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Listen to me. You're the cunt who ships daryl with some old grey haired bitch. Who has done NOTHING for them. You're also the cunt who defends asshole NR constantly and praises him when he's dating while his fan girls are all heartbroken and he doesn't even give a shit. He doesn't even like Melissa so go ahead and ship the ship where daryl should date a woman who's much older than him and have her elder bones break with little activity. Stupid bitch.

WOAH. You brought the shade today!

This is just what I needed! I love hearing about how much of a terrible person I am while I’m already struggling right now. Thanks so much for your message!

First of all, your use of “ grey haired bitch ” is incredibly offensive. Having grey hair isn’t a sin, it’s part of growing up. She’s done nothing for them? She’s saved them all at Terminus! She was badass at Alexandria with the wolves. She’s done a lot for them.

Norman isn’t an asshole. YOU’RE an asshole. Why the fuck should he care that fangirls are “ heartbroken ”? Because he’s dating? Because he’s happy with someone? They claim to be fans but attack him for making his own decisions and being happy with someone.
Get over it.

And from what I recall, Norman said Melissa was one of his best friend’s but okay then.

Carol isn’t “ much older ”. She’s three years older. Chill out and get a grip. Three years isn’t “ much older ”.

And her “ elder bones ” didn’t break, as you say, when she was constantly on the run with everyone, they didn’t break when she killed more walkers than can be counted on two hands, they didn’t break when she did a badass job saving everyone at Terminus, they didn’t break when she and Daryl flipped the van forward off the bridge, they didn’t break when she took out as many of the wolves as she could wearing a badass disguise. They didn’t break when she was attacked and shot by that Saviour?

I’ve been told to kill myself just because I’m a fan of Norman. That’s insane. The amount of messages I delete about him is insane.

Go away.


∟ Look there she goes a girl who’s strange but special, a most peculiar mad'moiselle. It’s a pity and a sin, she doesn’t quite fit in ‘cause she really is a funny girl, a beauty but a funny girl, she really is a funny girl… That Belle!

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I just noticed in the Youtube post of your stream that the gates to the casino and love hotel in V3 say "Avaritia" (Latin for greed) on the casino side and "Luxuria" (Latin for lust) on the love hotel side, invoking the cardinal sins. I don't think it's important, but I thought it was interesting trivia to point out.

You know that’s really interesting. I took Latin for two years and didn’t realize that. Good information!!!

Every time I see “guilt” or “sin” associated with food I roll my eyes so hard I’m worried they’re going to get stuck.

“5 Super Bowl Snacks you Don’t Have to Feel Guilty About!” Dear God Brenda just eat the nachos. They’re special, they make you happy, and some nachos for the Super Bowl are not going to make or break anything.

By all means, make the lettuce wraps too, but do so because they’re healthy and yummy, maybe they align with your goals better. But guilt and shame and sin shouldn’t never be associated with food. It is not healthy. It should not be normalized.

Food does not have morality. Food does not change your worth as a person.

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this

a little note for everyone:

you are allowed to be LGBTQA+ and religious 

it is ok to be both

they are not mutually exclusive 

and when people jokingly refer to being gay as sinning,

don’t pay attention to them

because they don’t have religion in their lives the way we do

you are also allowed to be questioning, 

“"How can I serve and love God the way I want to while also being my true self?”

because guess what?

not every LGBTQA+ person is an atheist or a non-believer

so here’s a shoutout to the Christian LGBTQA+

and the Muslim LGBTQA+ 

and the Jewish LGBTQA+ 

and the Buddhist LGBTQA+

and every other religion that you may believe in

religion can coexist with your sexual identity and your gender identity

you are loved by God and by me 

TRANSLATION: 15:15-01:01

Text from Isak:
Hey, mom. I’ve started dating a boy. I know that you believe in God and that it says in the bible that it’s a sin, but you don’t have to be scared because it also says that God have created everyone in his picture and that everyone is equally worth. I’m sorry if you got sad. Hugs from Isak.

Hei Isak, this is Sonja to Even, can you call me when you’re not together with Even. It’s important.

E: halla

I: halla, woah… do you wanna go to my place?

E: no, i do not want that

I: okay, what do you want then?

E: I want to check into a fucking suite

I: a suite?

E: yeah?

I: why do you always walk like that? Huh?


E: hey

R: hey

E: we’ve reserved a room on Even Bech Næsheim

R: yeah, welcome

E: thank you very much

R: can I see some ID?

E: *in Danish* are you Danish? Are you Danish? *normally* Wow, how extremely funny. I’m a big fan of Danish people. Danish movies, Danish people, anticrist?

