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HEY! I’m actually traveling and I’ve made this post 1 week ago and I decided to share it now ! I hope you’ll like it!!! Here Is a pack of 29 different Eyelashes the 1st 8 eyelashes are originally from @kijiko-sims, I deleted the bottom part, then the 9 and 10th eyelashes are NEW then, I’ve merged all my old eyelashes together, It’s an update because a patch broke ‘em. Anyways hope that y’all are having fun with them

On the preview she has NO make up on, Just the eyelashes and the custom Skin by @black-kylo




I’m proud to show you my Glitter KOLLECTION 

It Contains:

  • 1 Bra (4Swatches)
  • 1 Tube Top (8 Swatches)
  • 4 Tight Skirt (4 Lengths) (8 Swatches)

Additgionals Informations:

  • HQ Texture
  • 3 Packages
  • Low Poly
  • No Known Problems
  • ZIP File (6,10 Mo)
  • No Custom Thumbs (Mabe One Day)


  • Recolors/Re Textures are allowed but Don’t Include the mesh
  • Don’t Claim as Your Own
  • Don’t Re-Upload
  • Tag Me If You Use It
  • Enjoy !


Tell me if you wanna participate to the Quen2n’s Fashion Week just send me a DM and i gonna tell you all the rules!

Also BIG Thank’s to @candyforniasmoonlight who’s have the idea of the triangle bra.

Download [Simfileshare]



I’m so happy to show you my new cc. I love clock like this so i wanted to reproduct it ! I hope you like it ! Leave a comment if you download it or if you want to tell me something aha ! 

And, if you want to talk to me, dm me ! I’ll be so happy ! 

*Base game
* 6 recolors
* Fluid Art
* I found my reference on PInterest. 




Meshki Swimsuits

It’s soon summer so here is 2 swimsuits fom

  • Edena One Piece Bikini
  • Sahara Binkini
  • HQ
  • 1 SWATCH
  • Has morphs
  • Orginal meshes from EA
    • Don’t Re-Upload
    • Don’t Claim As Your Own
  • Enjoy!




I’m Rae (aka Barricorn) and I’ve decided to start a simblr!

I will be sharing some CC that I make from time to time and also just some pics of my time playing The Sims.

Most of my CC right now (which I will be sharing another day other than the one shown in the picture) is recolours of Base Game Content (a lot of which is Miraculous Ladybug inspired) but I am aiming to branch out into make some meshes soon.

The CC in the pictures is a standalone recolour of the short blowdry style from the Base Game with 8 colours (Red, Orange, Yellow, green, Cyan, Blue, Purple  Pink) and works on both genders and both frames. I hope you all enjoy!

Download link below the cut!

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Мод на замену имен для The Sims 4 

  • 250 женских имен
  • 250 мужских имен
  • 150 фамилий 
  • Новые имена для кошек и собак
  • Выбор имен в CAS
  • Горожане и бездомные животные генерируются с новыми именами

Установка:  Загрузите файл в папку Документы\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods

Если у вас возникли ошибки, пожалуйста, напишите мне. 


Ice Cream Buffet Table

I just got cool kitchen stuff today, and the first thing I wanted to do was make my own ice cream parlor. That was when I found out that you can’t buy the cartons of ice cream. You have to make them yourself. That is why I bring you my newest buffet table. It features ten different ice cream flavors that spawn randomly on the table.  (I still haven’t figured out a way around this.) 

The flavors included are: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, butter pecan, rainbow sherbet, lemon gelato, taste of diet, blue moon, twin roses, and plant matter.

This buffet table requires City Living and Cool Kitchen Stuff.

Download (SimFileShare)

Download (Google)

No Putting Away Toys

I like to decorate my toddlers’ and kids’ rooms with lots of toys, and it really gets on my nerves when all of my hard work goes to waste. Sims can’t help themselves. They will stop whatever they’re doing just to go pick up toys off the floor. This mod makes sims stop from autonomously putting away toys. I tested this mod in my ugly gray tile test house for 3 days, and no one bothered to pick up any of the toys I scattered all over the floor. 

This sims didn’t even look at them. They just walked over them. :)

Download (SFS)



Warning: it does not require cc nor mod, just cheat codes.

1- Create a swimming pool.
2 - On the text box (press ctrl+shift+c) you have to type bb.moveobjects on and press enter.
3 -Then type bb.showhiddenobjects and press enter.
4 - Now on the search box of the inventory type ‘debug’. It will show a long list of hidden objects.
5 - Look for the fishing signals and buy at least one of those (note they are a lot but you have to get those on which pop ups a description when you select the icons, NOT those on which it says only 'debug § 0’.
6 - Finally, put the fishing signal close at the poolside.
Note 1 - You can decorate around the pool with plants and rocks, and you can even hide the fishing signal so that everything seems more natural, but don’t put so much decorations where there’s the green grid of the fishing signal. This is the fishing area which must be walkable for your fisher-sims.
Note 2 - This procedure works even with a fountain.


  • If you like it, put your “like” or reblog me ^_^
  • Please don’t claim this tutorial as your own
  • Tag ‘lovenovavita’ so I can see how it works in your game.