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Soooo JaxBlade I have to ask who are your TOP 10 FICTIONAL ALPHA MALE BADASSES! Folks you're just like they are too beast! I'm guessing all of them are Heroes that Kill since you love those types am I right ;)

My Top 10 ALPHA MALES Of Fiction?

Ooooo this Sounds fun. Okay and YOURE GODDAMN RIGHT THEY ARE HEROES WHO FUCKIN KILL without Mercy! haha

So my Top 10 Fictional Alpha Males that Inspire me in no particular order

1) The Punisher

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2) Wolverine 

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3) Kenshiro

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4) Hiei

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5) John Rambo

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6) John Matrix

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7) Escanor

8) Scorpion (he’s an Anti Hero now and not a straight villain anymore)

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9) Jason Voorhees (he’s a villain if you’re on his turf but I love the dude)


Angie Martinelli is the hero Peggy Carter deserves

Sleep your cares away

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Man my muse has been all over the place today like

Day time: “I have ascended to a higher plane plane of existence. I feel everyone and see everything. I am a storm child made of wild and flame. I am a queen of fire.”

And then

Night time: “Fuck me like a Lana del Rey song ‘cuz you can be the boss Daddy-o, yeah. And I’ll be your gangster queen high on life. I’m fucking crazy but I’m fucking free!”


- If you’re the best England’s got to offer, then God help you.
- I’m Welsh.