Sooooooo…. I guess the horse really likes the smell of new comics and is a total nerd.  xD  (I know this is pathfinding shit, but it totally looks like she’s all up on the comics!)

I think she wants Steve Texas dead.  :/

And uhhhh…..

She REALLY liked this speaker.  And I don’t have thought bubbles on, and ordinarily I would think this was kind of a fluke, but uh……

She started legit grooving to whatever the fuck they were piping in?

Fuck that she’s clipping through the door, alright?



Founder’s Park

A tribute to the founder of Sims University, this park tries to honour his favourite activity. The SU Chess Club now meets at the top of the building. Downstairs, players pass the time before their matches playing some of the arcade machines or getting a refreshing drink or delicious snack.

This dorm follows the rules for KarenLorraine’s Campus Constructors contest over at MTS. It’s TS2 only, so this can’t be a valid entry - but I liked the idea of the rules and fancied giving it a go. Coming up with a founder’s park that still fit the science university theme was tricky, but I think the chess club idea works. I’m actually really happy with this lot, which never usually happens with any attempt I make at a park.


Made a little Sim today, named her Camille … I think she’s kind of adorable. Except those eyebrows…they looked good in CAS *shudders*

For some reason I love sending Sims to Uni when I actually play. So here she is in her dorm room. I think I’ll make her a cute little boyfriend to meet later today.