simultaneously very hot and very cute

i know the majority of y'all in this fandom don’t care for rep unless it’s cis boys fuckin but just so you know

honerva and allura being both brown AND love interests who are considered smart and beautiful and feminine and adored even when they’re flawed is a HUGE deal – lance flirting with random dark brown skinned alien girls is a huge deal – pidge being implied as trans and maybe also gay and being out already and happy and accepted and cherished and loved by her friends and family is a HUGE fuckin deal !! keith being american and of east asian descent and masculine and multi faceted and angry and edgy at the same time ??? huge. and ?? shiro ??? being the team’s leader who works out and kicks ass and is strong and hot and also VERY VERY masculine ?? a VERY BIG DEAL !! and so is allura being extremely feminine and cute and simultaneously both naive and wise like a real teen and yet respected and revered as sacred, regardless !! that is literally SO in line with BLACK FEMINISM that i can’t always believe .. not to mention allura’s bayard is a magical WHIP she uses to lacerate her enemies hellooo ??? lance having deep seated insecurities and flirting like an adorable dorky teen instead of some sexy pervy latin lover ??? um ??? refreshing ??? hunk being this sarcastic engineering prodigy and snarky and particular and irritable and shredded and fat but also kind and understanding … and the first character in the show to get a love interest i’m … i just … where do i stop .. not to mention altea’s monarchy has literally been all brown folk for generations judging by the looks of “king groggery” on their currency 👀 and wow can’t believe that shiro is not only a cooly mc cool legend and a hero and a bad ass fighter (and CHAMPION gladiator people!!) but is also very soft and emotional and approachable with all of the younger dudes who look up to him as their guide and mentor in this heartwarming brotherly way making him the best example of an adult friend / older male figure i have ever fuckin seen in essentially ANY show EVER let alone in a “boy’s” show about space mechs ??? and to TOP IT ALL OFF this show is BEAUTIFUL !! GORGEOUS !! not a cheap project AT ALL !!! and that ITSELF is a big ass deal because usually when people want to make a show “aesthetically” pleasing to reel in that cash they just make the main cast all pale as dandruff but NO !! this show TOOK THAT RISK !! this show made and continues to make MOST of its characters people of color !! and even pidge who is white is ITALIAN at that like !!! we have a fuckin genius tiny angelic trans maybe gay italian tech girl WHERE WE USE TO HAVE AN UGLI GREMLIN MAN and we have a gorgeous ethereal magical black space princess WHERE WE USED TO HAVE SOME WHITE BLONDE !! i MEAN !!? like ??? sorry your yaoi dreams ain’t comin true but ???? who cares ??? shut the fuck UP this show is PHENOMENAL i mean seriously what the HELL is WRONG with you faux progressive asshats, do you even believe half of the shit you say lol SOME OF Y'ALL ARE SO RIDICULOUS ISTG like REALLY !? nothing is perfect (fuckin obviously) but PLEASE name me ONE show (1) of this genre that has ever even fuckin TRIED to break this much ground for fuck’s sake