since flower crowns are a thing

Man my mom pointed out I do this thing and now I can’t help but imagine Tony doing it

Tony’s just standing there, talking to Pepper before they’re seated for lunch, and when the hostess finally calls them to be seated he just reaches out and runs the tip of his finger over the edges of the petals on the carnations at her station, and he doesn’t even stop talking, doesn’t even notice he’s done it

Or the Avengers are walking into a charity gala and Tony’s smiling and answering the press’s questions and he makes it to the door and he pauses to trail the tips of his fingers over the edges of the petals of the irises before he gives a grand wave and disappears inside

Or Natasha gets a bouquet for herself because fuck waiting for someone to give her one and Tony tells her it’s lovely and trails the tips of his fingers over the edges of the petals of the daisies before he grabs a bottle of water

The best part is that Tony legit doesn’t notice he’s doing these things and his friends love seeing him do it every time there are flowers around, so they make sure they’re always around

They keep a bowl of flowers in the communal kitchen, vases in the common room, Pepper keeps a mason jar on her desk for a new flower every day and Rhodey always comes to visit with an armful of flowers because Tony has done this ever since he’s known him

Thor even brings a potted plant from Asgard that looks a lot like a peony except the petals are somehow softer and it sends out a sweet aroma that’s never cloying and Thor actually squeaks like a kitten when he sees Tony brush by it with his fingers as usual, then actually turn and walk back to it so he can lean down and let the petals brush over his cheek

The Avengers all want to cry when they’re at a park for a PR thing and a child shyly hands Tony a daisy-chain flower crown and Tony trails his fingertips over some of the tiny petals before he puts it on his head and it’s so cute

Bonus: A Poison Ivy-like villain appears and Tony’s face just softens and the other Avengers are like “DO NOT” but Tony can’t help it, the car nearest him has been covered in rose vines and it’s beautiful, and his gauntlet retracts as he reaches out to touch the petals and then one of the petals falls off and Tony looks honestly devastated and PI Villain feels so sorry for him that she conjures an Everlasting Rose for him and leaves without any actual damage except to that car and a building that needed to be torn down anyway

little things I love about the fma fandom:

  • fan art for EVERYONE even though the cast is fucking massive. You want are of Catherine Armstrong? You bet! Frank Archer, who was literally invented solely for the purpose of being a twat 03? Tons! The dude from the background in Briggs with cool hair? You bet your ass Briggs Cool Hair Guy has art.
  • stupid short jokes we’re allowed to make since we’re all taller than our protagonist
  • “tiny miniskirts” could easily be the worst Annoying Fandom Catchphrase ever (and I’ll admit it probably was in the years following fma03) but these days I just see it used as an excuse to draw Roy Mustang in revealing clothing and who doesn’t love that?
  • those three weeks or so where there were flower crown edits everywhere, that was a good time
  • the general consensus that the correct term for Greed and Ling’s relationship is “roommates
    • the numerous AUs that accordingly write them as actual roommates
  • just the general fact that we’re still a thing?? like how the heck have we held so strong, by fandom standards we are elderly but we’re still kicking!
  • Olivier Mira Armstrong could beat up pretty much anyone in the fandom and we all know we’d thank her
    • but then there’s also a few people who are Extra in love with her, usually also along with the rest of Briggs. Bless them
  • here come the kimble
  • seriously, bless badlydrawnanime
  • royai shippers just fucking revelling in having the best dang straight ship anyone could dream of
  • still SO bitter about characters’ deaths (some of which happened more than a decade ago if you measure by the manga’s publication!) and probably more hypersensitive to jokes about them than any other fandom I’ve been in, yet also way, way more likely to make those infuriating jokes. We straight-up can’t help ourselves.
    • like I literally own a shirt that makes an “arm and a leg” joke it’s the most infuriating item of clothing I own any I love it
    • we basically wrote the book on Dead Anime Mom jokes, get on our level aaron jägerbomb
    • maes hughes. full stop.
  • the truest unifying constant through the years of our incredible, indelible loathing for Shou Tucker
  • Greed fans in general. Just… why are we like this. Help.
  • pretty chill as fandoms go? Not a whole lot of drama? thank god??
    • and as far as I’ve seen no drama specifically between 03 fans and manga/brohood fans like OH MY GOD can you imagine how annoying we’d be if that was a thing?
  • jaclcfrost posts
  • sassy alphonse
  • snap snap spark spark
the taste of your cherry chapstick

Summary: Punk!Phil has a crush, so when Pastel!Dan is manning a kissing booth for a school event, he finds himself showing up with a pound in his pocket.

Word count: 5364

Warnings: food

A/N:  Special thanks goes to Harley (@danslester) for giving me the idea for this fic and encouraging me as I was writing it, and to Gisele (@fringegaps) for reading it over and promising it was okay to post. (Also let me know if you’d be interested in seeing more of this version of Dan and Phil because they were fun to write and I have a few ideas.)

(Ao3 link)

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I just finished Witcher 3′s Blood and Wine DLC

and i love Regis so much

he is THE BRO

like damn I teared up when he stands by you and respects Geralt’s decision

also the fact that he is refraining from drinking human blood again and he and Dettlaff just went to slaughter those men under Roderick.

he is the best guy

i would want to try his brew

i wanna hug him


Edit: I added the full png  doodle drawing of Regis with the flower crown since many of you liked it ;u; 

littleblue-eyedbird  asked:

Can I request Solas braiding Elvathiel's hair while she makes Solas a flower crown?

Elva inherits her mamae’s beautiful voice, and often sings when papae braids her hair.  (ಥ ͜ʖ ಥ) It’s his favourite thing to do, as he often braids Athelas’ hair in the past; and more currently since Athelas is missing a hand. She always thought of chopping her hair off for convenience, but Solas didn’t let her, and offered to do her hair when she wants to. ; v ; 

Thank you for the request @littleblue-eyedbird!

