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3. action & adventure (post-apocalyptic) [do not repost without my permission}

boy am i late to this game whoops, but im an adult humanoid being with an adult job and lots of lizards and 0 time 

I decided better late than never, so heres prompt 3 of the SinJa AU week, featuring post-apocalyptic garb. Prolly gonna outline this and repost it later??? Maybe w/ color??? 

headcanon that even though Sin looks like a badass Ja’far still does all the dirty work himself because let’s face it Sin can’t handle himself let alone a dead monster body

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Sin: Greed - Reimagining Bedelia AU

Note: Attending the requests of @bedelia-du-badass and @galacticcoyote, and also fulfilling my promise to bedelia-du-badass; here we have the second chapter of Sin: Greed. First part.

“Jack Crawford will come after you.”

Bedelia raised her eyes to meet the maroon ones of her new patient. She needed a moment before she started speaking. “Jack Crawford? The FBI agent who brought Will Graham to the field? The same Will Graham who caught you?”

Lecter nodded quietly.

“Why?” she asked.

“He sent an agent a week ago, a cocky young man whom, unfortunately, has an ego bigger than his talents. An attempted copy of Will Graham.” Hannibal clarified.

“And what did you do to this young man?” she asked with an arched eyebrow, a small smile creeping on her lips.

Lecter smiled satisfied. “He won’t be coming back anytime soon, I believe his ego suffered some real damage.”

Du Maurier looked down to her notes trying not to be too amused.

“You’ll drawn attention. A woman who had a fight with me, came back to fight back and became my psychiatrist is opportunity to Jack Crawford, specially with Buffalo Bill around.”

“Do you believe he’ll come for you for help?”

“I know Bill”.

A pause.

“Crawford will try to convince you to work for him, he’ll make offers.”

“Do you want to help him?”

Lecter smiled. “I want a view.”

“And Crawford can give you that.” she put her papers on her bag. She stopped and looked at him. “You’ve been bored, Buffalo Bill will give you something to do. But it also will test me, test my loyalty and my ethics.”

Hannibal Lecter smiled widely.

Bedelia rose up to her feet, bag in hand, ready to go. “What do you want?”

“I believe you know the answer for that, doctor.”

She nodded. “I’ll see you next week, Hannibal.”

“Goodbye, doctor.”


Jack Crawford wasn’t the chief of the Behavior Science for nothing, so he expected a alarm to go off, a trigger to be pulled on his mind when he asked Dr. Du Maurier to meet him.

When Bedelia Du Maurier joined him at the coffee shop, her pose alone set alarms on and loud. Whatever he wanted with her he wouldn’t get easily. He wonder just how exactly Chilton didn’t realize he was being manipulated.

“Dr. Du Maurier, it’s a pleasure.”

“Mr. Crawford.”

“Thank you for meeting me.”

“You seemed quite eager on the phone.”

He smiled. “Yes, it is not very common to meet someone like you.”

She smiled back, but she wasn’t amused, just being courteous. “How can I help you, Mr. Crawford?”

“I think you’re aware of my connection to your patient, Dr. Lecter.”

“You are the man who sent Will Graham after him, yes.”

“Ah, yes. Doctor, I’ve done my job, there’s nothing I can do against Lecter anymore. What I can do for him is help, give him something he wants. Something like, perhaps, somewhere away from Dr. Chilton, I hear they don’t get along.”

“If you wanted to make offers, Mr. Crawford, you should have called my patient’s lawyer.”

“Oh, I’ve talked to him. I’ve also sent an agent to Lecter, he sent the kid crying all the way back home. Listen, doctor, I want his help and you’re the only person he talks to.”

“You want to use him to catch Buffalo Bill.”

“He wasn’t a known psychiatrist for nothing.”

“Are you aware of the risks of making a deal with Dr. Lecter, Mr. Crawford?”

“I assure you, I do.”

“I’m not going to be a pawn for the FBI, Mr. Crawford. Hannibal Lecter is my patient and I work for the best interests of his mental health.”

“That’s why we want you, we need someone he trusts.”

“Hannibal Lecter doesn’t trust people.”

“But he listens to you. And we need him to listen. Five women have been found dead.” He let out a frustrated sigh. “As much as we hate this, we need Dr. Lecter.”

A moment. “Why not Will Graham, Jack? Do you write to him? Does he talk to you at all?”

“I’m not under analysis here, doctor.”

“Neither am I under suspicion of any crime, I’d appreciate if you kept that in mind.”

Jack leaned back on his chair and took a deep breath, getting back under control. “I have an offer to make to Lecter, if he helps.”

“I’m listening, Jack.”

Bedelia was as calm as when the conversation started. Crawford was agitated, he watched her with the caution of an endangered animal. Du Maurier seemed no easier than Lecter, he wondered just how far her loyalty would go, he found he didn’t want to know.






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