Keeping Up With the Aliens

So things were hard for a while after Zarsan died.

His son missed him so much he built himself a snowman dad and then cried about it :(

Pamina struggled to keep up with work and take care of her kids. Being the only full adult in the house for a while, she was the only one who could change them, feed them, take them in and out of their cribs, etc. Shane tried his best to help out by employing the help of his imaginary friend Khan.

But Khan was only kind of helpful. Mostly he just got in the way. In fact the other kids never put their toys on the floor to turn them into imaginary friends because I found Khan so annoying. He would cancel Shane’s actions all the time and wake him up for stupid reasons. The other kids imaginary friends do show up even though they don’t technically exist, and in human form too for some reason. I’m gonna chalk this one up to a glitch. I actually went ahead and deleted their toys with cheats to be rid of the imaginary friends and they STILL show up. I’m at a loss. ANYWAY.

Eventually Shane aged up into a teen, and that was really helpful. He could now do all Pamina could do, but better! Being half-Alien, he doesn’t need to sleep at all! So he helped raise his siblings.

It was rough, but eventually all the kids made it through to the point where they could be somewhat self sufficient. Only Mariah, the youngest one, ended up with the “party animal” trait from her rocky early years. At this point, Pamina got the wish to remarry, so I decided I’d send her on a little vacation to reward her for her hard work. After all, with her demanding medical career she wouldn’t have time to date unless I stopped the clock. So of she jetted to Shang Simla for three days of relaxation and romance. Shane took care of his siblings while she was away.

Right away she hit it off with a local named Wang Bo Min Shen.

They REALLY hit it off.

I mean REALLY.

By the next morning they were married.

She spent her remaining days in China doing touristy things and hiding clothes from skinny dipping locals. Also lots of shopping. 

Wang Bo mostly slept.

I was a little worried the game wouldn’t appreciate me merging households while she was out of town, but they came back and everything seemed pretty normal. Hooray!

Time went on and with the help of her new husband, their kids grew into fine upstanding half alien teenagers that never need to sleep (and thus never wake up on the wrong side of the bed!)

The whole happy family!

But there was trouble in paradise. Pamina is kind of a giant asshole, insulting, mocking, and yelling at everyone she meets at every chance she gets. A hard worker, that Pamina, would do anything for her family, but not the most affectionate. This was fine in her last marriage, but Zarsan was also an asshole, so they worked great together. Wang Bo on the other hand is a good guy, so their marriage got rocky really fast. He was great with the kids, but couldn’t handle Pamina’s temper. I guess that three day period in China only gave him the chance to see her good side when he decided to pack up and move to Sunset Valley.

There’s also this other little issue, in that even though Zarsan is dead as a doornail, the game seems to think she’s still married to him. So every time things would be going well for her and Wang Bo, I’d get a notification that “Sims are starting to catch on” that she was “cheating” on him. Hm. One day after work, he got an action to “Confront Pamina About Cheating” that I couldn’t cancel. It went about as well as you’d expect.

And that was the end of their marriage. He packed up and moved out to a little gross house a few streets over, and Pamina and her kids are on their own again. Fortunately, Pamina is completely unfazed by this. No negative moodlet or anything! The kids on the other hand have a 2 day negative moodlet from witnessing the whole thing. So after being the Qi’Vorsivuns, and then the Min Shens, Pamina and family are back to being Brights.

Sorry for the looong post, a lot has happened since the last update! The kids are about to graduate and move out, so things should slow down from here on out. I might fiddle with Tumblr to try and see if I can hide some of this post behind a cut, but in the meantime I’ll tag it as a long post so you guys can filter it if you’d like. lol sorry

An Update on the Aliens

A lot has happened since I last checked in. I don’t know how often I want to do these little update posts, but I feel like it’s kind of fun to blog about what I’m playing, right? So onto the Sims 3 news:

We’ve had quite a few alien babies and birthdays! At the moment the oldest son Shane is a child. Alien children look strange with hair.

