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Hello~ can I request something where the RFA do a favor for MC and they're like "ohh you owe me something now" kind of teasingly, so she gives them a kiss. How would they react? ^^ thank you<3



  • It’s the middle of summer, and the two of you are on the couch, far enough apart to keep from sharing body heat
  • The half-underground apartment keeps cool for the most part, but there is a major problem brewing
  • You are craving goldfish-shaped bread (bboongobbang) like nobody’s business
  • You want it so bad, and the truck is right outside, but it is SO HOT, and you CAN’T GET UP
  • And Zen, ever the knight in shining armor, agrees to go and bring it back for you
  • He comes back with the bag full of them, looking like an angel of delicious snack deliverance
  • And just as you reach for the bag
  • He yanks it out of your reach
  • “Zen…?”
  • “Do you know how hard it was to get this? The unforgiving sun, beating down on my poor, flawless, porcelain skin… The badgering for autographs, the guilt on my conscience, knowing that everyone in line was blinded by my presence…”
  • Oh boy, is he ever the drama king
  • “I think you owe me something in return for this~”
  • You pretend to think for a moment, playing along with his game
  • “Hm…. how about a kiss?”
  • He straight-up drops the bag and climbs over you, beast unleashed and ready to devour~
  • “Babe wait let me eat one first PLEASE”


  • After a full day working at the cafe, your lower back is sore and your shoulders are stiff
  • The moment you two get back to the apartment you weakly ask for a back massage
  • homegirl does judo, we all know she knows the pressure points and gives the best massages
  • She’s more than happy to oblige, and before long her fingers are working out knots you didn’t even know were there
  • i never let guys massage me bc its always kinda sexual but with jaehee it just feels natural
  • You always ask her because you know it doesn’t tire her, but this time she leans down to your ear
  • “This is the third massage this week, MC. I think you owe me something after this one.”
  • You tilt your head to look up at her
  • “Will a kiss do?”
  • Once you close the gap, Jaehee’s massage halts
  • And the kiss lasts a little longer than you had intended
  • Jaehee breaks off first, panting slightly and still paused looking at you
  • After a beat she resumes the massage with more gusto, eliciting an accidental moan from you
  • “Do you think we can work out an hourly rate?”


  • This exam snuck up on you, but luckily Superman Yoosung was there to help
  • His grades have been slipping lately but he still knows how to study
  • he’s a SKY student, after all
  • You begged him to tutor you and he was surprisingly good at it
  • Underneath that gaming gremlin was a faint glimmer of the straight-A student
  • And his grades were even rising a little because of it
  • But countless nights in the library poring over books and making flashcards eventually paid off
  • As you refreshed and refreshed your grades
  • to find a 95%
  • Yoosung is proud and so happy for you
  • But he can’t hold back a yawn when he tells you
  • “Okay so now you owe me, right?”
  • You set your laptop down and take his hand in yours
  • “I don’t have much, but can I pay you in kisses?”
  • You grab him and pull him down to you, wrapping your arms around him and pecking him once on the lips
  • “What’s my total, Mr. Kim?”


  • You had been invited to an awards show for some affiliate company of C&R’s
  • And, amazingly, nothing in your ridiculously gargantuan wardrobe quite fit the dress code
  • At first you were uncomfortable with asking Jumin for things but as time went on you came to terms with the fact that money meant nothing to him
  • So as you perused your closet once again, a week before the event, you casually turned to Jumin as he sat on the bed behind you
  • “Jumin, this is stupid, but I don’t have anything to wear to the event next week.”
  • His interest is piqued and he pulls out a few dresses from your closet, only to return them to the hanger
  • “Can I trust you to find something classy for me?”
  • “Do you not trust my fashion sense?”
  • “I trust your fashion sense, darling, but I don’t trust your wallet. I’m not supposed to be the center of attention here- I just need something simple.”
  • He ponders the request for a moment, looking you over with an appraising eye
  • “That’s a tall order, MC. I think a task that monumental requires some compensation.”
  • The demand catches you off guard, but living with Jumin Han keeps you on your toes.
  • “Do you accept kisses as currency?”
  • He embraces you so quickly that it makes you a bit dizzy, and his kiss is firm but it’s soon over
  • “I won’t refuse it, but I think you made a poor financial decision, Princess.”
  • He leans close to your ear, sending a shiver of delight down your spine
  • “Your kisses are priceless.”


  • You’ve been learning Arabic from Saeyoung, mostly just to get past his damn security
  • But the door stumped you one day
  • “Find the derivative of cos(x)sin(x).”
  • You pounded on the door as hard as you could
  • “Saeyoung, open up!”
  • The muffled reply:
  • “I’m busy! Just answer the question!”
  • “I can’t! I don’t know the answer!”
  • “What? It’s just calculus!”
  • “””””Just calculus””””””, he says
  • “I don’t remember calculus!”
  • “Just Noogle it!”
  • You kick the door as hard as you can.
  • “Okay, okay! cos2(x) - sin2(x)!”
  • The door swings open, revealing Saeyoung on the couch, watching cat videos on his laptop
  • You wrap your arms around him from behind, burying your face into his hair
  • “Get rid of the calculus questions, you jerk.”
  • He chuckles to himself
  • “And what will you give me if I do?”
  • You think about it for a moment
  • “I’ll give you a kiss~”
  • “Deal!”
  • He leans his head back to claim his payment right away, and pulls up a window on his laptop to disable the door questions
  • “We can start with Algebra, then~~”

lol some of these got a little saucy~~ sorry!