Attention Interior Designers!!

I have a huge propasal for you guys. This might even change the community. I’m pretty sure this idea hasn’t been brought up as of yet in the simblr world, if so it has long since vanished. 

The proposal: How about simmers send in their exported homes, with a list of rooms, color pallettes and maybe floor plans, and you amazingly talented designers can do a complete makeover?

I can’t begin to explain how many times I’ve had a wonderful lot in a beautiful neighborhood that I just couldn’t design for anything. 

This could even turn into a Home design blogging trend! 

((inbox me if you’d like to design a home for me personally))

PLEASE, if you’re interested spread this post.

What do you guys think?

simterior asked:

Hi! WCIF the brown kitchen cabinets in your most recent post?

Hello! I’m not entirely sure which brown cabinets you’re referring to— because I have 3 different ones in that kitchen haha oops. SO…

  • Bottom cabinets are from:  here with extra features from: here
  • Top cabinets are from: here
  • And the two cabinet-type shelves beside the fridge are from I’m guessinghere because I have no other pieces from this set so I honestly have NO CLUE where they came from! hah