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sinaxi asked:

One other thing about the ouat fandom that seriously baffles me is that so many of them ADORE/LOVE baelfire and then are like "lol but I hate Neal." Umm?? Wow so you don't actually love baelfire at all! Like you can't just pick and choose like that. They're the same person. Basically they just want flashbacks of bae but don't want to deal with the baggage of older nealfire even though it's those experiences as a kid that shaped him. Truly the most backwards thinking I have ever seen?? So weird.

Literally one of my biggest pet peeves. 

“He was so cute and sweet what happened?!?!" 

Oh I don’t know, he got abandoned by his parents, watched his father become the dark one and be feared by everyone he grew up with, fell through a portal alone because his father chose power of him, was forced to live on the streets in an unfamiliar world as a kid, sacrificed himself for the only people he considered family, got betrayed and handed over to and then held captive by the nastiest person he ever met (who turned out to be his grandpa in a child’s body), lived in a cave alone for HUNDREDS of years and lost so much hope that he stopped counting the days, was smart enough to find a way out of the literal hell he was in and finally got away but then, while still a child, had to once again fend for himself and grow up alone on the streets in an unfamiliar world with customs and technology he was clueless about. 

Yeah, I wonder what happened to him. What a mystery. I can’t seem to place my finger on what possibly could have made him who he is today. 

Everything that happened to cute little Bae when he was a kid is what shaped him and lead him to where he is today. And you know what, he still has faith in the good in people and believes the best in them, hasn’t turned to violence or “evil” as a solution to his problems, admits to and learns from his mistakes, is trying to be the best father he can be now that he knows he has a son, puts the needs and lives of others before his own, is willing and ready to face all of the people and places that scarred him to help the people he loves, and works towards forgiving and trusting those who caused him to be alone in the first place. What a terrible, terrible guy.

Anyone who can truly love Bae but truly hate Neal and not understand how one became the other needs to reevaluate their thought process.