R: that’s very good. I haven’t seen that one. But the others are very good.

E: don’t you like Denmark?

I: yeah yeah, danmark is good

E: this is my boyfriend

R: how nice

E: yeah, very nice. Isn’t he handsome?

R: handsome?

E: yeah, *to isak* I just have to say it in danish, uh, hot? What do you say? Isn’t this man beautiful? Yeah?

E: *mumbling* how many Isak’s and evens do you think is lying just like this right now?
Taste this burger

I: is it good?

E: on our wedding, there will only be mini burgers

I: on our wedding, actually

E: you don’t think we’re getting married?
We’re fucking getting married! A big, fucking wedding. And we’re arriving like God and Julius Caesar. No, actually, we’re arriving naked. Butt naked. From now on we’re doing everything naked.

I: okay

E: and I’m gonna propose from a balcony. Just imagine me coming in a big white limmo tesla, driving, yelling ‘princess vivian’

I: princess Vivian?

E: it’s so awesome that you respond with that, cause then you believe that it’s a Romeo and Juliet reference, but you don’t get that before you walk onto the balcony and you see me sitting naked with a tie, and then you get the reference! And after I’ve climbed up to the balcony I ask you ‘what happens after I’ve saved you?’ And you answer… I save you back. And it would be so fucking funny. It’s actually one of my dreams. It’s one of my dreams!

E: … how many Isak’s and evens, Do you think are laying like this right now

I: infinitive

E: infinite time

I: yeah

E: you know the only way to have something forever is to lose it

I: don’t say that

E: I’m just kidding

I: do you never sleep, or what?

E: not when you’re lying here being so fucking hot

I: evyy, lay down with me

E: yeah, I’m just going out, buying some mc Donald’s food for us

I: Even!

I: where did he go?

I: hey, is it Sonja? Something happened to Even. Could you check where the closest MC Donald’s is? If he walks around Grønland (neighbourhood) now he’ll get his ass beat, he’s like, naked!
Sonja: okay thanks. The police has him. So he’s safe, atleast.

I: what just happened?

S: he’s manic! That’s what happened!
He’s sick! Do you think he’s in love with you? He’s not! It’s just a sick idea he has right now. Last year he memorized the Quran because he thought it was a good idea. And he’s not supposed to smoke, it makes him sick, as you might understand. So can you please just back off!

Translation: 15:15 - 01:01 - 02.12

(Isak writing a text to his mother)

Hi, mom. I’m together with a guy. I know that you believe in God and that the Bible says that it’s a sin, but you don’t need to be afraid because it also says that God created every man in his image and that all people are equal. I’m sorry if it makes you sad. Hugs, Isak.

(Isak receives a message from Sonja)

Sonja: Hi Isak, this is Sonja. Can you call me when you’re not with Even? It’s important.

(Even knocks on the window)

Even: Hey.

Isak: Hey..yoo. Er…you keen on going back to my place?

Even: No, I’m not.

Isak: Okay, what are you keen on doing, then?

Even: I’m keen on checking into a fucking suite!

Isak: A suite?

Even: Yes.

Isak: Why d’you always walk like that?!

(They enter the hotel)

Even: Hi

Clerk: Hi

Even: We’ve booked a room in the name Even Bech Næsheim.

Clerk: Yes, welcome.

Even: Thank you very much.

Clerk: Can I see some ID, please?

Even: (trying out a Danish accent) Are you Danish? You’re Danish? Wow! So incredibly great, I’m a huge fan of danes.

Clerk: Yes?

Even: Danish films, Danish people..uhh…carouselles. Antichrist?

Clerk: It’s very good.

Even: Brothers.

Clerk: That one, too.

Even: Stars without brains?

Clerk: maybe not that one, but the other ones are very good.

Even (to Isak): Don’t you like Denmark?

Isak: Yeah, of course. Denmark is good.

Even (to the clerk again, in a Danish accent): This is my boyfriend.

Clerk: How nice.

Even: Yeah, it’s very nice. Isn’t he handsome?

Clerk: Handsome?

Even: Yeah, do you say it in Danish… uh..fine…uh what do you say..isn’t this man beautiful?

Clerk: Yep.

Even: Yeah, very beautiful.

(They take the elevator up)

Even (voice over): How many Isaks and Evens are lying just like this right now?

(They’re eating)

Even: Taste this burger!

Isak: Good?

Even: You know, at our wedding there should only be mini burgers.

Isak: At our wedding, really?

Even: You don’t think we’re getting married?

Even (voice over): We’re so fucking getting married!

