since birth then

about me
  • hi i’m verena
  • 19 years old and i’m from the Netherlands
  • i’m a student in my 2nd year of communications!!
  • i love unhealthy food…….SO MUCH
  • when i live in my own apartment i will finally get a cat 
  • i love cats …. ILUVCATS (my dad too but my mom is like….no.)
  • my biggest wish is to travel to new york 
  • obviously i love taylor more than anything in the world, she literally guided be through my teenage years 
  • i still cannot believe i can use this url and speak now is my fav album of all time 
  • i love editing, giffing, aka: using photoshop! 
  • taylor follows me since i made this blog in november 2014, i had a blog before this one but was sadly deleted by tumblr and LUCKILY tay refollowed me which was amazing 
  • i am a dreamer and i like to believe in love (but sadly……i’ve been single since birth) 
  • i’m always SUPER excited about autumn and drinking pumpkin spice lattes and finally being able to wear scarves / skirts / plaids again
  • i cannot wait till i can buy a Christmas tree 
  • i am an emotional person….like i can be really emotional sometimes but that’s me 
  • pineapple on pizza is good 
  • i love performing along to speak now live and that is verena slander

anonymous asked:

Do you think Jinger is on birth control since she hasn't announced a pregnancy yet?

It is completely possible, but I don’t think she is. I think they just haven’t gotten pregnant yet. Jessa and Ben didn’t announce a pregnancy until they were married almost a year. So give them time, it didn’t seem like she was eager to rush into having children.

Edit: I said almost. Which meant 6-12 months into their marriage.

Is it just me, a person who has lived in the US since birth, get this ineffable feeling when I see European architecture?

Cottages are just so closely knitted together and less spacious than the US’ mundane gridded building system with skyscrapers - I get really baffled when I compare their appearances.

And like, what do Europeans think of the weird ass rock formations in National Parks? How you need to drive thirty minutes to school because of how the cities are built instead of walking to class from your home in like ten minutes? How it takes hours to drive to a different state, but you’ll never know because it’s all just fucking desert and in Europe you can just walk or take the train to another country in several minutes.


Miles Ahead was released on 21 October 1957. It was 31-year-old Miles Davis’ first collaboration with arranger Gil Evans since the “Birth of the Cool” recording sessions in 1950.

Evans utilized a 19-piece orchestra – consisting of 5 trumpets, 4 trombones, 3 French horns, as well as bass, clarinet, drums, flute, piano, saxophone, and tuba – with Davis playing the flugelhorn, and the only soloist on the recording.

Davis was reportedly displeased with the original album cover (“Why’d you put that white bitch on there?” Davis reportedly joked to the Columbia Records producer) and subsequent pressings included a photo of Davis on the cover).

My future children


Ven… He was here…

When they were born...

Just gonna leave this here…

Chris Redfield: 1973

Jill Valentine: 1974

Barry Burton: 1960

Rebecca Chamberas: 1980

Albert Wesker: 1960

Billy Coen: 1972

Leon Kennedy: 1977

Carlos Oliveira: 1977

Claire Redfield: 1979

Steve Burnside: 1981

Sheva Almoar: 1986

Excella Gionne: 1983

Piers Nivans: 1987

Jake Muller: 1992

Sherry Birkin: 1986

Ada Wong: 1974

Helena Harper: 1989

Moira Burton: 1991

Ashley Graham: 1984

Manuela Hidalgo: 1986

Ingrid Hunnigan: 1980

Luis Sera: 1976

Michael and Ufotable actually have a lot in common! They both sacrificed Mikleo to create something that makes lots of people angry and malevolent.