Hello sweeties!!!
I did not have time to create a custom content to celebrate the 400+ followers ♥, but I did this lot :)
It is a small square which includes a bakery, a photo studio and a boutique. Has no custom content, but requires Outdoor Retreat and Get to Work.

  • Lot type: Retail
  • §156,940
  • 30x20


Drop the tray files in your Documents > Electronics Arts > The Sims 4 > Tray folder or download the lot in-game via the Gallery.

  • Uploaded to the Gallery under Origin ID PaulaHLobo and #phsims
  • Place the lot in Build Mode with bb.moveobjects enabled to avoid disappearing objects.

Hope you like! :)


April Ranking

Sims 4 ranking of most downloaded items from my blog

1. Iced Winter Dress (Last position: 1)

2. Amapola Set (Last position: 2)

3. Marinero Dress (Last position: 3)

4. Blank Space Set (New)

5. Spring Dress (Last position: 4)

6. Chandelier Dress (Last position: 5)

7. Spring Evening Dress (New)

8. Grey Pearl Dress (New)

9. Sea Dress (Last position: 6)

Leaves The ranking:

 Saturn Dress (Last position: 8)

Summer Wind Set (Last position: 7)

Colorful Winter Set (last position: 9)

Hope you like all of them! For more downloads chek my BLOG


Studio K Creation ALL CC updated now!!

Since EA  Patch, all of the CC thumbnail was show as Alien icon and some of the CC not showing to the CAS, or strange in the game.

Now all of this was fixed as the updated package.

Please deleted the old package and re-download the new one.

Makesure go to deleted the [localthumbcache] package

Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\localthumbcache.package

These are temporary files that are saved by the game to make loading certain information faster. If these files have incorrect or corrupted data, it may prevent your game from loading. The game will regenerate fresh copies of these files each time it loads, so deleting them is perfectly safe, and it’s normal for them to reappear.

When you delete any or all of these files, as their nature is to regenerate, the next time you load Launcher or the game may take a bit longer as all these files need to be refreshed. This is normal and is by design.

Please go to Studio K Creation download the NEW updated files.