The Sims 4 - Lollipop Pose Pack by SindelCroft

Tag my nickname if you want. But please don’t claim it as your own.
Don’t re-upload it for another sites. Feel free to use.
You can’t use it in CAS. It’s only in-game version.
There are 5 poses for your cute girls.

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Top : Manuea Pinny
Bottom & Shoes : Marigold
Hair : Nightcrawler
Skintone : Ms Blue
Horns & Lollipop : SimsTong
Necklace :Salem C.
Eyeshadow :Pikoo
Eyeliner & Eyebrow   Pralinesims
Blush : Screaming Mustard
Eyes : TatyGagg
Lashes : Kijiko