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Aaa hello I just heard you gave good advice about clipping concert? See I'm seeing clipping Wednesday and I'm so nervous like what do I wear??? Where could I meet daveed? Like I don't wanna be creepy or pushy but like I wanna meet him but I don't wanna like wait after the show and him not show up or me like rush over to him and be rude. But also he will be with flaming lips so what should I really do?? I'm just so nervous like ughg


Here’s the advice I gave to the other anon that asked, but since u have specific questions i can address those too. i’m operating under the assumption that u dont go to many shows or that this is ur first one so sorry if im like. mansplaining

1. Try not to get too nervous! It’ll be fine– daveed is used to meeting fans, every time i’ve seen him he’s been really gracious and down-to-earth with everyone and you’re not gonna weird him out unless you do something inappropriate (and given the fact that you even asked me this question i think you have nothing to worry about)

2. What to wear: literally anything. The flaming lips are known for their campy extravagant shows and colorful crowds, so anything goes. There will be people in the audience wearing jeans/tshirts, there will be people wearing what they wore to work that day, there will be people wearing metallic bodysuits and rainbow facepaint, there will be at least one person dressed as a giant eyeball, its literally impossible to look out of place at a flaming lips concert so dont worry about that.

If you can, try to wear something short-sleeved, or at least layers, because it will probably get really hot in the crowd. Some venues have coat racks where you can store your stuff but more than likely youre gonna have to hang on to whatever you have all night, so keep that in mind too

3. Where to meet Daveed: OK SO clipping’s opening set will probably be like 45 minutes to an hour long. Then there’ll be maybe a half hour break for the flaming lips to get set up, and then they’ll play and wreak havoc for a couple hours.

As far as I know, The Clipping Dudes will hang out at the merch table in the break between sets and probably during some of the flaming lips’ set. So if you wanna say hi or ask for a photo, that’ll be ur best bet. You can take your time getting over there bc they’ll probably need some time backstage to cool down, but don’t wait until after the flaming lips are finished playing bc they will probably be back in their bus by then. 

If you go over and they’re not there, you can check with the merch guy to see if/when they’ll come out (and maybe buy some merch?? they have a good shirt with birds on it). Anyway his name is Josh. Hes very approachable and he will help you

ALSO I KNOW I SAID THIS IN THE OTHER POST AND I DONT WANNA BE CONDESCENDING BUT ITS IMPORTANT JUST IN CASE: be respectful of the band!! Everyone’s excited to meet daveed but if jonathan and bill are there, give em the love they deserve too. it wouldnt be clipping without them and they’re way underappreciated, and all three are super nice and down to earth. also dont bring up hamilton no one wants to hear about that

RELATED: if u can, dont just leave after clipping’s set! both times ive seen them there were people who left before the other band even came onstage and it was kinda :///// even if u dont know the flaming lips, at least stay for a little while to see if u like their set before u just go home (or better yet, listen to them beforehand to familiarize urself with their music). They have one of the most entertaining live shows i’ve ever been to, plus out of all the times ive seen them this tour was the most fun out of all of them so. Stick around and enjoy if u can


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when you do downloads for multiple characters at once, would you mind putting them in separate folders? i guess you'd have to duplicate some textures, but it would make it easier to orgnanize...?

i mEAN i honestly don’t mind doing that if people prefer it, but personally i don’t prefer separating the characters (even in separate downloads i just like it in one go since upload bandwidth is shit af and especially now that i utilise the download button on dA- and i feel bad if people download more of one model than the other, everyone gets equal chances in this universe)

the only reason i like to put two PMX files in one rather that in separated folders is because of the way i tend to layout my textures for e.g. dex and daina, who of which share one whole texture for both their outfits:

so it’s much much much easier for me to just place both pmx files in the same thing (and thus share textures and toons), hence ultimately, limiting the space required (as some .png files can be 1.6mb but i make it as minimal and under 1mb as much as i can) for your PCs to hold the models (since i want to achieve the least minimal space bc i don’t want people to waste space on my models)

also i like to hide my texture folders (since they can get a little messy esp if toons are different and hairtex/bodytex/etc are diff but that’s just my sacrifice) so naturally (unless u’ve edited your system preferences) it’ll look like this for ppl who wanna just use the models:

and my lazy ass prefers just having two pmx files that i can drag and drop simultaenously for preview pictures or testing rather than clicking into a file and then clicking back and into the next file u know wat i mean hehe

and i mean if u want to reorganise them yourself, you can, but i just like it this method- it just seems more efficient and beneficial for ppl who use my shit imo (i mean i can’t care less i just do da edits) 

aNnNND since my rules are pretty restricted i don’t really see any reason to separate texture files into more folders u feel?? unless u want to illegally edit my shit and u find that working out which textures belong to who is difficult then SHAMe on u if i had to suffer u do too jkjk hehe in the end it’ll probably just clog up your space with duplicates and i wouldn’t want that for people HAHAHA 

but thank u for considering the organisation aspect, im just a rly messy person in real life as well so dw about organisation on my end, just ignore the texture folder and pretend i never suffer trying to remember who’s toons are who’s and grab the pmx files and ur gud 2 go

