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overdue (M) | two

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Ship: jungkook x reader

Summary of Part 2: Jungkook puts you in the most difficult situations in class and in the middle of conversing with your friend, all to later reward you with some “delayed gratification”

Genres: smut, a little fluff, mostly smut

Warnings: dom-jungkook, sex toys, exhibitionism, edging, over-stim, multiple orgasms, choking

Part 1 / Part 2

Word Count: 4.3k

“Ah seriously?!” Your outburst of frustration silenced the entire room, and once again all eyes were turned to you. The teacher stared with crossed arms and furrowed brows. ‘Shit.’

“Yes, (Y/N)?” your teacher asked with a stern voice, clearly having it up to here with your millennial shenanigans.

“Uhm, you see,” you stammered nervously trying to think up the smoothest escape out of the spotlight you roped yourself into. “That glass ceiling you know, haha, it just frustrates me so much.”

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experiment | oneshot

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Pairing: jungkook x reader

Summary: Your timid lab partner is way more than meets the eye. It’s not until you’re faced with a life-threatening confrontation does he reveal his true, knightly, menacing, colours. 

Genres: smut, fluff, romance, SIN, so much sin

Warnings: dom-jungkook, graphic sexual content, profanity, attempted sexual assault, hair pulling, multiple orgasms, spanking

Word Count: 6.8k

“It turned pale pink, stop, stop!” You exclaim before Jungkook abruptly shuts the burette. He’s been ditzy and clumsy for most of the experiment. You glance over at him as you record measurements. He doesn’t even try to hide that he’s avoiding your gaze and purses his lips as he stirs the beaker lightly with his hand. His hair has transitioned from neat to a mess in the span of this simple class experiment. 

He’s tripped over his words, and nervously shifted himself out of your way just from a simple brushing of your shoulders. You knew him as the youngest of his group of friends, and he seemed to get along just fine with them. He even seemed like the entertaining and extroverted type. Now, he seemed like the most timid, lost puppy. You simply giggled at his little fumbles though, until it started getting frustrating for carrying out the experiment.

‘I don’t how we’ll be able to get the report done together if it continues on like this,’ You thought to yourself and sighed. 

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