There’s already some really awesome default-replacements for this out there, but I wanted to make something bright and colourful that had a watercolour quality to it :)

Pictured above is a side-by-side view of the originals and my replacements. They are in the same order, so use the swatch to pick and choose.

Download here. Swatch is included.

Credits; Joey Chou, Lorena Alvarez, Manuel Kilger, Behance, Pinterest, saramkirk @ modthesims



Hi! Now I have 1610+ followers at my blog, and amount of followers increases daily, thank you so much! As there wasn’t 1,5k followers gift (I intended to make it) I’ve shared this lot. I’ve had a lot of inspiration recently and it was quite simple for me to decorate this during short term. Thank you for following me again and enjoy! :)

Download at DROPBOX

Happy simming!


This is a joint project between Shastakiss and myself. It was originally her idea to recolor and submit these to the GOS theme this month, but these items in their original form weren’t recolorable so that’s where I came in as she asked me if I could finish what I started as when these first popped up I wanted to make them recolorable. Then got busy and forgot. Anyway, I’ve taken the original files done by Rebecah and redone them. They’ve been cleaned up internally, been made recolorable, and have been given some pie menu tweaking.

Shasta then provided me with the “Backyard” version of the pet agility items and I made another set of them with those meshes. Finally Shasta gave it her magic texture treatment, recoloring each set and making PSD files for future recoloring ease!

Rebecah’s original command/animation files are included, everything is compressed. Find in Misc > Pets.

Special thanks to Shasta for getting me off my butt on making these recolorable so we all can enjoy, as well as taking previews/swatches. <3




Hi! I have already more than 2k followers, it’s incredibly! Thank you very much to everyone who follows me, I really appreciate it ♥ I made the 1st part of the followers gift. It includes:

Bomber jacket with embroidery, mesh by Always Sims is included. Credits mesh parts: Bomber jacket by Mila and T-shirt alpha by Alisa. (pic. 1)

Flared coral skirt, mesh by Always Sims is included. Original mesh of shoes and textures of them by Semller, mesh of skirt by Pixicat. (pic. 1)

We never split up t-shirt, mesh by Strawberrikhunnie is included. Original mesh of top by Julies-Sims. (pic. 2)

Flared flowery skirt, mesh by Always Sims is included. Original mesh of sandals and textures of them and mesh of skirt by Pixicat. (pic. 2)

Vertical Striped Shirt, mesh by Sentate is included. (pic. 2)

Momfit jeans, mesh by Always Sims is included. Original mesh pants by Simsimi, original mesh shoes and textures of them by Semller, Adidas converted by Eirsims. (pic. 3)

Almost all textures were taken from www.stradivarius.com, all meshes are included to the .rar.

Download at DROPBOX or at SFS

Have a great week! <3

EDIT: I’ve changed the links because I hadn’t added one of the necessary meshes.


Finally I have 1,5k followers! Recently someone asked me to share the greenhouse I made in March. But it didn’t saved and I’ve made a botanical garden which includes a greenhouse with a big fountain, a pond and numerous flower beds. It’s important to note that it is as community lot in game. I hope, that you’ll enjoy it! :)


EDIT: If you have problems with this lot (a few people have told me that they can’t install it to the game), you can try to download it by this link, but in the game it will be as residential lot.

Around the Sims 2 | IKEA Assembly kit

And now for Sims 2! Sadly, though I’ve tried very hard (I’ve spent a whole week-end on the instructions on cardboard box, with tutorials and MTS threads to study), I failed at using the chessboard as base: I couldn’t get rid of the chess pieces, so I’ve used a Mah-jong table, which is a bit less satisfying as it doesn’t give logic points and that the animations are less appropriate.

The assembly table is fully functionnal, though, as toy bench.

Cardboard box, notices and catalogs are in english & simlish; aspirin and bandage box are in simlish only.


sims 4 version here - sims 3 version here