So we've all considered Yuri and Victor as a pair skating couple but what about this

Married Rivals Victor and Yuuri

Just imagine

*Victor and Yuuri creating each other’s programs and the way they both designed it you can’t watch one without watching the other
*because they’re the most disgustingly adorable couple.
*they’d smile and flirt with each other and since Yuuri’s confidence has grown so much since being with Victor he’ll throw a jab about how he’ll kick his ass in front of everyone
*and Victor throws back a “well that’s one thing you haven’t done yet to my ass”
*everyone flips their collective shit and Yurio is in the background trying hard to blend in with the wallpaper
*Yuuri would start his piece with a kiss at Victor’s direction and ends it with a “can you top that honey?”
*Victor takes it in stride and goes “like I topped you last night my little Katsudon”
*Yakov in the background looked like he’s having a stroke
*and Pichit is having the time of his life Instagraming this shit

know what makes me cry?

in deathly hallows when harry and hermione go see james and lily’s gravestone and they see hundreds upon hundreds of messages scribbled on or around the grave that say “good luck harry!”, “here’s to the boy who lived” and others of the sort. 

they all knew harry would come to see his parents, and everyone knew that in that moment he would grieve, just like they all did. All of those hundreds of people visited james and lily’s grave, and each one of them wanted to tell harry that although he was an orphan, he was loved by so many. 

i also can’t help but think that the first message scribbled on there was “you are loved, harry” written by remus two nights after halloween. every visitor since has made their own addition over it, but if you look very closely near the bottom of the grave, you can see it. every full moon the message glows faintly. 

I love the Matt/Shiro BrOTP so have some headcanons that have been sitting in my drafts for weeks

-Matt is a living meme and Shiro questions their friendship every day

-“You know you love me~”

-Everyone questions how someone so calm and mature can be best friends with Matt and Matt kinda laughs in their face

-Matt: Calm? Mature? This guy almost fought a five-year-old over a chocolate bar!
Shiro: I really like the brand oKAY???

-Matt has tried to set Shiro up on one too many dates. It’s really easy since everyone and their mother has a crush on Shiro but Shiro needs Matt to stop.

-He did after a while until Shiro developed a crush on Allura. Cupid Matt was back. Shiro wanted to kill himself.

-Constantly making fun of each other because they love each other

-Shiro: Matt, if you don’t stop, I will literally sit on you.
Matt: Try me.
*high-pitched screams*

-You wouldn’t believe how often that happens. Spoil alert: A lot.

-They’re pretty competitive when it comes to each other. Whether it comes to bets or board games. Tears are shed. Friendships are broken. It gets pretty intense.

-Matt: I got to move on and be who I am! I just don’t belong here, I hope you understand! We might find our place in this world someday. But at least for now, I gotta find my own way…
Shiro: Don’t you think you’re being a bit dramatic over a pizza slice?

-Once Shiro ate the last brownie and Matt wouldn’t talk to him for a week. The dude really loves his food.

-Shiro: No.
Matt: This is homophobia at its finest. ://

-Once they had a convo on what their ship name would be if they dated, Shiro came up with Shatt, Matt disowned him

-Death jokes make up half of their friendship.

-Shiro: I’m going to propel myself off of this balcony.
-Matt: Not without me, you’re not.

I know I said NO SU spoilers here but this thing have been floating in my mind a good while… WARNING: SPOILERS BELLOW

I know people is complaining about “Rose shattered Pink Diamond but then told Bismuth and her weapon to gtfo!” and yeah I am as mad as everyone for bubbling Bismuth but…

In this bomb we met other Quartzes, aka: other soldiers, people who would have REALLY been in the war, and we learn that they are not inherently bad.

They are afraid of their superiors and because of that they follow their orders, using Bismuth’s weapon would’ve imply shattering many soldiers like those Quartzes, innocent gems that are just too scared of the ones upon them.

Because let’s be real, the possibilities of many of the “higher” gems going to battle is really low, since they are more “important”. Like in The Answer where Ruby acknowledges her presence in Homeworld is irrelevant, but Sapphire is important, because of that they where commanded to protect her.

Rose tried to not harm innocent gems, but the only way to “free them” was killing their dictator.

blue night radio ♡ 170208
translation: fantaemsie

listener (message): when i was a teenager i was a really gloomy child. it seemed like the whole world had turned it’s back on me. i believed i was the only one in the world. back then someone uttered these words to me: “everyone lives like that. you’re not the only one having a hard time. everyone lives in difficulty, and diligently, as much as you do.” at that time, rather than getting hurt by these words i thought: “that’s right so i’ve behaving like a child.” that’s why, from then on, i lived really diligently, only looking straight head. even though, because of my family’s circumstances, i got into college a bit late compared to other people, i pushed my own self with a rod of iron and i refused to face my own wounds since i trusted that, other than me, there are other people who are having a tough time and that everyone is living working hard as much as i do. i live diligently. then i thought: i could be even better, an even more of a good person. however, after i ran and ran diligently like that, now that i’m going to graduate i turned out to be someone who gets angry and annoyed at everything. i get angry at the words the other opponent would throw in without any meaning. i’d get angry with a: “what do you know?”. little by little i hated meeting other people and i’m just preparing to find a job while only looking straight ahead. however …, i suddenly got this thought: why am i comparing my own pain with other people’s suffering? why did i make other people’s misfortune the basis to my happiness? all of a sudden these words i heard years ago occurred to me again: “everyone lives like that. you’re not the only one having a hard time.” it seemed like i’d fall behind if i didn’t do anything, that i’d really become someone who’s oblivious to everything - casting a spell that everyone lives like that, that i’m not the only one having a tough time. i pressured and harassed myself. i couldn’t be caring to myself. i was only too strict to myself. i couldn’t love myself, the one that needed love the most. at last, i want to say this to myself: “you lived diligently. more than anybody else you lived fiercely. it’s alright. you can rest now.” today, my status message: “it’s alright even if you don’t do anything.