Even: Huge, fucking wedding! And we’ll show up as God and Julius Cæsar. No, as..just completely butt naked! Completely naked, no clothes! From now on we should only do things while naked.

Isak: Okay..!

Even: And I’m gonna propose to you from a balcony. Just picture me driving up to you in a white, limousine Tesla yelling “Princess Vivian!” 

Isak: Princess Vivian?

Even: And it would be so awesome if you answered that! Like, the whole joke is that you’d think is a Romeo and Juliet reference, but you don’t get that until you enter the balcony and then you see me sitting there naked, with a tie on, and then you get the reference! And after I’ve climbed up to the balcony I ask you “What happens after I’ve saved you?” and then you answer…

(Isak looks at Even)

Even: I’ll save you right back. It would be so fucking funny! It’s actually one of my dreams. One of my dreams.

(They are in bed)

Even: How many Isaks and Evens do you think are lying on the bed like this right now?

Isak: Infinite ones.

Even (whispers): In infinite time?

Isak (whispers): Yes.

Even: You know, the only way to have something for infinite time is by losing it.

Isak: Don’t say stuff like that.

Even: I’m only joking.

(Screen goes black, then shows Even doing something in the background, then black again, then back to Isak)

Isak: Do you never sleep?

(Even kisses Isak)

Even: Not when you’re lying here looking so fucking hot.

(Even gets up again, screen goes black, then back to Even walking about in the room, Isak wakes up)

Isak: Baby…Come lie down with me.

Even: Yeah, I’m just gonna go out and get some McDonald’s first.

(Even leaves, naked, Isak gets up and follows him)

Isak: Even!

(Isak leaves, all dressed)

(Isak calls Sonja)

Isak: Hi, is it Sonja? Something’s happened to Even. Could you check where the closest McDonald’s is? Well, if he’s walking around on Grønnland now he’ll get assaulted, he’s naked!

(Sonja shows up in a taxi)

Sonja: The police have him. So he’s safe, at least.

Isak: What just happened?

Sonja: He’s manic, that’s what’s happening now. He’s not well! Do you think he’s in love with you? He isn’t! It’s just a sick idea he’s got right now! Last year he memorized the Quran, in Arabic, because at that time he thought that was a good idea! And he’s not supposed to smoke, because that’s not good for him, as you probably understand? So can you please just…stay away?!

(Sonja leaves)

EDIT: Hi guys, I noticed a mistake yesterday..! (and thanks to those of you also messaging me about it..!) Even is saying “Meget beautiful” not ‘my beautiful’ as I first thought. (got a little confused there with Norwegian, English AND Danish..!) ‘Meget’ is a Danish/Norwegian word meaning ‘very’. I’m sorry! <3

Little Do They Know
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Parents:</b> Look at our daughter! She's so good, so smart, she's always reading, never had anything other than a pure thought cross her mind! She's our normal child - I'm so proud.<p/><b>Me:</b> *reads gay fics 😉😶😉😶*<p/><b>Me:</b> *Watches cartoons and ships characters*<p/><b>Me:</b> *Ships an angel and human*<p/><b>Me:</b> *Cusses worse than a sailor*<p/><b>Me:</b> *Fails at literally everything in life*<p/><b>Me:</b> *Stares at fan art of gay ships*<p/><b>Me:</b> *Baby talks to my turtle*<p/><b>Me:</b> *Will fight and prove the ten dollar fouding father was in fact bi™*<p/><b>Me:</b> *Has accidently called George Washinton 'Daddy' in front of my friends*<p/><b>Me:</b> lmao yeah im so normal *Chokes on air*<p/></p><p/></p>
  • (((((Disclaimer: the reading "gay fics" is meaning NSFW, I'm joking about that not saying gay is sinful...didn't think I had to explain it)))))

Idk about you, but I think Hux has absolutely no concept of leisure time or spontaneity. He´s obsessed with timetabels and has his day structured to the last second. So when Kylo wants sexytime he´ll be like: “Didn´t you get my updated schedule? I´ve made time for you next thuesday between 1700 and 1730, if our supply from Ban-Satir II arrives on time (edit: it never does)”


            marvel character posters | matt murdock
            We all want to live in a world where we can make a difference. But the ethical paradox can wear you down. And sometimes you have to lie. Even as you fight for, truth and justice, even if you’re a lawyer who has sworn to live by the truth, you willingly bear false witness. I lied to shield my friends. A sin is a sin– That wasn’t me shielding anyone or dismissing a perceived danger. That wasn’t an act of integrity.That was me fighting to preserve a lie. Keep it alive. Give it power. That’s different. That’s not what we should be doing. My dad taught me better than that. I’m Daredevil. That’s the truth.