Just random couple poses I did. XD 

Still in wip, will share in the future, but definitely after the wedding project, lol. 

Feel free to ask individual CCs. (not gonna make complete list at this moment cuz I’m so sleepy. lol~) But I do remember, the hat is fr pauleanr / Cat ear and flower bracelet are from jennisims / right swim suit is fr jinglestartk

Good night. XD 

Cherry Baker.

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Trying out this new like/dislike thing to hopefully expand their personalities and make it a little more fun for you guys. >:)

Recreating Ms. Decibel

For Sims4. I contacted madame-macabre and she was thrilled with the idea. so, I got to work… 

The dress… a challenge.

The cap… no sweat.





But… its coming together… and I hope to have it done soon, along with the-real-ben-drowned‘s cosplay outfit.  

And I need to figure out how to include awkwardor into this. I’m going to need the full set.


Industry Warehouse Apt. - No CC

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Now your sims can live in Shane & Adriana’s Warehouse Home!

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