jonghyun: “everyone lives like that, you’re not the only one having a hard time.” these words …, i think it’s the most wrong way of consolation in the world. the comparing with the other opponent, with different people. you know how there are these words? “live with the courage to die”; well …, these words? i think it’s the worst way of consolation. comfort …, to someone who’s having a hard time, someone who’s gloomy / depressed, to an exhausted person, to say: “when you get these thoughts, think of …, when you get those thoughts, courageously, do something different …, ya, right now, since you’re having a hard time like that: you’re exhausted, tired and having negative thoughts. i think it’d be good to quickly put that energy on the move and quickly take care of the work you need to get done.” to be honest, that person was aware of this too. they already know it’ll be solved by quickly moving on. they really immensely wish for it to be that way. however, it’s not working that way. there’s another thing other than the body’s wounds that you can see with your own eyes: it’s the heart’s wounds and, because of that, when comforting someone, i think one should think of how there’s certainly another existence, something that my eyes can’t see. of course, me too, while talking about this, since there are certainly words i gave to someone and wounds i’ve received from someone, i wanted to complain and talk a bit about this to our dear listeners. when comforting someone, rather than consoling them by comparing, whether comparing them to yourself or another person’s situation, i think it’d be nice to just have a talk about that person, them solely.

I don’t know, just some random transboy Keith headcanons

- Keith and Pidge are the best of friends cause it’s really nice having someone else who knows on some level what it’s like to be trans. Since Pidge is a transgirl and Keith a transboy they both find comfort in each other

- One time Keith’s binder broke, so he didn’t have a binder at all anymore, that being the only one he had. He felt really scared that now that he had nothing binding his chest that everyone would look at him differently. But no, everyone just went on like normal not even giving it a thought, which made him feel much better that it didn’t seem to matter to anyone

- Lance, actually being pretty good at making clothes, made Keith a brand new binder, though it did take some time and he had to take Keith’s old binder to look at how it was made. But not only did he make Keith a brand new binder he made him a few more and even fixed his old one

- Allura had found out that Keith didn’t like sleeping without his binder. Since she figured that that probably wasn’t very safe she gave him some of her workout bras(sports bras whatever haha) to sleep in. It would be safer and give him some comfort

- the slight pressure to his chest that the workout bras give Keith relaxes him and helps him sleep so much better. And it’s like way more comfortable as well

So yeah, I just have really strong feelings about Keith. I wanted to share some headcanons about him.

Sleepover-Sirius Black Imagine

Request: helloo i was wondering if you could do a sirius x reader where everyone knows they love each other but they don’t admit it & for some reason one day all the marauders are sleeping in the girls dorm (like a sleepover lol) but its v cold and they don’t have enough blankets, sirius and reader have to share and they wake up cuddled up to each other and just fluff?? 

Warnings: none

Requests are always open, hope you enjoy! xo

Sirius and Y/N had been in love since they first laid eyes on each other. The two were attached at the hip and seldom seen apart; in rare cases when they weren’t together, they were utterly miserable. Everyone knew they were in love-well, except them.

“Face it Padfoot, you’re in love with Y/N,” James said, smirking as he watched his best friend shoot daggers at the boy talking to her across the common room. 

“Shut it, no I’m not. She’s my best friend, I have to look out for her,” Sirius replied, clenching his jaw as the boy stepped closer to her.

“We’re her friends too, but you don’t see us getting angry just because some bloke is talking to her, Sirius,” Remus chided.

“I’m not angry,” he snapped.

“No, just jealous,” James chuckled, earning a pillow to the face.

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Everyone who doesn’t like Wes and Laurel are just weird. Honestly, what more do you need for a relationship? They have been friends since the first episode, supported each other and trusted each other even before the whole thing with Frank happened. The respect they have for one another is incredible. They have been thought so much together. 

The whole “why can’t m/f relationships be just friendship” is crap. Laurel and Wes aren’t like any other heterosexual couple. It’s a couple composed by a black man and a latin woman. An interracional couple. They aren’t just some weird hetero couple. 

They had the foundation to be a romantic relationship since the start. You just didn’t want to see it. They are romantic now but they keep being the same friends and partners they were when this show started. 



