The guy glanced past Wendy at a girl who had walked past them to the display.

“Oh come on! Seriously?!” He exclaimed. He looked down and pushed a hand back through his hair. She could hear him take a couple of breaths. When he finally looked up he seemed perfectly calm.

“Look, I’m sorry if I was kinda mean right now. It’s just weird being…here, ya know? I get a little intense.” His tone was softer. “Anyway, I don’t usually make pretty girls cry, I promise.”

Wendy could feel her cheeks redden even more and her eyes grew wide.

“Wha-? Me? Pretty?" 

He laughed. "Yeah, you.” He reached out his hand. She noticed his arms were covered in tattoos. Not exactly the type of guy who had ever gone for her. “I’m Brandon by the way.”