Sooooooo…. I guess the horse really likes the smell of new comics and is a total nerd.  xD  (I know this is pathfinding shit, but it totally looks like she’s all up on the comics!)

I think she wants Steve Texas dead.  :/

And uhhhh…..

She REALLY liked this speaker.  And I don’t have thought bubbles on, and ordinarily I would think this was kind of a fluke, but uh……

She started legit grooving to whatever the fuck they were piping in?

Fuck that she’s clipping through the door, alright?



Uni(versity)Llama - A College/Sporty Simlish font in Regular, Lined, and Outline Only

These would have been uploaded a few days ago, but I had to recreate some files I managed to delete. Bah!

Download at SFS:

UniLlama Regular || UniLlama Lined || UniLlama Outline

The ~{Sample Text}~ reads:

OMG, what the pl*m?! || 23 January 1992 || I <3 The Sims!
Franzilla quickly jots down her list of sixty-five bad pangrams.
A shy pink quail flew over the jinxed cyborg maze.
Cover Egyptian jukeboxes with frozen denim quilts.

EDIT: Fixed  ĥ,  ů,  ľ,  Ő, and  ő diacritic alignment in UniLlama Lined