The Frank Sinatra Influence

Sinatra. Frank. Ol’ Blue Eyes. The Voice.  A man of many names, but a man who always emulated style and grace.  Due to the recent odes to Mr. Sinatra from Mr. Porter and Jonathan Daniel Pryce, I decided to put down some of my own thoughts about Ol’ Blue Eyes.

It is no secret that Frank Sinatra is an iconic figure, and if you read SbN, it is no secret he is one of my personal style icons.  Sinatra always boasted an attention to the details, but always drew attention to the man himself more than anything else.  His style, his suit, the ‘way he wore his hat’, the way he held himself, his overall swagger – it went far beyond what he was wearing that made him such an iconic figure and thus making a lasting impression, even after his death.  This is what I find most intriguing about Mr. Sinatra.  Yes, he knew how to rock a suit, nailed every element of black tie, had the (deep) voice of an angel, and was an exceptional actor – these are the obvious.  It’s the way he did all those things that made him so special.

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Sinatra has been in my life for as long as I can remember.  There isn’t a point in history where I can pin down exactly the first time Frank impacted my life because he has always been there.  A family favorite, I was probably the only 10 year old who could recite word-for-word all the Sinatra classics.  The older woman in my family (who got to see Sinatra in his prime) with a school-girl’s excitement still talk of his good looks and charming manner that made him so appealing, and the men still speak of him as the standard.  Frank Sinatra impacted so many during his time and was impacting mine through the people he touched.  

As a kid, I really only knew him as a singer.  I never thought twice about being a fan of a man who was part of a different era.  It wasn’t until I started getting older that he started to resonate with me more and more.  I began watching a lot of his movies, listening to songs that were never really main stream for him, and just appreciated him all over again in a different way.  He really had his own way of doing things, and as I began learning more of myself, there was more Sinatra in the process.  To this day, I feel like Sinatra is more relevant than ever.  I put my music on shuffle and a Sinatra song will come up probably every 10th song.  Nothing he has done ever feels old to me, and I will continue to feel that way whether its his music, a movie, his suit, or whatever else it may be.

Style-wise, Sinatra will always be an inspiration.  I may not agree with all his sartorial preferences (I do agree with most), but the way he did it is what has the biggest impact on me.  Like I said, it goes beyond his tuxedos, bespoke suits, orange pocket square, wool hats, and attention to detail.  He did it his way, and I will never deny the fact that he’s influenced me doing it “my way.”

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