Stranded [Cyrus]

Since Clu’s downfall, Yori had been spending most of her time with Tron, tending to his wounds, bit by precious bit, both mental and physical.  It would take both of them much time to mend from the cycles of Clu’s reign, but as long as they were together, Yori wouldn’t lose hope.  There was a time when she had almost given up, but even then, she hadn’t stopped believing in Tron.  That was something that would never happen.  

They had set up their home in Tron’s old base in the mountains, the way they had before, when he’d been training Beck, the Renegade.  Yori had had her own part in the uprising, small though it was, but this place felt more like home than anywhere else, at this point.  

Today, though, she was going to have to venture forth from the cave.  They were in need of supplies and she didn’t want Tron to have to go out just yet.  

After bidding her beloved counterpart farewell, Yori took up her light jet baton and made her way out of the cave.  She would have preferred a Solar Sailer, but the Light Jets had their own appeal.  

Rezzing the jet, she took off, headed for a place she knew that she could get what they needed.  But her Light Jet wasn’t responding properly.  Yori frowned, not pleased with the responses from her craft.  She helped bring things like this into existence, after all, and she knew her way around machines.  This one must have been damaged before she had taken it out.  

It wasn’t long before the Light Jet failed completely.  Thankfully, Yori had a Light Chute, which enabled her to land on one of the many deserted islands.  But how in the name of Lora Prime (one of the few divine Users left) was she going to get out of this mess?  It wouldn’t be without help, that was for certain.

With a sigh, Yori sent out a distress signal, hoping that someone would pick it up and, if someone did, that that Program would be friendly.  

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"Five more minutes." [from Lora. ^^]

Alan called up to their bedroom, announcing the completion of coffee and breakfast. He heard some sort of mumbled response that he couldn’t quite decipher. He carefully placed both plates of pancakes on the kitchen table before bounding up the stairs and into their bedroom. His foot caught in one of Lora’s discarded skirts that littered their floor. Alan cursed under he breath as he tried to shake the article of clothing from his foot.  At the last moment he was able to kick it away and find his footing.

“I’m sorry, what was that, my love?” he asked as he crawled onto the bed, purposefully jostling her out of the nest she’d created for herself. “I didn’t quite hear what you said? Was it something about finding me irresistible in the morning? That was it, wasn’t it?”

He ducked to try and find her face buried in her pillow. He tapped his lips, “these lips aren’t going to kiss themselves,” he said with a broad smile and a wink.

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"Is it supposed to do that?"

“Yea, Lora,” He said running his hands through his hair and pushing away from the grid console. “It’s just beeping to remind me it’s time for sleep. Hard to keep track of ‘days’ on the grid,” he crossed his arms and stretched out his legs. 

It took him a moment to realize his mistake.

“Sorry,” he looked at her sharply, Yori. So just look so much..,” he bit his lip, stopping himself before he started.

“So much like my Lora.”