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I did an evil Meliodas doodle in my sketchbook earlier, so I thought I’d do some shadowing and share it with you guys :) Again, I’m not really participating in inktober, but I guess this one kind of counts? xD
Anyway. Meliodas is life. The pain and the pleasure. Right. Bye.

“Show me beauty I wanna see it
 baby press against my skin I fucking need it”

*sounds of disapproval*
please pretend this is “scary” and “creepy” <D
/i’ll post other scary-creepy arts later, i decided to do a pack of 4-5 different variations/
I need a drink.

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hinata catches up with a very alive nanami PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU SAVE HER

A/N HEY! LISTEN!! Go read @yuseirra‘s beautiful comic  because a few of the lines here were taken from there and this was heavily inspired by it and i’m crying okay

Hidden Ending - part 4/5 of Nanami’s IF 

“What I lived for and fought for will still exist.”

It’s not the end just yet.

While it’s true that Hinata was able to save his comatosed friends and had even prevented the spread of false hope across the world, there’s still this unexplainable sense of incompletion. He felt as if something was missing, something important, something forgotten. He’s sure he has restored his memories, those from inside the program and those before he became Kamukura. And yet there was this nagging itch at the back of his mind telling him that he’s forgotten something.

His hand instinctively reached out to his pocket and clutched her pin. He had all of Kamukura’s talents now so how could something allude him?

“There’s more to life than talent.”

An apologetic smile fell on his lips. Of course he couldn’t rely on his talents for everything. He had to figure this one out for himself… and for her. He didn’t know where it was coming from but he was overcome with the strong urge to see her. He knew it didn’t make sense since she was dead but at the same time, it felt right. He wanted to see her. He wanted her to see him. He wanted them to see each other again. And when they’d meet, he’d tell her of the hope she gave them and of the miracle that was born from it.

He let himself get swept up by all of these emotions that it took him to places. Places that led to other places. Places until he found himself standing in place.

There, right in front of him was Nanami. She looked as cheerful as ever and most importantly, alive.

This must be a dream. He reasoned to himself. This must be an illusion. He repeated to himself. This must be just a memory. He denied himself. And yet, no matter how many conclusions he came up with, his eyes never dared stray away from her. His gaze was transfixed on her image, on her surreal breathing image.

Turn around. His mind screamed at her even though he knew it was impossible for her to hear his thoughts. He wanted to say something to her. He wanted to step forward and touch her, to confirm if this was indeed real. But just in case this wasn’t, he didn’t want to take the risk. He didn’t want this illusion to end just yet. Even if this was a dream he made up or a memory he just conjured, whatever this was, he wanted this to last longer.

He wanted her to last longer.

He didn’t want her to be taken away yet again. That’s why no matter how much he wanted to run across and hold her and never let her go, he didn’t. He firmly planted his feet on the ground as the words got caught up in his throat. He clutched her hairpin tighter.

Turn around. Please, just turn around. Please.

As if she had heard his pleas, she did turn around.

And all of a sudden, Hinata remembered just how much he had missed her smile.

“Hinata!” She yelled as her face instantly broke int a grin and then she broke into a run until she had tackled him into a heartfelt embrace. “You came back!”

It’s only then that he was able to confirm just how soft and warm and alive and real this Nanami was. This was no dream or memory or illusion. This was real.

This was the real Nanami and she was very much alive.

He didn’t even bother to hold back his tears as he returned her embrace. And as he held her, he relished in the fact that this was happening. He’s more than grateful to hold onto her than just her hairpin.

“I’ve been waiting for a while now.” She mumbled against his shoulder. “But I know you’d come back for me. I always believed in you.”

“Yes, you always did.” He agreed softly. She believed in him more than he deserved to. He nuzzled against her hair as he confessed, “I missed you…”

Her smile could be heard in her voice. “I missed you and everyone too.” She pulled back a bit but not too far since bothe were still reluctant to let go just yet. “It looks like a lot of things happened while I was gone. Do you mind sharing?”

He shook his head and smiled. “Not at all. It’s a long story thought.”

“Longer than the longest running game series?” She asked innocently.

He chuckled. “Maybe. Maybe not that long. But I can confirm for a fact that this is definitely more interesting than those.”

So they found a more comfortable place to sit, right beside each other, as he told her about everything. He told her about the Hope Cultivation Plan and what he had hoped to gain from it. He told her about what happened in the New World Program and all the hope fragments born from it. He told her about the Future Foundation and how Ryota had chosen their hope and joined them. Nanami listened raptly and absorbed everything. She only interrupted him whenever she’d ask if a person was okay. He noted how she hasn’t changed at all. It was just like her to worry over others.

And then it was her turn to tell him of her stories. She told him of how she had waited for him every day when he disappeared. She told him of how he, Kamukura, had saved her back then. She told him of what she’d been doing all this time while waiting. And after they had caught up to the recent events, it’s only then that they started to actually talk to each other.

