Kadie’s eyes opened. “What about Toby?”

“I am not here for him.”

“Well, I am.” Kadie stood and paced. Folding her hands across her chest she faced Zejhari. 

“You are using me because I’m some sacred hidey-hole. Not only is that rude but in some way I must be allowing it to happen. Meaning there is a way to block you from doing it.” Her voice steadied as logic took over. 

“If there is, I will find it and stop you. You said you would protect me. What you are doing is harming me by giving me something I know should be given to my mate. This makes him unfairly disadvantaged when he deserves it more than I do. If you refuse him I don’t want it either, and you may take your leave.”

“Your benevolence towards your mate is astoundingly laudable and I see your fighting spirit has not been malnourished. I cannot deny your wish, thus he shall have the same. When you return, you will transfer the blessing and the knowledge I have given you by touch, no words need be passed. We must go now, it is unwise to keep you here alone.”

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