Contact lenses
  • Yoongi : *struggling to put his contacts in*
  • Jin : Here Yoongichi, let me help you~
  • Yoonjin's faces : *is literally an inch away from each other*
  • Jin : There~~
  • Yoongi : *blushes* T-thanks.
  • Jungkook : *quietly watching at the back*
  • Jungkook :
  • Jungkook : *Snaps his glasses*
  • Jungkook : Hyung~~~I need your help!

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Stealing and not having sex is a lot different than just wanting to spend your life with someone you love!

Sin is sin in His eyes. People often have a tendency to create “tiers” of sin, categorizing some sins as better or worse than others. I’ve been guilty of that myself, so I’m not claiming to be any better than the next person. It’s so tempting to say, as a completely unrelated example, condemn a murderer as worse/more sinful than someone who steals.

But in His eyes, sin is sin. A person guilty of stealing and a homosexual person acting on their desires are equally condemned if they keep sinning without repentance and do not seek to be made right through Christ. It may not always make complete sense to our limited human minds, but it’s how He sees it. We can even see this concept in His explanation regarding lustful thoughts. Some may be inclined to think that having lustful thoughts about someone who isn’t your spouse is less of a sin than physically having sexual intercourse with that person. But Jesus told us that lusting after someone is actually considered adultery, just as it would be if you were committing the physical act of intercourse.

Trying to categorize sins by “severity” is a very easy trap to fall into and one we should always avoid because it becomes a slippery slope of redefining sin according to our own standards instead of His. And in turn, it can lead to the dangerous mindset of not taking supposed “lesser” sins seriously and being more inclined to commit them yourself and/or not see it as serious when others get caught in them.

Take The Trade: Part 1

Author: @sincerelystiles
Pairing: Dylan x Reader
Word Count: 2,836


A/N: big fuckin thanks to the girls for encouraging me to finish this and being super supportive. i’ve been working on this for the longest time and it’s finally here, so enjoy mother fuckers x x


Originally posted by gabalecki

I throw the phone onto the couch, groaning in annoyance and stomping my feet like a child as I wander to the kitchen, huffing once more to catch Dylan’s attention. “What’s wrong?” He asks, his back still turned to me as he assorted popcorn and candy into different plastic tubs.

My shoulders slouch and I climb onto the island, crossing my legs and pulling an unsatisfied face. “Everyone’s busy, they can’t make it.” I grumble under my breath with furrowed eyebrows. Friday night was game night, everyone came over to my place to eat junk food, play stupid board games and get completely wasted. But, everyone decided they’d be busy this week, which couldn’t have been any more inconvenient.

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Filthiest smut?

*rises out of the depths of hell*
hello yes i’ve been summoned

School of Fun by staycute1234 [everyone, M, 12k]

natural and automatic by shrdmdnssftw [Vmin, E, 3k]

i wanna feel you in my bones by Bangtanbananas [Jikook, E, 7k]

Two Can Play This Game by ulthosucc [Sugakookie, E, 3k]

Strawberry Heat by darkcinderwolf [Yoonmin, M, 2k]

you can feel it in your mind by depnahh [Jimin/Jungkook/Tae, E, 15k]

In motion by thatbangtanhoe [Namseok, M, 2k]

For Your Love (I’d do Anything) by sobi_baby [Yoonseok, E, 2k]

To the naked eye by mecchayabai [Jikook, E, 5k]

Of Bath Bombs & Shower Gels by cherri_cola [Yoonmin, E, 25k]

In My Head (I’ve Been Waiting) by seikou [Taekook, E, 71k]

I get so breathless (when you call my name) byrapsucka (sonyeondanbiased) [Namjoon/Jungkook/Jimin, E, 9k]

Been There All Day by Bangtanbananas [Yoonmin, E, 14k]

[drabble collection] by shikae (39smooth) [everyone, E, 21k]

Touch and feel by vminhope [everyone, E, 6k]

i can’t hide it (i’m like this every day) by sirradel [Yoonseok, E, 10k]

Principle of Behaviour by rix [Yoongi/Jungkook/Tae, E, 12k]

A Questionable Decision by orphan_account [Yoongi + Maknae Line, E, 21k]

Skin by write_the_impossible [everyone, E, 57k]

Entertain us by NightsBurning [everyone, E, 10k]

got my body so wet by fatal (cumrich) [Minjoon, E, 8k]

you’ll get totally drenched, so bring another pair of panties by voseok [Minjoon, E, 9k]

- Admin Ange (ur local hoe/smut fic enthusiast)

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any really well-written smut?

Our precious Admin Ange recently answered a similar ask here! Check that out!

ask me what’s my best side, i’ll stand back and point at you by rimjobenthusiast  [Taekook, E, 5.7k]

Got You On My Lips by buttstrife (orphan_account) [Taekook, E, 2k]

Not my delivery by AnonymousXJWIFE [Taekook, E, 19k]

Two Can Play This Game by ulthosucc [Yoonkook, E, 3.5k]

I Look for Ways to Say I Love You, but I Ain’t Into Making Love Songs by WooJico [Yoonseok, E, 5.4k]

Falling, catching by chihiro [Junghope, E, 6.7k]

take it or leave it by mianderings [Namgi, E, 40k]

To the naked eye by mecchayabai [Jikook, E, 5.9k]

i wanna feel you in my bones by Bangtanbananas [Jikook, E, 7k]

Shots Fired by eclairdeluxe [Taegi, E, 33k]

Sixth Position by Anonymous [Junghope, E, 3.5k]

be a good baby (do what i want) by switchtaeguk [Taekook, E, 8.5k]

Bad Decisions by Bangtanbananas [Yoonmintae, E, 5.8k]

Call Me Sir (Or A Good Boy) by musclekink [Taekook, E, 15k]

kiss kiss, bang bang by Bangtanbananas [Taekook - Yoonmin, E, 48k - 6 works]


-Admin Nana

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Are you fucking insane?! Ladynoir

This one gets a LITTLE sinn-ish… nothing serious or explicit but I figure I will still put some of it under a cut ^_~

“Give me one good reason why we shouldn’t,” Chat said crossing his arms and leveling her with his most determined stare.

“Oh, I don’t know, how about because I don’t even know your actual name?”

“So we tell each other, it’s been long enough.”

“Are you fucking insane?” Ladybug hissed. “We can’t just-”

“Can’t just what?” Chat interrupted, “can’t just be honest with each other? It’s been three years Ladybug, and I for one am tired of putting my life on hold for some maniac and his color changing butterflies.”

“But the risks,” she tried weakly, even as her blood began to race when her partner stalked towards her.

“The risks will always be there. Why can’t we face them together?” he said softly, his hands reaching out to gently stroke up and down her arms.

“We already do,” Ladybug said stubbornly, “we have a great partnership just the way we are, why should be change that now?”

She knew why, of course she knew. It was her own fault after all. She had been the one to start this whole mess in the first place.

He leaned forward, ducking his head so that their eyes were level. She could see the conflicted feelings dancing in his eyes- frustration, hope, amusement, and pure unadulterated want.

She swallowed heavily.

“I am a pretty patient cat,” he said with a slight smirk, “but there are only so many times we can make out in back alleys and on darkened rooftops before we have to admit that this isn’t some mistake.”

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