sex is art in purest form... (Rafa x reader tweethearts)

{A/N: Oh hey! so I wrote this, cause @imagineham posted a damn photo of Rafa….and I just…fucking hell I want him to rail me into a coma…any way enjoy, NSFW is under the cut cause some don’t wanna see my sin}

New photo exhibit…sexy…and pure…also hot naked girlfriend @(Y/N)

@RafaelCasal *blushing emoji* only agreed cause you promised pizza after the shoot….I did it for pizza not because you were naked….

@Y/N how sweet you are when you tell communist lies!

for those who can’t come to the exhibit let me share my fav photos..

Oh and this one…was….it took a whole 3 hours….cause…yeah. @RafaelCasal 

@Y/N 3 pure art filled hours…. ;)

@RafaelCasal if I wasn’t at work we would remake some very…very loved pieces 

@Y/N or this one

@RafaelCasal I am at work you stop this…*never stop this*

@Y/N enough for now get back to work

*2 hours later*
so….I guess @Y/N is home…

the text included shall be for my eyes only…but damn…damn…


*sext/text convo!*

Rafa: Almost home? how was work?
Y/N: oh I’m home…but where is my daddy?
Rafa: on his way…damn kitten…are you ready for daddy?
Y/N: always ready for my daddy…

Rafa: holy fuck…kitten…daddy says you can’t cum till he’s home…
Y/N: please daddy…please..
Rafa: home. stay. fuck.

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I am never too good enough for Jesus. I am never not good enough for Him. I am created in a perfect Man’s image yet I fail every day to kneel before Him, in fear of shame, of my pride, of acceptance of the burdens I carry. I fail Him every day, yet He loves me, a wondering child. He says ‘welcome home’ when I deliberately choose to ignore His words, His peace, His warmth. He smiles and says He loves me. Yet I run away and after so many temporary satisfactions and pleasures. But He loves me anyways. He loves me. And I cannot get over that.
—  e.k.s.

anonymous asked:

I am not worth anything here.. Jesus is all I need but I don't even know if he wants me.. I'm oo much of a screw up. I always turn to God but I feel like such a hypocrite because I still screw up. My emotions get the best of me, I still get angry and sad and that's not Christian. How can I call myself Christian when I just can't get it right? I've tried and tried and I'm just so scared. My heart is all wrong, I'm desperate for God but my heart is disgusting and I hate it.

Hi there friend,

I’m so sorry to see that you’re hurting like this.

You say you still get angry and sad. Anger/rage is a sin, but experiencing sadness and distress is not. What is giving you the impression that feeling sad is sinful? If someone told you this, this is inaccurate. Being a follower of Christ does not include the requirement of having a permanent smile 24/7. In fact, nobody is happy 24/7. And you won’t find anything in the Word that states feeling sorrow is a sin. The Word encourages us to be joyful through Christ, but the Word also tells us He provides comfort for those who are suffering:

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” - Psalm 34:18

If you read the Psalms in general, you will see how David pours his sorrows and pains in life out to the Lord and how He is there to comfort David in his times of need. If you are feeling sad and need encouragement, I think you should spend some time in the Psalms.

I understand the “hypocrite” feeling you’re describing. When I stumble, I often experience that “you hypocrite, you’re not worthy to come to Him” feeling. It’s lies from the enemy precisely to keep you coming to the Lord for the guidance and help you need. We need Him all the time, including when we stumble. He doesn’t see you as a hypocrite. The Word tells us He and all of heaven rejoice when a sinner comes with a repentant heart seeking His forgiveness and to be made right. You can find this in the Luke 15 parables:

Once we decide to follow Christ, our struggle with the flesh doesn’t vanish. Resisting the flesh is a life long battle and how that battle manifests itself varies from one person to another. But through Christ, we are able to stand strong in the face of temptation and turn down the enemy’s attempts to get us to stumble into sin. With Christ, it is possible for us to stand up to temptation just like He did when the enemy tried to tempt Him.

An example of a hypocrite is someone who acts as though they have no sin when in reality they do. The Pharisees are a prime example of hypocritical behavior. You aren’t a hypocrite for seeking to be made right with Him and coming to Him for the strength you need when you’re weak.

It’s normal to feel lousy when you’ve realized you did something you shouldn’t have. Conviction often doesn’t feel good, but thank goodness He provides us with that conviction to help put us on the right path! A major concern is when people stumble but no longer feel convicted about it. As a follower of Christ, you should feel unsettled and upset over the idea of doing something He disapproves of. However, when you are convicted of a mistake you’ve made, take that conviction and move forward so that you avoid this same mistake in the future. Don’t allow the enemy to take conviction the Holy Spirit has warned you with and warp it into fearing to approach your Heavenly Father, feeling He doesn’t want you, feeling there is no hope for you, and feeling you are not worth anything. These are lies from the enemy.

I hope you found this helpful.. please feel free to message me as much as you need.


- And now we are back to Undernovela-
Asgoro: You never understood why your father told you to specifically not get near me or my family, right?
Sin: Eh… well, based on his jobs, and because you hate each other and because you are a complete… Jerk?
Asgoro: Ha, now I know why you didn’t mind disobeying him, you are like a silly boy, but good, if you really can not understand the severity of your actions, I guess it is up to me reveal you the truth… I am talking, of course, about my past with your father…
Asgoro: It all began the day I met him… we…
Cross: PLOT TWIST!!!

I came out with this idea because of my PASSIONATE DESIRE for seeing Undernovela in @underversesans , at the beginning I was going to upload it this on Crossember the 7th and 8th, but I got a little medical mproblem and I couldn’t participate :C
But I wanted to finish it anyway, as a New Year present for @jakei95 , @pig-demon , @loverofpiggies , and @comyet as retribution for their wonderful job, which I really love and admire x3 
Error and Fresh belong to @loverofpiggies
Ink belong to @comyet
los siempre dramaticos (¿?) Asgoro y Sin belong to @pig-demon
El misterioso gemelo malvado con bigote que aprendió a decir algunas palabras en español (¿?) Cross belong to @jakei95

And well, that’s it, Happy New Year :3