sin lers

Things I never tire of:

- lees saying “t-word” or “t-wording” instead of tickle or tickling. 

- using !!!!!!!! instead of typing a coherent, well-thought out response.


- tagging others in tickle related gifs or videos 

- tagging others said gifs or videos, but also talking about said gif or video in the tags 

- lees making this face: :3 

- or /.\

- or D: when a spot is talked about

- lers who get blushy and so flustered when their favorite spot to tickle and play with is brought up. And also: lers who are tough as heck but even mentioning a certain spot makes them feel all goopy inside and it can make them feel a bit submissive because reasons :p

- raspberries

- teasing each other with pictures of nylon clad feet

- furiously shy lers 

- not-bashful-at-all lees who can tease and torment their ler into tickling them but even then the ler is blushing and melting inside

- all the cute versions of laughter like ahah…haha… or hhyyynnnkkk!! or hehe~ or the yelling to signify squeals like NOHOHAAHA PLEAAHAHASSEE!!! 

- bashful lers who acknowledge that they like tickling but just can’t be teasy about it because they’re too soft.

- sass from lees

- no I’m serious the sassy lee and bashful ler thing drives me crazy I love it so much

- threatening to even just perch fingers on a death spot 

- wiggling fingers juuuusttt near a bad spot and making the lee beg to just! do it already!!!

- lers who are supposed hard lers but they stay here long enough and realize they are actually possibly switches

-lers making this face: ;3

- lers saying that they’re hunters or hinting that they are some sort of hungry predator like oh my gosh rip me. In half please. And also lers “hunting” for their prey. 

- Saying you’re the tickle-monster @u@

- lees who can’t say “tickle” out loud in regular conversation.

- LERS who can’t say “tickle” out loud in regular conversation.

- watching a movie or commercial or whatever with family/vanilla-friends and the word pops up and you gotta poker-face your way through it.

- watching a movie or commercial or whatever alone and replaying it if tickling comes up just to self-indulge and sin quietly.

- lers or lees that can say “tickle” out loud, but stutter when they say it <3

- lers or lees that have a certain phrase, clothing item, word, what have  you that makes them think of tickling and pushes them into the mood for it.

- being spoon-fed spots

- unconventional spots like shins, tops of feet, inner-elbows, palms of the hands, forehead, front of the neck, ect.

- lees begging to be tied or pinned down so they don’t hurt the ler but also so they can’t chicken out and leave.


- tiny finger strokes down the sides when you’re spooning 

- making fake eating noises when you’re nibbling or mouthing at a bad spot just to hear the lee howl and squeal wildly (ohmygosh especially if youre teasing at some tummy pudge or the backs of the knees or the hips or!! ahhh)


- just causually talking about getting a spot and the potential lee starts breaking out every nervous tick they have like stuttering, bouncing their legs, rubbing their neck, avoiding eye-contact with a stupid big smile on their face, blushing, not being able to make full sentences ect.

- a cheeky lee asking a ler to explain something or asking a question, and then the lee starts rubbing or self-tickling, or wiggling a known bad spot of theirs and the ler freezes and just! can’t! deal with that!!

- ugghhhh that stretch people do. That horrible thing where they sttrrreeeetttccchhh up and their shirt rises and oh god there’s their tummy /.\

-that same stretch but when a ler comes up behind them and gets em in the armpits <3 or gets the ribs!

- ticklish backs

- teasing a ler by waggling your feet or other body part you know they have mad ler lust for (like tummies) 

- when someone can’t have their hair up/is afraid of having short hair because oh goodness what if a ler k  n o w s about their ticklish neck?

