Just Realized

That with the new paradox update, Bards of Time kinda seem stuck thinking like they are Doomed Time Clones.  They show up, make sure ectobiology and frog breeding are taken care of (major sources of Doom) and then die.

Not just like, the occasional Bard of Time either, like, EVERY FUCKING BARD of time fixes the session and then commits suicide.  I don’t even.  If the death sticks, they still did more for the session than any other player, and if it DOESN’T suddenly they are zipping around as a GodTier and gaining levels twice as fast as anybody because of time clone shit.

“The Esa animation was created from a computer model of what how the fabric of our universe would change as a result of a titanic collision between black holes”

“What a collision between two black holes would look like if we could see gravitational waves. These elusive waves are ripples in the fabric of space-time which could reveal how the universe was created nearly 14 billion years ago.”

Full video of simulation here