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I’m surprised 707 isn’t the biggest prankster gangster of all time...

I mean have you SEEN his shenanigans? 

And then he proceeds to hack the player’s options at one point…

Infiltrate Jumin Han’s business website and cover it with Long Cat and a shameless photo of himself…

I’m assuming he can force members to log in and enter the chatroom.

And he even breaks the fourth wall a few times.

When I think “Prankster Gangster”, I don’t think Pink Sheep. Nah. I think 707.


So I will like to say that Yandere-kun is very attractive…What am I kidding?! I do wish that Yandere Dev does add him! I mean damn! HE LOOKS SO CUTE! THE FACT THAT HE’S TWISTED MAKES ME THINK HE’S VERY VERY ATTRACTIVE! Pffth Just like Yandere-chan! I would like to thank the artist for making this beauty! All the pictures I post belong to their owners . I would like to thank @hunienews for informing me of the new character being added yesterday! 

fluffyblue-artnwriting  asked:

Aaah I'm so happy you're doing prompts! So, I'd like to request some Klance, with the opening "I'm sorry." (also please don't kill anyone?)

Haha never fear, I can, occasionally, do the fluff thing too :P (good to specify though lol). Hope you enjoy!!

           “I’m sorry.”

           Lance paused in the middle of stripping off his gloves, looking up to see Keith still in full Paladin armor, holding his helmet under his right arm and looking away awkwardly. He was flushed, whether from exertion or embarrassment Lance couldn’t tell, his hair drawn back in a ponytail with the loose strands plastered to his forehead and neck with sweat.

           “Um… for what?” Lance asked, pulling his gloves all the way off and stretching his fingers. “For whupping my ass in training? I know that can’t be it, you do that every day and always have a real smug look on your face about it.” He stripped his black spacesuit shirt off and reached for his regular t-shirt.

           “No,” Keith said. “I mean, I– I’m not smug– That’s not the point.” He took a deep breath. Lance looked over his shoulder curiously. “I’m sorry I yelled at you when we first met. Back at the Garrison, I mean.” His mouth twitched in discomfort. Lance stared at him, slowly setting down the spacesuit shirt half-folded. His brain spun its wheels in place.

           “So… you do remember me.” Keith went red.

           “I had to think about it. Well, I mean, I remembered you, I remembered I had seen you around, but I only the other day remembered that we’d actually had a conversation and… I was kind of an ass.”

           “I asked you if you knew the way to the simulator and you told me the simulator was a piece of junk and if I relied on it for practice I must not be able to take off without crashing.” Keith ran a hand across his forehead, shoving his bangs to the side where sweat held them stuck at an unnatural angle.

           “I had crashed the simulator the day before,” he admitted. “I was being stupid and not paying attention because it wasn’t a real flight so it didn’t really matter, and Iverson chewed me out for almost an hour. ‘I know you can do better than that, Cadet’ and all that. It was the first time I’d crashed anything since I was twelve.” Lance was quiet, Keith still avoiding his gaze, but something bubbled up inside him and suddenly he was laughing, bent over double, his stomach aching from the pressure after the workout he’d just had, but he couldn’t stop. Keith whipped his head around to look at him. “What– Why are you—?”

           “I’m sorry,” Lance gasped. “I’m sorry it’s just… The great Keith Kogane… And you crashed… In the simulator… Oh my God I need a minute…” He bent over again, laughing for another good ten seconds before he managed to take a deep breath and stand back up, wiping tears from his eyes. “I guess you’re human after all,” he said, grinning. Keith shifted his weight back and forth.

           “Well, I just… We got off on the wrong foot, and that was my fault.” It was clearly a rehearsed line. Lance waited patiently, hiccups of laughter still leaking through every few seconds. “So I wanted to apologize and, um, maybe we can, uh, start over?” He stuck out a hand. “I’m Keith Kogane. Hi.” Lance rolled his eyes and took Keith’s hand.

           “Lance McClain. Former cargo pilot, now the Blue Paladin of Voltron. Pleasure to meet you.” They stopped shaking, but Keith didn’t let go of his hand just yet.

           “I don’t know if there’s a flight simulator on this ship, but I’m pretty hungry after that training session so. Um. Want to get something to eat?” Lance was suddenly hyper aware of the pressure of Keith’s hand in his, the ever-present intensity of his stare, and he felt warmth creeping into his cheeks as he stuttered slightly.

           “Why, Keith, are you asking me on a date? That’s pretty forward, considering we just met.” Lance winked at him and felt his cheeks go even redder. Keith yanked his hand away.

           “No, I’m– I’m just– I’m…” Lance felt a stone drop into his stomach and knew it showed on his face. Keith paused, staring, cleared his throat, and started over.

           “If I was, what would you say?” Lance’s eyes went wide, and he smiled just a little uncertainly.

           “I’d say,” he reached out and took Keith’s hand again, “that forward is just my style.”

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Oh god, I can’t stop laughing.

So. I’m working on upgrading the Character Creator from “Extremely Fucking Alpha” to “Mildly Fucking Alpha” and one of the featureset I’m enabling is the ability to just…fuck things up on purpose. Like choosing to have no space player, or no time player.  Which pretty much means the Sim is allowed to render until it crashes due to extreme lack of space/time.

And….I just love what is going on here.  Skaia attempted to use a time player to prevent a doomed time line….and…couldn’t.  But it didn’t figure that out until AFTER it had already rendered the time special effects.  So you just get the clocks and gears and shit and no player, and then a crash and a disparaging error message.

It really emphasizes my point, Time is the shittiest aspect.  The non existent TIME PLAYER wasn’t the one choosing to use their powers, fate or Skaia or whatever the fuck was.   Poor Time players….