sinbad no bouken

Who [of the female characters in Magi] is more badass than Arba or Morgiana?

Very easy: Rurumu

Because she is:

A Princess

A Imuchakk warrior 

A leader 

Is so intelligent and patient

A loving wife 

A true mother 

so feminine and strong

A kind person 

A great person

Rurumu need more love because she is in other level of just be a badass character. 

ah yes

i am so looking forward to the anime adaptation of Sinbad no Bouken in april

just because of the beautiful character development 

 and the amazing story arcs 

 that tell the story of how 

Sinbad met his allies 

 and formed his trading company 

 and build his own country 

 and became a king 

 it’s honestly such a beautiful story 

 i can’t wait


“It’s just that he reminds me of an inexperienced young idealist who thought he could save everything and everyone, but realized he was mistaken.”  - Magi chp. 295

Edit inspired by one of Ohtaka sensei’s backstage pictures. 

This quote by Sinbad in Magi chapter 295 really stood out to me. There are so many emotions packed into it and it clearly shows the divide between the caring, sweet, young adventurer that we know in SnB, and the jaded, precarious, devious man he has become. ;__; It’s times like this that I feel so bad for him and what he has suffered through in the past, even though we are not absolutely sure of what all that entailed. 

This makes me super worried for the future of Sinbad no Bouken. This traumatic episode will come soon enough… but I don’t think I’ll ever be ready… T^T