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There is no sin that God looks upon and says, “No, I won’t forgive that one.” There is not one repentant heart that Jesus would ever turn away. Our sin, what ever it may be, hinders our walk with God. It does not allow us to move forward. It breaks our communication lines with Him, and leaves us feeling like we are so far away. Jesus said, “I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.” How can Jesus work in the life of a person who sees no fault in their sin? Sin is what slowly (but surely) ruins our relationship with God if we do not lay it down at His feet and ask Him to forgive us.

Lord, give me a repentant heart. Help me to recognize my own sins, and ask for your forgiveness so I may be able to walk free from it. You are merciful and loving, and I want to be close to You. Let nothing get in the way of our relationship. Amen!

BTS Run 28 - The Jin Harem

Jin actually smacks JK in the background XD (1:08)

AU where Shooky is bigger than Cooky and Koya XD

Jin reaching out for Joonie and whispers something to him

Jin endeared at his roomie’s antics with Tae

Jin gets touchy when he is amused

This looks domestic AF! 

Throwback time!

domestic Namjin is what we live for

Jinnie… that’s not how tails work…

(He was supposed to wear it around the waist <like he always does with his head/wrist band> but this goof wears it on 1 leg…)

touchy touchy

Jk pushing jin but at the same time, getting a tummy touch

This makes it look like Joonie was serenading Jin…

Hobi impressed at Jin’s vocals (for the first few lines)

The way his eyes crinkle with happiness and awe though :’)

Yoongi cracking up and literally fell for Jin’s comedic vocal outburst

The change in Hobi’s expression from awe to pure amusement

Party!Kook is amused too

Meanwhile, Tae is still jamming to the song with a happy ass smile

Jin being thoroughly entertained by Joonie’s passion

Jinkook laughing at their fellow ‘KimSeokJin Team’ teammate

Pure Glee

Namjin hyping and anticipating JK’s part

I… I have no words for Joonie’s enthusiastic performance

Jinkook seems to be enjoying it too

Anindae!Jin spotted

Jinkook dying at Joon’s singing

TONS of touchy Jin

King Joon and his bespectacled fellow royalty Jin

Jimin blocked the shot where Jin touched Joonie’s thigh 

Namjoon Pulling Jin towards the front


(also ]the birth of a new meme!)

That look of fondness

Meanwhile, Yoongi stares into space while biting his lips…

Jin being amused at Chim’s antics

Their reactions to Jin’s water show though XD

Naruto Chim likes it a whole lot 

Jin is clearly amused by himself too, all while latching onto JK

Yoonjin in the background (almost missed this moment)


Even your sneaky hand Jin!

Here’s a random JK:

He was bopping and making Koya’s ears flop


Joonie… WTF?! 


Namjinkook hugging <A.K.A Team KimSeokJin2.0>

their happiness at attaining sausages

(my mind went down a nasty hole there… stay innocent folks)

matching goofy Namjin

They gave Team KimSeokJin a pink placeholder XD

Once again, Anindae!Jin appears

It’s reassuring to know that both Yoongi and JK is guarding each side of Jin’s Pacific Ocean shoulders

Happy fam

They are very obviously enjoying Jin’s aegyo

Joonie… control your expression please

KookieMon’s reaction to Hobi’s aegyo


Jin’s aegyo: *smiles and generally happy and pleased*

Hobi’s aegyo: *whut? Unamused af*

His hand goes up XD 

Such a cute pose

this cuite

I am fond


Jin giving some cloth for Joonie to wipe the sauce stain on his chin

(it’s actually his glove lol)

JK is so done LMAO 

Hobi called him out for that cold reaction to his aegyo and request XD

Jin feeding Kookie~

Yes jin, feed Jk

Keep us all well fed at the same time!

This concludes this week’s Run! - Jin Harem post~

Hope you guys enjoyed it!

Until next time~