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Can we take a moment to appreciate gorgeous God-Sinbad? 😍

Also, intrigued that they are battling a 14yr old Baal Sin!! 💜💜

I’m going to assume they will battle his djinn as he collected them, so the next trial will be Valefor… curious where Zepar will fall in since Serendine conquered it and not him 🤔

Won’t lie, despite not looking forward to watching “Sin” most likely (definitely) get beat on (defeated) 7 times, I’m looking forward to these trials!

SnB 133

Barbs shows Sinbad the island, they talk about buildings and that sinbad can use them as he pleases and they talk about the price of the island, they go to see Ceylan who greets Sinbad as the head of the sindria trading company

then Barbs is Telling sinbad how the royal family is the ruin of the country? ( or something like that, this chap is really long and this was a really quick reading :(  i’m not sure about this, their chat after they see ceylan is really long, but barbs also says ceylan is a prudent person after all that? -sorry i’m at work so this interpretation may not be correct because of words i don’t know that i can’t search in the jisho right now -) the important part is than then barbarossa tells him they have to go because the talk is not over and turns around.

then ja’far accurately tells sinbad, “if serendine san was hearing this she would be offended right ?” ( i wrote “would kill” earlier but that wasn’t accurate, this is more like “really angry”) The manuscript says it’s good that she’s not here (ja!)

and then she takes control of Sinbad

damn Seren stop


Magi 330: So why was Ja’far unlike the rest of them?

I had told Inubaki (who shares my account with me) about this chapter, and described Jafar, and this was her theory:

“What I think is that Sinbad himself is all but gone; his humanity, everything. He isn’t the Sinbad we have come to know. However, I believe that there is a small part of Sinbad inside of Jafar that is stopping his rukh from changing. I believe the last of Sinbad’s humanity is keeping Jafar safe from his new influence that way Jafar can see what is going on and STOP Sinbad. Think about it. When Jafar was little, he had told Sinbad “If I’m ever disappointed with you, I’ll kill you myself.”

Jafar is his right and left hand man. He would want Jafar to stop him if he had ever lost of humanity. He would not trust anyone besides Jafar with this job.

So that is what I think has happened here. Sinbad’s rukh is protecting Jafar so he can stop what he has become. And It’ll be like when Sinbad had gone inside a child Jafar and saved his life when they have first met. And it would make a full circle. They would have saved each other. But his rukh may even be erased do to all of this. Who knows.

But if this series has any mercy, before Sinbad can disappear, we see Solomon come to Sinbad’s side, and pick him up kindly, saying, “I see your feelings, your motivations, and I see that you have done the best you could” (she actually worded it much more elegantly and emotional than that) and then Solomon takes Sinbad away to the rukh and the afterlife.”

This was all of Inubaki’s theories, and I thought I should mention it to you all.

Does it even matter if Sinbad lives or dies at the end of Magi anymore?

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One of the reasons I’m having a hard time keeping up with the manga is the fact that I can’t think of any way for him to truly find redemption unless a very specific theory of mine pans out. I like the theory, think it has some real canonical basis, and would even redeem Ohtaka (a bit) in my eyes, but it’s not something I’m willing to bank on. The links above really only summarize the broad strokes of the theory. I haven’t had a chance to dig deep and properly piece together all the panels I think support the idea. Either way, I’m not the one writing the story. I’m just interpreting it as best as I can. I honestly don’t know if she’s going for a parody or playing this straight. 

Let’s say that Aladdin somehow stops Neo-Sinbad, brings the real Sinbad back/gets him to come back to his senses, and everything ends with them on some kind of friendly terms. Let’s go for a really pie-in-the-sky happy ending where Sinbad has something like a normal body again.

How is Sinbad supposed to live down what he/Neo-Sinbad tried to do to the world? Will Aladdin wipe away everyone’s memory of nearly committing mass suicide? What are the economic and political ramifications of all this nonsense? 

Where would Sinbad go? What would Sinbad do? How would he be able to live with himself knowing about what he almost did? How does this end with anything other than Sinbad being a cosmic sacrificial lamb from the very beginning?

Is there really a difference for Sinbad fans, critics, and outright haters alike? He either lives as a pariah or dies as a sacrificial lamb cursed with the powers of a singularity from the day he was born. In truth, both endings involve sacrificing someone who had the best of intentions early in his life.( I don’t think even the harshest Sinbad critic can reasonably argue that he didn’t start out with noble intentions as a child, but the universe loves to prove me wrong!)

An ending in which Aladdin erases Sinbad’s memory as well will make it all seem cheap. As many people have wished death upon Sinbad, I don’t recall anyone reacting with earnest glee at seeing his eyes pop, skin boil, and flesh melt of of his body in Night 323.

The only way out I see is the notion that the ruk are the villains behind ALL the villains. We need a serious scapegoat that hasn’t come into the picture yet or else I can’t see a plausible ending that won’t make reading Sinbad no Bouken pointless.

If we know that there are only bad things ahead for Sinbad, why invest in reading a prequel about Sinbad?

I’d genuinely like to hear input from followers or really anyone in the main tags about this. I’ve heard a lot of people say they “have faith” in Ohtaka, but what does that faith look like?

Based on what know now, how do you think Ohtaka might come up with an ending that will leave people who love Sinbad no Bouken wanting to read it after Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic ends?

If you’re looking at this on the desktop version of my blog, you can probably see that I’ve enabled answers on this post. If you’re on mobile or it’s not showing up on your dash, please click here and submit your thoughts. 

I’m really, really eager to hear the thoughts of people who are still enjoying or “have faith” in the manga. 

I go to the sinkou tag daily and all i see is hate posts like people stop bashing my ship! I love that ship and i don’t care what you think of it! I don’t care that Sin is 34 yo and Kougyoku is 22,so what? Its not that much?!?!? You’re talking like Sin is a pedophile like what? Kougyoku is an adult for gods sake! I know he betrayed her but still! She forgave him,didn’t she? I may be delusional but that’s what i love so just stop!

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