He’s straight up Ares’ son. His body structure and strength would be great. He’s the type of guy who would be in the camp 24/7. He would also be the one who would train others as well. Everyone will look up to him and admire him since he’s been there from the start. He’ll be the most reliable person. He’ll be quite intimidating at first, but when you get to know him, he’s a fluffy marshmallow.


Mark would probably be like Percy. He would be really determined to complete the quest. He’s very adventurous; I’ve never seen a guy like him. It’s like he’s not scared of anything. He’s a “now or never” type of guy. I feel like he’s really selfless guy, he would want everyone to be safe. There’s no doubt that he would save his members in a heartbeat. His personality fits for a Poseidon’s son.


Jackson is an extrovert, but he’s a pretty deep guy when you observe him. When you watch GOT2DAY, he knows how to say his thoughts very well. He’s the type of guy who’s not afraid to express his feelings to others. Jackson is known for his jolly personality, it’s his charm. I love how he has his own opinion and for being honest. Therefore, I think he deserve to be a son of Hermes. (Also, fencing skills though.)


(ok I’ve been thinking about this for hours bc idk if Poseidon or Hades.) I decided that he would be a really good son of Athena. I mean, he knows a lot of things and he’s really intelligent and hard-working. He would know all the strategies and skills would be really surprising to everyone. He’s a really peaceful guy and I feel like he really thinks outside of the box. He’s also the most poised guy I’ve ever seen?? Like wow, he’s the type of guy your parent would approve to.


DEFINITELY APOLLO’S SON. He’s a walking sunlight, Earth is the luckiest planet. Youngjae would be good in healing others; he’ll be very serious when it comes to healing other campers. He can make a mood light in a second and his laugh can make rain disappear. No one will hate on him because he’s such a sweetheart. He’ll be the most open minded person and someone you can easily talk to. He knows how to capture everyone’s heart.


Charming and captivating? Aphrodite’s son will surely be the heartbreaker in the camp. He can easily get what he wants just by smiling and winking (or something like that). He can dress up so well that everyone will swoon on him. He will use charmspeak and will take advantage of it. He would be often scolded by JB since he would be fooling around with Yugyeom sometimes, but deep inside his heart, he’s determined to train harder.


Probably the strongest and quickest, he can take an enemy down by himself. His body has a sturdy figure, if you try to break him down, your bones will break. His moves will be random, but he knows what he’s doing. He knows that since he trains so well. He’s the type who would silently care for others and he’ll always have their back in case something happens. Some people would find him intimidating when he’s serious, but a softy when he smiles. He will be Zeus’ favorite son.

A/N: I do not own any of the gifs. Credits to the owner.

Thoughts about being an animation major

Don’t try to be like others. It won’t make you happy, I promise you.

Don’t be upset if you’re not at the ‘advanced’ level everyone else is at. They were you at one point. You’ll get there. It’s no rush.

Don’t beat yourself up if the things you like and produce don’t fit the norm of other students. Art is different for everyone and you’re no excuse.

Don’t be afraid to try new things. You might like it more than you realize. Collaborate whenever possible.

Make friends to make friends, not to network. Be you. Don’t be something you’re not to have a better network. It may be good at first but those relationships will never last.

Most importantly, focus on you. Have fun. Live and learn. Take time to love yourself. Remember what inspired you. Remember what makes you happy.

Draw everyday if you can.

You can do it. I believe in you.

Chapter 178: THREE BIG WORDS for you to TURN BACK!

Note: NO SPOILERS PLEASE!!!, in the comments or anywhere on this account. We have not finished reading the novel. No copy/paste and all that other shenanigans either. Vote/likes/comments are highly appreciated. 

Hi everyone, goodnight! It’s 4am here. Have a good day~ ꒰◍ᐡᐤᐡ◍꒱

Translator: Sienna & Sae    

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The Zodiac Signs From What I have seen In All Those  Zodiac Signs Posts That I Thought About At  6 am As I Was Sick
  • Aries: you must feel so special since you are always the first one and don’t have to squint your eyes and try to go through every sign lucky are also kind of a bitch
  • Taurus: the true royalty of the zodiac, don’t give a fuckers, like you could try to kick their ass but they would just be like “pathetic” and go back to their 24-carat gold encrusted with diamonds iPhone 6
  • Gemini: everyone hates them but really they are as problematic as any other sign, it’s cause your sign has two-faces and we need a villain sorry
  • Cancer: hufflepuff, i feel like if you would go at their house they would cook something for you but I can’t guarantee anything about the taste tho
  • Leo: act like royalty but they really aren’t, their ass is very much kickable, furry
  • Virgo: they are not really virgins, also I am pretty sure that this is where slytherins come from
  • Libra: drama queens but like they have a reason, the person that rolls their eyes and gets their calculator when the professor is asking to verify an answer in the board
  • Scorpio: ominous, goth, surrounded by mist, most likely the leader of a sex cult that also does witchcraft on the side
  • Sagittarius: travels a lot apparently, always seen as athletic and nature-loving when really it’s not like that at all and I swear if I see one more post about hiking the goddamn himalayas as a great first date for sagittarius i will get my philosophic traveling ass and shot arrows at your window.
  • Capricorn: control-freak, neat-freaking, everything-freak, can be your angle or devil, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO KICK THEIR ASS I REPEAT THEY KNOW WHERE TO HIDE THE BODY, also their sign is a goat mermaid whats up with that
  • Aquarius: weird, these people are just weird there is no other way of putting it, waterbenders
  • Pisces: the poetic, dreamy romantic or at least that’s what they say but my dad is a pisces and he is as dreamy and romantic as a cardboard box so...


