sin and roy

dinahsmoak  asked:

Thea Queen 😉

  • OTP: my current OTP for Thea is definitely WildQueen - aka Thea/Rene. I love them and I really want to see them interact, in whatever capacity really. Im not picky. 
  • BrOTP: I think it’s a tie between the relationship she has with Oliver and the one she used to have with Laurel. There is a lot to explore in both and I love that she has both. Or had. Because we can’t hold on to nice things. 
  • OT3: without a single doubt my fave Thea ot3 is Thea/ROy/Sin. I didn’t even hesitate and its a goddamn shame that Sin isnt in the show anymore because she could have been an amazing character but the friedship between her and Thea would have been fantastic because it has been in development slowly since season 1. but again…. nice things are not for us. 
  • NoTP: Thea/the-distance-between-her-and-Malcolm-’i am an abuser ask me how’-Merlyn-being-less-than-a-continent. (dont get me wrong im totally fine with them being within six feet of each other if Malcolm is in fact six feet under, preparing to push up daisies and Thea is watching him being buried to make sure that he is in fact dead, while Laurel and Sara from the background prepare to light his corpse on fire to make sure he stays that way and Felicity lists all possible ways to cement his death - not least among them proposing to put a stake through his heart. just to be sure)
    • Thea/denial-of-agency
    • Thea/near-death-experiences-for-the-sake-of-plot-AND/OR-the-manpain-of-dudes-in-her-life
    • Thea/writers-using-her-as-a-mouthpiece-with-utter-disregard-for-her-characterization-so-far

Give me a character and I will give you my OTP, BrOTP, OT3, and NoTP for them