Royalty AU Masterlist ( 1 )

Wait a Tick… What? by Flightless_Wings (14/14 | 39,971 | Not Rated)

Keith had a great idea, everyone knew it was a great idea, everyone! An alliance with the planet of Altea, perfect for trade and harmony between their solar system and the Galra Empire. So how did he get stuck with the arranged marriage out of all this? Totally unfair… Lance on the other hand is having trouble keeping it together over the fact his older sister Allura has to marry this guy she’s never met before. For him, this whole thing is just a riot! These two princes have a few shockers in store for them still.


follow me by chackmateslash (1/1 | 3,770 | Teen And Up)

It was then that he noticed the flower crown in Lance’s hands, blinking incredulously when Lance placed it on his head, circling his ears.

“Hm? What’s this for?” he gingerly touched the petals circling his head, eyes going upwards as if he were going to be able to see it on his own head.

“Since you don’t get your own crown I figured I’d make you one. Come on, we should probably head back.” and then Lance was off, as if he hadn’t just made butterflies swoop low in Keith’s stomach. Keith stared after him for a moment, until Lance was turning to yell at him to hurry up, and then followed.

No one had noticed they’d left.

Won’t Forget by keiths (1/1 | 3,388 | Teen And Up)

Lance is forced into an arranged marriage with a girl that he has no feelings for whatsoever, but her brother, Keith Gyeong, catches his attention, and Lance realizes he’s doomed.

Young, Scrappy, and Hungry by DeerstalkerDeathFrisbee (4/? | 25,605 | Teen And Up)

Keith never wanted to be a prince of Voltra, but when his mom died when he was seven and his half-brother’s dad (king, the man is a king) offered to adopt him, he found himself shipped off to the royal palace. Twelve years later, and Keith is nineteen and absolutely done with royal politicking. His stepmother hates him and no one seems to think his American Revolution facts are all that fun. He doesn’t think much of it when his stepmother starts talking about an alliance with Altea. But when the powers that be start trying to marry you off it’s time to reconsider staying out of politics.

Everything was blue by SecretlyAngryMio (1/1 | 2,129 | Explicit)

Lance is a prince who does chores sometimes cause he’s nice and Keith catches him and then it gets pretty gay.

The Prince and His Knight by dragonsandbooks (8/? | 8,038 | Teen And Up)

Keith is Prince Lance’s ever suffering knight who has to watch his back all the time. He doesn’t mean to catch feelings for the prince. But that’s exactly what he does.

It’s not his fault that he can’t stop pining for the brown haired pain in the ass, okay?

Broken Bonds by yestofandoms (9/9 | 56,737 | Mature)

Keith is in desperate need of money to take care of his dying brother, Shiro, so he goes back to his old roots. Keith is hired by the Galra King, Zarkon, to kill Prince Lance as the final blow toward the Altean Kingdom, after the death of King Alfor. Keith infiltrates the Altean Castle by becoming a servant to Prince Lance.
Keith’s prerogative is to save his brother, but priorities can change when you fall for a Prince.

Forget by transdannyphantom (1/1 | 2,557 | Not Rated)

Lance is the royal fool to the Shirogane family, and Crown Prince Keith’s personal friend and servant. And sometimes more.

Lance has been in love with Keith for years.

Keith has been in lust with Lance for just as long.

Will they be something more? Or will Lance’s heart be broken?


kaisoo real couple plaids and outfits theory 161016

First of all it started with this, when ji wore plaids/checkered as well. That day, they went to the movies, them alone, if i remembered correctly, I believe this date is close to Valentines day as well. Cute.

Now look at these are kaisoo’s iconic moments, and notice this, at least one of them is always wearing plaids / checkered.

One can argue that ‘its a photoshoot they are wardrobed by staffs’ and you are very right but that doesn’t take away the fact that kaisoo wore plaids when kaisoo happened. kaisoo x plaids has been established before kxk, and it is possible that kaisoo notices this?

Because there are many other incidences where kaisoo happened when there is plaid. Remember when ji hosted a radio? That day he called himself kai-d (j) (sounds like kadi) and he was wearing plaids as well. 160705

And also the infamous kaisoo private fan meeting. Remember the very first flower crown moment, ksoo was wearing plaid once again. (This meeting is also somehow private, why must it be so secretive when its something concerned of kaisoo being together)


Moving on, Kaisoo can match clothes once and it could be coincidence, but they didnt only match once, they matched plaids many times in the airport.

Plaids is a kaisoo thing ever since those iconic photos, So why did they choose to SUDDENLY match plaids, out of all pattern after april 1st?

Lets go to their airport fashion, ex o is a mature group, i doubt they are 100% controlled by their stylists. And kaisoo matched clothes several times as well.

Here are some examples of kaisoo matching plaids.

- 160812 plaid shirts

- 160824, again, kaisoo wearing the white undershirt, the same mask and both unbuttoned their shirts. Also notice these two dates are quite close, you really think these are only coincidences? It looks planned to me, but maybe it could be coincidence?

- moving on to the third time, 160930. This day is important, because I noticed something curious

And now take a look at ksoo, his shirt size is way too big for the shirt to be his.

He didn’t roll up his sleeves, which is so long its way past his hands, and he doesn’t tuck his shirt in as well. We can notice easily that this shirt bigger than his usual shirts. That shirt is sizes bigger than him yes? I really wonder if that shirt is his..

now look at ji

doesn’t his shirt look a bit too tight? Compare this shirt with other pics like the ones I posted above, ji’s shirts are not usually this tight.

Kaisoo wore these shirts together to the airport.  ksoo wore a size too big and ji a size too small. Did they wear each other’s clothes? It could be done on purpose, I don’t believe in coincidences, not when it occurs repeatedly

- next outfit, also a very strange day. 160909. This is the day when dispatch took this picture

Why is this important? Well their outfit.

