For Challenge 15 on totallymaxis, here’s a repost of my recreation of Norman Rockwell’s Girl at the Mirror with little Dina Caliente. I made two versions of it for my Paranormal Painting project, and also included Rockwell’s reference photograph for comparison.

You can find a downloadable Dina painting here and a CC version of the original Rockwell illustration here.


I loved watching becausedragonage‘s fabulous Surana Bloodbath.
It looked like so much fun that I decided to make my own. A Hunger Games Simulator game featuring all of our wonderful city elf wardens!

  • What is the Tabris Bloodbath?

I’m going to create a custom ‘Hunger Games Simulator’ session on BrantSteele, adding 24 custom competitors to the game. Then I’ll post screenshots of how the game goes, and you can tune in to see what (probably unpleasant) fate your Tabris met.

  • Is there a prize for the winner?

Yes! I’m going to draw a bust portrait of the winning Tabris, to commemorate their victory. So if you want free art of your city elf warden, or you just want to see how this gristly competition plays out, this bloodbath is for you! 

  • I have a city elf warden! What do I have to do?

All you have to do is send me fan mail or ‘submit’ your Tabris to my blog! 

Tell me their name, maybe a little bit about them if you’d like, and make sure to include a (preferably square) image of their face! That can be a screenshot, a drawing, or even a face claim if you’d like. 

Please send your Tabris to me ASAP, I’d love to get the game started within a few hours if at all possible! If I don’t receive enough wardens in time, however, I’ll have to wait until more people submit. 

If you don’t have a City Elf / don’t want to participate, please signal boost this anyway so I can get more Tabris submissions! Thank you for reading, and may the odds be ever in your favour. 

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Solute plume.
“Plot of solute plume after ~23 years of pumping. Concentrations plotted range from 30% (blue) to 100% (red) of the source water concentration. Red dots show specified-pressure nodes on bottom of the pond. Plume emanates from pond and is drawn toward four-node well (not shown) in the bottom-right part of the image. Aquifer shown in oblique view with 5X vertical exaggeration. Animation shows evolution of plume over ~23 years; shaded grid shell omitted to reduce file size.”