simulated vintage

MS Flight Simulator 3.0 running on Olivetti Quaderno PT-XT-20. Although only XT-compatible, 16-MHz NEC V30 is five times faster than original PC with 4.7-MHz Intel 8088. This means that the game is perfectly playable on this machine.

The internal 20MB Conner hard-drive is defective and needs to be repaired. However I am able to share a hard drive from another computer over a provided null-modem serial cable thanks to somebody in Olivetti who decided to add interlnk.exe and intersvr.exe to the C: ROM drive.

This Day in Disney History

October 19, 1989:  The Wonders of Life Pavilion and it’s attractions begin entertaining guests at Epcot.

The headliner in the pavilion was Body Wars, Epcot’s first thrill ride.  The video, directed by Leonard Nimoy, took guests on a simulated journey into the human body from the vantage point of something smaller than a blood cell as you traversed the circulatory system.  

Also opening this day was Cranium Command.  Here, you could take a journey into the mind of a prepubescent boy with Buzzy, a brain pilot trying to navigate the halls of high school while somehow managing to make it through the day and getting the girl.  This attraction also showed how your different feelings affect your brain, and what it might look like inside your body with all the parts trying to work harmoniously together, which produce some pretty hysterical results!

Inside the pavilion, you could also find some cartoon starring Goofy that were focused on health, a short film called The Making of Me about birth and life, and lots of other interactive areas that expanded the mind and tickled your imagination.

The Wonders of Life was a really fun area that you could easily spend a couple hours in if you wanted to see everything.  The bright colors and simple shapes of the pavilion were very heavily influenced by the 80s and 90s, but it really made it a entertaining place to learn about life and the human body.

Macintosh Plus

I was able to get the Macintosh Plus to boot okay

It still isnt perfect, and fails sometimes when I turn it on

BUT! It mostly works - Now I just have to learn how to boot more programs when I want to

Also, I was playing around in the control panel. Its actually really well designed, I was surprised.

There’s a lot of usability there. Also, Flight Simulator Works.