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hey…i mentioned it on twitter but i might be doing Dungeons n Dragons themed adoptables soon… your eyeballs peeled, if anyone is interested in that

there’s this book i read ages ago and i can’t remember anything about it (characters, plot, etc) except that the son returns to his father’s home and his dad is like “i’ll give you anything you want as long as you leave this house, never return, and never use the family name again” 

does anybody know what i’m talking about

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the more I consume queer media (mostly written, directed, acted by straight people), the more I notice how differently the queer romances are usually being written in which they lack intimacy, softness, tenderness, and general closeness that is default in straight romances. yes, our love and experiences actually do differ from straight people’s experience with romance, so it isn’t that I actually expect queer romances being written in an almost identical way to that of straight people’s, but it is the fact that to me, the way f/f and m/m couples are portrayed in the media mostly resembles platonic friendships (with occasional intimate moments) than an actual relationship. my point is that we don’t get to see enough intimate moments from queer couples, aside from kissing and maybe lying in bed next to each other, almost fully clothed, indicating an after sex moment. 

it is very rare that I see queer couples on tv holding hands, caressing each other’s faces, or maybe playing, locking fingers in each other’s hair. 

it is very rare that I see queer couples on tv sharing kisses that aren’t necessarily lips-on-lips. less intimate, more tender kisses like hand/cheek/forehead kisses. 

it is very rare that I see queer couples on tv hugging each other from the back, giving one other shoulder kisses. 

it is very rare that I see queer couples on tv falling asleep in each other’s arms on the couch or bed, or waking up in each other’s arms after a night together.

these are all the examples of acts of love that I have seen almost from every tv show with a straight couple. but I would have a hard time naming more than one queer couple who might have shared a similar moment.

what I am trying to say is that queer couples deserve the equal treatment as the straight couples, and not just screen-time or happy-ending wise, they deserve to be treated as the romantic couple that they are with every bit of touch and affection. because as the real life queer couples, kissing and having sex are not the only forms of affection that we show to our partners.


allura’s a teen i guess??? so shayllura is back in business, here’s all the shayllura art i anxiety-deleted a few months ago