first of all i’m gay for nancy

second of all her hair is incredible

third of all her legs are incredible

anyway watch this

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i am a scientist - guided by voices

i am a lost soul
i shoot myself with rock & roll
the hole i dig is bottomless
but nothing else can set me free

i am a scientist - i seek to understand me
i am an incurable and nothing else behaves like me

space oddity - david bowie

i’m stepping through the door
and im floating
in a most peculiar way
and the stars look very different today

fly me to the moon - frank sinatra

fly me to the moon
let me play among the stars
let me see what spring is like
on jupiter and mars

wheels of confusion - black sabbath

long ago i wandered through my mind
in the land of fairy tales and stories
lost in happiness i had no fears
innocence and love was all i knew
was it illusion?

fast and loose - motörhead

i’m dark and i like the night
and i can make you feel alright,
i’ve been around for quite a while,
and i’ve learned to make you smile

the beer - kimya dawson

you can be a teenager for your whole fucking life
just find some pretty sucker and make that bitch your wife

but the rocks with holes are warm in my hands
and I buried my toes in the hot hot sand
and the silver pink pony kisses me and says
you’ve come a long, long way and you deserve to be really happy

do your best - john maus

reach out your hands to the ones alone in the city tonight

there is a light that never goes out - the smiths

and if a double-decker bus
crashes into us
to die by your side
is such a heavenly way to die
and if a ten-ton truck
kills the both of us
to die by your side
well, the pleasure - the privilege is mine

in the flesh - pink floyd

to feel that warm thrill of confusion,
that space cadet glow

teen idle - marina and the diamonds

i wish i wasn’t such a narcissist
i wish i didn’t really kiss
the mirror when im on my own
oh god im gonna die alone

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Why 'Victoria' star Jenna Coleman is poised to be red carpet royalty
Jenna Coleman is about to star in one of the most anticipated TV shows of 2016, Victoria on ITV.

For those of us who love it when Jenna hits the red carpet, usually outshining everyone else in the process, here’s an interview with her stylist (who, it turns out, is also Lily James’ and Sophie Turner’s stylist) who talks about Jenna’s philosophy about what to wear (not surprisingly for someone who keeps saying she wants to go back in time and meet Sinatra, she’s into vintage).

I still think it’s amazing to look at Jenna in the last few years and compare to how she used to dress for events and red carpets back in her Emmerdale days. Quite the evolution.


THERE’S A DOG IN YOUR HEART // and it tells you to tear everything apart.

joker | harley quinn mix.    by hiraethy.

bang bang - nancy sinatra / madness - muse / where the wild roses grow - nick cave ft. kylie minogue / dog teeth - nicole dollanganger / you can be the boss - lana del rey / dangerous woman - ariana grande / religion - lana del rey / you don’t know love - editors / what kind of man - florence + the machine / bad romance - thirty seconds to mars / love is blindness - jack white.

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