You see the green pants soo wear? Then the navy blue shirt ji wore? The navy blue shirt actually is 90% similar, if not exactly the same with the navy shirt soo wore WITH HIS GREEN PANTS during hats on fansign.

We all know hats on fansign is special, bc its one of the minimal fansigns/meetings kaisoo attended together. And what a strange coincidence that media, and hats on themselves also posted a pic of kaisoo on 160528:

So strange… dispatch posted pics of them with that outfit, while media and hats on posted a pic of ksoo wearing that outfit before…. Do we really think this is coincidence? I can tell you the media definitely knows btw.

Next, to a more recent event.

Ji wore checkered / plaid when he did his Vapp on 161012 at midnight. (so its in dark AM)

That night ksoo was in japan, and ji didn’t see ksoo for a few days. Coincidence again? But this is not it, bc look:

This is ksoo on 161012 morning AFTER Vapp. He wore a plaid shirt underneath his jacket. Maybe ksoo watched ji’s vapp broadcast? coincidence again… Maybe kaisoo is showing us something who knows.

And here is DMC rehearsal, where ji once again wore blue plaid. A few hours after this, ksoo returned. coincidence again?

So why is it always plaids when smth kaisoo related happen? Notice All these couple outfits though. Tell me, are we sure these are only coincidences? The point is, I can’t but notice these vague correlation between plaids patterning and all these kaisoo related occurrences…  

And lastly, this is just another example of kaisoo matching colour code clothes after kxk, and after sooxothers ships. kaisoo don’t only match plaids, but the thing with plaid is too much coincidence.

So is kaisoo actually making a statement that they are still going strong especially after kxk?

Besides, Why does it have to be them? Why do these coincidences have to revolve around kaisoo? bc If kaisoo is fake, the two people matching plaids and checkered wont be kaisoo, it could be, who knows. Ksoo x leo for example. Or ji x leetue k lmao?

Shippers didnt make these up, kaisoo themselves did.

Ps this theory aimed to target on plaids only as these are the most obvious clothes matching events I discovered. Also yes other boys do wear plaids too, its certainly a popular pattern but I am only pointing out these coincidences as an eye opener.

A THEORY IS DEFINED AS AN IDEAS that are TRANSLATED FROM MY BRAIN TO A TUMBLR POST. I declare nothing as Facts. This is only made for fun and help spark ideas of your own.

So yes everyone, have fun shipping! Kaisoo has been showing us they are still okay and going strong all throughout 2016, not only through couple clothes. So why should we give up? Stay strong KD!


Post is edited 2017

Sakura Kiss // Cha Eunwoo


the prompt: could you possibly write a Greek Mythology/Demigod AU with Eunwoo of Astro? Where like you’ve been cursed to live as a nature spirit (like a naiad or a nymph or something) and the only way to break it and become human again is to have a demigod kiss you~ In comes Cha Eunwoo, child of Athena (or you can pick a different god if you’d like!) who’s on a quest, part one of which is to receive a kiss from a nature spirit, which will supposedly grant him the power necessary to face some monster (which is part 2 of his quest)~ so he meets you, and thinks ah, perfect opportunity, and you see him and think ah, perfect opportunity~ And the two of you basically spend the next three days trying to be as seductive and flirtatious with each other as possible TRYING to get the other one to just kiss them already so they can move on with their lives??? Romantic tension, mostly comedy and fluff please~!!

words: 2768

category: percy jackson au + fluff

author note: i tweaked it a lil bit i hope you don’t mind bc i like how this turned out. also yes the title is the title song from ouran high school host club kiss kiss fall in love my friends

- destinee

Originally posted by silver-starboy

my lovely bby wow i love him so much


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Companions are Dared to give Sole a Flower Crown Part 1

(Little goose-New admin~ I actually wrote this as a prompt so the owner could see that I can write so yeah I’ll have Maxson added tomorrow maybe (hopefully) )


Cait grumbled to herself about how pointless this was. She had weaved the flowers on a very bendy but durable stick. Most of the petals had fallen off the flowers, the flowers were going slightly limp, and the crown had fallen apart two times. Nonetheless, the crown itself had great beauty, the leaves that wrapped around the stick seemed to support the flowers and give them that extra boost to make them pop. The flowers were purple with a hint of green (mostly caused by the radiation) and the leaves, an extraordinary dark green. Cait’s face grew darker shades of red the closer she got to Sole.
“Here, have this stupid flower thing, sole.” Cait practically threw the crown at their head. Cait looked away as Sole admired the crown, turning it over in their hands and Fiddling with the semi loose leaves. When Sole told her that they thought it was beautiful, she was surprised, how could someone like sole think a radiated dirty, wilted flower crown be considered beautiful? Cait looked them in the eye slightly before rushing off, out of sight.


Curie was quite elated to give Sole such a crown. She thought they’d look wonderful with it on. Curie got on making the crown right away, picking the most undamaged twigs, leaves, and flowers she could find. Working on it was her number one priority. Finding the prettiest and fullest flowers were the main mission. The flowers varied in size shape and color. Some were a light green, or a dark purple. Others were red as blood and blue as the sky. Many of the settlers and companions were amazed by how preserved and beautiful the flowers were. It took Curie around two months to finish it but today was the day. Walking up to Sole, she placed the crown tenderly upon their head.
“Oh sole! You look even better than I imagined with the crown on! You are magnificent!” Sole chuckled at her, and ruffled her hair. Sole never once took the crown, it was too special. However, it did save their life when sole got shot near the head by a group of raiders. Sole was fine, however the bullet completely demolished the crown, sending both sole and Curie into tears, including a few settlers who had grown fond to it.