The middle child Macon was born, and at the moment he’s a Toddler.

And the youngest daughter, Mariah, is also now a toddler!

Pamina, the mother, hit a midlife crisis. Luckily she mostly had harmless wishes, like changing her hair color, putting on jewelry, buying an expensive car and renovating the house.

She survived.

I also realized I never got a great shot of Zarsan in the last post, so here he is up close.

Turns out Aliens, though they have a longer livespan than humans, do eventually die. Zarsan was in his 360′s when he met Pamina, and I had no idea whether that was young or old for an Alien. Welp…

Apparently he was quite old. He went to work one day and never came home. Good thing Mariah was born when she was, because he only lived to see her toddler years. Poor Pamina is now a single mother with three alien children to support, and since she’s spent her entire married life being pregnant, she doesn’t have a high earning job. After her expensive midlife crisis, I’m a little concerned about how the rest of their lives are going to go. Hmm…

If you guys like these update posts, I’ll keep em coming every now and then. But that’s all for now!

Alien Family Update! Getting Old

When we last left our Sims, the three children were finishing up their teen years and getting ready for graduation.

Both Mariah and the older son Shane wanted to go into the military, so they started working on their skills. Macon, the middle son, wanted to go into acting, so I went ahead and placed a movie studio in Sunset Valley for him. I thought the idea of him being a stand up comedian was cute. Like his whole routine could be based around growing up with alien siblings and a human mom. Those WACKY Aliens amirite? 

Pamina meanwhile decided she wanted to retire in her old age. She reached level 10 of her career and since that was her lifetime goal, she figured she earned a rest. Even Zarsan’s ghost showed up to celebrate her retirement! Aww :)

Newly retired and elderly Pamina had to find new ways to amuse herself. Mostly this involved yelling at, insulting, and criticizing everyone she talked to.

I figured, for her sake and for everyone around her, maybe it’d be best that she come out of retirement so she’d have less free time to make everyone miserable. So just a week later she rejoined her medical career.

Meanwhile, her kids joined their dream professions and started dating. Shane in his high school days was voted prom king, but got his heart broken by the most popular guy in school. When he grew up into an adult, he got the unflirty trait, which means he can’t have any romantic interactions with Sims until they’re really good friends first.

Shane got close to a teenager that lived down the street (in the house Pamina grew up in!) named Antoine. They were good pals for a while, hanging out in the hot tub, telling ghost stories, Shane even taught him how to drive and met his family! But as they grew closer Shane wanted something more. So he invited Antoine over for a birthday party.

Now that it wasn’t creepy anymore (or at least not illegal), Shane wasted no time making a move.

A few days later they were married.

Shane and Antoine moved into a tiny little home together and started their new life. Since that meant leaving the active household, that’s goodbye for Shane!

Macon wasn’t far behind. He got cozy with his childhood friend, Shelly Gruber. The Bright kids and the Grubers were good friends and grew up together, so it’s sweet to see them hit it off. Even if Shelly was actually dating Antoine’s sister at the time they got together… Whoops.

Since unlike Shane, Macon has no trouble flirting, it took him no time to pop the question.

Since Macon is a bit more of a party animal, he decided he wanted a bachelor party. I’ve never actually seen what a bachelor party is like in the Sims, so hey I figured why not.

Shane gave the toast! But really it wasn’t that exciting. It was just a really long party and some dancing cheerleaders showed up. Anyway, Macon got married the next day and also moved out. His home is much more posh and modern than Shane’s. But I’d expect nothing less from Sunset Valley’s number one movie star.

Pamina tried her own hand at dating too, now that Wang Bo is out of the picture. She got asked out by an old gentleman who promptly died in the middle of their date.

The next day the same old man’s wife asked her out on a date, but then just yelled at her.

Wang Bo actually invited her to a party at his new house too. She decided to give it a shot. They seemed to get along for a little while, but the pain of betrayal was still too fresh for both of them.

