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What if Robbie uses disguises for more than just trying to trick the children and chase Sportacus out of Lazytown? What if he wears them to the local coffee shop and anywhere else around town too because he doesn’t feel comfortable being Robbie Rotten to buy groceries? 

Imagine, during one of Robbie’s errand runs, that he runs into Sportacus. Sportacus, who always recognizes Robbie despite the disguises, realizes that this is one time that Robbie isn’t trying to be, well, Rotten. So they start talking. It’s nice. Robbie is feeling confident enough in this disguise to even flirt with Sportacus. But then Sportacus straight (hah) up asks disguised!Robbie out on a date and Robbie agrees. 

Cue Robbie starting to live a double life as his disguised self that dates Sportacus and then his usual disguises and self. Robbie begins to feel so guilty that he’s tricking Sportacus while out on dates, especially since he’s having such a nice time dating Sportacus. Sportacus asks if he wants to become a serious couple and Robbie dramatically rips off the disguise only for Sportacus to grin and ask again if Robbie would like to become a serious couple.

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yoongi as hades is major sin

does this make holly cerberus? holly is the cutest cerberus ever in that case

but it really is a major sin. yoongi’s outwardly dark demeanor (though he’s actually a gummy bear) matches perfectly with the underworld. hades rarely leaves the underworld which suits yoongi. 

hades tends to be stern and unyielding, especially when it comes to prayers. do you know how attractive an indifferent yoongi would be? it really shouldn’t be that hot, but succeeding in getting his attention is a laudable accomplishment. he takes a lot of pride in his job, though, always working on expanding his horizons. 

he certainly looks like the god of the underworld and wealth here

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where. is. the. next. priest. fic. installment. AJAX.

anon! it’s here! and after this there is only too many words of porn left. sorry it took so long. so this is the second to last chapter, where Plot happens (i guess) and then you will get your porn you filthy animals. 

edit: it’s all on ao3 here

The Gang Gets Exorcised, Part 4: I didn’t think it would happen to me!  

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guys like you - chapter 2

ch. 1: once is an accident | ch. 2: twice is a coincidence

rating: explicit

“He still making you fake it?”

if Ginny had had time—between class and workouts and making sure to regularly eat, sleep, and shower—to stop and wonder how Mike might break the silence surrounding their night together, she doesn’t think this question would’ve made it into the top ten possibilities.

Not that she hadn’t thought about that night at all, she just figured they weren’t going to talk about it. Ever.

Which is only right as long as he’s her captain. After all, she doesn’t need some fling with her college captain haunting her when (If, her traitorous brain prods.) she gets drafted.

But at the same time…

A whole week later, Ginny still hasn’t stopped thinking about it. Which is a problem since midterms are coming up and she really needs to be dedicating her brain power to those. Rather than trying to remember the exact shade of pink her captain turned when he finally blew his load. Because it hadn’t been enough to get her off with his mouth and then his fingers again. No, he’d laid her out across her bed and fucked her through one last orgasm before finally getting to enjoy his own.

“Oh my God!” she whirls on her smirking captain, keeping her other thoughts to herself and just barely restraining the urge to slug him. “Where were you even hiding?”

He shrugs, sliding into the seat Noah just vacated. A seat that’s all too close to hers. With Noah, it had been cute. A little annoying, but mostly cute. With Mike, it’s nearly overwhelming. Ginny can smell the fresh mint of his gum and the musk of his cologne, the same smell she hadn’t yet been able to bring herself to wash out of her sheets. Combined with this radiating body heat, so similar to that night, Ginny’s ready to crawl out of her skin.

Or maybe into his lap.

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Remember Alpines’s reason of existence. This is basically him when appear tho 

and yes I ve fallen into another AU please forgive my sin of playing too much AUs