Last Stand of the Baby Boomers

A few days ago it occurred to me there’s a subtext to the 2016 election that hasn’t been much discussed, buried as it is under the massive weight of Donald Trump’s misogyny, stupidity, and general awfulness, along with the media’s obsession with the right-wing obsession over Hillary Clinton’s emails. And that’s the bizarre symbolic nature of this campaign – not the obvious fact it’s a battle between an incompetent sexist man and a hyper-competent gender-dissed female, but that, in many ways, it’s literally the last stand of the Baby Boom generation.

In one sense, it’s pretty weird that both major political parties would simultaneously step back a generation to nominate two candidates for President after eight years of leadership by a member of the following generation. Usually only one party does this (and usually, it’s the more conservative party, for obvious reasons). Yet in 2016, both candidates are Baby Boomers, something that hasn’t happened since 2000. And what Baby Boomers – in Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton we have the perfect avatars of the Sixties generation. My generation.

Trump, of course, represents all that was bad about my generation: entitled, self-indulgent, arrogant for no reason, crude and demanding, with an unrepressed id that saw the Sexual Revolution as a license for demeaning women and pursuing the basest of libertine impulses. Trump is the avatar of the Baby Boomer whose unearned self-importance produced the economic calamities of the last thirty years – the boorish Boomer who assumes his central position in the nation’s economic and political life somehow represents personal achievement rather than an accident of history and inheritance. Heir to a powerful legacy built by the efforts of his parents, Trump destroyed that legacy while insisting he made it better– all while insuring that he got his, no matter what damage he left in his wake. Trump is the worst of the Baby Boomer ethos writ large.

Hillary, by a remarkable trick of fate (or, as I believe, by the inevitable pressure of history), represents all that was good about the Sixties generation. As a woman, she stood on the front line of the first generation to fully engage the expectations raised by the Woman’s Liberation Movement. A child of the best educated generation in American history to that point, she embraced knowledge and learning and rational discourse, using her education to pursue the idealistic goals of her generation. She combines a passion for Progressive policies with an awareness of the limits of the political process gained by growing to maturity during the turbulent years of the Vietnam War, the Chicago DNC protests, the Nixon administration and Kent State, Watergate, the Church committee, the Carter and Reagan administrations. She understands how politics works, and like many of her generation, she’s experienced waves of idealism followed by painful disillusionment. Like most women who came of age in the Sixties, she’s been frustrated by sexist expectations. Like other idealist Baby Boomers she’s been the recipient of mockery for her early enthusiasms, and she’s struggled to maintain her idealism against relentless attack from cultural critics who view her generation as entirely corrupt and mendacious. Despite it all, she remains committed to those early ideals. What others see as cynical pandering is the true core of a Baby Boomer who embraced the call for greatness laid upon her by a society that watched in awe as she and her fellows came of age.

Two avatars of the Baby Boom: Donald Trump, the crude and self-entitled frat boy, and Hillary Clinton, the earnest and idealistic feminist. Locked in combat in the final battle to define the legacy of the Boomer generation.

It’s a mixed legacy up to now. Many problems we face as a nation were created by the Boomer generation – an unequal economy, exacerbated by financial deregulation promoted by Baby Boomers like Clinton’s husband (in a well-meant effort to compensate for the inevitable loss of manufacturing jobs due to globalization, a historic development caused by forces beyond the control of national governments); the continued assault on African American males due to social issues left unaddressed by Boomer leadership; historic levels of governmental dysfunction, resulting from Boomer-led Culture Wars relitigating the social changes of the 1960s; an out-of-control military industrial complex, reflecting unresolved Boomer guilt over the outcome of the Vietnam War. (An argument can be made that Baby Boomers George W. Bush and Dick Cheney promoted the invasion of Iraq at least in part because of guilt over their cowardly behavior evading combat service in the 1960s.)

