Attitude (part 2)

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Warnings: choking, daddy kink, dirty talk, D/s, spanking, SMUT

(y/n) had been sitting in the stall, per his instructions, her fingers working steadily at her soaked entrance as his words replayed in her head. She felt like she was going to explode, her body begging for release that she wasn’t permitted to give. Her breath caught in her throat as she heard the soles of his shoes echoing on the beautifully tiled floor of the bathroom. They stopped when he turned to lock the door, then started up once more. As if to put her on edge, when he passed the doors to each empty stall he pushed them harshly so they banged against the wall, whistling casually as he did.

(y/n) couldn’t help but jump each time, her fingers faltering on her clit, the pang of fear she felt only making her that much wetter. She knew how Seth could get when she went too far and she just knew she wouldn’t be walking straight for a few days.  

“(y/n), Daddy wants to play, open the door for me, princess,” Seth spoke, a hint of playfulness in his tone. Standing on wobbly legs, (y/n) made her way to the stall door and slid the latch to the right, then gulped as she slowly opened the door. As soon as there was enough room, Seth pushed his way into the stall, grabbed (y/n) around the throat with just the right amount of pressure and pinned her up against the wall opposite them.  

Whimpering, (y/n) placed her small hands on his wrist to try and ease his grip, but his strength gave him the upper hand. Seth let out a sadistic chuckle, his now dark eyes watching her squirm. “Look at you, fucking pathetic, you wanna snap at me now, (y/n), hmm?” He teased, leaning in to listen to her now frantic whimpers, her nails biting into his wrist.  

Growing tired of her whimpering, Seth eased his grip enough for her to breathe then reached into his pocket and pulled out her panties. “Open,” he commanded, voice gone low with need. She quickly complied and he shoved them into her mouth. “disrespectful sluts need to be silenced,” he then stepped back from her while thinking. (y/n) shifted uncomfortably under his gaze, unsure of what he had in store for her.  

Without a word he walked over to the toilet and sat down, “come here.” She started to take a step toward him, but he tsked at her, “no, no, no, sluts crawl. After all, I’m sure you’re use to being on your hands and knees. Hurry along, princess, Daddy’s waiting.” Her cheeks burned at his request, but she knew better than to defy him, so she dropped to her hands and knees and crawled to kneel in front of him, her dignity pushed aside.  

Seth curled a finger under her chin, forcing her to look into his lust filled eyes. “Princess, do you know how you made Daddy feel out there?” She rolled her eyes thinking, ‘As if I can answer.’ Upon seeing this he pulled back his hand and slapped her, she let out a high pitched squeal, her hand flying up to cup her stinging cheek. She didn’t have time to collect herself before he gripped her hair roughly. “Look what you made Daddy do, I was just going to spank you, but you’ve damned yourself. You want to disrespect Daddy twice in one night? Oh, little girl, you’re in for it now!” He growled.

She tried to apologize but the lace in her mouth prevented it. Seth quickly stood, pulling her up by her hair as he did, causing her to scream behind the cloth in her mouth. “Hands on the fucking wall, and if you move, (y/n), I swear to god!” Seth spoke through clenched teeth. She placed her hands on the cold wall and waited. Behind her she could hear him chuckle as he ran his hands up and down her outer thighs, pushing her dress up to her hips in the process.  

“fucking slut, you’re soaked.” He whispered after kicking her feet apart to get a better view of her pussy, the lights above them showing the evidence of her arousal dripping down her inner thighs. He trailed two thick fingers over her slit and brought his hand into her view. “you like when Daddy treats you like a slut, don’t you?” He asked, smirking. She blushed bright red and nodded, she felt like her whole body was on fire, she needed him and she needed him now. As she was unable to speak, (y/n) pressed her ass back into him and wiggled her hips wantonly, begging for something, anything.  

Seth couldn’t help but smile to himself as he slipped two fingers into her wet heat, she was always so ready for him. (y/n) moaned behind her gag and pushed her hips back, signaling for him to move. “Ah, ah, ah, remember I’m in control and you’ve been so bad tonight I don’t know if I should let you come. Maybe I’ll fuck you until I spill inside you and leave you craving your own release.” He teased, leaning down to nibble her ear.  

