergies (i feel ya fushimi) 

I just got new markers in today so I made a thing! It’s been so long since I’ve had white gel pens so I’m a little out of practice but I think this might help prepare me for more cute style art? Anyways, these two dorks are amazing and probably my favourite YouTubers, so check them out if you’re into this sorta thing!

Tbh I don’t know why I did flowers but I’ll leave it to ironic appreciation? Anyways, I hope y'all like it!


Got two more icon requests that had special little additions, but I also decided while I was at it to make default ones as well, since why not.

The flower crown Rythian was requested by hikaripc

The Steampunk/Prince Ridge, based off their cosplay, was requested by ridgedork

artstdy  asked:

Flower crowns and bands for the aesthetic ask thing (because I know you're into music)

flower crown: when did you last sing to yourself?

I’ve been listening to music non-stop since last night so like 5 seconds ago

bands: talk about a song/band/lyric that has affected your life in some way

So many songs/bands/lyrics have changed me and my life but one of my favourite lyrics ever is “If I can’t love you as a lover, I will love you as friend” from Andria by La Dispute and it’s really changed my views on what it means to love someone. The message of being able to let go of your chances of being with someone romantically to be able to be there for them and support them as a friend instead just means a lot to me and I’ll carry it with me forever.

Preference #3- He tweets a picture of you and your friends

Louis Tomlinson

@louis_Tomlinson: I turn around for a second and the next thing I see when I turn back around is @(Y/T/N) in a cart while @(Y/F/T/N) pushes her.

Zayn Malik

@ZaynMalik: These two lovely girls wearing flower crowns.

Liam Payne

@Real_Liam_Payne: But first, let me take a selfie(:

Niall Horan

@NiallOfficial: Here we have @(Y/F/T/N) and @(Y/F/T/N) posing like normal people. Kind of. And then there’s @(Y/T/N). Trying to see what’s behind the sign.

Harry Styles

@Harry_Styles: She be my bae since we were sixteen.

Harry’s, Liam’s, and Zayn’s are boring. I’m sorry. Hope you guys like this one. You can request something if you’d like, requests are open. ☺️😜😋

Deuces. ✌️- M

protea, oak leaf, hollyhock, elderflower

i found these lines from about a year and a half ago and actually still liked them, so i finally colored them. i tweaked them a little, but the only part i felt the need to totally reline was his hair…which is pretty surprising since hair is pretty much the last thing i would have suspected that i improved at! for a second i considered relining the entire thing, but then i realized there was no way i was going to draw all those flowers again

Je Donne ma Langue au Chat part 2/?

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5  / Part 6  / Part 7


“Their lives barely overlap anymore, as he slowly learns to fill the void in his heart with people other than her.  But there are times when she receives a phone call in the middle of the night, already knowing who it is before she’s even fully awake.  She treasures those calls.  She is no fool.  She knows there aren’t many of them left.”

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Bilbo wears a crown of fireflies.

In the field where he stands, little lights flicker and gleam in his hair, shining like a circlet made from little chips of sunlight. Not stars. Though the evening is dark, the sky a deep navy blue, the fireflies do not resemble the stars that stud it in any way. And that is appropriate, since a hobbit is a creature of sunlight. It seems fitting that he should only be crowned with light and warmth.

Thorin breathes in the cool night air and watches.

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