Those problems were either created by Baby Boomers or left unaddressed by Baby Boomers when it was our turn to lead the country. We, as a generation, have an obligation to leave following generations a nation in better shape than we found it– and we failed in that obligation. So it’s no accident this election is a struggle between Baby Boomers – in a way it’s an historical inevitability. The Boomer generation is seizing one last chance to define its legacy. Through Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton we are deciding how we want to be remembered:

Will we be remembered as self-indulgent louts, brash and entitled, destructive and crude, an embarrassment to the country that saw us as beacons of hope?

Or will we be remembered as a generation that tried and failed but tried again, and finally found a way to merge idealism with practical politics, rising at last to the occasion, and ending our days not as a joke, but with a little bit of class, humility, and modest accomplishment?

I’m hoping for the second.

Is Hook serious?

Are ya’ll forgetting what went down between Hook and Emma earlier this episode? Hook was angry and hurt that Emma lied to him about her visions. But now almost immediately afterwards instead of learning from how awful that made him feel he’s lying to Emma about not throwing away the Savior Shears?? What a hypocrite! He is literally saying one thing while simultaneously contradicting it. That’s not romantic, that’s manipulative. I just don’t understand how you can defend this. And don’t give me any “but it’s true love” and “wouldn’t you do this for your SO” kind of bullshit. No. I would not. You talk about that shit with each and work it out. You don’t lie and assume that you know what’s best. That is an awful foundation for a relationship. Wasn’t that the lesson the earlier part of the episode was trying to teach us? You talk to your family. You share with them no matter what. You don’t lie to their faces while telling them that you’ll do anything for them. How come Hook is the only one to get away with this nonsense?
A 19-year-old social conservative beat Tory heavyweights to run as PC candidate in Ontario by-election
Sam Oosterhoff beat out party president Rick Dykstra, shocking many Ontario Conservatives. 'He reduced his class load so he could work on his campaign full time'
By ,Grant LaFleche, Postmedia News

Chances are you have never heard of Sam Oosterhoff.

But the 19-year-old social conservative and Brock University political science student has become a key figure in Ontario provincial politics.

On Saturday, Oosterhoff won the race to become the Ontario Progressive Conservative candidate for Niagara West-Glanbrook, the territory of former PC party leader Tim Hudak.

Oosterhoff will contend for the seat against Liberal Vicky Ringuette and New Democrat Michael Thomas in the Nov. 17 by-election, regarded as another mini-referendum on the deeply unpopular government of Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne and leadership of PC boss Patrick Brown.

Should he win, Oosterhoff would become the youngest MPP in Ontario history.

But party insiders say his victory over two established Tory politicians — including former St. Catharines Conservative MP and current PC party president Rick Dykstra — is simultaneously a rebuke of the PC party establishment in the riding and the result of vote-splitting and internal political manoeuvring gone awry.

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I can't believe you retards can't look at two characters who were meant to be friends and just leave it at that. Such a shame being part of a fandom where the majority of it is a bunch of dumb fucks.

It’s such a shame being part of a fandom who hypocritically says “you didn’t listen to Kubo” why simultaneously not listening to him saying he would never confirm nor deny ichiruki or having to be part of a fandom where people try and remove Rukia from the narrative or try and make Rukia seem not as important to Ichigo or deem her a bad mother when Ichigo and Orihime equally failed at parenting but then are so happy that the final cover acknowledged the most important relationship in Bleach while finding nothing wrong with Rukia being side lined, OOC, and no important interaction that Ichigo and Rukia deserved as the duel protagonist of the story.

The legs of your high horse are wobbling under the weight of your bullshit.

Hey, everyone! So, as I’ve mentioned before, Tori and I are going to race Ocarina of Time! Whoever beats it the fastest wins. She is probably going to win, though.

What I didn’t expect is that she will be streaming her side of the race! Unfortunately, we lack the current technology for both of us to stream simultaneously as of yet (we will get there), but we would love if you tuned in to her stream! I’ll be sitting out of frame on the couch next to her, playing OoT on the N64.

We will be starting momentarily! I have to set up the N64. :B

Click here to watch!!