She shook her head no, looking back at him with pleading eyes. Seth licked his lips and gripped her hip with his free hand while the one currently occupying her soaked pussy started a brutal pace, drilling her hard and fast. As he felt her walls constrict around his fingers he slapped her ass hard enough to leave a handprint. “Come for Daddy, soak my hand, Princess.”  he whispered hotly in her ear. Not needing any more encouragement, (y/n) let go, her vision clouding over with white as she coated Seth’s hand with her slick. She nearly fell to her knees at the sheer power of her arousal, but Seth snaked an arm around her for support.  

Before she had a chance to catch her breath, Seth had unbuttoned and unzipped his dress pants; his hard cock pressed against her still sensitive entrance. (y/n) held her breath as he slowly pushed into her wet heat, bottoming out after what seemed like forever. She tried to keep her breathing steady, but she could never get use to the way he stretched her, and even if she would never admit it, (y/n) loved that fact.  

As id on queue, Seth gripped her hips roughly and began fucking her with slow, deep strokes, the only sound in the bathroom being their labored breathing. Soon the sound of skin slapping skin filled the air, and (y/n) cold feel her second orgasm approaching, the knot in her stomach tightening. Seth’s thrusts lost their calculated precision, becoming sloppy and harsh. Grabbing (y/n) by her hair he pulled back roughly so her back arched in an almost painful manner. “If you’re gonna come, you’d better do it now!” He growled, his free hand reaching down to rub her neglected clit furiously, his hips never stilling their erratic motions.  

All these things combined led to (y/n) tipping over the edge, her orgasm rocking her body in wave after wave of pleasure, she moaned loudly behind the panties in her mouth as her body went limp. After two more shallow thrusts, Seth found his own release, his body convulsing as he held (y/n) close, murmuring sweet nothings in her ear as they caught their breath.  

(y/n) smiled to herself, he always knew how to fuck the attitude out of her system.

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Rami groaning with a gag ball in his mouth and his wrists hooked to the banister of a staircase waiting for you to get home #sm*t

this isn’t sin time why yall so fucking hornyyy omg

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imagine baby boy max sleeping w daddy Ian, Max's head on Ian's chest, and then when max wakes up he's all horny and uncomfortable so he starts touching on Ian's chest and down his sweats bc he wants cock!! WRITE SOMETHING LIKE THIS PLS I BEG U


Max slides down the sweats Ian is wearing, his daddy barely awake but already half hard at the site of his horny baby boy.

“Can I suck it daddy?”

Ian responds by shoving Max’s head down. He runs a loving hand through the long brown curls as his mouth gets to work.

“You’re doing such a good job baby” Ian murmurs with a groan. Max moans around Ian’s cock and begins touching himself at the praise. Ian takes control and pushes Max’s head down himself, his baby boy just willing to have his throat used.

“Gonna cum baby, gonna cum in that pretty mouth”

Max’s eyes roll back in his head as he feels the hot splashes of cum in his mouth. A moment later, he’s cumming himself all over his hands and his daddy’s thighs

Pretty much sums up last night!
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*banging fists on table, demanding more bottom!joji* (like seriously he would be such a perfect bottom/sub omf)

Joji in just his pink tee, face shoved into a pillow, muffling his moans as he’s prepped. He’s whines when the fingers disappear but then almost immediately screams into the pillow when they’re replaced by a massive cock. He can’t help but rock himself back to meet the harsh thrusts he’s being given, hair stuck to his forehead and whole body shaking with pleasure.

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To the anon asking who lost their virginity first ... We all know Samuel has been getting ass since highschool.

ofc like rami confirmed sami always had the prettiest girlfriends and im sure samuel was the first to be in a relationship but he’s a good brother and he wouldn’t let ramuel down like that… they agreed to bust that nut inside the same day

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ian being double penetrated by joj and a dildo ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Oh shit this idea is making me DIE

Joji doing Ian from behind and Ian knows what’s coming but still whimpers and gasps with surprise when he feels the blunt head of the dildo against his already stretched hole. It slides in and he’s crying out and grasping the bedsheets so harshly that Joji is worried he’s going to tear them. When Joji starts moving the dildo in time with his thrusts. Oh boy.