Hi guys! Let me introduce my new mesh - Toothpaste 6 variants - for Sims 4!

This is not a conversion, it’s a brand new items!

Toothpaste comes in 6 versions!

To avoid problems with objects position, we recommend to use the cheat “bb.moveobjects”.

Don’t claim as your own or re-upload!

Recolors allowed (just give credits to the Forum!). Thank you.



Current projects :

  • Some additional colors for some of my clothes. I’m beginning with the chinos, because I needed colors that match some of the GTW suits ! I also need to create some new options for my t-shirts, with more patterns or logos !

The T-shirt on Sebastian/the first guy is a recolor created by my brother, down-in-simsland, have a look at his simblr ! :D

  • A kind of medieval inspired shirt, on the guy at the middle. Not sure it will be usefull :p
  • And I finally find a wa objects created in 3DS Max In Blender, without loosing the smoothing groups. It will be easier to create objects ! :D

primadonna-sims LPS hair edit recolors.

65 Colors. You will need their mesh in order for this hair to show up. 

Download mediafire/box

Credits: Of course primadonna-sims for the mesh edit. pleyita, simsrocuted, and mysimplesimblr for their color palettes.

TOU: Do not claim as your own, do not put through ad.fly, do not include in mod folder sharing, do not re-upload.

i realized a little too late that I have two of the same colors shown… >.> stupid mistake is stupid.


Arrow for hand accessories ( for Female & Male)

the arrow is a set form my  Legolas story.

Standalone / 1 color / S4CC (at the ring category)

Style 1 Mediafire download

Style 2 Mediafire download

you can DL both of them.

Bow and others weapon in the photo, download here

This is a request by Twisim.

It’s seem that FlowerChamber will helping for making a NICE poses for these weapon! I am so exciting now!!!!! Thanks!


Cleo DeLuca

Thank you to all content creators - especially missparaply for her incredible new collection and for the first pose, m-i-l-k-sims for the skin and flowerchamber for the remaining poses.

Features - skin + discolouration | face-mask | hair | eyes | eyebrows | eyelashes
Makeup - eyeliner | face-shine | lips
Attire - top and bottoms | shoes | glasses
Pose - one | two | three and four