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let me just rant about how much i love band real quick

i live in a Super Duper Conservative Area™ and so when i came out as FTM i was really worried about how people would take it. so far the most accepting people have been the kids in band (even more so than my parents).
example #1: the conversation a saxophonist / avowed conservative and i had:
him: so what do you prefer to be called? i really don’t care i just want to make sure i do it right
me: will and he n’ stuff
him: *continues to affirm how he’s not against transness and just wanted to make sure*
example #2: everyone calls me Will or they get corrected by like 3 other people
example #3: no one in band has treated me any differently since i came out, at least not to my face. that was and is a really important morale booster for me, because for a long time i was afraid i’d just always be a freak everyone treated differently. and as a result of that im usually happiest in the band room, despite not being a band geek in the classical sense
example #4: the other tubist (also a conservative) has tried really hard to learn about transness and make me feel comfortable + affirmed. he checks to make sure im not playing with my binder on (a dangerous thing im in the habit of doing) and gives me Tips about Manhood™. basically, a big brother

tl;dr most of the people in my band are conservatives who know nothing about being trans but theyre doing really well and i love them all so much

Thoughts on 4x07
  • I feel that the discussion that Bellamy and Clarke center each other was really relevant in this episode. They need each other for mental wellbeing.
  • Emori is pretty badass but I feel like Clarke would never have sacrificed her and everything could have been resolved with a simple conversation
  • Octavia is suffering from depression / mental illness. I needed to bold that since I feel it’s super important to address. One of the things that bothers me is that everyone is super quick to jump on the Octavia-hate train because of Bellamy, but the point of her arc right now is not to be likable; she’s portraying another side to depression that should definitely be addressed. Depression isn’t just self-loathing, it can be abusive and toxic, too. 
  • Octavia’s sex scene made sense. It’s how she dealt with things in season 1, too.
  • I actually felt bad for Ilian talking about his family this episode. The acting and script really made me feel for him.
  • Clarke looking at Memori in the kitchen was cute and I felt so bad for her - she looked so lonely
  • Holy symbolism with Clarke showering/hand on the bed
  • Bellamy needs a hug; I was so ready for Kane to at least shake his hand or half embrace him when he got back
  • It’s going to be nice to see Abby have to take a life. She’s the only one who is trying to maintain a sense of innocence and it’ll be interesting to see her be knocked a few pegs down. It will also be interesting to see her character grow.
  • I like Ilian. I’m not sure how much I ship him with Octavia, but I do like him.

Thoughts? @niylah @rosymamacita @abazethe100 @heda-reyes @foghthatsme @ginalou16

DA:I- “Hawke, Inquisitor. Inquisitor, Hawke”

A one-off piece featurin’ my character from Inquisition and @the-stray-liger ‘s Mia Hawke from DA2. This is actually a shortened version cuz I got carried away and wrote a lot in the other version but this scene is the important one so! Here ye go! Enjoy! (also, this piece may undergo some changes if needed so treat it kinda like a rough draft, aye?)


Two days and some hours passed since Mia arrived at Skyhold, preferring to keep to herself as life carried on around her. This evening, however, when the noise and chatter quieted, she found herself in the dining area, seated in one of the twin chairs before the roaring fire, trying to ignore the bitter cold that dusk brought. She wondered how everyone was doing back in Kirkwall. She wondered what Anders himself was doing and if he was missing her as much as she was missing him right now.

The intrusive sound of footsteps tore her away from her thoughts and she turned in her seat to find Shuria approaching her, still dressed in her livery and with two steaming cups in her hands. The Qunari woman didn’t say anything as she offered one of the hot vessels to Mia, who accepted it rather quickly, much to her own surprise, and took a seat in the chair beside her.

Mia raised the cup to her nose and caught the sweet scent of alcohol. “It’s mulled wine.” Shuria explained, looking at the fire. “It’ll help keep you warm.”

The smaller woman offered a soft “thanks” as she blew on the steaming liquid and sipped it carefully. She preferred the simpler forms of alcohol but this was good in it’s own way as well.

“I apologize that we haven’t been able to talk much since our chat on the wall.” Shuria began. “It must feel like a waste of time coming all the way out here and be kept waiting like this.” Mia said nothing in response, she just watched the Inquisitor roll her cup in her hands, eyes fixed on the fire. “Feeling homesick?”

