Living room + office

Hello everyone. Yes, it’s been quite awhile since we moved to our new house, but we never really made a house tour post as I said I would. Life is busy with six little ones, and since we just recently completely redecorated our office and living room - maybe it’s not a bad thing we never did the house tour after all?

I’m not sure if you can remember when I first wrote about us moving, but you can then see the post by clicking on this link. I have only posted photos of our kitchen, which you can also see in the post linked. But now that we have finished our living room + office thingy, with help from our lovely neighbors, I feel alright with showing it to you. As you can see, then it’s nothing crazy, really. We finally have a TV though, haha. We haven’t had a TV for quite some time now, and although we don’t really watch a lot of television, it’s nice to be able to sit down and enjoy a few hours with a movie, or some TV-shows with the husband + kids, without having to look at a tiny laptop screen, haha (oh, and don’t worry. The fireplace is not actually real fire, so the kids and our pet fox are all safe, and so are we).

We are all pretty happy with how the living room looks, but Damian and I agree that we need to decorate the walls with more family photos!

Our “office,” is honestly just the place I can sit in front of our computer and work on my books, or go online shopping (however, I mostly use my laptop to shop online) - I actually just ordered tons of clothes from the @togetherstore last week, so if some of you are looking for a place to shop clothes for your little ones, this, in my opinion, is the perfect place to go!

As you can see in the photos above, I did have a little problem getting proper photos of the room without any kids in them. I even had to be rude, and ask Emily and Max to step away at some point, and it still took me FOREVER to get the first photo - especially with this annoying curious fox cub with his nose all up in the lens! And yes, I should have waited until all of the children had gone to bed, but I didn’t think about that until I began to write on this post and it was too late, haha.

And before I end the post. As you can see, the little twins have become better and better at standing on their own. I still can’t believe they’ll be 10 months old soon!

Nursery overhaulings

It is no secret that Maximilian is about to become a big boy. He will be turning two years this month, on May 11th, so we agreed it was about time to give his nursery a bit of an overhauling. First, we decided to move him to a smaller room, while Damian and I decided to use his old room as the masterbedroom. We got rid of his old crib, which he rarely used anyways, and replaced it with a special made bed for him (he has been sleeping on a mattress for most of his life). Most of his toys have been put into boxes, and we also found a cheap music player on sale a few days ago, that we thought would fit perfectly into his new bedroom, so we ended up buying it for him. He loves listening to music, and it also helps lulling him to sleep at night. Emily also gave him some of her old doll toys, such as the crib and the highchair. He doesn’t really play with dolls, to be honest, but he loves using it for his teddy bears.

Besides changing Max’s room, we also ended up making a very few changes on Aiden’s nursery. We’ve been very busy after the birth of Noah and Lumi, so we’ve had friends and family members help us out with all of the nurseries (bless them). But not many changes were done to Aiden’s nursery, so it’s still very baby-like for my taste, but as long as Aiden is happy with where he sleeps, I am happy.

And this is Noah and Lumi’s nursery. My younger sister actually designed most of the room, because I was busy being pregnant and tired, but I actually really like how it looks. We do have two cribs placed in the masterbedroom as well, but once we feel comfortable with letting them sleep on their own, we will move both of them to the nursery. And I think their little nursery looks really cute.

I, especially like this little corner in the room. I don’t know why, it just looks really cute, and I love just sitting there while reading a book or something like that (when I have time), and just watch the babies next to me.