This idea that all lesbians or even most lesbians are out here spouting “gold star ideology,” which by the way is not a full ideology at all but a single bad opinion, is silly and full stop just not correct. “Gold star lesbian” when used to decry lesbians who are BAD lesbians is homophobic nonsense, period. Are there lesbians who believe that women who have ever had sexual or romantic contact with men are categorically not gay? Sure! But they are a tiny fraction of lesbians, and most lesbians didn’t hop out of the womb understanding our sexualities. Many took years to figure it out, to even learn what attraction actually felt like, and are very sympathetic to women not having had the stereotypical TV “child figures it out by 5 years old” narrative, because we know that isn’t how most women figure themselves out- we know statistically that lesbians tend to figure it out later than gay men, that there are subsets of lesbians more categorically prone to taking longer to figure it out for any number of reasons. So I’m sorry but if you think “Um I won’t listen to gold star lesbians” really translates to anything but “Um if you’ve never fucked men then I don’t care about you,” which sounds a lot more homophobic when you translate it out, then you’re kidding yourself. And ANYWAY if “gold star ideology” was real, it would be homophobic, not biphobic, since the people it affects are literally gay people. Everybody who’s not one just stop talking about lesbians honestly because most of you don’t know shit.

RFA getting ready to ‘get it on’ with MC for the first time HC

Okay so before I start I just want to to say that some of the content here has sexual themes so if you get triggered by sexy stuff DO NOT read on.

Here we go!


- You have been Yoosung’s girlfriend for about a month now so you decide it’s time to finally do it together

-you slide on a chair next to Yoosung playing games and you put your arms around him. He turns his head and kisses your cheek. 

-”Yoosung honey? I think it’s time we finally have sex!”

- OH BOY!! the moment you send that you felt his temperature rise through the roof…..he slowly turns his head and you see that he is completely red

-”Uhm…I…um…I would love…t-to…..”

-WHOOPEE TIME TO GET READY!! You give him a huge hug and run into the bedroom

-As you get ready, you see Yoosung slide into the bathroom and slam the door. But this didn’t faze you.

-You sat on the bed waiting for Yoosung to come out.

-THUD! Oh no 

-You run into the bathroom to see Yoosung on the floor. You run to him and ask him what’s wrong.

-”I’m sorry MC you must think I’m a wreck. It’s….It’s just that I’ve never…you know…before. I’m a little nervous.”

-”It’s okay Yoosung. We don’t have to.”

-”NO!! I wan’t to be strong for you”

-He get’s up and you both walk to the bed. You both get ready to start. 

-Yoosung starts kissing down your neck. He carries on to your breasts but then he stops and looks up at you.

-”I love you so much”  


-After the RFA  party you go back to Zen’s house and you both are kissing each other passionately.

-You fall onto the sofa and carry on. 

-Zen gives you a look that says “are we doing this right now?”

-You smile and nod making him super excited! He jumps right up and runs into the bedroom saying “omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg”

-You get up and go into the bedroom to find Zen butt naked on the bed in a sexy pose.

-”Why hello there sexy lady”

-you laugh and jump onto the bed keeping your eyes on Zen

-You Kiss him and look him in the eyes 

-”I guess the beast has awaken”

-He let’s out a loud howl and starts to undress you. 

-You both had a wonderful night and let’s just say you defiantly want to see the beast again ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) .


-She is super prepared! When you said you wanted to have sex she ran straight to the store.

-”OK!! so have we got the candles?”


-”Rose petals?”

-”Don’t really see the point in them but check!”


-”Snacks?! Why do we need snacks!??”

-”Encase we get hungry of course!”

-However, when you started sex talking she forgot about everything.

-”I’m gonna ride you like a pony” 


-You really did ride her like a pony that night.

WARNING! These next ones are much more sensual. PREPARE YOUR OVARIES!!!! 


-You had just gotten back from your wedding and you guys were super happy (a little too happy is you ask me)

-You was talking off your coat when you are suddenly pinned to the wall by Jumin.


- He started kissing you passionately. He slowly starting kissing your neck and he even bit you.

-While all this was happening you were unbuttoning his shirt giving you a chance to feel his abs.

-He unzipped your dress and pushed you harder on to the wall

-You started kissing his neck and whispering his name 

-He grabbed your wrist and threw you onto the bed. He walked over slowly as you caught your breath

-He crawled up on the bed making you back up.

-He carried on crawling up until he reached your legs and started kissing every inch of your body.

-Your moans made him go even rougher

-He reached your face and looked into your vulnerable eyes

-”Are you ready? my love”


-He had been in Rika’s apartment for a day now ‘protecting’ you and you were getting very frustrated 

-He just didn’t seem to notice any of your hints

-That was until one day when he started shouting at you


-You just snapped 

-”MC…what are you doing!?”

-You unzipped your skirt and slowly walked over to seven. You pushed him down on the floor and started taking off his jacket.

-”MC! Let’s talk this through..ah..ugh…stop!”

-You took his shirt of and started kissing his neck. As you did this you heard seven moan louder and louder.

-You went up to his ear and said “I take those moans mean you like it”


- you backed away and looked at him

-You saw him completely out of breath. He stared back at you and saw you starting to cry

-”Please seven”


- a tear fell down your cheek and you looked away from him


-you looked back and smiled. This Man had stolen your heart

Authors note: I died writing Jumin… ;3


If you cross Good Will Hunting with the Bourne movies, you’d probably get something cool, but these people came up with The Accountant. A movie that is right on the border between really good and really average. 

: Sinning Never Felt So Good (Pearlet) : Chapter 4 : katyasbingowings

A/N - thank you so much for the positive feedback, it does make a gal so happy. Anyway, in terms of smutty stuff, as a lesbian male gay intercourse is not my fortay, so please do forgive me. Also a lil but of Biadore to spice things up…

Warning: Smut

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“I know this shit too well… Randy explained it better…”

Professor: Ms. Bathgate, are you bored?

Angela: You have no idea, sir.

Professor: Then maybe you’ll come here and explain the topic to your fellow students?

Angela: Why would I do your job?

Professor: If you do it, you won’t have to pass the exam this semester.

Angela: Deal!

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Your Sins May Be Personal But They Are Never Private

“If the Church is truly the body of Christ, then everything we do must have some effect on the body, even those acts we think nobody sees. Fr. Mike shares how this may be tough to acknowledge when it comes to sin we wish only affected us privately, but he also points out how all the good we do that nobody sees is empowering the Church in some way as well.”