I really fell in love with these two sims (especially the first one), and none of them have names yet so I’m open for suggestions! but please someone stop me from creating new sims. 

Outfit 1


Skin: @simlishsweetie [xxx]

Dimples: @pralinesims [xxx]

Nose mask: @pralinesims [xxx]

Mouth corners: @pralinesims [xxx]


Hair: @holosprite [xxx]

Lashes: @kijiko-sims [xxx]

Eyeliner: @slcub-privee [xxx]

Waterliner: @pickypikachu[xxx]

Eyeshadow:@bernies-simblr [xxx]

Lips: @ephiny-asunder [xxx]

Septum Ring: @pickypikachu [xxx]

Crop: @pixelsimdreams [xxx]

Jeans: @kalewa-a [xxx]

Shoes: @kalewa-a [xxx]

Nails: @pralinesims [xxx]

Backpack: @sims4-marigold [xxx]

Coffee Cup: Toksik [xxx]

Pose 1: @flowerchamber  [xxx]

Pose 2: Dear Kim [xxx]

Outfit 2


Skin: @simcism [xxx]

Face Overlay: @pyxiidis [xxx]

Nose mask: @pralinesims [xxx]

Mouth corners: @pralinesims [xxx]


Eyeshadow: @nessiescc [xxx]

Lashes: @kijiko-sims [xxx]

Eyeliner: @alf-si [xxx]

Lips: @mayhem-sims[xxx]

Hair: @littlecrisps retexture [xxx]

Top: @jsboutique [xxx]

Skirt: @sims4-marigold [xxx]

Rings: @simpliciaty [xxx]

Bag: @sclub-privee [xxx]

Shoes: @bluebellsims [xxx]

Socks: EA

Pose 1: @flowerchamber [xxx]

Pose 2: @flowerchamber [xxx]


“Sure, Daddy loves you.”

“Do you love me? Know that I’d never want to replace your mom.”

“You are my mom. I may have come out of Alexa’s tummy, but you raised me. I would love it if you and daddy got married, and had a couple of sisters for me too.”

Tears were falling from Rae’s eyes, but she laughed at the last bit. “Just sisters huh?”

“Of course. Boys are gross.


“Well, personally I’d rather wait a while to have more kids because I don’t want to share you, but I’ve been sharing you with Clover all this time. I also feel if I don’t say yes, I’ll lose you. So… I guess I’m ok with that.”

“I’m sorry to back you into a corner, but I’m not getting any younger and I want to be able to enjoy my kids; to grow up with them. If you truly aren’t ok we can have a longer engagement to give you time.”

Noah sat quietly for a minute and thought over his options. He’d been so against kids before Madelyn and Clover, but having them now, he couldn’t imagine his life being any different. “I’m 2,000% ok with trying for a baby starting the night of our wedding. I wouldn’t trade being a dad for anything in the world. I would trade having 3 baby mommas, but that’s neither here nor there. I love you. I want to have a million kids with you.”

Rae laughed, “I don’t want that many, but a houseful will be sufficient enough.”

“Define houseful?”

“Regretting the million kids line already?” 

They both fell against each other in laughter. Noah loved this feeling, and he honestly didn’t care if she really did want a million kids. He’d take in all in stride.

Hello everyone! Thank you guys for your advices on how to improve at making sims :) I made her just after reading your comments!
I think she looks pretty  but I’m still not satisfied haha but I guess I never will be :)

So this is some new hair I’m working on I’m not sure If I will post it It’s really simple!


BS Build //23/05/2016// Split level bedroom

Hi guys! so I’ve made another bedroom, I hope you like it :) I own NONE of the CC shown in these images. 


Okay, so I’ve decided that if i get to 100 followers I’ll make a speed build and try to make a youtube channel? So love and reblog this and my other builds! I also wanna thank you guys again for all the amazing support! I know 20somthing followers isn’t much but i always feel so so so happy waking up and going on my computer and seeing all the loves and stuff from you guys :3 I love you ♡


“You remember how I said I wanted more kids, right?”

“That’s not really the sort of thing a man forgets, hun, but yes, why?”

“The day we get married, I’d like to try for a child that night. No more protection, we let the man upstairs do his thing.” 

“That just sounds creepy when you put it like that.”

Rae sighed. “I’m being serious. Are you ok with this?”