Codsworth would have loved to make sole a beautiful crown out of flowers, it gives him nostalgia from before the war when sole’s spouse made one themselves and had him wear it. However, Codsworth wasn’t capable of making one, he had a claw and a buzz saw as arms but he didn’t want to let sole down. He wandered around Sanctuary, clipping a bundle of flowers together. Finally he went to find sole, and started to gently place the flowers in their hair. Soon, sole’s hair was bundled up with the (mostly) pretty flowers of the commonwealth.


Danse wasn’t really the type of guy who made flower crowns in his spare time, but for sole…well sole was special to him. You could say he really cared about them and their wellbeing. So that is how he ended up doing the daré, isolated in his room, weaving flowers together with such skill you wouldn’t even think he’d had. For someone with as large hands of him, he had surprisingly nimble hands. Finally he had finished the crown. It wasn’t the best, it was his first time, but it went better than expected. The colors were simple, light purples, light greens, nothing extravagant. There were a few odds and ends sticking out and it was a bit lopsided. However sole loved it, when danse walked up to them, he was flustered and stumbled over his words a bit.
“I uh, I was told to make you this and um…here.” he placed it upon their head. He cleared his throat, becoming a little antsy and nervous. After his conversation with sole, he walked off, returning to his room, and if you looked closely, there was a faint smile that rested on his face.


Deacon gave out a light laugh and pushed his sunglasses up a bit.
“A flower crown? Pssshh!! That’s easy!” However, making a flower crown was actually more difficult than he thought. He couldn’t believe how hard it was and when sole asked him why he was in his room for around 10 hours without getting out he said with a nervous chuckle:
“I’m just ya know…practicing…spy stuff, it’s super secret I’m not allowed to talk about it.” He then closer the door and went on trying to attempt to make it for the 10th time that night. Tears, sweat, and internal screams finally paid off. He had constructed a flower crown. It was quite flimsy and delicate since he didn’t know that you needed something to really support the flowers from breaking off or falling out. Honestly, it was more of a headband, a few long, thin blades of grass were the support of the flowers. The flowers themselfs had been clipped just a tad too short that they couldn’t exactly stay in the crown. The flowers were small and tiny, some were just flowers buds, beginning to bloom. Walking up to sole with a wide grin in his face, he delicately placed it on them. The crown started to slip since it was a bit small, and sole giggled. Deacon started to regret making the crown but that changed when sole put an even worse flower crown on deacon’s head. How didthey managed to fail so bad at that? That was a question Deacon could not figure out. The two walked around Sanctuary, each with a flimsy, wilting crown atop their head.


Dogmeat is a dog. He has no opposable thumbs or even hands to construct such a thing. He whined, he wanted to show sole how much he loved them, even though he kissed and loved them everyday. He sniffed up and down, sometimes ending up in other settlers’…, searching for flowers. Every flower he thought would please sole, he would gently pull it out of the ground and run over to their house just to drop it on their bed. At the end of the week, sole’s bed had been covered in flowers of all different shapes and sizes and colors. This made Dogmeat happy, that every flower he gave sole made them smile ear to ear and pat his head. He wagged his tail and walked up to sole, dropping a pretty red flower at their feet, watched them pick it up and hug him. Nothing made him happier than sole being happy because of Dogmeat.


Hancock was very happy to make a flower crown despite the fact that he never made one, but he wanted to make sole happy. Popping in a few mentats, Hancock got to work on the crown. Throughout the night, he got frustrated several times because the flowers would not stay put and kept popping out or falling off. He ended having to restart two times since he tied the bass of the crown too tight, snapping it in half. When he finally finished the crown, Hancock carefully stepped away to admire the creation. The flowers were big and in full bloom, the colors were bright and pleasing to the eye. The next morning, he gently took it in his hands and headed towards sole.
“Hey there, sunshine, I made ya somethin’!” With a smile up in his face, he reached up and plopped the crown on sole’s head. He beamed in delight as Sole smiled at the crown and at him. The two wandered the settlement, Hancock glaring at anyone who gave sole a strange look for wearing the flower crown on their head.


Maccready was pretty embarrassed when given the dare. A hired mercenary like him would not be spending his afternoon making some dumb crown for his boss/friend. However, Maccready ended up spending his afternoon creating a half-assed flower crown. It was like a school project you didn’t want to do, throwing some stuff together that would maybe give you a passing grade, and hoped it work. Maccready just grabbed some flowers and a few weeds that were pretty. He pulled out a too thin of a base for it that he just weaved more and more of the base together and hoped that it would work decently. The flowers were simple, small blooms. They were flowers that you would pass by, not giving it a second glance. That’s what made them beautiful, they were the forgotten flowers, the weeds, the nuisances, but one person gave them the first glance and thought they were pretty. Maccready grumpily walked up to sole and placed the crown in their hands. He watched as Sole admired it and thanked him.
“Don’t thank me, I didn’t want to make it anyway, it was just a fricking daré.” He pulled his hat down to (try) hide the faint blush that creeper up his ears and face. The blush only darkened as the flower crowned sole leaned in and kissed his cheek then walked off, leaving him with a cocktail of emotions.


Nick smiled, a sad but warm smile. The flower crown before him reminded him of Jenny. The memory was fuzzy, but he could recall her laughter and her smile as she danced with a flower crown on her head. It was a sad memory, but it was a happy one, a memory before the country was turned into a radiated wasteland. Nick never made a flower crown, but he had an idea from the one in the memory. He weaved the leaves and flowers together with extreme concentration. It sat on his desk at the agency. When Ellie walked in on him when he was constructing it, he stuttered that it was just for a case. If a synth like him could blush at that moment, he’d look like a bright red tomato. Going up to sole, he smiled as he saw sole’s face light up noticing the crown.
“I uh, had some spare time, and well,” he chuckled slightly, “I made this, here.” He placed the crown on them and talked with them a bit, even sharing the memory of Jenny. He saw the corners of their face go up and they soon parted ways, each recalling a memory that would make them sad but happy for the rest of the day.

