Captainsaltypants top picks Body Edition

This is all CC I keep in my game all the time. It ranges from occational/story telling use to every day use. These are great staples to help you create variety in your game. (All photos come from the original posts)

1.teatimesims Default Replacement Eyes

These default replacements are pretty similar to the in game eyes, but they are a touch more vibrant and shiny. Eye masks still work over them and after a while you don’t even remember you have them in your folder! These are among my oldest CC and the one item I will never give up!

2. kijiko-sims 3D eyelashes

You can download either as Skin Details or Accessories. I almost always use them as accessories, because I can then ad them in CAS without using the cheat. I mostly play generational games so I do a lot of editing in game. If you almost always create your sims in CAS I would suggest using the Skin Detail one, so that you don’t hog an accessory slot. Warning! They will not work well with glasses, so having a nice pair of eyeliner lashes is a good backup.

3. simsinspring’s Phenomenal Warm and Phenomenal Cool Non-Default Skintones

These are great skin tones that show up as additional swatches in CAS. They do not provide more/less definition, they are only the color of the sims. They are enabled for all ages and you can have either both or only one of them in your game at a time. I especially like them for the great variety in darker skin tones, as well as very fair skin tones they provide. My favorite is the Phenomenal Warm, because I like warm tones in my game, but both of them are amazing!

4. annamsblue’s Skintone Set V2

Another great set of skin tones if you are looking for more mid range colors. The palette has small color variations that is great when you are working in CAS trying to get a sim just so.I especially like the tones that are in the middle.

5. lumialoversims Ooh Smooth 2 Overlay Mashup

I have to be honest, I have tried a lot of CC skins, and I am never 100%, but this is the closest to happy I have ever been. I like how transparent it is, and how much of the original EA details shines through. Warning! Your sims will show but crack while wearing low cut clothes whit this skin on - but it’s still decent and not like most of the bum is about to fall out ;)

6. lumialoversims Body hair as tattoo

An absolute must if you ever want to have variety with male sims. The body hair is in the tattoo category and easy to add/remove. Obviously they conflict with certain tattoos, but should be usable for most sims. They come in 5 natural colors and ad a great detail when you are creating sims. I have actually become better at creating male sims since I downloaded this CC. I think it’s because body hair it gives a lot of personality, which helps make a sim unique!

7. heihu’s niunai cleavage overlay

Just like body hair is great for the male sims, cleavage or the lack thereof, is something that can make a sim stand out. If you are not into custom skins, this cleavage overlay will help you create unique sims and with a minimum of fuss. The overlay comes in 4 different options, from flat chested to bountiful. It comes as either, mouth crease, forehead wrinkles or face paint which makes it super versatile. Works great on all the skin tones I have shown in this post and on lumialoversims full body overlay. I love that this allows me to give my sim different cleavage depending on outfit. So I can pretend she is wearing a push-up bra for partying but not for everyday…

8. simsontherope’s Body Freckles

A great full body freckle overlay for all ages. It has 10 variations and is very smooth on the skin.Out of all the different full body freckles/mole CC I have tried, this is still my favorite and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I have enabled it for random in sims4studio and never had a randomly generated sim look bad in it!

9. pixelsimdreams Beauty marks set #2

A great set of different face moles that will give your sims some variety. There are lots of moles out there but these are a nice neutral pack that comes with great variety. They are for both male and female sims and I highly recommend!

10. down-in-simsland Smells like teen spririt Zits and pimples

This is great for story telling! It has a lot of different variations and color options to fit all kinds of skin tones and basically gives your sims zits and pimples in varying degrees. You can use it as either a skin detail or as a blush (the blush version is great if you just want to give your teen sims a dramatic moment). 

This part has come to an end

I hope you have enjoyed this CC collection. As I mentioned before I would love to get tips about other great CC that concerns the body/genetic part of the sim. 

Also, if you have any particular wish for what area I should do a list of next feel free to drop a comment/ask/message.

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simsinspring replied to your photoset “No more blue shadows, and no more blue ambient light in Oasis Springs….”

TE AMO! Please tell me you will do San Myshuno as well ��

AW thank you! I’m glad you like these!

So the goal is to un-blue all the worlds, while still maintaining their original brightness, but with the darker shadows because i like how that looks haha.

I will eventually get to San Myshuno, but that world has unique lighting for every district so that means a separate mod for each area (same as windenburg mostly). It will take some time :(

If s4pe updates .wclr to be exported and imported into .xmls this will all go much faster, but until then i’m doing a little at a time.

simsinspring replied to your post: many many many patches later.. skin details on…

No se si te servira pero yo recategorice todos mis skindetails a mi gusto para usarlos y mezclarlos como yo quiera y de manera que sirvan para todas las edades, no solo a partir de adolescentes. Y lo de los skins details que desaparecen en niños, adolescentes y tmb me paso en ancianos se arreglo cuando elimine el cache de mis documentos.. asi que una vez al mes (o semana, depende de cuando juegue) elimino el cache y las thumbs cosa que el juego empiece como nuevo o algo asi y se soluciona ��

vos decis el localcache? si ese lo elimino de vez en cuando, cada semana capaz cuando testeo cosas nuevas. Los thumbs son otra cosa? Las skins no las toqué… y las freckles base game también se van… una verg XD

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Mood Board - SHAY O’HARA

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Sorry it took me so long, but I really wanted to do in-game photos, and not chase real world pics online. 

rules: put together a mood board using at least six images for the sim most associated with your blog (simself, legacy sim, character, etc.) and then tag more people to do it. {tips for making a moodboard here}

Since I’m so late, I honestly don’t know who’s done one of these already, so if you have, you can just ignore me.

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sara-aster  asked:

Hello! I was wondering in a post that Ooobsooo shared of yours of the darker man and the lighter skinned girl where the skins came from? They look absolutely fantastic, and the girl is soooooo cute!

Wow, my first TS4 WCIF. I am so excited. ^_^ Hello hun. Thank you so much. I am glad you like her. I am very happy with how she turned out and they are amazing skins, I love them. I was just about the happiest girl ever when I stumbled upon them one day.

Here you go. ʕ♡˙ᴥ˙♡ʔ

What you see in my pictures is a combination of a skin base and an overlay.

Togore’s base skin is by luumiasims and is part of the Body Replacement Pack (Bod-E II) as well as wearing the Loth Skin overlay by Sims3melancholic.

Makalia’s base skin is by Simsinspring and is part of the Pooklet’s Rehash Pack (01) as well as wearing the Some Day Skin overlay by InspiredMoodlet.