Hey everyone! I’m nearing the final stretch of getting the last bit of money together for MFF, so I’m putting out more adoptables! I tried something new with these ones. Since I don’t USUALLY like horses, I tried making some horse-like unicorn/qilin critters in ways that I’d enjoy.

The tags indicate the price each design is going for. The first two are priced a little higher due to taking a little longer than the others. For another $15, I’ll throw in an icon for your design too if you want ($5 off regular price)!

Check my Adoptables page to see if the design you want is still available. My contact email and TOS are also listed there.  (The remaining Candy Chameleons are listed there too.)

Thanks so much for your help!

tfw the entire squad will be separated into teams to do their own duties, and keith and shiro just stand apart from everyone and have their own little quiet moment to hug each other. one of the things i love about it is how their intimacy (in whatever level it is) is normal for everyone else, like no one is teasing the usually emo and brooding keith for showing that kind of affection. no one also tries to join in and make it into a large group hug (since they’re all getting separated), they just leave the two in their own little embrace, and give them the space they need. (also hunk and pidge in this moment are just *clutches chest*) it’s like keith and shiro, no matter what their relationship is, is an unspoken yet accepted truth within the squad

One time I got like tipsy and got really sad because the Sailor Scouts don’t “get what they want”. 

Kino Makoto’s biggest wish is to make a family that’s her own and have people that love her around her all the time. That she wants to bake cookies and make bentos for her kids because that’s how it was for her before she was orphaned.

And I got really sad because she’s essentially immortal and can’t pursue that dream since no one else around her but the other Scouts are and I was like crying to my boyfriend.

Bless him, he started to rub my back and said, “Well, since she’s immortal doesn’t that mean she can adopt almost any child she wants to and make her own family? And just keep making her family bigger and bigger and bigger? So she can be a mother to everyone that she knows?”

And I told him the other girl’s dreams that they couldn’t be solved as easily and he like basically gave me a list. 

  • Since Mercury has all the time in the world she can focus on researching for rare diseases and spend time becoming the world’s best doctor.
  • Music’s changed a lot within the last ten years Venus can keep releasing record after record after record and see how it changes over time and carry over “classics” to future generations. 
  • Mars wants to be the head priestess of her shrine and she can oversee it for all time.

He doesn’t know anything about Sailor Moon but he was able to take a step back and tell me that they can still achieve their dreams and do whatever they want to do and I think about it a lot. 

Just because your path isn’t leading you down the road you expect it doesn’t mean that you can’t reach for what you want. 

amosaicofmagic  asked:

Hey, tumblr mom! Since everyone is asking you about food can I ask your opinion on frying pans? We need to replace ours and my husband is really into the idea of buying cast iron frying pan. It seems like to much work for me, tough. I've always used either stainless steel or teflon ones. What do you think? Is it worthy? And if you had to choose between teflon or stainless steel which would you buy?

Oh, and I was going to mention it in the other ask I sent but forgot. I have IBS and one thing that really helps me is chilean boldo infusion. Idk how easy it to find it where you live (the fresh leaves work best), but it’s something a lot of south-americans use to treat hepatic and gastrointestinal issues. (Fun fact: the nurse at my high school used to have a bottle of concentrated cold boldo infusion in the fridge to give to students who were hangover)

Thank you for that last little bit, it’s something I will bring up with my allergist/many doctors as a quick google tells me it could also help my gallstone/bile production issues. So thank you :)

And ooooh god not teflon, anything but teflon, firstly because I don’t like how they cook/retain heat, and secondly because of some of the health concerns that comes with what happens when teflon starts to break down and you start eating it/breathing it in. Y’all can call me a mad hippy over that if you want but when your immune system is as fragile as mine you’ll avoid anything at all that might harm it.

Both stainless steel and cast iron have their merits. 

Cast Iron

You are right in that the cast iron takes a little more work to upkeep—initially. After it’s been seasoned a few times and you don’t do things like soak it in water or scrub it with lemon juice, it’s going to become practically indestructible. There’s a reason you can still buy cast iron skillets in antique stores that just need a little bit of salt and oil to get them back in working order. If you maintain it right, your cast iron will likely outlive you by quite a few decades. I wipe mine clean after every use using waterand  a non acidic soap, dry it on a high heat, and then season lightly with some oil after each use. Once it starts to smoke, that’s you, you’re done seasoning. You only really have to do the salt and oil scrub if it loses the coating or if something gets burned onto it, or if you have rust spots, which happen form not being properly sealed. 