“Thank you for saving everyone.” Nanami started with her voice overflowing with gratitude. “I knew you could do it, Hinata.”

“It’s just like you said.” He smiled softly as he repeated the words etched in his heart. “I can do anything if it’s me. If I just try hard enough, everything will turn out okay.”

“And it did. You were able to create a miracle.” She agreed with him and then her gaze was set on the horizon as she continued, “Thank you for realizing my hope. Even back then, when all your memories and emotions were erased… although it didn’t seem like it, you were actually listening.” She looked back at him with a bright expression on her face. “You were there all along.”

“Well… I wasn’t completely there. Just a small part of me.” He admitted as he recalled those memories in Kamukura’s filtered vision. “To be honest, I’m not even sure how it survived the memory wipe.”

“I’m sure that a part of you stayed because you wanted to.” She said more confidently than him.

“Maybe you’re right…” He chuckled when he remembered why he had wanted talent so badly. “You know, I was really looking forward to making you proud of what I would become… but I guess I just messed up.”

“But I am proud of you!” Nanami corrected him with all of her earnesty and had even leaned towards him in her emphasis. “A lot of things happened but that’s what has helped us to become who we are now…” She paused as if to let him absorb her words and all the while she held his gaze, her eyes full of determination as she exclaimed, “And right now, I’m so proud of you!”

Hinata had to blink back the tears. In this moment, he felt like all of it had been worth it just to hear her say those words. “Nanami…”

“You changed a lot since we first met… but at the same time, you’re still the same as ever!” She smiled brightly, hopefully. “You’re still the kind Hinata that I know.”

He sheepishly rubbed the back of his head. “Now you’re just saying that to embarrass me.” He chuckled and then his eyes softened as he continued, “Well… none of this would’ve been possible without you so…” He smiled at her just as brightly as she did at him. “Right back at ya.”

She gently shook her head. “Don’t take me as a hero or anything. I only did what anyone would have!” She placed a hand over her chest as she proudly said, “It was everyone who saved themselves in reality.”

“And it’s you who brought us so tightly together to make this happen in the first place.” He refuted. “Give yourself some more credit. You’re important to everyone, you know.” He fondly ruffled her hair and in a softer voice he said, “We all love you.”

Just when he thought her smile couldn’t get any brighter, it just did.

“Hehe… I feel so happy knowing that I’m loved by so many wonderful people.” She said with a precious grin on her face.

He committed her smile into his memory and let it linger for just a few more seconds. Then he slowly stood up and offered her his hand. “It’s about time, don’t you think?”

“Hm? Time for what?” She asked cluelessly as she took his hand and stood alongside him.

He grinned at her lopsidedly. “I’m sure everyone is waiting for us back at the ship.”

“Huh?” Tears rolled down Nanami’s cheeks but they only made her smile shine brighter as she shouted excitedly, “ Yes! Let’s return to everyone and play games together! Lots and lots of games!”

It’s not the end just yet. This was only the beginning.

The beginning of a bright and shining future that they would shape as their own. Together.


Hinata gently ran his fingers through her hair. There was something that had been bothering him for quite a while now and today he was overcome with the urge and confidence to bring it up.

“Nanami… your hairclip.” He tentatively started.

“Hm? What’s wrong with my hairclip?” She asked innocently as her hand instinctively reached out and tugged on it.

Kamukura had held on to Nanami’s hairclip ever since she had died that day. But even when she was brought back to life, he still kept it with him. And currently, it was still in Hinata’s possession. But that wasn’t the main issue.

“It’s just… odd to see you wearing something else than your Gala Omega one.” He confessed. It was even stranger that her new hairclip was in the shape of a complete set of hope fragments.

“Oh, this?” She said as she pulled it off and fondly held it between her fingers. A small smile danced on her lips. “Don’t you remember? Kamukura gave it to me since mine was missing.”

“…Is that so?” Hinata asked and just as soon as he finished his question, a memory flashed in his head. A very embarrassing memory. He blushed furiously.

“Why? Is there something about it?” She asked, again oblivious.

“N-No! Just curious!” He nervously stammered. “It looks good on you!”

“Ah… thank you.” She flushed lightly in embarrassment.

He let the conversation about the hairclip end there. He’s not sure if his heart could take much more of this as it hammered wildly in his ribs.

Maybe next time, hopefully, when he gathers enough courage again, he’d try asking about it again.

