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ah yes pose player sorry!! I'm still new to it all aha thank you! and it is safe yeah? it won't harm my computer at all? I've never installed mods before and I only have used CC from thesimsresource

Well it should be safe, it didn’t harm my computer or any of the people I know here :) CC is safe from all places I’ve tried so far, the same artits that upload content to TSR upload it to Modthesims and to Tumblr, these are just pages that allow them to share the content they create. Still, if you don’t trust download places you don’t know enough, make sure to have an anti-virus and run everything through it, just to make sure! 

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Okay, so I know it's super early for this, but I just stopped in the middle of making a sandwich because I had a cool idea. The beginning of the game starts like one of those cheesy anime dating sims with the cherry blossoms and some cheesy voice over. Then Arin and Dan cut in making fun of it and real start of the game is a grump session where the player is introduced as a new employee or something.

Aw man! I really like that!! It’d be like we think we’re playing a game, but it shows it’s actually Dan and Arin playing the game on the show, and, the main character interrupts because they need one of them for something and that’s kind of how the game begins. 

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Hello! Do u know where I can download a male bracelet? I've searched for this everywhere, but I never find it for ts2. Thx!

Hello there, nonny! Any bracelet in particular? Hmmm… I guess I’ll just list some of my favorites!

1. @the77sim3 Skull Beaded Bracelet converted by @chanelwwww; LINK

2. 1080 Leather Belt Bracelet; LINK

3. KimJ/Traum Beads Bracelet; LINK

4. 1080 Rosary Bracelet; LINK

5. @ahiruchanet Barbed Wire Bracelet converted by @royalblues87; LINK

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I really have the urge to make a simblr but I don't really understand how to upload images and what the posemaster is? Would you be able to help please? I am just so lost there's so much to know!!!

Hi non! Okay, I’m the worst at explaining so sorry in advance ;__; Here we go!

  • Uploading pictures to Tumblr is quite easy, actually! You just have to click this button: 

And from there you just have to navigate to the folder where the pictures you want to post are, and select them. Only ten pictures allowed though! As you can see, that works like with any other website this type, like Facebook and Twitter and blablabla.

  • I’m guessing with posemaster you mean pose player? (There’s no posemaster, that’s why I’m assuming that :/) So anyway, this is the pose player (there’s instructions on the description of that page btw), and it’s used to pose your sims in game. You’ll have to download the poseplayer, and the poses you want to use. If they’re poselist compatible, you will find them in game by clicking the pose player and then ‘’select pose from list’’. If they’re not poselist compatible, you’ll have to write down the pose code which will be surely listed on the download post or in a file inside the downloaded poses, or maybe it’s the same as the package name. You will be able to use those by clicking the poseplayer and then ‘’pose by name’’ and writing down the pose code (between, it will look like a_(name the author has given the pose). And example: a_sgisims_fwbf1a (that’s one of mine lalalaaa). 

I’m not sure if I’ve explained myself, so make sure to read the description of the pose player download post, and also I found a tutorial here on how to use it and the things it does. Hope this helps! :)

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I feel like if your playing as your own character then maybe the character can be customize (appeareance and gender?). It's just thought, I understand if you don't.

It depends on how difficult that would be as far as the programming side. I was talking to @ininachu about something like that and how I wanted to see if it were possible for players to input their own name for the character and choose the pronouns they want~ 


Willa & Blair McKenzie Aesthetic meme ♥

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Aren't dating sims just pictures with options and endings with different people? It would be cool to have a bunch of artists be involved in this. I'd like to figure out how to make one then put it together

Yeah, pretty much! I’m not sure how it would be, if it would be something that went into a NSFW area or option. 

It would be insanely cool to have artists collaborate on drawing stuff. Again, I have no clue what it takes to make such a thing exist or happen. It would probably be a lot of work, but I would support an idea to put feelers out and see if people had ideas or were interested. 

It could be a cool community project~ 

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1, 2, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14, 26, 30, 32, 48 for Willa & Blair please??? <3


1: What is your character’s full name? Shame on me because I don’t remember, so just Willa McKenzie, but she does have another name he.

2: What is their birth? May 7th, 1990.

7: Can your character cook anything well? If so, what? Mac & cheese? Lol she’s also good at making sushi but mostly she eats outside or orders sooo she doesn’t cook a lot, but she’s not bad at it.

9: What song does your character always sing in the shower? Always, by Bon Jovi.

10: As a child, what did your OC wanna be when they grew up? A photographer, which caused a lot of arguments with her parents.

12: Who is/are your OC’s best friend(s)? She’s got lots of friends but no doubts, the best are Shannon and Duncan.

14: Favorite book? She’s more the fantasy novel kind of reader, so I’d go for The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.

26: If charged by a swarm of wild animals, what wild animal would scare your character the most? Wolves.

30: Who are your OC’s celebrity crushes? Ian Somerhalder. She has a thing for dark haired boys with light eyes.

32: How does your OC deal with having a crush on someone? You know this one XD Well she is a natural flirt but she’s like that to everyone really, and doesn’t matter if she has a crush she’ll still be the same to them. She knows how to take things naturally, even if she’s more nervous around them or things like that.

48: Your OC stops at a gas station to buy a drink. What did they buy? One of those coffees they sell everywhere now. She’s not much about soda or coke or things like that.


1: What is your character’s full name? Don’t remember this one either, sue me. Blair McKenzie, with another name I don’t remember between the first name and the surname.

2: What is their birth? 17th August, 1997.

7: Can your character cook anything well? If so, what? Pies! 

9: What song does your character always sing in the shower? Idk, Mary had a little lamb? She’s never listened to a lot of music actually.

10: As a child, what did your OC wanna be when they grew up? She wanted to be an art teacher, but has never said a word about it, just mentalized that she had to be a doctor as her parents wanted.

12: Who is/are your OC’s best friend(s)? She is making good friends with Duncan right now, but apart from him, she has some friends back in Scotland, though she’s a really closed person so she doesn’t trust them much.

14: Favorite book? Pride and Prejudice surely.

26: If charged by a swarm of wild animals, what wild animal would scare your character the most? Bears. Or some kind of birds, she hates them.

30: Who are your OC’s celebrity crushes? Does Mr. Darcy count as a celebrity?

32: How does your OC deal with having a crush on someone? She gets hella nervous and finds it very difficult to talk, and isn’t able to explain what she’s feeling. She gets very awkward around them.

48: Your OC stops at a gas station to buy a drink. What did they buy? Probably just a water bottle.

Thanks for asking! :D If someone has questions it would really help, specially with Kellan, Dakota and Scarlett cause right now they’re the less developed characters I have :/

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Being a dick to the other grumps (Like in a friendly way) gets you closer to brian. "I called dan a Fuck Bucket yesterday" "Good he probably deserved it" (Imagine it not in Brian's voice but in Arin and Dan's impersonation of him" And you can greet him by asking "Who's a sexy wittle baby?" and he'll say "You are." (Dating Sim Anon)

Aha! Yeah, like maybe there’s a catch to his where you have to sort of have lower stats with the other grumps to get Brian’s affection meter up, or like, if you call the other Grumps an insult when talking to them i.e. calling Ross or Barry an asshole or idiot or something. Brian will know about it the next time you talk and high five you for it. 

Also my dear sweet @ninjababypowpow said that Brian’s path would probably include a quiz and I cannot agree more. He would quiz you on what you know about him/things he’s told you/ light math and science questions.