I will say, cast iron is hard to get used to working with at first, because of how differently you have to manage the way it conducts heat. Cast iron is great at retaining heat, which is what makes it great for searing meat and yes, even baking in, but you need to get it hot first, which can require about ten minutes of prep over a hot stove trying to ensure even heat coverage. (I throw mine in the oven for 20 mins)

That might seem like a lot of work, but given how well it retains the heat after that, it actually cooks things better. With stainless steel the output of heat is enough to sear the outside of something, but to cook say, a chicken in it (yes you can cook a whole chicken in a skillet) you’d need to keep it on the heat for longer for the heat to reach the middle, resulting in chewy over tough food. With cast iron, the heat output from it is so much better that it’s already starting to cook the rest of the bird while you’re searing it, resulting in less cook time, and hopefully a more juicy meat—as well as making the outside very nice and crispy. Cast iron is great for making things crispy.

That and you know, you can fight the Fae folk with it if the need arises.

Stainless Steel

There’s a common misconception that you can just throw things into a stainless steel pan and it’ll be fine. But the truth is if you want to maintain your stainless steel in good working condition, you will want to make sure it’s evenly oiled before any food touches it (Ask ETD about the time he made popcorn and ruined my pot because there wasn’t enough oil around the SIDES of the pot so the heat just obliterated everything and I had to buffer the pot to get it back to working condition, he felt so bad lol) and make sure that it is adequately preheated. Otherwise your food is just going to burn and stick to the base and it’s going to be a mother fucker to get it off. I’ve seen far too many people burn away the caramelization going on in their stainless steel pans because they don’t know how to heat/preheat with it. (note if your caramelization does get stuck, loosen it up with some water or better yet some stock, get that flavor back in your food yo!) Other than that, yea, once you get used to how stainless steel works and retains heat, it is lower energy when it comes to maintenance vs cast iron. Just don’t use cold salt water in them, or you risk pitting the pans. (As I have previously talked about)

Because you have mentioned you have IBS, I will stress the importance of trying to buy as high quality stainless steel as you can, as not all stainless steel is made equal. 

Surgical stainless steel is the safest as it is non porous, while a lot of the cheap stainless steel you can pick up (I’m thinking of places like Walmart and Target) can break down and leech into food during the cooking process. Stainless steel is an alloy made from a mix of metals including iron, chromium (is what keeps it from corroding) and nickel to name but a few components, and given nickel is a high allergy metal you don’t want that going into the foods of people who may be sensitive/allergic. (I had a friend find this out the hard way that that is what was going on with her)

The way I was taught to test the quality of the pan is by holding a magnet up to it. If it sticks? It’s typically going to be higher in nickel than you want it to be and could cause a possible health risk for people with nickel allergies. Nickel is also a carcinogenic and considered worse than aluminium which everyone and their dog is now trying to get away from because of the metal being linked to cancers and altzheimers, so, just something to keep in mind seen as how you already have a compromised gut <3 

(Also to those of you reading this now who are about to go check your pans: if it sticks? It’s not a cause for panic. Although if you have a known nickel allergy and you keep getting sick and you have no idea why…you may want to consider replacing your pans.)

There is also a third option available to you, which is ceramic pans. Which honestly have become my favorite frying pans to cook with. Due to their low metal content they will not work on induction stove tops, but if you’re using electric or gas you’re good to go.


They still don’t have the slippy non stick you get from teflon pans where flipping a pancake is akin to wielding a projectile weapon, but given how ceramic heats up and retains heat, they are pretty non stick and it makes them ideal for cooking with a lot of things. You also generally shouldn’t use metal utensils on them, because you can damage the glaze, but plastic, wood and silicone are fine.

They’re sort of like the easier to maintain version of cast iron in that regard and use less oil to cook with. (I personally would never fry eggs on stainless steel, meat and veg sure, but eggs need a surface that is more forgiving and ceramic was a god damn revolution to me. I speak from over a decade’s worth of experience of making breakfasts in restaurants and cafes) They are also great for throwing in the oven, and using as shallow casserole dishes, provided you make sure they are listed as oven safe. (Mine is good up to 350′f)

Due to the materials  they are made with, they are also pretty damn sturdy and hard to break, and you also can’t damage them by soaking them in water, which is also nice. You should not however cook on anything higher than a medium-high heat on them, whacking your heat up as far as you can with a ceramic pan is going to cause issues (it will cause issues with a lot of pans tbh, but you can generally get away with it for boiling water, just not in a ceramic pot), like breaking down the glaze quicker and ruining the non stick. You also should not take it from a hot stove and throw it in the sink right after cleaning. You really shouldn’t do that with any cooking utensil, but especially do not do it with ceramic as you might crack or even explode it. And no one wants that. 

Again, like stainless steel, not all ceramic pans are made equal and some will be made from cheap material/coated with an extra non stick layer to compensate for this, and they will break down faster/ruin your food, so keep that in mind if you do decide you want to look into them. Between the three, ceramic is in my experience the best, most easily maintained non stick without the health risks of teflon. It’ll also cost less in the long run, because you wont have to replace the pan as often as you would a teflon one.

I currently have the Green Pan Lima frying pans, which tbh I found a lot cheaper in an outlet mall than Amazon currently has it listed for, and I think Target might be selling them right now too for cheaper. It’s an excellent pan and I can get really crispy results with it due to how well it holds heat. I’ve also used it to bake with.