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anonymous asked:

I want to go to your school but at the same time I don't because then I'd have to leave my very lbgt friendly country for America. Now I'm not calling all Americans homo/trans phobes, of course there are some great people, but all those news reports, man...

((Actually, my school has an LGBT support group. the schools knows VERY WELL that we have LGBT students, and we make sure that everyone is comfortable. I am in said lgbt group. California is actually one of the most open minded places in the US. Ya know how the term “westernizing” is used to describe things like improving lives and such. it is rather literal in this sense because we are literally on the west-most side of the country. Hell, California can even be its own country if it can, since we have a huge diverse population and we are rich in money as well as other factors such as growing our own food.

My school offers trans kids like me to change our names to our prefered names on the computers. so my trans friend who was born with the name Taylor has his name changed to Chris on the computers, and we have a cool physiologist who is always there to help us, since his own kid is gender queer and his best friends are gay. Theres also a debate going on at school about making gender neutral bathrooms, which is very close to becoming a possibility now.

so you are free to come over here at my school yo its safe here))

Getting to Know You (CtM 2017 Hiatus Edition)

Since we have nine months of lunacy, I thought it’d be fab to get to know everyone, if you lot are keen. So if you are, you can fill out these questions and reblog the post!

  1. Name: Kate
  2. Fandom Nickname (if applicable):  Pretty sure I don’t have one
  3. Location: A leaking house in Sydney
  4. Ship(s): Patrick and Shelagh (other fandoms CJ/Danny and Sam and Jack)
  5. Favourite Trope: the unloved finding love
  6. Favourite Friendship: Sister MJ and anybody
  7. Character You Are the Most Like: Equal parts Shelagh (I can be bossy and like to be organised) and Barbra (I am a complete klutz)
  8. Do you create     Fanfiction
  9. Do you have a prompt for others to create? A lovely long Turnadette that is updated regularly (I know - I don’t want much <g>)
  10. A random fact about yourself: I have all my favourite fics on my Kindle
  11. Profession/What you do with your time:I work for a company that tracks the box office figures for movies (Five nights a fortnight) the rest of my time is spent driving my four kids to all their various activities.
  12. Biggest wish for series 7: Lot’s of lovely Turner family moments, Shelagh juggling work and motherhood. Shelagh interacting with the nuns and nurses outside a work situation.  Trixie finding happiness.
  13. Favourite fanfiction/fanart/fanvid/gif set/essay/etc: There are lots that I love but some standouts are: Come Back to Me, Crisis of Midlife (I cry from beginning to end), A Mission of Hope and more recently Turner Family Life….. pretty much if it’s Turnadette I’ll read it!
So we've all considered Yuri and Victor as a pair skating couple but what about this

Married Rivals Victor and Yuuri

Just imagine

*Victor and Yuuri creating each other’s programs and the way they both designed it you can’t watch one without watching the other
*because they’re the most disgustingly adorable couple.
*they’d smile and flirt with each other and since Yuuri’s confidence has grown so much since being with Victor he’ll throw a jab about how he’ll kick his ass in front of everyone
*and Victor throws back a “well that’s one thing you haven’t done yet to my ass”
*everyone flips their collective shit and Yurio is in the background trying hard to blend in with the wallpaper
*Yuuri would start his piece with a kiss at Victor’s direction and ends it with a “can you top that honey?”
*Victor takes it in stride and goes “like I topped you last night my little Katsudon”
*Yakov in the background looked like he’s having a stroke
*and Pichit is having the time of his life Instagraming this shit

know what makes me cry?

in deathly hallows when harry and hermione go see james and lily’s gravestone and they see hundreds upon hundreds of messages scribbled on or around the grave that say “good luck harry!”, “here’s to the boy who lived” and others of the sort. 

they all knew harry would come to see his parents, and everyone knew that in that moment he would grieve, just like they all did. All of those hundreds of people visited james and lily’s grave, and each one of them wanted to tell harry that although he was an orphan, he was loved by so many. 

i also can’t help but think that the first message scribbled on there was “you are loved, harry” written by remus two nights after halloween. every visitor since has made their own addition over it, but if you look very closely near the bottom of the grave, you can see it. every full moon the message glows faintly. 

