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Hi there, I was wondering if you know of any resources on spirits from cultural traditions around the world and not just fey. Spirits like daimons, genii, yokai, kami, totem animals, angels, ancestral spirits, etc.

The internet. 

lol Sorry, I had too. Unfortunately, I had to use the internet to do most of my research in the past. I only had so few books that I can recall for the majority of my childhood; books like Dragonology, Monsterology, and Wizardology by Dr. Ernest Drake. These, I can say, are probably what got me started in the first place.

Mythical creatures, since then, have been one of my main interests. If there is a being that you need help with, or need info on, ask away! I’ll do what I can to provide you with the correct details and such. 

Georgia Lights, or a Study in Sisterhood

Georgia snags her tooth on her fingers.

Sometimes she wishes she was you, or August, 
or apple pie, or the white roots of lemongrass,
or translucent, wings of a moth. I paint her back
pale winter, whisper into the canvas, say that she is
just like a wheelbarrow, or a dissolved molar, or a stifled
palm, or something soft that isn’t a thigh but could be,
maybe. She tells me about the boys who want to touch
her knees, & I tell her about the dogs that fight in the yard
when she’s not home, snarling, white spit on yellow teeth,
blood matting their fur. Georgia lights

the stove with a box of matches, & melts sugar into syrup, 
just before burnt caramel, keeps it cool on the window sill,
pretends she doesn’t see the birds peck in. Sometimes,
she comes home late, drunk & she wishes you were waiting
on the porch, eyes a shade of violet none of us can name,
but you’re not, so I am quiet when she say things that I am
too afraid to admit. I am quiet when she takes your ax
to the back and swings into saplings.When she returns,
muddy & goose-bumped & red & awake,  I fill the bathtub 
with cola & caramel, and we lay there until we are less than holy,
but somewhere near clean.