Smol and Tol Prompts

For anon who requested Smol and Tol Prompts

(A is always the Tol and B is always the Smol in this prompt set)

- A finding B in their sweater that is easily 3 sizes too big for them and B trying frantically to explain why they are in A’s sweater

- A just shows up to random events with friends with B on their shoulders for no reason and this has just became the norm

- A getting beat up by some bullies on the playground so B comes in, and B is not even half the size of the bullies, yet B pounds all of their asses into the ground and tells A that they are gonna teach A about self defense and A right then and there just fell in love

- A always runs up behind B and picks them up and twirls them around, and since B likes it so much, B tries to do the same thing to A but fails miserably

- B climbs up on the counter to get some ingredients to cook with and A comes in and laughs because B looks so cute standing on the normal size counter getting ingredients

- A makes a flower crown for B but it doesn’t turn out too good because their over sized fingers can’t tie knots right but B loves it anyway

- B loving being the big spoon and A loving to be held like this because A was always the big spoon in other relationships and all A wanted was to be held and B finally gives them what they want

- A randomly picking up B bridal style through out the day and kissing them and telling them how much they love B

- A coming behind B while they are cooking and wrapping their arms around B, B always leans back into A, and A always leans down and rests their chin on B’s shoulder and kisses their cheek

- B always gets a piggyback from A when they are in a huge crowd because A doesn’t want to loose them

- B is the loving and sweet one who loves everyone and everything while A is an edgelord who hates everyone except for B

- A always making fun of B’s height so B perfects 6 inch stilettos so now they are the average height of everyone else

- A always feeling so abnormal for being so tall and B feeling so abnormal for being so short, so they both bond over being abnormal and then eventually get married and in their vows they talk about how they bonded over their height differences

- A accidentally grabbing one of B’s coats and being stuck freezing because how the hell can anyone even fit into this size of clothing? It’s so small

- A seeing B next to their gaint fuffly dog and A saying they have to take B’s picture because B looks photoshopped because of how smol they are

- A cuddling up to B because they are cold and B always being warm because B is a smol ball of fury at all times

- B sitting in A’s lap and they couldn’t feel happier

- A shielding B from the rain

- A using B as a bench press while B goes on their phone and blogs

- B using A as a bench press while A goes on their phone and blogs

rozalynfrozen  asked:

Can I request some fluffy headcanons of Candy x Lys? Mostly Lys being a gentleman?

Yes you sure can. Honestly, fluffy headcanons are my favorites to do. I plan on posting some more just for the fun of it. Enjoy!

  • So pure, so nice.
  • Likes playing with Candy’s hair
  • If they sleep together, Lys has a very good grip around Candy
  • Uses all types of good manners (obviously)
  • Likes being the prince to his princess
  • Is still nice to other woman, but his charming ways are for Candy only
  • May be a prince.
  • Tries to do Candy’s hair sometimes, is pretty good at it
  • Likes giving her surprise kisses to see her reaction.
  • Doesn’t matter the door, he’s opening all of them for her
  • Likes to kiss her hand when he has to leave
  • Always pays for dinners, no matter what
  • Hates shopping, but will do it for the sake of Candy and peace
  • Thinks she’s adorable in his clothes 
  • Loves sleeping with Candy
  • Very cuddly, doesn’t mind doing it for a long time
  • Holds most of the bags for Candy
  • Is very honest,,
  • His favorite thing to do is hold Candy in his arms, he feels that’s the closest way to her
  • Brings her favorite flowers when she’s upset 
  • Made Candy a flower crown once.
  • Gets pretty upset when she cries, holds her and hugs her for as long as she needs
  • Refuses to think of himself first before Candy
  • Can’t binge watch movies, he always falls asleep
  • Loves it when Candy runs her fingers through his hair
  • Doesn’t do all of these favors because he thinks Candy is helpless, does them since he knows she’s valuable and worthy of respect.
  • Likes wrapping Candy in a blanket and holding her
  • Holds her hand often
  • Never wears gloves, he doesn’t feel like he’s touching Candy with them on.
  • Isn’t afraid to confront someone at school that made Candy upset
  • Will honestly K.O someone with his words
  • Blushes when Candy acts dominant
  • Has a good memory of things that Candy has said. Whether it’s a day, week, or month ago.
  • Even if Candy is wrong sometimes, he apologies
  • Castiel made a remark that he’s so nice it’s sickENING - half-joking.
  • Makes sure Candy doesn’t feel like the third wheel when they’re with Castiel.
  • Always and will forever always, put Candy first.
Snapchat (S Bros)

(I’ll be answering most asks by tomorrow because I’m settling in from getting back home from holidays. I was going to answer them now but this came to mind. Please be patient haha, but feel free to send them in!)

You held your phone close to you boyfriend’s face, who was sleeping soundly. You focused on his face with the camera and chose the filter that scrunches his face up in a funny way. You took the picture just before he sat up and pulled you onto his lap. You squealed and giggled and tried to get away but he held you down, curious. “What are you doing?” he asked, staring down at the picture of him on your phone. You saved it and looked up at him sideways. “It’s an app called Snapchat. It has filters, see?” You scrolled through the filters. “Wanna try?” He carefully took your phone and looked at different filters. He chose the one with the hot pink flowers on both sides of the head, the screen slightly pink. “It says to try with a friend. Wanna do it with me?” You nodded and giggled slightly as he held out the phone so it could focus on your faces. You kissed Shu’s cheek as he took the picture. You pressed save and chose the filter again. “Now a funny one.” You stuck your tongue out and raised one eyebrow and he rolled his eyes back into his head and stuck his tongue out slightly. He looked at the picture. “We look like idiots,” he said while saving the picture and going to your camera roll and finding the first one you took together. He set it as your lock screen. “There. Wanna lay with me?” You nodded and laid down next to him, looking up at your lock screen, smiling brightly.