20th Anniversary Illustration for Persona Series! (And Persona 5′s launch date)

Drew this way back before Pixiv/Atlus decided to have a Persona 5 contest on Pixiv. I can’t remember how long I was trying to make this haha

But I really love how I drew this :D


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Soooooooo Imightbeaddictedtonanatsunotaizaijustatad

It has been so LONG since I have attempted to draw any sort of anime character and holy cow I am rusty as shit. I have just been obsessing over Meliodas and Elizabeth, but there isn’t much work of them so…I made my own? She is wearing that sort of armor you see in the manga btw. I am not a fan on her waitress outfit personally

Sorry for the spam ;A;
I just can’t seem to stop (torturing @coffin-of-eternal-darkness  with Elizabeth) today x’DDD!!!
Have some more Melizabeth~ As you probably noticed the actual drawing is also part of my sketchbook, that’s why you can see part of another doodle :’D haha sorry about that.

CRAVE: Heavenly Sins Book 1 (#GetPublishedProject2)

NOVEL VERSION now available on

@swoonreads is accepting manuscripts for cycle 8 and I have two books that are part of this season’s list. A few months ago, I released the novel version for Laws of Motion & Attraction and it has garnered a lot of reads, putting it on the list of highest rated and trending manuscripts on SwoonReads. I have you guys to thank for that achievement. I am really hoping and praying the editors would consider publishing the book! 

Meanwhile, I was also editing another book which is the first in a series. CRAVE was written in 2014 as a fanfiction, one which I know you all loved and swooned over. <3 And today, in the year 2016, I am releasing it again as a book series, this time. 

I didn’t plan to release it on SwoonReads, wanting to submit to another publisher instead. But I figured I wanted you guys to read it and get feedback on the changes I’ve made. And it wouldn’t hurt to have another entry, right? :) Plus if it doesn’t work out, I can always resubmit to another publisher. 

Okay without further ado, here’s how you can help me get it published! I already explained much of the details on my other post for Laws of Motion & Attraction, but I will post it here again for those who only ever read Crave. 

Please explain… the “HEAVENLY SINS SERIES” :O

Okay, so CRAVE is the first book in the series which is actually an edited (and improved) version of the Crave fanfic from my Dark & Wild series. There are a lot of changes compared to what I’ve done in Laws of Motion & Attraction. The most important things you need to know are:

  1. There are never before seen scenes– and new chapters! The fanfic was originally consisting of 11 chapters, but this book…. has 32! 
  2. Names. Though I did keep the names of the leads, the rest are different. I will provide a post where I’ll compare the character names from the fanfic and to this book. There’s also a minor character addition.
  3. Improved dialogues and technical aspect (grammar, POV, spelling, etc.)

What is Swoon Reads?

It’s an imprint under Macmillan Publishers and Feiwel and Friends that publishes books through their website in the manner of crowd-sourcing; meaning if your manuscript gets a lot of ratings/comments, they would consider publishing your book into trade book and e-book. You can learn more about it here.

How can I help you publish CRAVE? 

Simple… All you have to do is READ the book on the SwoonReads site, RATE (this is important!), WRITE COMMENTS (this too!), and SHARE! SwoonReads is looking for swoon-worthy young and new adult novels that will get the attention of the community. So the higher ratings I get, the more chances of getting my book published! <3

OKAY, GOT IT! How do I start?

You’ll need to make a SwoonReads account (it’s FREE!) here. With that you can access the e-book. Here’s the LINK. And that’s it! You can read and swoon over the book (again, for free!) Also, with an account you’ll be able to check out the other manuscripts and even submit one of your own!

I really want to get you published! What more can I do?

I really want that to happen too! And the best help would be to spread the word! I need to get as much readers to be noticed so recommending this book to your family and friends would be awesome! (Please keep in mind to recommend the NOVEL version) 

And you can also follow me!

As a final note, I hope you all enjoy this version. This story is very close to my heart and it means the world to me. I hope you will love it the way I have poured my love–blood sweat and tears–into writing this novel. ;) 

Thank you guys! And yes, V…. We’re ready for you (again). 

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Hello! I’ve been thinking that it would be nice if we did a fandom-wide gift exchange for the December holidays. I am just curious as to how many people would be willing to participate. We’d be exchanging edits, fanart, fanfiction, etc. 

If about 15 or more people are willing to participate then I’m willing to set everything up and organize the whole thing. If you think this is a good idea and are willing to join please just like or reblog and say so in the tags. 

I’d like to have an estimate by the end of this month in order to set the whole thing up and still give people at least a month to work on gifts. 

Feel free to ask any questions and I’ll add more onto the FAQ page as time goes on. :) 

Okay so I guess people are interested, so let me tell you what my little art project is about:

x– The Seven Deadly Sins!–x

Lust - Laslow ( @paralle1falchion )

Gluttony - Asugi ( @tcongdraws )

Greed - Charlotte ( @silver-lucas )

Sloth - Setsuna ( @samallama )

Wrath - Siegbert ( @ronyasartarchives )

Envy - Flora ( @cranexe )

Pride - Xander ( @dancing-aqua )

If you want to join, simply send me a message with the Fates character + sin you want to draw. You can go crazy with the design, that’s what it’s about.

Post your art piece until 31st October ! Just in time for Halloween ~