- that deer in the head lights “oh shit” face people pull when tickling is brought up and they know they gon get it <3

- calling people “tickle-hungry”



I’ve come a long way in 2 years, and I’d like to take this opportunity to personally thank @didney-worl-no-uta who actually reminded me to open my askbox. My pet butterfly @anotherler for sending me my very FIRST ask and @plutonis for my very first gift. @thesocialpariah and @detriex for being one of my first friends on here, and a HUGE shout out to my biggest support, my best friend, my dear dear @dizylizy

And of course, my first ever Once-Ler Somepies @bedtime-onceler my science buddies and associates Dr Nefario @scientifique and Dr. @jamescaverly, one of the coolest kids I know Antonio Perez @deviiouslycharming my interesting old friend and twin @nut-ler, and my old Teds @ted–wiggins and @nevler. Y'all have always been there for me and it warms my heart to have talked to y'all and become great chums 8D

But I can’t disclude my brand new buddies from this past year. Thanks to my Grandpappy @crowmod I decided to get back into the askblog scene again where I had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of my new Teddy @undeterredbyreality, my BUSINESS ASSOCIATE Avarice Greed from @seven-sin-lers, the prettiest lady @oncelette, the kinda intimidating but extremely fashionable @ask-that-freak-ler, the *cough*beautiful @scaredandconfusedler, the funniest guy around, @prankler, and dear @pickupler.

And the truffulahub reopened, where I met awesome folks such as @thesmuttypirate, @the-red-onceler, @piano-ler, @ask-candy-ler, @stone-ler, @psychicler, @wrong-ler, @askslytherinonceler, @travelling-madness, @telepathic-greedler, @askghostler, @poet-ler and @parakeet-ler @stutterler and @the-porcelAin-onceler.

The hub was where I got my family, my StarMom @miru667,my candy mom @skittlesandmms, my Deer mom @medlie and of course the most important person in my life, my darling baby boy @freakingfitzgerald


I found the Once-Ler with the warmest hugs @ask-vidler, the expert on all things cool @coppy-ler  quiet somepie @muteler, my king and liege @nerdler the sweetest smelling Ler @asktruffuler, the most INTELLIGENT guy I know @dino-ler, my almost friend @freakingbeanpole, my new friend @wilyladyler and my absolute IDOL @72swingler, the nicest guy I know glasgowonceler, and my kouhais @jealousler and @squid-ler

And of course I’d like to thank the amazing Somepies who I don’t interact with but admire from afar @askgentlemanonceler, @coffe-ler @insomnia-ler, @little-ler, @midd-ler, @raxcity, @despicable-moon-thief,  @balljointed-onceler @monsterler @askthedoghimself, @poltergeistonceler, @askcanadianonceler @bitteronceler, @the-fix-it-up-chappie, @lowquality-onceler @ask-one-swagler, @sketch-ler, @cheapskateler, @thepersonificationoffear @journeying-onceler @assassinler, @cursedwithinkblood, @ask-the-otaku-ler, @the-once-ler-in-the-woods, @thespian-ler @398thneedvilledrive, @ask-kawaii-once-lette @thewhovillainonceler, @greed-ler, @griinched, @askfaustler @askthesexylorax, @wreckit-ler @ask-the-dreamy-lorax, @ask-swag-oneler and @ask-jojo-yopp

Honorable mention to @ask-the-2012-onceler. He’s some kind of snail activist and his Milkshakes bring all the Lers to the yard but I don’t really get him. What kinda Once-Ler LIKES TOMATOES?

But all this was possible thanks to one of the the greatest Ler of our times @minionler.

All of the new friendships I have today are SOLELY thanks to him. He showed up on the scene with his corn kernels in goggles and awoke our sleeping fandom with a storm of bananas and incredible artwork. I owe him a lot, for bringing out the best in me, and taking the time to find out things about me that others tend to overlook, to call me out on my foolhardiness, and remind me that

“It’s not what I Am, but what I can Become”

And a big thank you to everyone who has ever supported me, liked my posts or even glanced my way. I WISH I could name all of you, and you’re all amazing people for being in our fandom. Thanks for 2 fun years of biggering!

And always remember:

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. Its not.