Treason and Plot's sim-related questions :D

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Now, MY questions will be related to Sims, because I don’t really give a flying bandicoot for anything else (except boobs, but posting eleven questions about boobs will probably lose me a truckload of followers, or else gain me a truckload of The Wrong Sort of Followers, neither of which is desirable.)

I decided to only do the sim-related questions since this is my simblr so it only seems appropiate.  Anyway the original post I was tagged in is this one!

1) Who is your favourite creator of custom content?
Damn, picking only one seems really difficult especially because I usually forget the creators (I mostly remember how the page looked like)  Off the top of my head aikea-guinea and Anubis comes to mind.  I’m sure there are others that I love but I’m just horrible with names.

2) What item of custom content could you absolutely not play without?
Probably skins (though hairs are imp too but after having EPs there are some you can work with) but yeah I like my sims to have all their parts [if you know what I mean ;)] so I’d say skins. - And of course the descensor mod.

3) Where is Bella?
I’d say she’s too busy with sims social.  Otherwise I hope she’s getting some.

4) Have you ever had dreams about your Sims?
Oh yes!! Haha several of them - they always come after I’ve been addicted playing for many hours without breaks.

5) Did/do you ever play Sims 1?
Yes!! Sims 1 is what got me in love with Sims in the first place (I’m still looking for a free or very cheap disk of the vacations EP to finish my collection).  I played recently a story since my old computer couldn’t handle anything else - it can be found here.

6) If you have a Significant Other, how do they feel about your Simming? Jealous? Encouraging? Contemptuous? Indifferent? Turned on?
lol definitely not turned on but he knows I’m a gamer and that I love sims so I guess he is encouraging (especially when I download CC and offer to do sims/places related to what he loves).

7) What would you like to see in a future EP for TS3?
I honestly cannot come up with anything.  I’d like to see the time travel rumors become real though. Oh! And less rabbit holes!

8) What would you like to see in TS4?
More realism! I’d like to be able to make round walls and no rabbit holes and oh gosh just everything better :D

9) What is your favourite EP and why?
I really love Night life - it’s the first one I got and it had a nice combination of going out stuff with paranormal things and idk lots of new pretty conent - plus I love the city.  I also love supernatural since I’ve always been obsessed with everything magical.

10) Have you ever missed a day of school or work because of your Simming addiction?
No, my addiction isn’t that big so far.

11) Who will win OhMySims’ Bachelorette Challenge 2?
I honestly have no idea.

Before I go back to being MIA,

does this hair work on Poppy?
(sunny, I’m tagging you since she’s yours and your opinion matters the most hmkay ♥. Also I think I fixed her chin now, what do you think?)

I don’t know about you guys, but I think it looks pretty kawaii even if it’s alot shorter than her original hair.


simskick: i would actually love to do tiana, but i don’t have any black sims :/ i don’t feel I can make them well enough to do them justice :s i may have to try though, i have a really good tiana dress saved ready … i’ll have a think :) if anyone has a sim they could send me for tiana, let me know :)

lin - eeee isnt she! i downloaded the best dress for her, it’s brill. the hair is not so perfect but it was hard to not clip with the collar haha.


all this shit on my dash; you can say whatever the fuck you want, you can voice whatever opinions you have and the only bad ones are the ones ATTACKING THE PERSON FOR DOING SOMETHING THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO. The person doing the attacking is also entitled to his own opinion and can also voice them, but when the person you’re attacking is asking you to FUCKING STOP D< then stop. They apologized; it’s over. Get the fuck off the internet if you can’t handle shit like this. If you don’t like reading other people shit, black list them and or whatever they post. It’s not that fucking hard, so grow the fuck up and let it go.

On another note, I also must agree with this persons opinion; sue me, I don’t give a fuck. If I want to make a post about something I believe in ON MY TUMBLR, then I fucking will. If you think it’s okay for someone to off themselves because they may have gotten bullied in school; then that’s you, go for it, I don’t care. Call me heartless all you fucking want but the last thing I will ever do is praise someone for doing such a stupid, careless and selfish act. And I’m not going tag this savior hide, or whatever the fuck people in this community seem to do; I want all you fuckers to read this and if you do- fucking great. My ask is open to all and any anon hate you may have for me, because unlike some, I won’t kill myself as much as people have personally told me to; so fuck all you and good fucking night. 

Time for my Tumblr crushes again! ;) (From bottom to top :P)

I feel really honored to be simskick first reblog. omsdkjflkdjfkdsjfds. i just can’t. thank you for liking Pip’s face, okay? okay. ;//w//;

EDIT: I would have sent a message, but they don’t have ask enable and I couldn’t not thank them okay. okay.

simskick-deactivated20140818 asked:

Share 5 facts about yourself and pass this on to 10 of your favorite followers c:

this is so hard! let me think for a bit..

  1. i’ve got dreadlocks, and i know some people view them as being dirty and whatnot but i can’t see myself without them :p
  2. i really like tattoos, i’ve got a black moth on my throat and soon i’m going back for a big chest piece
  3. i’ve been vegan and straightedge for a couple years now and it’s amazing how much better i feel, not just physically but also mentally :3
  4. i LOVE spending money, it’s almost unhealthy ‘cause sometimes i just have to BUY STUFF AAAHHH haha 
  5. i volunteer at the local shelter and it’s so much fun!! most rewarding thing ever :3

thanks for asking <3