Madlen - Piacenza Boots

I’m dying! ♥

New lace-up boots featuring a covered platform and chunky wooden heel. Come in 9 colors (patent leather).

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Madlen - Agiel Shoes

Sexy and perfect for any witch! ♥

Sexy and spooky at the same time! Just the perfect thing your sim needs this Halloween. Come in 7 colors (patent leather texture).

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Madlen - Kedire Shoes

In need of some shoes for the club? Sweet get these! ♥

Strappy high heeled shoes! You definitely won’t go unnoticed in these! Come in 14 colors (patent leather texture).

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The House of Fallen Trees 
A Sims 2 Horror Story

I haven’t finished my Sims 3 story yet. I will, but probably not in time for Hallowe’en, so here’s an old tale of mine told with The Sims 2 premades (a house and sims!), inspired by survival horror video games, pitting an unsuspecting heiress against the eerie dead.

(This was a Sims 2 challenge for the Maxis-taste community over at LJ a long time back, but I hope some simmers may still enjoy this.)

Warning: Blood, death, and creepiness. Lots of CC and horror movie logic.  

In every neighbourhood, there is always that one strange house. Usually it’s big. And old. And creepy.  

They called the house by the graveyard, The House of Fallen Trees. It has sat abandoned for a very long time.  And now it belonged to Rainelle.  

(below the cut )

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Halloween Set

Set includes:
1. Dress
2. Crop Top
3. Mini skirt
4. 3 types of tights

  • hq texture
  • standalone
  • custom thumbnail 

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The Sims 4 Tamara Dark Elf (Halloween Look)

I think she’s so adorable✨

cc credits:

@valhallansim @scoobysnaxsims @twinksimstress @xldsims @chocolatemuffintop @kijiko-sims



The Sims 4 Halloween Outfits Inspiration

Here’s two new Halloween outfits I made for my sims, and im in LOVE with all of this CC. *.*

CC list:

Pumpkin Outfit 1:

Pumpkin Hat @manueapinny

Hair @kiarazurk

Choker @witchypop

Skeleton Bodysuit @puresims

Skirt ? (can’t find sry)

Bat Tights @puresims

Heels @madlensims

Dark Outfit 2:

Hair @kedluu

Glasses @valhallansim

Crop Top @waekey

Skater Skirt @simpliciaty

Skeleton Tights @puresims

Eyebrows @alf-si

Shiny Skin @xldsims

Zodiac Tattoo @sims-super-addicted

Boots @alienpollination


Cred to all these amazing CC creators, I love youuu much ^^