Endure and Survive Eyes

Eyes from The Last of Us. [Pandemic Contacts re-release]

Since I have a little bit more experience I started this conversion from scratch and stay truer to the original look while emulating some of my favorite contacts in the community.

There is a litany of issues I have with the Pandemic Contacts. The pupils are really small, they’re super bright and I topazed the heck out of them. Though it produced a really cool look, they were far from perfect or ideal.  

I plan to play around with different reflections in the eyes at some point in the future. But for now, these eyes have the standard one I’ve been using.

The Endure eyes are the Joel variant of The Last of Us eye textures, which are darker and more bloodshot. The Survive eyes use Ellie’s eye textures which were used to make the Pandemic contacts in the first place!

  • Three channels
  • Male & Female T-E // Disabled for Random // Thumbnail included
  • Credits: Naughty Dog, BrntWaffles, Anva
  • TOU
  • To see these in action click here.

Download .rar (SimFileShare)


Xavier and Keffria strike me as that neighborhood couple that goes all out for Halloween, and, like, turns their living room into a haunted house and lets the neighborhood kids come through. 

I didn’t go that far, but I went a little crazy with the decorating.


The Sims 4 Halloween Outfits Inspiration

Here’s two new Halloween outfits I made for my sims, and im in LOVE with all of this CC. *.*

CC list:

Pumpkin Outfit 1:

Pumpkin Hat @manueapinny

Hair @kiarazurk

Choker @witchypop

Skeleton Bodysuit @puresims

Skirt ? (can’t find sry)

Bat Tights @puresims

Heels @madlensims

Dark Outfit 2:

Hair @kedluu

Glasses @valhallansim

Crop Top @waekey

Skater Skirt @simpliciaty

Skeleton Tights @puresims

Eyebrows @alf-si

Shiny Skin @xldsims

Zodiac Tattoo @sims-super-addicted

Boots @alienpollination


Cred to all these amazing CC creators, I love youuu much ^^


Halloween Set

Set includes:
1. Dress
2. Crop Top
3. Mini skirt
4. 3 types of tights

  • hq texture
  • standalone
  • custom thumbnail 

                                            Download [x]

                       Dont forget to tag #mayhemfashionsims4 if you use it