sin a matic

What your Splatoon main weapon says about you
  • Splattershot Jr: Either not lvl 4 yet, or mains Mario in Mario Kart
  • Splattershot: Used it in the global testfires and never looked back
  • Splattershot Pro: Words cannot describe the fear
  • Splat Roller: probably still thinks rollers are OP
  • Krak-On Splat Roller: Probably still thinks Kraken is OP, never uses Beakons
  • Splat Charger: Always thinks about their next splat, even when not playing
  • Splatterscope: Makes MLG 360 nosquid montages on a daily basis
  • Blaster: Sins a lot
  • Rapid Blaster: Probably that douchebag who activates Bubbler just before you would splat them
  • Luna Blaster: Nerd
  • .52 Gal: Probably the one who carries your team
  • .96 Gal: Probably the reason the above has to carry your team
  • N-Zap '85: Trying their best
  • Squiffer: Trustworthy
  • Jet Squelcher: Sadist
  • Dual Squelcher: Sadist who sins
  • Inkbrush: Wants Super Mario Sunshine DLC
  • Hero Shooter/Charger/Roller Replica: Prides themselves in buying amiibo
  • Carbon Roller: Trying their best 2.0
  • Aerospray RG: SINS
  • Splash-o-matic: Nerd 2.0
  • E-Litre 3K: Hellfire burns within them
  • L-3 Nozzlenose: Too good for this world
  • Dynamo Roller: The most trustworthy
De demonios y café

Entre cafés y demonios ha muerto la poesía,
acaparado de ideas y buscando idolatría.
¿Dónde ha quedado el ingenio?
Acaso el tope está detrás…
De limitaciones del peor de los ciegos,
el que sigue al lazarillo sin saberse guiar.
Sin colores y sin matices,
Un cuadro sin igual,
“suena bien” es tu consuelo,
la palabra amor su tortuoso final.

- Ruvb.

No tengo ni idea de lo que será tenerte entre mis brazos. Es tan bizarro ese concepto de que algún día haya alguien en el mundo que haya salido directamente de mí. Como un apéndice mío con nombre y apellidos.

Sé que te querré porque aún no existes y ya lo hago, pero además sé que será el sentimiento más eterno e incondicional al que me enfrente en la vida. Te querré siempre, sin apelaciones ni matices, da igual quién seas o lo bien o mal que me caigas. Hoy ya te quiero de la forma más natural que pueda existir y te querré por inercia el resto de mi vida.

Palabras desde/para: mi interior

Bostezando sonrisas

Si estuvieras cerca esta noche, probablemente me conformaría con mirarte a los ojos.
Si siguieras aquí mañana, me limitaría a acariciarte la cara hasta que te durmieras.
Guardaría la noche del viernes para contar tus respiraciones y hallar en ellas la paz que me falta.
Las noches del fin de semana nos las reservaría exclusivamente para aullarle juntos a la luna.
¿Qué quieres que te diga? Si te tuviera el resto de noches de mi vida, me tomaría toda la calma del mundo en degustar los pequeños placeres que entrañas y la última noche me encomendaría a todos los dioses e incluso a algún que otro ángel, para que me dieran la oportunidad de volver a repetir mi vida exactamente de la misma manera.
En un ciclo sin fin de matices de ti, en eso invertiría mi vida y hasta mi inmortalidad, si estuvieras cerca esta noche.
—  Bostezando sonrisas
Best Friends Feat. Apathy
Louis Logic
Best Friends Feat. Apathy

Song: Best Friends Featuring Apathy

Artist: Louis Logic

Album: Sin-a-Matic

Great story, very visual.


Louis Logic - Oh Ap, I’m glad I caught you. You know I’m bout to leave the pad on tour soon, and I thought you’d watch my lady while I’m gone, dude.

Apathy - Yo, c'mon, lou,of course that’s cool. You’re my fuckin’ man, my fam. I mean, damn, I don’t got no other plans. We can rent some Blockbuster, catch a movie or two, yo, but I'ma have to leave her home if there’s some hoochie to screw.

Louis Logic - Well, shit yeah! If there’s booty for you, handle yours, hit the bed. I ain’t tryna cockblock if you’re gettin’ head. Lick and spread that chick instead, but if not you gotta watch my baby then, cause most of my lady’s friends are chickenheads.

Apathy - Yeah, that’s understandable. Broads can be real influential, and keepin’ a clean slate is instrumental in relationships potential. I’ll run her to the store, front her dough if she’s low, and try to keep her from runnin’ with clubbin’ hoes.

Louis Logic - Word I knew there was a reason you’re my brother, yo!

Apathy - Of course, Lou. You’re blood from another mother, no other bro!

Apathy - Hello

Louis Logic - Ay yo Ap’, what up it’s Lou. My bus is stuck in Butte. I’m glad I trusted you to watch my lovely boo. Ay, yo, y'all found some stuff to do?

Louis Logic - Oh word up, we just buggin’, dude. Tryna watch this flick, you wanna talk to your chick? Uhh, hold up, she just went into the bathroom sick. See, we was drinkin’ and shit, and now we’re chillin’ on the couch. We was thinkin’ of goin’ out, but decided to lounge in the house.

Louis Logic - Yo, lounge in the house, bounce and be out? What you mean she’s sick? Yo, who the fuck you think you drinkin’ with? You’re supposed to be overseein’ shit. It sounds like all hell’s breakin’ loose!

Apathy - Yo, you’re breakin’ up, lou, and your trippin like I’m trickin’ with your chick. Stop bein’ a dick actin’ like we’re fiendin’ to stick

Apathy *HANGS UP*

Apathy - Yo, fuck it. Don’t pick it up. Lou’s just bein’ a jerk, and goin’ berserk. He’s probably just stressed from all the work. Let’s relax. Sure we can cuddle. There’s nothin’ wrong with that. You can lay across the couch and put your head on my lap.

Apathy - Oh what up, b?“

Louis Logic - Don’t what up me, you fuckin’ asshole! I dropped out of my tour and had to duck my last show! What’s goin’ on with you and my girl?! Slutty ass ho! You fuckin’ her?! What you tryna ruin my world?!

Apathy - Yo, first of all, kid, take that fuckin’ tone out your voice! We boys, but what your girl does is really her choice! Now she’s sittin’ lonely at home while your doin’ your shows. Besides, son, I thought it was bros before hoes?!

Louis Logic - So, if your clothes come off while your chillin’ with my sweet thing, I’m supposed to let her share her g-string?! I'ma take that anniversary ring right back to Zales. Ask the sales girl to take back the pearls! Smack the curls off my lady’s head, and kill you for your treachery. You said you were my best friend, instead you got the best of me?

Apathy - Yo, lou, this shit is hectic, b. I’m really not the enemy. It takes two to tango, and we shared the same energy. One night over some Hennesey we started messin’ sexually, and, well, now we’re dealin’ with an unexpected pregnancy.

Who would dare wed such a slut?
Savage and sultry
To the last days of their marriage, she practiced adultry
When she finally bounced on the boy, he drank by the gallon and quarts
and shouted at the lord til he went out of his core
Instead of crazy, he had thoughts of going Kevin Spacey in Se7en, maybe
He wanted to behead his lady
and any shady kid who laid his mitts on his baby’s tits
His faith was stripped like an atheist
Maybe its that God lies, he was tortured by the thought of
How many odd guys probably knew his wife’s bra size
His thought process was counter-clockwise
Envisionin’ guns and bloody butcher shop knives
—  Dust To Dust - Louis Logic