I love the Matt/Shiro BrOTP so have some headcanons that have been sitting in my drafts for weeks

-Matt is a living meme and Shiro questions their friendship every day

-“You know you love me~”

-Everyone questions how someone so calm and mature can be best friends with Matt and Matt kinda laughs in their face

-Matt: Calm? Mature? This guy almost fought a five-year-old over a chocolate bar!
Shiro: I really like the brand oKAY???

-Matt has tried to set Shiro up on one too many dates. It’s really easy since everyone and their mother has a crush on Shiro but Shiro needs Matt to stop.

-He did after a while until Shiro developed a crush on Allura. Cupid Matt was back. Shiro wanted to kill himself.

-Constantly making fun of each other because they love each other

-Shiro: Matt, if you don’t stop, I will literally sit on you.
Matt: Try me.
*high-pitched screams*

-You wouldn’t believe how often that happens. Spoil alert: A lot.

-They’re pretty competitive when it comes to each other. Whether it comes to bets or board games. Tears are shed. Friendships are broken. It gets pretty intense.

-Matt: I got to move on and be who I am! I just don’t belong here, I hope you understand! We might find our place in this world someday. But at least for now, I gotta find my own way…
Shiro: Don’t you think you’re being a bit dramatic over a pizza slice?

-Once Shiro ate the last brownie and Matt wouldn’t talk to him for a week. The dude really loves his food.

-Shiro: No.
Matt: This is homophobia at its finest. ://

-Once they had a convo on what their ship name would be if they dated, Shiro came up with Shatt, Matt disowned him

-Death jokes make up half of their friendship.

-Shiro: I’m going to propel myself off of this balcony.
-Matt: Not without me, you’re not.

I know I said NO SU spoilers here but this thing have been floating in my mind a good while… WARNING: SPOILERS BELLOW

I know people is complaining about “Rose shattered Pink Diamond but then told Bismuth and her weapon to gtfo!” and yeah I am as mad as everyone for bubbling Bismuth but…

In this bomb we met other Quartzes, aka: other soldiers, people who would have REALLY been in the war, and we learn that they are not inherently bad.

They are afraid of their superiors and because of that they follow their orders, using Bismuth’s weapon would’ve imply shattering many soldiers like those Quartzes, innocent gems that are just too scared of the ones upon them.

Because let’s be real, the possibilities of many of the “higher” gems going to battle is really low, since they are more “important”. Like in The Answer where Ruby acknowledges her presence in Homeworld is irrelevant, but Sapphire is important, because of that they where commanded to protect her.

Rose tried to not harm innocent gems, but the only way to “free them” was killing their dictator.

blue night radio ♡ 170208
translation: fantaemsie

listener (message): when i was a teenager i was a really gloomy child. it seemed like the whole world had turned it’s back on me. i believed i was the only one in the world. back then someone uttered these words to me: “everyone lives like that. you’re not the only one having a hard time. everyone lives in difficulty, and diligently, as much as you do.” at that time, rather than getting hurt by these words i thought: “that’s right so i’ve behaving like a child.” that’s why, from then on, i lived really diligently, only looking straight head. even though, because of my family’s circumstances, i got into college a bit late compared to other people, i pushed my own self with a rod of iron and i refused to face my own wounds since i trusted that, other than me, there are other people who are having a tough time and that everyone is living working hard as much as i do. i live diligently. then i thought: i could be even better, an even more of a good person. however, after i ran and ran diligently like that, now that i’m going to graduate i turned out to be someone who gets angry and annoyed at everything. i get angry at the words the other opponent would throw in without any meaning. i’d get angry with a: “what do you know?”. little by little i hated meeting other people and i’m just preparing to find a job while only looking straight ahead. however …, i suddenly got this thought: why am i comparing my own pain with other people’s suffering? why did i make other people’s misfortune the basis to my happiness? all of a sudden these words i heard years ago occurred to me again: “everyone lives like that. you’re not the only one having a hard time.” it seemed like i’d fall behind if i didn’t do anything, that i’d really become someone who’s oblivious to everything - casting a spell that everyone lives like that, that i’m not the only one having a tough time. i pressured and harassed myself. i couldn’t be caring to myself. i was only too strict to myself. i couldn’t love myself, the one that needed love the most. at last, i want to say this to myself: “you lived diligently. more than anybody else you lived fiercely. it’s alright. you can rest now.” today, my status message: “it’s alright even if you don’t do anything.

