Johnny Mercer (November 18, 1909 – June 25, 1976) 

American lyricist, songwriter and singer. He was also a record label executive, who co-founded Capitol Records with music industry businessman Buddy DeSylva and Glenn E. Wallichs.

He is best known as a tin pan alley lyricist, but he also composed music. He was also a popular singer who recorded his own songs as well as those written by others. From the mid-1930s through the mid-1950s, many of the songs Mercer wrote and performed were among the most popular hits of the time. He wrote the lyrics to more than fifteen hundred songs, including compositions for movies and Broadway shows. He received nineteen Academy Award nominations, and won four Best Original Song Oscars. (Wikipedia)

From our stacks: Various sheet music covers of songs by Johnny Mercer.

Likewise (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader)

Hey everyone, alright so I apologize I haven’t posted any stories in a while! I’ve been having major writers block and yes, I have had this one in my archive for a while but I didn’t really know what to do with it. Long story short, I finally finished it! Please enjoy!

Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Words: 1851

You were heading home, languishing in stress and overwhelment. Today had been extraordinarily rough for you. The unfortunate events that took place had precisely begun at 7:30 a.m. You awoke with your face flat on your desk, your nose buried in your textbook. With a paper stuck to your cheek due to your slumber drooling, you twisted around, expecting to see the time on your clock. Instead, you saw that no illuminating numbers appeared on it. Turns out, your alarm clock miraculously broke in the middle night, so you had no wake up call. You saw the time when you unplugged your phone from the charger, and your stomach dropped down 5 floors of your apartment building. You skipped your morning coffee and bolted out the front door, still trying to put on your left shoe, and praying to God up above that you wouldn’t miss the next subway train.

You lived off campus, which resulted in you taking the subway to and from Columbia college every single day. This little frenzy you had did nothing but dig a deeper grave for you. Of course, many other New Yorkers had to work so the station was flooded with people. You groaned in distress and meekly attempted to weave through busy passengers. You honestly thought you weren’t gonna make the train. You beat the odds though, which was your first saving grace of the day, and you were able to ride off to college.

Your alarm clock dilemma caused you to be late to your first class (as you had predicted), which was history, and saying your godforsaken teacher, Ms. Hanley, chewed you out was an understatement. You later found out she also had a pretty bad morning so she was on edge and your tardiness did anything but help this matter. Above all, she was already a lonely woman with no wedding band on her finger and her unruly hatred towards you was just the cherry on top.

After a life-scarring first period, you had a pop quiz in english and a huge test in your business management class, the one you had spent all night studying for (hence your desk being your bed last night). Not having your daily dose of caffeine led you to be more tired than usual so, you ended up falling asleep in your financing class, which made you miss all the important notes and having a ruler slapped on your table. To top it all off, you couldn’t even find your best friend, Lin, all day.

Lin was someone you had always considered being your “knight in shining armor”. Whenever you had days, such as this one, filled with havoc, he was always there to grant you peace of mind. Whether it be a shoulder massage or a blissful walk in the park, Lin-Manuel always figured out how to soothe you, no matter how inordinate your everyday-tasks were.

Lin was also someone you had labeled as a musical prodigy. He was majoring in theatre and he was damn good at it. He had recently allowed you to listen to one of his latest creations. Although it was still a work in progress, that was filled with drafts, they still flew above your expectations and completely astounded you.

But Lin wasn’t here, so you had to take care of yourself.  

Once your stressful school day had finally come to a close, you needed to go to the library and finish a project for political science, but not before you got a black coffee from the cafeteria. For the rest of the day, you absorbed yourself in your laptop, educational books, and stuffed your brain with information. By the time you had checked the time, it was already 2 in the morning. You muttered a quiet “Shit” and put back the books from where you had found them and headed back to the subway.

In your haze of a rush, you didn’t notice someone calling your name among the eerie silence. You boarded the car and to your surprise, another person entered. Although, you weren’t that shocked. After all, New York is the city that never sleeps.

“Lin!” You exclaimed, your voice a little hoarse. You saw the man whom you’d spent most of your life with. He smiled at you, chocolate eyes shining and all. Even all the oddest hours, he was still lively.

“Tristyn, I’ve been looking for you. Where have you been?” You laughed dishearteningly and ran your hands over your face.

“Just had the worst day of my life.” He gave you a look of pity and a moment of silence was shared between the two of you. The faint music of the subway filled the subtle void. You took this as an opportunity to admire Lin. You had always found him attractive and you knew you had bubbling feelings for him, but for the sake of your guys’ friendship, you forced them down. Although it was a silent crush, you always stared at him, studying his every single feature. From disheveled hair to chapped lips and his constant coffee-stained breath. You loved everything about him. Lin whipped around and met your eyes, much to your dismay and embarrassment, and struck you a small toothy grin. Your cheeks lightly burned and you looked down at the dusty floor of the subway.