I have also used the Cuisinart ceramic range, which you can use metal on, but I sort of found the heat retention to be not as good as Green Pan Lima.

And then there’s also the Green Life range which tends to be cheaper and rather cute, even if it doesn’t feel quite as sturdy in my hands. (They currently have both the large and small pan on sale on Amazon for $30, which is pretty good)  I’ve got my eye on their ceramic bake ware sets though. I’m intrigued to see how they’d work out compared to my metal tins.

Anyway, I hope some of that was helpful for you, in weighing your options. Ultimately it’s about personal preference. I love all my pans, cast iron, stainless steel and ceramic, but it really depends on how much maintenance you are willing to put in, and how much you are willing to spend.

As for the rest of you, you now know more about cookware than you likely want to, but who knows, it might be useful for you one day :)

So my lock screen collage was much better well received than I was expecting so, since so many of you liked it and since it is a certain Mr. Scientia’s birthday ‘today’ (an hour off in my timezone but its the 7th elsewhere in the world rn so who the fuck cares  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) I am sharing my non-lock screened version for all of y’all because everyone needs a beautiful phone to wake up to in the morning. 

Tumblr is probably going to bollocks up the picture so here is an imgur link to it.  It was made for iPhone 7 plus resolution (1080x1920) so it should scale to any other size nicely.  

Since it didn’t take half as long as I expected I am also tempted to do one for my ipad so they can match once I have had the chance to get onto my platstation and rummage for even more screenshots for the bigger size (ahahaha i say this like I might not have enough ahahahahahaha I have enough to sink the titanic all over again….) If I do you can be sure I will share that as well o/

Truth (Laurens x Reader)


Request- “#60 where they dare y/n to go into 7 minutes in heaven with Laurens or Phillip. Thanks!”

#60- “I dare you!”

A/N- (lol i kinda forgot about the prompt and just kept running with this one…i hope you like it! Also I made this a high school au :))))) )

Words- 1,633

You sat down in a circle at the biggest party of the year. Everyone was there. It was Angelica Schuyler’s birthday and she’d invited everyone, including Alexander Hamilton and all his friends. You’d probably only secured an invite because you had been Eliza’s friend since kindergarten. Other than that, these weren’t usually people who talked to you. 

You stood next to the table with drinks on it. Eliza came over to you and smiled. 

“I think you have an admirer.” she whispered. Her eyes motioned to left, and you looked over to see someone staring at you. He quickly glanced away and started talking to Alexander. You recognized him as John Laurens. If only John Laurens actually liked you. He was beyond adorable, and his smile always gave you butterflies. 

“He’s probably just wondering what a nobody’s doing here.” you mumbled. Eliza hit your hand. 

“Stop that! Besides, I don’t think he’s like that; Alex said he’s a really good guy.” 

“Oh Alex said that, did he?” You raised an eyebrow at Eliza. “It’s Alex now is it?” 

“Shut up!” she whined. You laughed. She’d had a crush on Alexander since they met in middle school. Angelica entered the crowded room with a large basket. 

“Boys!” she yelled. “Put one item of yours in the basket,  and then everyone get in a circle!”

“Oh god…” Eliza mumbled. 

“What? What are we doing?” You were thoroughly confused.

“Getting out of here.” Eliza grabbed your arm and started pulling you up the stairs. 

“Elizabeth! Y/N!” a stern voice yelled. Half-way up the stairs you both turned around and saw most of the company of the party staring at you. Angelica stood there with her arms crossed. “You are not getting out of this.”  Eliza sighed and started walking back down the stairs. You followed her wordlessly and joined the circle. 

“The game,” Angelica said in a low voice. “is seven minutes in heaven.” 

“The goal,” Alex interrupted.” is to spend seven minutes in the closet with a major cutie.” He high-fived Hercules Mulligan and winked at Eliza. You rolled your eyes at her giggle. 

“Ladies, pick an item out of the basket.” Angelica said. “And don’t let anybody else see what you got.” she added. The basket was passed around. When it got to you, you pulled out a key chain with a small turtle at the end of it. You hid it in your hand and passed the basket on. You looked at sitting in the palm of your hand. You glanced around at the boys in the room, trying to guess who it might be. 

“What did you get?” you whispered to Eliza. 

“I’m not telling you!” She stuck her tongue out at you. You sighed and watched the rest of the girl’s one by one reveal what they had and walk into the closet with the boys. It wasn’t terribly exciting, except for when Aaron and Theodosia when in together, and when she came out her hair was all messed up. Her boyfriend wasn’t happy about that. Your nerves kept growing and growing. You felt like you were about to explode when the line got to Eliza, meaning you were next. She held up a small pen. 

“Oh! That’s mine!” Alexander shouted. 


“What the fuck?”

“You can’t put in two items!”

“You just went in with Angelica!”

Several people started shouting at the same time. Eliza blushed deeply and walked into the closet with Alexander following her. You didn’t know what to do. During all the other 7 minutes you had just talked to Eliza. Now you just sat there awkwardly staring down at your hands. 

“Did you and Alex even do anything in there?” someone asked Angelica. 