jonghyun: “everyone lives like that, you’re not the only one having a hard time.” these words …, i think it’s the most wrong way of consolation in the world. the comparing with the other opponent, with different people. you know how there are these words? “live with the courage to die”; well …, these words? i think it’s the worst way of consolation. comfort …, to someone who’s having a hard time, someone who’s gloomy / depressed, to an exhausted person, to say: “when you get these thoughts, think of …, when you get those thoughts, courageously, do something different …, ya, right now, since you’re having a hard time like that: you’re exhausted, tired and having negative thoughts. i think it’d be good to quickly put that energy on the move and quickly take care of the work you need to get done.” to be honest, that person was aware of this too. they already know it’ll be solved by quickly moving on. they really immensely wish for it to be that way. however, it’s not working that way. there’s another thing other than the body’s wounds that you can see with your own eyes: it’s the heart’s wounds and, because of that, when comforting someone, i think one should think of how there’s certainly another existence, something that my eyes can’t see. of course, me too, while talking about this, since there are certainly words i gave to someone and wounds i’ve received from someone, i wanted to complain and talk a bit about this to our dear listeners. when comforting someone, rather than consoling them by comparing, whether comparing them to yourself or another person’s situation, i think it’d be nice to just have a talk about that person, them solely.

I don’t know, just some random transboy Keith headcanons

- Keith and Pidge are the best of friends cause it’s really nice having someone else who knows on some level what it’s like to be trans. Since Pidge is a transgirl and Keith a transboy they both find comfort in each other

- One time Keith’s binder broke, so he didn’t have a binder at all anymore, that being the only one he had. He felt really scared that now that he had nothing binding his chest that everyone would look at him differently. But no, everyone just went on like normal not even giving it a thought, which made him feel much better that it didn’t seem to matter to anyone

- Lance, actually being pretty good at making clothes, made Keith a brand new binder, though it did take some time and he had to take Keith’s old binder to look at how it was made. But not only did he make Keith a brand new binder he made him a few more and even fixed his old one

- Allura had found out that Keith didn’t like sleeping without his binder. Since she figured that that probably wasn’t very safe she gave him some of her workout bras(sports bras whatever haha) to sleep in. It would be safer and give him some comfort

- the slight pressure to his chest that the workout bras give Keith relaxes him and helps him sleep so much better. And it’s like way more comfortable as well

So yeah, I just have really strong feelings about Keith. I wanted to share some headcanons about him.



He’s straight up Ares’ son. His body structure and strength would be great. He’s the type of guy who would be in the camp 24/7. He would also be the one who would train others as well. Everyone will look up to him and admire him since he’s been there from the start. He’ll be the most reliable person. He’ll be quite intimidating at first, but when you get to know him, he’s a fluffy marshmallow.


Mark would probably be like Percy. He would be really determined to complete the quest. He’s very adventurous; I’ve never seen a guy like him. It’s like he’s not scared of anything. He’s a “now or never” type of guy. I feel like he’s really selfless guy, he would want everyone to be safe. There’s no doubt that he would save his members in a heartbeat. His personality fits for a Poseidon’s son.


Jackson is an extrovert, but he’s a pretty deep guy when you observe him. When you watch GOT2DAY, he knows how to say his thoughts very well. He’s the type of guy who’s not afraid to express his feelings to others. Jackson is known for his jolly personality, it’s his charm. I love how he has his own opinion and for being honest. Therefore, I think he deserve to be a son of Hermes. (Also, fencing skills though.)


(ok I’ve been thinking about this for hours bc idk if Poseidon or Hades.) I decided that he would be a really good son of Athena. I mean, he knows a lot of things and he’s really intelligent and hard-working. He would know all the strategies and skills would be really surprising to everyone. He’s a really peaceful guy and I feel like he really thinks outside of the box. He’s also the most poised guy I’ve ever seen?? Like wow, he’s the type of guy your parent would approve to.