You both intently listened to it and as the song ended, a new melody came about. Lin recognized it instantly.

“Ah, Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me to the Moon, a classic.” The brunette scanned your slumping form, realizing you had no reaction to his words. He cracked a grin, an idea popping in his head.

“An empty subway car, only the most perfect place to sing.” Your head jumped up at his statement and you saw him swagger over to one of the poles.

“Fly me to the moon,” He began to sing, “Let me play among the stars.” You always loved Lin’s voice, yet another trait of him you grew fond of. You found it very soothing. He had a talent and you always told him that. Early on in your friendship, you told him to harness his gifts and after months of pestering, he did. Lin started his theatre ambitions due to you.

He steadied his grip on the long piece of metal, tipping his weight to the side. As his body slung to the side, he sang out the next lyric.

“Let me see what spring is like,” Lin held an imaginary microphone to his lips, “On a - Jupiter and Mars.” He then slickly gravitated his body around the pole, allowing him to spin around it. You laughed a little at his childish antics. You could tell your dull spirits rising and it seemed so did the jazz-junkie.

“In other words,” He stalked back over to you, “Hold my hand.” He then took your hand as he bent down, balancing on one knee. You rolled your eyes, attempting to suppress a chuckle. “In other words,” All of a sudden, he popped up and was eye level to you, “Baby, kiss me.” As he caroled out that line, he inched closer to your face, your noses touching. A very prominent blush crept onto your face.

“Fill my heart with song and let me sing for ever more.” He pulled away from your, increasing the space in-between each other, to your disappointment. He sauntered off and gripped the pole again, first stretching his arm out, then pulling back in which caused him to pivot around it. Lin then ended up on the opposite side and dipped down, the whole time not breaking eye contact with you.

“You are all,” He walked back to you, lifting your chin softly with his pointer finger, ”I long for.” He then tapped the tip of your nose at the last syllable and you jerked back in surprise. Once more, Lin took your wrist, this time pulling you up with him. When you were away from the seats, he slammed into you, pressing his chest against yours. His left hand rested upon your waist as his other hand was intertwined with yours.

“All I worship and adore.”

He lead you into a dance, his feet bouncing left and right to the beat. Joining in on the fun, you followed suit.

“In other words,” You couldn’t help but laugh as he twirled you in a small circle, “Please be true.” Lin then brought you close once more, your bodies brushing together. He dramatically swayed your interlaced hands up and down, proceeding with the motion in an excessive and big manner.

“In other words,” Lin stopped singing for a moment, letting a phrase you didn’t catch pass by. You internally pouted, wondering why he didn’t say it. You brushed it off, perceiving it as him forgetting the words. Then a piano solo kicked in, managing to put Lin into a whole dance. You knew he was good at freestyle rapping but you didn’t know he could freestyle dance…or at least he tried too. The instrumental part of the song continued to play, you saw Lin pirouette around poles and can-can. At the more mellow part, he took you into another round of ballroom dancing. This time, you two danced around the whole subway, prancing to the rhythm. You both were laughing your heads off.

“I had no idea you knew this song.” You blurted out.

He smiled as he dropped you into a dip, “What can I say, I have a taste for music.” You nodded and he pulled you up, spinning you out then bringing you back in, causing his two arms to wrap around you. Your heartbeat picked up a little, flustered by how close he was. He moved your bodies back and forth while humming along to the melody.

The lyrics from before came back and Lin once again went into a routine, forcing you to sit back down on a nearby chair.

“In other words, please be true.” The Miranda boy held the last word, absolutely killing it. You clapped as you were awestruck by his amazing vocal range.

“In other words,” He came closer to you, “In other words.” All of a sudden, Lin twisted around and diligently plopped in the seat next to you, your knees touching.

“I love,” Three piano notes played and in each one, Lin did something different with his body. The first key, he slung his arm around your shoulders. The second, he crossed his legs and the third, he snapped his head towards you.

“—You.” And at that very moment, Lin, hesitantly, closed the distance between your faces. Unexpectedly, pressing his lips upon yours. You were surprised to say the least but you instantly returned the favor, melting into the kiss. It’s as if the world was anew and you finally found a sense of comfort in your day full of stress. He pulled away, one hand caressing your cheek.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.” He simply replied and you gently put your forehead up against his.

“Likewise, Lin-Manuel.”