i love every single thing i see about ppl making a family unit with their friends instead of or in addition to having children. i love every single thing i see about rejecting the nuclear family.

ok one last post before bed: the worst crime of naruto is that kishimoto is really really good at designing cool female characters and then completely downplaying their power, only giving them any depth or development in relation to dude characters, or completely sidelining them to give more screen time to dude characters

all the girls in naruto are SO GOOD and have SO MUCH POTENTIAL but so much of that is left behind bc kishimoto only cares about dude characters

My favorite cuddling position tho is :

This is good bc it’s the best for playing with ur partners hair, and also good for conversations. (I sometimes have trouble hearing my partner if we’re spooning)

Downside is the potential for the arm getting laid on to fall asleep and also if ur partner falls asleep on u then u might get drooled on.