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☩ Examination of Conscience ☩

based on the Seven Deadly Sins

Sins of omission may be more serious than sins of commission: “In what I have done, and in what I have failed to do” - Have I omitted to say my prayers? Have I omitted to look for and respond to the needs of family? “In thought, word, and deed” - Even if I did not gossip in word, did I judge someone in thought? Each area of my life should be considered: e.g. My family, my friends, my work, my prayer, those I work and live with, etc.

Pride (ST II-II q162) is the mother of all sin. It is a craving for excellence beyond what is reasonable. It makes a person hate being equal to others, and hate being less than God. ☧ Have I refused to admit my own weaknesses? ☧ Have I dwelt on the failings of others? ☧ Have I judged others, in my thoughts or words? ☧ Have I ranked myself better than others? ☧ Have I borne hated for another? ☧ Have I refused to learn from others? ☧ Have I been stubborn? Refused to admit I was wrong? ☧ Have I been arrogant? Have I held others in contempt? ☧ Pusillanimity is the opposite of pride. False-humility fails to use our gifts. ☧ Have I neglected to use the talents that God has given me? Vanity (ST II-II q132) is excessive concern about manifesting my glory before others. ☧ Have I been overly concerned about what others think of me? Have I allowed this to motivate my actions? ☧ Have I lied or exaggerated to make myself look good? ☧ Have I wasted undue time and money on clothes and appearance? ☧ Have I been content with my lowly position, or have I resented the role that Christ asks of me?

Lust (ST II-II q.153; CCC 2351) is disordered desire for sexual pleasure, isolated from its procreative and unitive purpose (CCC 2351). Custody of the Eyes: “Whoever looks at a woman with lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart” (Mt 5:28). ☧ Have I viewed other people as mere sexual objects rather than as persons to be loved? ☧ Pornography: On internet? or TV? ☧ Impure Thoughts: Have I entertained impure thoughts? ☧ Impure Acts: Alone, or with another?

Anger or Wrath (ST II-II q158) is undue desire for vengeance -undue in cause or in amount. ☧ Have I harbored resentment, grudges, and hatred in my thoughts? ☧ Have I nurtured imaginary angry conversations? ☧ Have I been slow to forgive? Have I lost my temper? ☧ Impatience: How have I carried my cross? Have I been impatient with people, family, events, sufferings, sicknesses?

Avarice or Covetousness (ST II-II q118) is the excessive love of possessing things. ☧ Have I been overly concerned about my own comfort and well-being? ☧ Have I been resentful of my lack of money? ☧ Have I been generous in giving? Have I given with a cheerful heart? ☧ Have I cheated, stolen, or failed to pay my bills on time? ☧ Have I used people for my own ends and advantage? ☧ Have I wasted money?

Envy (ST II-II q36) is sadness at the happiness of another. Jealousy is coveting what belongs to another. ☧ Have I envied or been jealous of the abilities, talents, ideas, good-looks, intelligence, clothes, possessions, money, friends, family, of another? ☧ Gossip: Have I judged others in my thoughts? ☧ Have I damaged the reputation of another person by my words, attitude, or looks? ☧ Have I repeated accusations that might not be true? Have I exaggerated? ☧ Have I failed to defend the reputation of others? ☧ Have I failed to keep secrets? ☧ Do I despise others of different race, class or culture?☧ Lies: Have I lied or exaggerated?

Apathy (ST II-II q35) is laziness, especially laziness in the things of God. Sloth is a sorrow in the face of spiritual good; it makes a person lethargic and want to do nothing. ☧ Have I sought God above all else, or have I put other priorities ahead of him? (e.g. friendships, ambition, comfort and ease) ☧ Have I got so caught up in the things of this world that I’ve forgotten God? ☧ Have I risked losing my faith or piety by bad company or reading? ☧ Have I trusted God, especially in times of difficulty? ☧ Have I attended Mass each and every Sunday? ☧ Have I neglected to say my daily prayers? ☧ Have I entertained distractions in prayer or in the Mass? ☧ Have I received Holy Communion while in a state of serious sin? ☧ Have I taken the Lord’s name in vain or used other foul language? ☧ My Neighbor: Have I been attentive to the needs of my neighbor, the needs of my family? ☧ Has my conversation been focused on my own pleasure, or on others? ☧ Has my humor been insensitive to others? ☧ My Family: Have I spent time with and shown concern for my family? Have I been forgiving and tolerant of them? Have I scandalized them by a bad or lazy example? ☧ Punctuality and Discipline: Have I sinned against my neighbor by being late, or against God and the congregation by being late for Mass? ☧ Have I wasted time needlessly? ☧ Have I planned good use of relaxation and recreation, knowing that I need to rest well?

Gluttony (ST II-II q148) is the inordinate desire for food. ☧ Have I eaten more than I need? To how serious an extent? ☧ Have I spent excessive money on food? ☧ Have I drunk alcohol excessively? ☧ Have driven after drinking? ☧ Have I eaten greedily and with little consideration for the presence and needs of those at table with me? ☧ Have I given money to help the hungry? ☧ Have I regularly practiced fasting and self-denial, especially on Fridays? ☧ Have I always fasted an hour before receiving Holy Communion at Mass?

