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Fyi, although I don’t answer chain-mail type asks or too personal memes (I don’t want to tell you the color of my socks, okay.), I do occasionally answer sims related memes. 

1. If you could apply any cheat code or feature of the Sims to real life - except money cheats - what would you choose and why?

Nope I will apply money cheats. kaching kaching kaching.

2. What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened in your game?

My favorite sim Dunder died (of old age) on the same day her hubby died while her living-ghost grand daughter was in labor in the middle of kitchen counter.

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ninjaofthepurplethings asked:

Can I hear five random facts about Mr Giant Bobble head man? Once you get this, paste it into 5-10 people's inboxes whose characters you'd like to know better! :)

Oh Good Lordy Ninja! lol

  1. Was awarded for having the best hair in High School.
  2. Learned to sleep standing up. (for obvious reasons)
  3. Can’t eat a lot of ice cream. Brain freezes are terrible. :P
  4. Just learned to drive. He has a special convertible just for him.
  5. And can’t believe it but found his true love when asking for directions. 

She made a show of yawning, stretching her arms up for emphasis. The air was humid and hot and they really needed a fan if they were going to last at all here. She could already tell he would have a hard time sleeping, but she was exhausted, more so than she had been in a while. After all of the boys were sent home they had immediately taken off to her bedroom and had only come out for short periods of time, not needing to use the bathroom downstairs while she had one in her room. Eventually, her dad, who was very skeptical over the whole thing, had called asking if it was safe to visit. She told him no and spent another 3 days enjoying being with Wilder. 

It had taken a lot of coaxing to get her to pack her stuff up and she pouted the majority of the way to the new house. Wilder had to only thread their fingers together and turn the music up for her to relax her face and sing along with him. 

‘Tired already? I could make some coffee, I already pulled it out of the car. I’ll just have to dig through one of the boxes for the filters an-’ Wilder was already standing up and poised to go and find exactly that before Aubrey started laughing. 

‘No, I don’t want coffee, I want you to take your clothes off and turn the light off. Then I want you to climb right here-’ she patted the spot on the mattress next to her that would eventually be his side of the bed.’-and sleep.’ She smiled when he continued to walk to the doors and pulled them shut, but it turned into a confused frown when he left the lights on and slowly walked back to her.

‘You forgot the lights! I swear if you make me get up to tu-’ 

anonymous asked:

could i like pay you in gold if you retextured Nightcrawler Violet for ts2? <3333

I’ll take cash thanks XD

Nightcrawler Violet now in Poppet’s natural and unnatural colours and textures :D 

There’s quite a bit of boob space on the toddler and child ages so I did a version with those ages removed, but I also did an all ages version if that’s what you want. Only download one version.

Download TF-EF Naturals/ Unnaturals

All ages Naturals/ Unnaturals

The upside to today: I finally finished another lot for Elmdale.

The downside of today: While play testing said lot service sims refused to spawn. Spent four hours trying everything I could think of to fix it. Managed to not only not fix the problem but now error trap throws me a million error messages. Awesome.


Aubrey knew that they needed to finish unpacking, it was evident in the unfurnished house and random knick-knacks laying around waiting to be put up. That was one of the last things on her mind however, the first being to get Wilder into bed early. 

‘One of these days you’re gonna hurt yourself.’ Wilder mumbled to himself, wondering how she had enough energy to hold her legs in the air but not enough to help him carry the coffee table in from the car.

‘I think I’m capable of keeping myself from getting hurt, thank you.” She had grunted out, her legs, which were slowly starting to feel like lead, slowly lowering. 

‘We’re not going to finish this tonight, are we?’ 

‘Hey, look at you! You’re catching on!’ She had sat up and scooted to edge of the bed in front of him, hoping she wouldn’t have to spell it out for him.