“Nah, Eliza has the biggest crush on his, so I made sure we only talked.” She looked over at you, and you smiled at her. 

“Wait, Eliza likes Alex?” the foreign exchange student said. What was his name? Gilbert? 

You realized people were looking at you. They knew you were Eliza’s best friend. You looked at Angelica who just shrugged. You faced the people again and nodded slowly. 

“Holy shit, Alex totally thinks she hot!” John Laurens said. 

“Dude gross! That’s my sister!” Peggy yelled. 

“Oooh things must be getting interesting in there.” someone said eyeing the closet. Angelica stuck her fingers in her ears and started singing “la la la”. The remaining amount of time passed quicker than you would’ve like. You spent most of it staring the turtle in your hand. Anxiety was blooming in your chest, and it was making it really hard to breathe. All too soon, someone banged on the door of the closet, and a few moments later Eliza emerged, and she was blushing. Hard. Alex walked with a satisfied smile on his face. You gave Eliza a look. You were definitely hearing about that later. 

Everyone was laughing and teasing, and you thought for a moment that maybe they’d forget about the game, and you wouldn’t have to go into the closet, but then someone you didn’t know turned to you. 

“What do you have?” he asked. Everyone went silent and looked at you. You turned to Eliza and she smiled encouragingly. You sighed and held up the small turtle. Several people gasped and looked over to John. You met his eyes. He stood up silently and walked over to you. He held his hand out to help you up. You took it and both of you walked into the closest. Someone slammed the door shut, and you jumped. John turned the light on. You couldn’t look at his face. You stared down at your hands. 

“Here.” you said, handing him his key chain back without looking back. 

“Thanks.” His hand brushed yours as he took it back and your heart did little back flips. “You can relax.” he said softly. “I’m not going to try anything.” You glanced up at his face. His eyes were calm and serious. 

“Okay.” you breathed. Of course he wouldn’t want to do anything with you. He was friend with the most popular guy in school. “I’m Y/N by the way.” 

John let out a small laugh. “I know. We have like three classes together.” he said smiling.

“Oh yeah, right.” You laughed a little. “Sorry, I’m kinda used to being invisible.” You clamped a hand over your mouth. Great. Now this super cute boy probably thought you sounded like a crazy person. 

“Please, everyone knows who you are.” he said. 

“Wha- really?” you were shocked. 

“Of course! Everybody’s just afraid to talk to you because your so stoic.” he said. 

“Great. They’re scared of me.” you mumbled. 

“Not really. A lot of guys actually have major crushes on you, actually. Including me-” His eyes widened in horror. 

“You..” You stared at John in disbelief. 

“I mean I umm, people I know have a thing for you.” He wasn’t looking at you anymore. 

“That’s not what you said…” you trailed off, realizing what was happening. “It’s fine, John. It’s prank.” 

“Five more minutes!” someone yelled. 

“What? A prank?” 

“Yeah. Hercules or someone probably dared you to say that you liked me to see my reaction or something.” 

John stared at you. 

“Is that who you really think I am?” He looked hurt. You avoided his gaze and stared at the closet door. 

“Truth or dare?” John spoke up. 

You raised your eyebrow and looked back at John. “Truth.”

“Do you actually believe that someone couldn’t have a crush on you?” You thought for a moment and nodded. He sighed, “You have to ask me now.” 

“Truth or dare?” you said, questioning yourself more than him. 

“Truth.” he said. 

“Okay…tell me the truth about what you said. Were you dared?” you stared him down, having a burst of confidence that was new for you. 

“No. I wasn’t dared. I actually have feelings for you. I have for almost a year…” he mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck. 

“How do I know you aren’t lying?” you asked. 

“Truth or dare?” 

You rolled your eyes. “Dare.” you said almost angrily. 

“I dare you to kiss me and find out if I’m lying.” 

You stared at him. He stepped towards you carefully. He put his hand your face and furrowed his brow, probably searching your eyes to make sure you weren’t uncomfortable. Surprisingly, you weren’t. Something was brewing in your stomach, but it wasn’t anxiety. It was…excitement?

You closed your eyes and leaned in. John’s lips met yours. He reached up and turned the lights off, before put his hand on the back of your head. He pressed his lips against yours more firmly, and you rested your hands on his shoulders. It was your first kiss. Did they all feel this amazing? John’s hand went to the small of your back, and he pulled you closer into his chest, deepening the kiss as he did so. You were just parting your mouth when light flooded the small room. You yelped and hid behind John. 

“Holy shit!” 

“Were they making out!”

“I did not expect that.” you recognized Eliza’s voice. 

“Get it Johnny boy!” Alex yelled. 

“Ayyyee!” several people shouted. You wanted to die of embarrassment. John was laughing and looked over his shoulder to smile at you. You glared at him. He grabbed your hand and the two of you walked out together. Several people sat there with their mouths opened. John gave you smile and the two of you separated. He went to sit by Alexander, and you returned to Eliza. She gaped at you. 

“Oh my god.” she whispered. 

“I know.” you whispered. 

“I told you he liked you!” she whispered yelled. You rolled your eyes and looked at John. You gave him a small smile and he winked at you.