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Read Romans 6
For sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not under law but under grace. Romans 6:4:14
The often forgotten truth about the gospel is that Jesus was raised from the dead so that we would “walk in newness of life” now…here on earth.
It can be a challenge especially since our “old self” sinful desires and habits are constantly trying to regain control over our minds and bodies after we place faith in Jesus. Many people give up on trying to live in the newness of life and settle for their old style of life. This is dangerous. We become slaves to sin’s desires and we appear powerless to live for God.
Paul writes…
1. Don’t let sin reign in your body, that you should obey its lusts.
2. Don’t present your body as an instrument of unrighteousness.
3. Present your body to God as an instrument of righteousness.
Paul states that sin shall not have dominion over us since through Jesus Christ we are under God’s grace. That is a powerful promise that we can stand on in faith. Whenever sin tries to make you obey its passions, we can say, “By God’s grace through Jesus Christ’s blood, sin no longer has any dominion over me!”


Oh guilt, what can I say about guilt? It is definitely the devils biggest hold on me, and something that has exacerbated the darkest times in my life. Guilt drives me away from God’s love, and makes me distrustful in the redemption God has promised. I have to make a huge effort today, and always, to have FAITH in that promise, TRUST His grace and make an effort to love myself and forgive myself as He eternally loves and forgives me.

Romans is a wonderful resource for those of us like me who struggle with immense guilt, both in our relationship with God, and the rest of our lives. Paul is reminding us of God’s promise that no matter what mistakes we make, God will pick us back up and offer us forgiveness. None of us come up to God’s standards ANYWAY, we all fall short of God’s glory, yet none of us are exempt from His grace. 

Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.
Romans 5:1

There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.
Romans 8:1

For “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” 
Romans 10:13

God should always be the most important thing in our lives, and our top consideration, so why should we hold onto damaging guilt when we have already been assured of His forgiveness? We have been told that we should always forgive as we have been forgiven, so why do we find it so hard to apply this to ourselves?

If there is one thing that Jesus was passionate about making clear to us, it’s that nobody is beyond salvation. He was with the lowest of the low, the thieves, prostitutes and tax collectors, and he told them that their repentance is their salvation. Why would I think that I am any worse than these people? Why do I beat myself up over the things I’ve done, when I believe that Jesus washes me clean? People who had an outwardly good appearance but who were all show and no faith angered Jesus, and he spent more time on those who needed salvation that the people who hung out at temples already. 

Just so, I tell you, there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance.
Luke 15:7

He loved me when I was living in sin, and He loves me now that I try my best to resist sin. Nothing can separate me from that love. It is okay to understand the wrong that I’ve done and feel bad over it, without that I would never truly be able to repent, but once repentance is done and I’m trying my best, that feeling bad becomes toxic. Guilt becomes shame, and shame poisons the heart. 

Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death.
2 Corinthians 7:10

The deep realisation that what we’ve done is the force driving the nails into our Saviour’s hands is what I like to think of as Godly sorrow. It is the key to true repentance and the only way to turn our back on sin. But holding onto to guilt because of other people, situations that have been ruined or possessions broken or lost, this is all worldly sorrow. We have not moved on, we have not understood that God is still there, rooting for us. 

Today I pray that I will truly understand the magnitude of the sacrifice Jesus made for us. I pray that I will be cleansed of guilt, and that God will equip me with the emotional strength to cast aside the devils words, whispered into my ear driving me to shame. I pray that the understanding of true repentance will enter my heart, and lead me closer and closer to Jesus.

Construí un mundo para dos y el hijo de puta está ardiendo, jamás giró a la misma sintonía a la de nosotros, el tiempo nos jugó una mala jugada y el universo jamás conspiró a nuestro favor.
Desde el principio fuimos opuestos.
Jugamos con fuego buscando quemarnos. Fuimos esa madera que sueña con, algún día, ser piano. Y sonar bonito. Y hacer llorar mientras la añoranza toca la puerta y las lágrimas son inevitables.
Estamos luchando desde dentro, desde ese lugar donde se tienen las más temibles y frías guerras.
Uno… Dos… Tres besos.
Ni siquiera teníamos magnetismo, no teníamos ese algo que atrae a los polos opuestos.
Desde el principio fuimos imposibles.
Y me sonríe mientras lee por décima vez su libro favorito. Y me digo a mí mismo qué preciosa es está chica con o sin lentes. Y me pregunta qué sería de mi mundo sin ella, fuera de él. Y callo.
Uno… Dos… Tres portazos.
Se escucha a lo lejos venir algo que le pondrá la cereza al pastel que jamás compartiremos por los cumpleaños que jamás celebraremos juntos.
Y, de repente, se asoma por la ventana la misma oscuridad que la trajo a ella, pero ahora soy yo quien se la está llevando al mismo agujero.
Posdata: Uno… Dos… Trescientas veces tocó la tormenta mi vida para entender que mi mundo sin ti es sólo un planeta siguiendo su órbita.
—  Benjamín Griss

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Te operaron de miopía o astigmatismo? Sabes si se puede operar los dos?:3

Si! Yo sufria de los dos, no podia ver ni de cerca ni de lejos, era casi ciega sin mis lentes! Y si se pueden, mientras tu cornea sea del grosor necesario, si se pueden realizar la operacion.


Lensless 1739 by - Hob -
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Refractography from the archives. Using a glass bead as a lens. No post processing or suchlike, Maltby standard SOOC.