DEFINITELY APOLLO’S SON. He’s a walking sunlight, Earth is the luckiest planet. Youngjae would be good in healing others; he’ll be very serious when it comes to healing other campers. He can make a mood light in a second and his laugh can make rain disappear. No one will hate on him because he’s such a sweetheart. He’ll be the most open minded person and someone you can easily talk to. He knows how to capture everyone’s heart.


Charming and captivating? Aphrodite’s son will surely be the heartbreaker in the camp. He can easily get what he wants just by smiling and winking (or something like that). He can dress up so well that everyone will swoon on him. He will use charmspeak and will take advantage of it. He would be often scolded by JB since he would be fooling around with Yugyeom sometimes, but deep inside his heart, he’s determined to train harder.


Probably the strongest and quickest, he can take an enemy down by himself. His body has a sturdy figure, if you try to break him down, your bones will break. His moves will be random, but he knows what he’s doing. He knows that since he trains so well. He’s the type who would silently care for others and he’ll always have their back in case something happens. Some people would find him intimidating when he’s serious, but a softy when he smiles. He will be Zeus’ favorite son.

A/N: I do not own any of the gifs. Credits to the owner.

Sleepover-Sirius Black Imagine

Request: helloo i was wondering if you could do a sirius x reader where everyone knows they love each other but they don’t admit it & for some reason one day all the marauders are sleeping in the girls dorm (like a sleepover lol) but its v cold and they don’t have enough blankets, sirius and reader have to share and they wake up cuddled up to each other and just fluff?? 

Warnings: none

Requests are always open, hope you enjoy! xo

Sirius and Y/N had been in love since they first laid eyes on each other. The two were attached at the hip and seldom seen apart; in rare cases when they weren’t together, they were utterly miserable. Everyone knew they were in love-well, except them.

“Face it Padfoot, you’re in love with Y/N,” James said, smirking as he watched his best friend shoot daggers at the boy talking to her across the common room. 

“Shut it, no I’m not. She’s my best friend, I have to look out for her,” Sirius replied, clenching his jaw as the boy stepped closer to her.

“We’re her friends too, but you don’t see us getting angry just because some bloke is talking to her, Sirius,” Remus chided.

“I’m not angry,” he snapped.

“No, just jealous,” James chuckled, earning a pillow to the face.

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Everyone who doesn’t like Wes and Laurel are just weird. Honestly, what more do you need for a relationship? They have been friends since the first episode, supported each other and trusted each other even before the whole thing with Frank happened. The respect they have for one another is incredible. They have been thought so much together. 

The whole “why can’t m/f relationships be just friendship” is crap. Laurel and Wes aren’t like any other heterosexual couple. It’s a couple composed by a black man and a latin woman. An interracional couple. They aren’t just some weird hetero couple. 

They had the foundation to be a romantic relationship since the start. You just didn’t want to see it. They are romantic now but they keep being the same friends and partners they were when this show started. 

Thoughts about being an animation major

Don’t try to be like others. It won’t make you happy, I promise you.

Don’t be upset if you’re not at the ‘advanced’ level everyone else is at. They were you at one point. You’ll get there. It’s no rush.

Don’t beat yourself up if the things you like and produce don’t fit the norm of other students. Art is different for everyone and you’re no excuse.

Don’t be afraid to try new things. You might like it more than you realize. Collaborate whenever possible.

Make friends to make friends, not to network. Be you. Don’t be something you’re not to have a better network. It may be good at first but those relationships will never last.

Most importantly, focus on you. Have fun. Live and learn. Take time to love yourself. Remember what inspired you. Remember what makes you happy.

Draw everyday if you can.

You can do it. I believe in you.

Chapter 178: THREE BIG WORDS for you to TURN BACK!

Note: NO SPOILERS PLEASE!!!, in the comments or anywhere on this account. We have not finished reading the novel. No copy/paste and all that other shenanigans either. Vote/likes/comments are highly appreciated. 