Reiji was working in his lab while you sat bored, playing on your phone. You kept choosing funny filters and taking pictures of yourself. Reiji noticed this and raised his brow in question. “What on earth are you doing on that device?” he asked, walking up behind you. You craned your neck to look up at him as he squinted at your phone. “Show me how it works.” You demonstrated and explained and gave him your phone. He held it carefully, looking for a filter. “This is a nice one,” he said, holding out the phone in front of yours and his face. It was the flower crown filter. You giggled and made a funny face just as he took it. He looked at the picture then back at you, then back at the picture and laughed, a rare sound coming from the vampire. You blinked in surprise and laughed with him. “Oh my, that is funny. Sometimes these things are just tolerable. If I get a phone, will you forward this to me?” You nodded and got up from your seat, wrapping your arms around him and kissed his cheek lovingly. “Let’s do more weird things together.”

Since you were on vacation, you decided to send him a picture of yourself and what you were doing everyday on Snapchat. He loved that. You could even call on it! That was really cool and fascinating to him. You chose the dog filter and stuck your tongue out, taking a picture. You captioned the picture “miss you” with love hearts. A few seconds later, he sent you a picture of your hotel, saying “finally get to kiss you in person”. You covered your mouth and ran to the window where you could see a medium red dot. You waited for him patiently until he knocked on the door. You ran to the door and unlocked it, practically jumping on top of him. “Snapchat for this special moment?” you asked. He nodded and took your phone, going onto face swap. You both looked really odd. You laughed and put up two peace signs as he snapped the picture. You put it on your story, captioned “he’s my Chichinashi” and turned your phone off to finally kiss the redhead.


Kanato walked into your room without you noticing. You were taking pictures on your phone with these weird things on your face. He walked up behind you. “What are you doing?” he asked in a bored tone. You looked back at him. “Oh, it’s this app and you can take pictures with these things called filters,” you explained, showing him. “I would like to try,” he said, snatching your phone and choosing the flower crown picture. “Try with a friend. Hmm. Do this with me,” he said, pulling you close to him. You smiled and put up two fingers. He took it and stared down at your phone. “Not good enough.” He made you both take it about fifty times, you always reminding him that he looked great. He also did face swaps with Teddy, completely forgetting about you or why he had even come into your room. Afterwards he came back with your phone and asked for you to take another picture with each other. Another thirty pictures later, he had the perfect picture of you and him smiling, heads close together. You saved it then had a nice tea party with Kanato.


Laito walked down the hall to your room, standing at the door, his ear pressed to the door. He heard faint giggling. What is Bitch-chan doing? He opened the door to see you on your bed, taking pictures on Snapchat. He used it to talk to you often but mainly just for talking to other girls. You two weren’t officially a thing yet but you both had a positive feeling about one another. “Bitch-chan, I wanna take pictures with you too,” he whined, plopping down next to you. You sighed and gave him the phone, letting him choose a filter. He smirked and held the phone up to choose one without you seeing. You rolled your eyes and waited until he was done. He chose the most popular of them all, the dog filter. You laughed as he held the phone out and you cuddled up next to him, poking your tongue out. He did the same. You took a couple more photos but in all of them he was staring at you. In the middle of a picture, you looked up at him and stared into his eyes for a second. You both did this for a moment until he leaned in and slowly but passionately kissed your lips. He kept taking pictures until you blocked the camera with your hand. You pulled away and laughed. “Wow,” you said. “Wow,” he replied. 


 You were bombing your white haired boyfriend with pics and posting them on Snapchat. He covered his face with his hands and angrily told you to stop, his big black sweater sleeves covering half his hands. You giggled and pulled one of his hands away. “Come on, Ru, for me?” you said, batting your eyelashes. He sighed and took his other hand away from his face. “Fine, but I want it with you. Make it quick,” he said, crossing his arms. You put an arm around his shoulders and chose the cat filter. He was still facing the other way. He looked at the camera quickly and blushed when he saw what filter you were using. “No, no. N-not that one- aw, (Y/n),” he stuttered, making a strange face. You snapped the picture, the blushing vampire making a strange but cute face as you did so. “(Y/n), d-delete it,” he whined, holding your arm. You giggled, saved it and quickly put it on your story. “Oops, my finger slipped,” you said in a teasing tone. “You look cute though.” You got close to his face and tapped his nose with your finger gently once. He blushed a little more and laughed slightly. “Can-can we take another proper one?” he asked, taking your phone in his hands. You nodded and he held up the phone snapping a few more photos. He started liking it and surprisingly wasn’t mad. “When and if I get a phone, can you send me these?” You smiled sweetly at him and nodded slightly. “Of course.”


   In a city filled with cold, harsh stone, one section offers stark contrast to the rest of the prison many called home. Filled with trees and foliage, it is beautiful in it’s nature and serenity. In a clearing on the edge of sector six, among all the trees, is a tall structures that do not belong. Mushrooms, hundred times their normal height, tower tall over all those who are brave enough to venture close. There are many of them, all of them meeting in a broken circle. The gap between two rather large mushrooms however isn’t a failed design or empty placeholder for more shrubbery, but an entranceway. A large wooden sign welcomes many others who freely walk into the fairy ring, embraced by the sounds of laughter, wonderful smells, and the colors of spring…

             Welcome to the Flower Festival

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So I saw this post, and wanted to write something for it.  I’ve never done a one shot before, so bear with me.  You can find the rest of my fanfic here.    

I had never celebrated Valentine’s Day as a mortal.  Even when my family had money, me and my sisters had been too young to give or receive gifts.  Isaac had tried once, bringing me a chunk of chocolate.  But I couldn’t take it—it must have cost him a small fortune considering nobody in our village even made chocolate—and made him eat it instead.