Pamina DID however meet a paparazzo at the party named Julien. For whatever reason she got the wish to kiss him, so I got their relationship up and made it so. They decided to go steady too.

Also this happened.


Alien Update: Getting Old Part 2

I actually had more to post in last nights update but the post was getting too long. Glad I waited cause I have even more to report now!

So when we last left our Alien family, it was just Pamina and Mariah left in the house. Pamina had just hooked up with her new boyfriend, and Mariah was climbing the career ladder.

As her family was busy pairing off, Mariah was busy getting older. In fact, she hit a mid life crisis.

Her only midlife crisis wish was to move, so I packed her and Pamina up and moved them into a split level I built down the street from her brothers. It was my first try using CFE in build mode and I think it turned out real cute!

Apparently this lot was completely ideal for Aliens to visit, because in spite of going several generations without seeing any land, TWO showed up to visit this house in as many weeks.

If only I had this luck when I was streaming! It also seems like Shane somehow ended up with a Space Ship, because he lives nearby and I often hear ship noises when he goes to and from work. Huh.

While Mariah was working toward her life goal of becoming an Astronaut (which in the Sims is Military Career Rank 10 for some reason) and mingling with her new Alien friends, Pamina was having fun going on dates with a rapidly aging Julien.

Canoodling at the cemetery

After Julien spent the night, one morning Pamina was invited to a party. Little did she know this cuddle would be her last.

A quick reflection on Pamina’s life. She had a rushed childhood (because I had to get ready for the stream I shortened the days she could remain a child) and had a rocky romantic life. But she did fulfill her life goal of becoming a World Renowned Surgeon, and raised three very successful Alien children all by herself. Though she wasn’t the nicest person, she was loved for her hardworking attitude and selflessness, and her death left poor Mariah heartbroken. RIP Pamina.

I was worried Mariah would be lonely living in a big house all by herself, so when she stopped by Shane’s house, I had her adopt one of his dog’s puppies. This little furball’s name is Chun, and she’s a mutt. Dogs are really cute in the Sims 3! I’m surprised, cats are really weird looking. And also dogs seem a lot easier to take care of. Somehow cats are way needier and have a much more demanding social need, which seems completely reversed from reality. Oh well.

Since I am still doing a legacy challenge, there are certain tasks each generation must complete. Mariah is my heir, so her goal is to a) Reach level 10 of the military career, and b) Marry one of her co-workers once she does. At this point Mariah was level 9, so since she was getting close, I invited her only eligible male co-worker over to see if I could get them moving along. Well…

That didn’t go so well. At this point I was at kind of a loss for what to do. Unfortunately since this is a legacy challenge, I have to have her marry a guy so that they can reproduce. Luckily at just the right moment, an ex-paparazzo joined the military career, Jayme. This guy used to hang around their house and basically stalk them throughout their childhood, so I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of Mariah hooking up with him. But it was slim pickings as her only other male co-worker was Shane, so he’ll have to do.

Things went well, but I didn’t want to formally get them together until she hit level 10. It just so happened that she did the very next day, so I hurriedly got them married.

Upon moving him in, I discovered that Jayme is 130 days old, which is WAY older than any of my sims have naturally lived. I was pretty concerned that he’d drop dead before he’d have a chance to make any babies, so I got Mariah the Fertility Treatment lifetime reward and got them at it.

Bingo, preggers.

Meanwhile Chun grew up into an adult dog and promptly started learning all sorts of tricks. 

Now that it was a guarantee that they’d have at least one baby, I went ahead and got Jayme going on his lifetime wish, which was to become a lifeguard and rescue 50 people. There’s no way he’s doing it before he kicks the bucket but eh why not try. So he quit his low level military career and started patrolling the beach.

And after his third day on the job, Mariah went into labor! So he rushed to the hospital, and the two of them came home with twin girls, Tanya and Camille.

It’ll be interesting to see what these two are like as teenagers since they’re only 25% Alien. They have olive green skin.

That’s all for now! I may play some more later today but I may go swimming instead. Both sound pretty appealing :)