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hey, as a young trans girl, can I ask you what was/is baeddel politics? it's ok if you cant though, no pressure!

baeddels are/were a group of trans women who embraced “baeddel” as term of self-identification. it’s an old english term that basically meant “feminine man”, it was an insult.

they focused on trans lesbian seperatism, and would cut you out of their community if they found out you associated with anyone who wasn’t also a trans lesbian. their community was incredibly insular and would gaslight people and cut them off from their support groups over very little, but would simultaneously harbor known serial rapists and abusers. 

In conclusion, Mr Clean is a black Muslim man who has a contamination phobia and is sex repulsed. Since his mascot powers literally involve being teleported into the filthy homes of total strangers, he is in a constant high anxiety state that only intensifies his phobia while simultaneously putting him at large personal risk as a muscular black man “breaking and entering,” usually into very wealthy homes. He almost certainly has complex ptsd as a result.

Thank you for your time.

today I went for coffee with a photography student who chose to focus on me for her ‘figure in the community’ project, we’re going to be meeting up for the next month so she can document how I live my life as an illustrator and vegan activist. I was in a nervous and simultaneously spaced out mood earlier and was worried I wouldn’t be good company but this girl was absolutely lovely. I was so impressed by her work and surprised by how many little things we had in common and how easy to talk to she was. It was one of those interactions where I had so much to say that I kept tripping over my own words. There were also loads of little weird coincidences between us like she lives in the flat below my best friend at uni and I go there every week and have never bumped into her, we both have cousins in Boston, she recommended me a book that I’d happened to buy the day before (His Dark Materials), we hadn’t replied to each other’s facebook message in days and then suddenly both sent a reply at the exact second… I like little things like that. I was just impressed by how I managed to click and have a really nice interaction with someone on a day where I thought I wouldn’t even be able to deal with the most basic of smalltalk. 

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i've never read homestuck but i vaguely remember seeing a video titled "you can't fight the homestuck" ~3 years ago and that was enough to steer me away from it forever

that’s simultaneously a shit tier and god tier homestuck video

I think I just want to cry and simultaneously cut off everyone that I’m desperately holding on to because I love them and feel responsible to stay with them and support them?? But they make me feel like shit??

And when you aren’t physically surrounded by all these beautiful people you meet on the Internet it makes it really hard to accept that life would be better if you did actually care for your own sanity??


Imagine Sam Flynn becoming suddenly shy when he realizes he’s in love with you.

He figured it out when you saved his life. The realization was simultaneously a shock and yet it made complete sense. It had come suddenly, but it made him realize that he had been falling for you for awhile now.

Now that he possessed this new information, he had no idea what to do with it.

Namely, he had no idea how to talk to you anymore.

“Anyone ever tell you to look at someone when they’re talking to you?”

Sam jumped at your teasing words, his cheeks flaring pink. “Sorry. Just thinking.”

You cast him a strange look, lips curled in amusement, “One of those programs must’ve clocked you over the head while I wasn’t looking. That or they replaced you with a fake Sam Flynn, because the Sam Flynn I know is definitely not this distracted.”

Sam’s blush deepened. “I’m not that distracted,” he muttered.

You arched a brow, “You were completely in another world. Wanna tell me what’s up?”

He shook his head, trying to ignore the heat in his cheeks, “It can wait.”

Gif Credit: Sam

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After Charity says 'Suggle' (which- hilarious), I'm sure it looks as though Robert turned round to Chas as if to share a 'what the hell? She's nuts' laugh. My only bug bear last night is we didn't get Cain's reaction but there's still time for some reactions tonight. We've had so much good stuff recently that I won't be greedy and moan if it doesn't happen. Lol

Haha! Bless them! I noticed the simultaneous reaction of ‘what is she on!’ when Charity said ‘Suggle’ :D

I’m hoping for reactions from the rest of the clan and some of the villagers once Aaron gets home from the hospital, but like you nonnie, I’m not gonna complain if we don’t! Last week and yesterday has been perfect, so I’m not going to get greedy either ;P

this one friend and i have like synced moments of all of a sudden geeking out over tears for fears like we’ll just simultaneously text each other talking about head over heels or smth