In Prythian, however, it was a much bigger deal.  It wasn’t called Valentine’s Day and it didn’t take place during the Winter.  It was a Spring holiday called Amoria, celebrated a few weeks after Starfall.  Rhys told me it originated in the Dawn Court, something about healing one’s soul with the company of a lover.

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justanotherbugheadtrash  asked:

Prompt: At the day Jughead and Betty are going to get married stuff start to go wrong, like problems with the flowers, band... Betty has a little panic attack and F.P is the one to put her back on tracks. Jughead also starts to freak out and Alice comforts him.

Oh my goodness, I love this prompt. I love the idea of the other parents comforting them! Sorry it took me a little while to write, I had to take a break in the middle to go to dance class. I hope you enjoy it darling!

“No, no, you can’t do this to me, Josie. The wedding is next week, how am I going to find another band that quickly?” Betty was practically begging. She vaguely heard Josie give a string of apologies on the other end of the phone, but she wasn’t really listening. “Okay, okay, I’ll figure something out.” Betty hung up the phone as her breathing began to pick up.

She had walked out of the florist to answer the phone, but she couldn’t go back and face them yet. She had spent all morning trying to negotiate a deal with this florist after her last one had horribly screwed up, thinking the wedding was this week and not next week. Betty would have been willing to forgive the mistake, except they had then told her that they were too booked up to be able to fill her order by next week. So now here Betty was, without a florist and without a band. It seemed like everything was falling apart.

Betty leaned back against the wall and slowly slipped down to a crouching position as she felt her eyes fill with tears. All she wanted to do was marry the boy of her dreams, but this wedding was proving to be a lot more drama then she wanted. She wondered if Jughead would be willing to run away with her and get married in secret.

“Hey” Betty looked up in surprise to see that it was FP who had come out to check on her. He saw her tears and immediately grew concerned. He crouched next to Betty and put a reassuring hand on her arm. “Is this about the florist? Because we will get flowers at your wedding even if I have to go into a field and pick them myself.” Despite how lousy she was feeling, Betty couldn’t help but smile. She took a shaky breath and wiped away her tears.

“It’s not just the flowers. That was Josie on the phone. Her manager is making them stay on tour for another two weeks, so they can’t play for our wedding.” Saying the words out loud made Betty’s panic come back. She squeezed her eyes shut and tried to focus on her breathing, but try as she might, she couldn’t push thoughts of the wedding from her mind.

“Hey, hey, Betty relax.” FP’s hand found her arm again and squeezed lightly. “Betty, look at me” Betty obeyed, opening her eyes to look at the father of the man she was going to marry. FP hadn’t always been the best father for Jughead, but he had really stepped up recently and he had been a lot of help in planning for the wedding. He was one of the few people who could put Alice Cooper in her place. “That’s better, now Josie and the Pussycats aren’t the only musicians in town. We’ll find someone else.”

“It just all seems like too much. The florist and now the band…I know I should be excited that I’m getting married in a week, but I’m just too stressed. I just want everything to be perfect.”

“Yeah, Jughead said that was one of your things. Look, Betty, do you really care about what flowers you have or who is singing in the background? What’s the most important thing about this wedding?”

“Jughead obviously, that’s why I need it to be perfect, for Jughead. He deserves the world.”

“You’ve got that right, but he already has the world in you. Betty, he couldn’t give a damn about any of these details. He would marry you in a paper bag at Pop’s. Jughead just wants to marry you, that’s the most important thing.”

“You’re right” Betty took a deep breath, grateful that FP had put her in her place and set her priorities straight. Betty stood up and FP followed her lead. She gave him a nod and a smile.

“So you go in there and convince that florist to do your wedding. I have a buddy who is in a band that I can go talk to.”

“Thank you FP” Betty gave him a hug and kissed his cheek. She walked back into the shop to find her mom and Jughead looking at her anxiously. Jughead immediately moved towards her and kissed her on the cheek before putting his arm around her.

“Everything okay?” His eyes roamed across her face. She knew he didn’t miss the tear tracks.

“It is now” She wrapped both of her arms around his waist and held on tightly. “Josie had to cancel. Her manager is making them extend the tour. It sucks and she’s really upset about it, but there is nothing she can do.”

“Oh, how awful,” Alice said as she came over to join them.

“FP said he has a buddy who is in a band that he’ll ask. Hopefully, they are willing to do it so last minute.” Betty sighed and leaned against Jughead. He was her rock, simply being near him made everything a bit better.

“Hopefully it’s not his band,” Jughead said with a grimace

“Your dad is in a band?”

“Well back in the day he was.”

“Oh, god. With Fred Andrews, I remember them, they were awful.” Alice said with a laugh

“Well, we will let him down easy if that’s the case. Although bad music might be better than no music at all.” Betty said with a sigh

“We have some good news at least. These guys promised up that they can have flowers done by the time of your wedding.” Jughead said

“Juggie, that’s wonderful.” Betty hugged him tighter.

“We won’t get to pick out the specific flowers, but I trust their judgment and it’s better than no flowers.” Alice put in. Betty wondered when her wedding had turned into taking what they could get, but she quickly pushed those thoughts from her mind. She remembered what FP had said. The flowers and music and everything else didn’t matter. All that matter was she was marrying the love of her life. Betty leaned up and kissed Jughead on the cheek.

“What was that for?” He asked, mirroring her bright smile.

“Because I get to marry you in a week and that’s all that really matters.” Betty said happily. Jughead’s smile widened and he leaned down to give her a soft kiss.

“Eh-hem” Alice cleared her throat. The two broke apart with amused smiles. “I hate to ruin the moment, but Betty, you have to get to your final dress fitting with Veronica, and Mr. Jones, we are meeting Archie to finalize seating arrangements now that we finally have gotten all of the RSVPs.” Alice said in a businesslike tone. Her mom had been a rockstar in the wedding preparation. She and Veronica had taken on the task with an almost scary amount of enthusiasm and dedication. Betty didn’t know what she would have done without them.

