Alex’s girlfriend came with a little extra. Her baby brother, Heartly. He was lovely, and sweet but a bit of a trouble maker. Alex tried his hardest to help out, but he’d never been good with babies.

“I know she only wants to help, but keep Heartly away from your sister…”

“Oh.. Why.”

“Just do…”

Alex had never even dreamed of disobeying his sister. She was a scary woman, who was arranging a wedding… She loved playing with Heartly, he was always hear her talking softly to him, or singing to him at night. Maybe he was softening her.

Hey guys, look who’s alive!! I promised eir-sims I’d convert some of Wondymoon sets, so make this part one. I’ll get to the other as soon as I can. It’s her lovely Bismuth livingroom!

So, antkasdefaults already converted the sofa and the chair, but I got some weird wallshadows once the seating was close to a wall, so I just updated her files. When installing, you can just replace her originals.

The cushions for the sofa are a bit weird, so please use snapobjectstogrid when using them. Bigger cushion for the livingchair is master, and smaller one is slave. 

3t2 Wondymoon’s Bismuth:

• coffeetable • endtable • pouf endtable (+15 recolors) • deco candle • bowl • painting (+12 recolors) • console • rug (+20 recolors) • sofa cushion (2 recolorable subsets) • livingchair cushion (Master and Slave) 

Included meshes by Antka: Sofa and Livingchair with corrected shadows

All the credits go to Wondymoon

There are some previews and swatches included, not all - sorry. Yup, that’s it. Now go download - MEDIAFIRE | BOX

Sims 2 Hearth Fireplace for Sims 4

As promised! I’m getting better at these and trying new more complex objects to bring back! :)

The Red Ember Freestanding Fireplace! This beautiful retro fireplace from Sims 2 makes its comeback to Sims 4!

  • Comes in its 8 original Maxis colors
  • Found in Decorative>Fireplaces
  • Costs 600 simoleons


  • Provide a link back to my blog when using my objects in lots.
  • Feel free to retexture or clone as long as you provide a link back to my blog.
  • AND DON’T “MODIFY THE MESHES” and pretend it’s yours. These take alot of work. ALWAYS GIVE CREDIT.




When Newcrest came out I had rebuilt a few Sims 2 houses in Sims 4. I was just going to share about 5 houses. Well I had so much fun doing each of them I filled the ENTIRE world! So I present to you almost every Sims 2 house built in Pleasantview in the Sims 4. You can pop them in the game and flashback to all your Sims 2 memories!

This is the Broke’s house at 55 Woodland Drive. It is complete with creepy swimming pool in the back. Also, back in Sims 2 days I never realized how much of a sensual bedroom Ms. Broke had!

So 14 more lots coming soon!!! Let me know what you want next, otherwise I am going to just pick randomly.

You can download this house through the gallery. My Origin ID is: simszabuilds. Follow me on the gallery to get each house when I post it.