Hi anons :D

Anon 1: That beehive is a recolour done by Shastakiss, the mesh is included. The selves are part of woodforsims Bakery set, repositoried by Hafi here. The terrain paint in the store is the brown dirt from this set (I use it all the time), the terrain paint at Kayla’s house is the river rock from this set (I overuse all of that set tbh)

Anon 2: Wow anon! I actually download every plant I find (I still need more). 2 resources I find useful are jodeliejodelie’s garden resource list and the sims2paa tumblr.

Sets I use the most though are; the woodforsims plant set, ohBehave’s miasmata set (and dicreasy’s fixes to make the trees seasons friendly), these gorgeous maxis recolours (I recommend getting nengi’s big and huge bourgainvilla add ons here) and this skyrim conversion set (I particularly like the snowberries and the mountain flowers)

Of course if there are any plants you’ve seen that you want, let me know, I’ll track them down for you. (I shouldn’t have looked at that garden resource list now I’m downloading even more stuff)

Anon 3: That little brick border is one of my favourite things to use. It’s actually a fence and I love because of the curved corners (more fences should do that) It’s by buggybooz as part of this amazing set (You can see I used more of the pieces for the outdoor plants)

I’m going to blame my lack of replies/slowness in catching up with my dash on this one right here.

Between worrying about her, cleaning up after her (I don’t know WHAT upset her stomach but I’m so glad it seemed to pass), and keeping a constant eye on her I haven’t gotten as much done this week as I wanted to. Seriously. This week’s flown by and I’m still not convinced it’s Friday and not really Wednesday.

I’ve got two of those “tell me five facts about…” messages to post tonight after my queue. (They’re seriously so fun) Then after tomorrow’s queue finishes there’s going to be the biggest post ever just filled with replies. Pinky promise.

anonymous asked:

could you possibly convert your draped skirt to ts4 cuz its to die for I absolutely loved it ts3

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible. There is not provided the use of its own mesh for clothes, only editing and combining game meshes. This is only possible for items with no morphs, such as hair and accessories. I could change a similar mesh, but this is not yet.

If the situation changes, I’ll do it. Especially because the base mesh for Sims 4 is ready. ;)

gaiamix asked:

Okay, for the pairing meme... Well obviously Erin and Nervous. Then maybe also Circe, Loki, Kristen, Lola, Chloe, Olive, and\or Ajay. From Pleasantwiew... Cassandra, Brandi, Darren, the Kaylinns (Sr. and Jr.).

Whew, that was a lot. But thanks very much for the ask!


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sims-and-sisters asked:

1, 5, 8, 19, 27 :3

1. Tell me the story of how you started playing.

well i don’t remember it all that much, but basically i got ts3 for christmas probably when i was 15 or 16, and then i did that thing where i played a lot for a month and then didn’t play for a year. that went on for a couple years, then i probably took a break for about two years, until about a year ago i picked up the game again and i’ve been playing pretty solidly since. :)

5. Current Expansion Pack wish?

something akin to generations for ts4, including toddlers lol

8. Realistic or Maxis Match?

maxis match!

19. Post your favourite screenshot.

this would probably be one of my favorite screenshots i’ve taken recently ~

27. If you were a sim, what would be your skills?

hmm, maybe some degree of handiness, a little cooking, a little art, some logic… maybe a little writing too? i don’t know hahaha, i don’t think i’d have many skills from the games lol i’m not actually that good at much


 Color My World Poll
   Personal Challenge

 Ok guys I need some votes pretty pretty please! I will be playing with these four lovely founder sims. My rules are:

  • Lifespan set to Long
  • Play all 4 ladies in turns (Turns are 7 days long)
  • Work to fulfill their Custom Challenges (details to follow)
  • Start with completely empty Map (except park and 1 community lot)
  • Stay in the neighborhood until next generation (Next generation starts when the heir of the household reaches YA)
  • Any sim child can be heir (natural, adopted, alien, boy or girl)

   The reason I need your votes, I can’t decide who to start out with! So if you my simblr community would be so kind as to vote and help me decide. I will give you ample time while I construct the neighborhood homes.


Below are the ladies and their personal challenges (unique for them and me)

I   Dew   I   Hazel  I   Chai   I   Kona   I

Who shall it be?