“Right, seating arrangements.” Jughead gave a sigh and shot Betty a look that said he would rather be doing almost anything else. She patted his chest and leaned up to kiss him again.

“You’re the best. Both of you. I love you” She said and with one more little peck, she was out the door.

“Alice?” Jughead asked as they walked back to the Cooper’s house. It still felt weird to call her by her first name, but she had insisted when they had gotten engaged.


“Do you think Betty is happy?” Jughead spit the words out before he lost the nerve. Alice stopped walking and turned and faced him. She squinted her eyes and regarded him seriously.

“Where is this coming from.”

“I just…she deserves a real fairytale wedding, but with our limited budget and now all of these things going wrong, I’m just worried she won’t be happy.” Jughead shrugged self-consciously. He had never put any thought into what his wedding might look like, he hadn’t even thought he was the marrying type until he met Betty. He didn’t care how he married Betty as long as he got to make her his wife. But Betty, she had been dreaming of this moment since she was little. Jughead could remember little Betty drawing wedding dresses and making herself flower crowns and pretending to walk down the aisle. Betty defied the girl next door stereotype in many ways, but this was not one of them. She wanted a perfect, dreamlike wedding and Jughead was trying his hardest to give it to her, he was just worried that he was falling short.

“You’re worried that she won’t be happy with the wedding?” Alice shook her head in disbelief “Jughead, maybe you can’t see it because to you she is always beautiful and glowing, but Betty has been absolutely radiant since you proposed. This is the happiest that she has ever been, and it is all to do with her love for you.”

“Yes, but what about the girl who filled journals with what she wanted her perfect wedding to be like. I’m letting that girl down.” Jughead found that all of his insecurities and doubts were suddenly pouring out. And to Alice Cooper of all people, but to his surprise, she was oddly easy to talk to.

“That girl had no idea what it felt like to be in love and when you are in love, that overshadows anything else. I promise you, Betty isn’t thinking of the wedding she wanted as a child, she is just thinking about how much she wants to marry you.” Alice smiled kindly and took Jughead’s hand. “Trust me, I wouldn’t let my daughter have a wedding that wasn’t exactly what she wanted.” She squeezed his hand and he squeezed back.

“Thank you” Jughead had always been amazed of Alice’s quick acceptance of him. She didn’t like most of Betty’s friends, but Jughead, she had been totally okay with. It had taken Jughead a little while to realize that it wasn’t him she was accepting, but the way he made Betty feel. All of Alice’s actions were always driven out of love for her family. Alice didn’t Jughead based on his clothes or how he acted, she judged him off of how he treated Betty and how he affected her happiness. She had accepted him because she saw that he made Betty happy. This was no different. Alice recognized that the details of the wedding didn’t matter, making Betty happy was the only thing that did. And according to Alice, simply marrying him made her happy. Jughead felt the same way, he just hadn’t realized that Betty shared those feelings until Alice told him.

“Anytime, now let’s go make sure that the Blossoms are seated as far away from the Coopers as possible.” Alice dropped his hand and resumed walking. Smiling to himself, Jughead followed her. He now knew that there could be a fistfight between the two families and it still wouldn’t ruin the wedding. All that mattered was that he got to marry the love of his life.

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aubademoon-deactivated20170226  asked:

Do you think Lana was ahead of her time in terms of her music & aesthetic?

YES. Always a trendsetter. Floral crowns, high-waisted jeans, and converse. To wearing baseball caps (which literally no one has been doing for style in the 2000s) and bell sleeve/ babydoll dresses along with 70s style platform heels. Also with the trend of long, almond shaped nails (which I have been doing since 2012.) Two/ three finger rings..

Also she was wearing white button downs before they became a staple a couple years back. Ripped skinny jeans..  Another would be wearing tennis shoes with dresses - that wasn’t fashionable before. I think the biggest thing was that she really inspired Kylie Jenner who then copied Lana and then everyone else copied her. Lana also really inspired the Coachella sort of style.

Especially all the girls in ripped jean shorts, crop tops, & flower crowns..  Winged eyeliner became much more widely used after she sported it. (I remember doing that back as a freshman in highschool in 2008 and it was considered “emo” to have any wing back then.) It’s funny that now in 2017 the style of addidas, satin jackets, and baseball hats is basically Lana’s 2012 style.

With music I don’t know about ahead of her times.. yes and no. Most of her inspiration is from the past and also she takes elements that are modern. I think that she sort of brings to the table what was missing. The element of nostalgia and I think she’s brilliant. It’s a breath of fresh air to so/ hear someone who’s influences and inspiration’s aren’t what’s popular now. She’s not just hopping on the bandwagon of the latest fad/ sound like everyone else is. Although with “Freak” and “Art Deco” she did a little with everyone else trying to incorporate a bit of a trap-y vibe but most of what she does is just so different from everyone else that it is like she’s ahead of her time.


Some years after the reclaiming of Erebor, Thorin and Billa visit the Shire. They have proper Hobbit wedding, even though they’re already married by Dwarven customs. The hobbits are skeptical of Thorin at first but warm up to him once they see how loving and gentle he is with Billa and how he smiles when they dance. (Thorin doesn’t know why everyone always seems surprised that he can dance).

(Also, Dori helps make Billa’s dress, though he has quite a few arguments with the hobbit seamstresses and insists that it is nowhere near fancy enough. Billa assures him that it’s the most beautiful thing she’s ever worn, and is nearly brought to tears with the sentiment.)

Months and months later and I’m finally finished! (When was the last WIP I posted? April?).The dress was the biggest challenge since I had to redesign and repaint it a few times, but I’m really happy with how it turned out. And as always, Billa’s hair my favourite thing ever.