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So I will like to say that Yandere-kun is very attractive…What am I kidding?! I do wish that Yandere Dev does add him! I mean damn! HE LOOKS SO CUTE! THE FACT THAT HE’S TWISTED MAKES ME THINK HE’S VERY VERY ATTRACTIVE! Pffth Just like Yandere-chan! I would like to thank the artist for making this beauty! All the pictures I post belong to their owners . I would like to thank @hunienews for informing me of the new character being added yesterday! 


Guild Wars 2 Fashion Week 2017 // Day 2: Kirslyn
Chronomancer // Dreamer // Ex-Vigil/Pact/Mist Warrior, Mentor

Dreams of finishing the wyld hunt she shared with her podtwin Moriyel came to an abrupt halt when Moriyel was killed at the hands of the Nightmare Court. Following the event, Kirslyn came to rely heavily on her fellow mesmer friend Laivaan, going so far as to follow him into the Vigil and the Pact, and after the defeat of Zhaitan, into the Mist War as well. In the Mists Laivaan found love, and Kirslyn found herself alone for the first time in her life. Leaving the mists, she wandered Tyria until she heard of the impending Pact assault on Mordremoth, where she then came face-to-face with Moriyel, who had in fact survived, fallen to Nightmare, and had a seething hatred for Kirslyn for leaving her for dead. The two danced a dangerous number in the jungle following Mordremoth’s Call, but in the end the vision of their wyld hunt was realized and though they didn’t exactly reconcile, they went their separate ways with mutual respect. Since then Kirslyn has dabbled in the Mists in new and creative ways, but ultimately she returned to settle in the Grove as a mentor for the newly awakened.

❖ Stately Circlet
❖ Leystone Mantle
❖ Inquest Vest
❖ Zodiac Light Gloves
❖ Ornate Guild Pants
❖ Ornate Guild Shoes
❖ Ad Infinitum

❖ Whisperblade + Wall of the Mists
❖ Spirit Links, Fractal Staff, Vision of the Mists

❖ Primaries: Hush, Orchid
❖ Accents: Violet Ice (coat 2)

  • Budo: God, I swear... it's almost like they don't want you to win.
  • Osana: Well, you'd better practice. You've got to win me a teddy bear.
  • Budo: I'm gonna win you a million teddy bears.
  • Osana: Well, I want a billion teddy bears.
  • Budo: Well, that's a little unrealistic. This is a hard game.
  • Budo: ...Two million.

anonymous asked:

Opinion on Kuu x Yui, and Mai x Sota?

Kuu x Yui;

Yui is a pretty unique character. She doesn’t seems evil, but she’s actually enjoying seeing people suffer. However, even if Kuu is actually, and very surprisingly, a kuudere, I don’t feel like she will stop her for sneaking around to find her dirty little pleasure. She’s not encouraging it, but, y’know, if it’s Yui’s thing and she’s not actually torturing peeps, Kuu probably doesn’t really mind.
I feel like Yui tends to have a sadistic persona, while Kuu is more pacifist. In that case, Kuu can maybe calm down Yui’s envy for viewing such violent thing.

Not my kind of ship, but quite interesting. 

Mai x Sota;

I, personally, see Mai as a maladaptive daydreamer who tends to space out a lot as she get lost into her thoughts. Sota is, probably dealing with it with a lot of difficulties; Hearing his love interest talking about a game developer she’s deeply in love with make him pretty sad, and makes him feel a bit.. useless.
He could tell her the truth, sure. He could walk straight to her, make her snaps back to reality, and tells her “Your developer isn’t real. You’ve creating him, and your imagination is overflowing your reality perception.”, but he won’t. If he can’t have her because of it, then, looking at her is enough.

I got strong angst potential from that ship…

Video game concept.

You manipulate the stars, and change constellations to affect people’s horoscopes, navigational systems, bird migration patterns, whatever else stars affect, and all in all the general aesthetic of the night sky. Thus you change the course of history and the world.

It would be like one of those God Simulator ones, except you cannot directly affect the planet. You can only really confuse the planet.

The Sun also counts as a star. So you could like just blow that up or whatever too if you wanted I guess. A quick ending. Good job.