simsimi only mine

A big post of people I’ll admire from afar behind that big tree you see over there and giggling about all the pretty pictures *-* Yea, I’ll be that kind of creep. I’ll be one with the tree. lol jkjk now being serious,

I’ve been here for three years now for the sims and still am loving it. Not only the game, but the community too. The people I’ve met are all kinds of awesomeness and I couldn’t have wish for anything better to have met such gorgeous people. I’m still talking with people who’ve I met from the beginning, to meeting amazing new people. Thank you for all your kindness ^.^

Yea, there’s many who have been on hiatus and I didn’t do any better with disappearing every now and then. I hope my wishes still reach all of you who are not as often on here as they used to. Be well is all I can hope you’re right now.

To all my followers, I thank you for being there for me and liking my content. It’s a joy to see you all and seeing replies makes my day all perfect. ^^ I hope to be able to make you smile too!

I wish everyone a wholesome 2017 and to everyone important to you as well.

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