Hi everyone, goodnight! It’s 4am here. Have a good day~ ꒰◍ᐡᐤᐡ◍꒱

Translator: Sienna & Sae    

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The Zodiac Signs From What I have seen In All Those  Zodiac Signs Posts That I Thought About At  6 am As I Was Sick
  • Aries: you must feel so special since you are always the first one and don’t have to squint your eyes and try to go through every sign lucky are also kind of a bitch
  • Taurus: the true royalty of the zodiac, don’t give a fuckers, like you could try to kick their ass but they would just be like “pathetic” and go back to their 24-carat gold encrusted with diamonds iPhone 6
  • Gemini: everyone hates them but really they are as problematic as any other sign, it’s cause your sign has two-faces and we need a villain sorry
  • Cancer: hufflepuff, i feel like if you would go at their house they would cook something for you but I can’t guarantee anything about the taste tho
  • Leo: act like royalty but they really aren’t, their ass is very much kickable, furry
  • Virgo: they are not really virgins, also I am pretty sure that this is where slytherins come from
  • Libra: drama queens but like they have a reason, the person that rolls their eyes and gets their calculator when the professor is asking to verify an answer in the board
  • Scorpio: ominous, goth, surrounded by mist, most likely the leader of a sex cult that also does witchcraft on the side
  • Sagittarius: travels a lot apparently, always seen as athletic and nature-loving when really it’s not like that at all and I swear if I see one more post about hiking the goddamn himalayas as a great first date for sagittarius i will get my philosophic traveling ass and shot arrows at your window.
  • Capricorn: control-freak, neat-freaking, everything-freak, can be your angle or devil, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO KICK THEIR ASS I REPEAT THEY KNOW WHERE TO HIDE THE BODY, also their sign is a goat mermaid whats up with that
  • Aquarius: weird, these people are just weird there is no other way of putting it, waterbenders
  • Pisces: the poetic, dreamy romantic or at least that’s what they say but my dad is a pisces and he is as dreamy and romantic as a cardboard box so...


Hey everyone! I’m nearing the final stretch of getting the last bit of money together for MFF, so I’m putting out more adoptables! I tried something new with these ones. Since I don’t USUALLY like horses, I tried making some horse-like unicorn/qilin critters in ways that I’d enjoy.

The tags indicate the price each design is going for. The first two are priced a little higher due to taking a little longer than the others. For another $15, I’ll throw in an icon for your design too if you want ($5 off regular price)!

Check my Adoptables page to see if the design you want is still available. My contact email and TOS are also listed there.  (The remaining Candy Chameleons are listed there too.)

Thanks so much for your help!

tfw the entire squad will be separated into teams to do their own duties, and keith and shiro just stand apart from everyone and have their own little quiet moment to hug each other. one of the things i love about it is how their intimacy (in whatever level it is) is normal for everyone else, like no one is teasing the usually emo and brooding keith for showing that kind of affection. no one also tries to join in and make it into a large group hug (since they’re all getting separated), they just leave the two in their own little embrace, and give them the space they need. (also hunk and pidge in this moment are just *clutches chest*) it’s like keith and shiro, no matter what their relationship is, is an unspoken yet accepted truth within the squad

One time I got like tipsy and got really sad because the Sailor Scouts don’t “get what they want”. 

Kino Makoto’s biggest wish is to make a family that’s her own and have people that love her around her all the time. That she wants to bake cookies and make bentos for her kids because that’s how it was for her before she was orphaned.

And I got really sad because she’s essentially immortal and can’t pursue that dream since no one else around her but the other Scouts are and I was like crying to my boyfriend.

Bless him, he started to rub my back and said, “Well, since she’s immortal doesn’t that mean she can adopt almost any child she wants to and make her own family? And just keep making her family bigger and bigger and bigger? So she can be a mother to everyone that she knows?”

And I told him the other girl’s dreams that they couldn’t be solved as easily and he like basically gave me a list. 

  • Since Mercury has all the time in the world she can focus on researching for rare diseases and spend time becoming the world’s best doctor.
  • Music’s changed a lot within the last ten years Venus can keep releasing record after record after record and see how it changes over time and carry over “classics” to future generations. 
  • Mars wants to be the head priestess of her shrine and she can oversee it for all time.

He doesn’t know anything about Sailor Moon but he was able to take a step back and tell me that they can still achieve their dreams and do whatever they want to do and I think about it a lot. 

Just because your path isn’t leading you down the road you expect it doesn’t mean that you can’t reach for what you want.