Really, guys, this morning I was like: “Jesus, I can’t believe it. No, no, no…” I was almost crying, really, because Sin was dead.

He really was killed because his body was burnt and he lost his limbs. But then I took a second glance at this page and surely, after taking so much, his body STARTED dying. Then his rukhs started to leaving the dead body, as default.

BUT THEN Sin’s limbs started TO REGENERATE! David HEALED his body than SINCE LOTS OF SIN’S RUKH WENT AWAY IT WAS THE PERFECT TIME FOR HIM TO ASSUME CONTROL! Sin struggled because he felt his body was being possessed. The healing and possession interrumpted the natural course of his death.

Then as we had David locked in Sin’s body and this key being: Sin’ soul getting out of his body (even by the death), NOW we have Sin asleep inside his body that was STOLEN by David.

I can make a paralel of it thinking about… when someone has a brain death and we have a few time to save his organs that still works. And I think it’s something like that happened. In these short moments, David healed Sin properly and as Sin’s rukhs were leaving his “dead” body, he could naturally took him!

That’s what I think and I felt a great relief because… Ok if Sin dies in the end, but this way? Really? Also I thought ridiculous Ugo’s tearing about: “Okay, honey, you did great, but now you’re dead.” Really…

That’s my opinion and I hope to calm every Sin fan that is suffering as I was!


MAGI 323

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anonymous asked:

Probability of seeing heartbroken/crying Ja'far is actually thing that I am afraid of. I mean he tried to stop Sin, he has been his friend for such a long time. He deserve to be happy but yeah, Ohtaka's story. Oh, and I don't think Sin died that cheaply.

That’s actually something I was looking forward to seeing— I want to see the reactions. It will be very sad, though. Ja’far has always been there for Sinbad and he’s tried so much to help him, but in the end his input was meaningless and Sinbad went through with his plan anyways. It’s really sad to think that right after Ja’far gave him advice, Sinbad went through with his plan and it resulted in his demise.

And I agree, I don’t think Sinbad would die that easily. But if he really isn’t dead, I want there to be something to show that it happened. Amnesia, lack of his metal vessels, missing limbs; I want there to be at least a little bit of proof of what happened to him, and I want for it to cause some kind of impact on his character and the story.

So I was looking at the panel of “David” from Magi 323. The more I look at it, the more it seems like a David/Sinbad hybrid. Or I could just be insane…

Anyways, if Sinbad’s white rukh was dispatched, perhaps David is taking form out of Sin’s black rukh which was Sin’s connection to David anyways. And because the rukh was Sinbad’s perhaps David took on some of Sin’s physical appearance.

Maybe…maybe not…think blogging…


I just read Magi 323 spoilers and damn, I was not expecting that literal burn! How the mighty have fallen definitely applies here. Sinbad had to face the consequences of pursuing the Sacred Palace. Part of me still thinks he is “alive” or will be brought back somehow considering how everyone was freaking out when Kouen was “executed.” (maybe this is a permanent death for Sinbad???)

About David, I think there is more to him appearing there and just getting caught, unless Ohtaka is trolling us and Ugo is really going to get rid of him (after all Ugo is the strongest magician and he has a bone to pick with David after Setta and Tess’ deaths). One of my theories prior to this chapter was David taking over Sinbad’s body in the physical world while Sinbad’s spirit tried to get into the Sacred Palace but that is rendered null.

Ohtaka needs to join Ugo in his prayer circle cause she will get a lot of hate from Sinbad fans! (We have enough salt to start a salt block business)

I’m looking forward to the next chapter! I wonder if Aladdin can sense a disturbance in the Sacred Palace and where is Judal????.

Well, I’m upset and depressed over what’s happening with Sinbad, but I think the fact that we could see his fall coming softened the blow a tiny bit for me.

I mean the fact that “Sinbad no bouken” even exists is a dead give away that Sinbad’s part in the end of “Magi” would be tumultuous and tough on the audience emotionally at least in my opinion. It’s still hard because he’s my favorite character.

Of course there’s no guarantee that this is the end for Sinbad (though it doesn’t look good). After all, for the longest time we thought we’d never see Alibaba again and he’s alive and well now. Who knows. I’m in the “wait and see” camp. I won’t mourn just yet.

I’ll be sticking with Ohtaka until the end. There’s still a lot left for her to show us. Regardless of whether this chapter was Sin’s last or not, she still provided me with an interesting and colorful story so I wanna see it through.