Sims 3 Legacy: The End

Here we are! The final post! Sorry if the last couple have lacked fanfare, I’ve just wanted to get them over and done with so I can wrap this story up. It seems the game really was just about done with me too, because it was a bit of a race to the finish at this point to see whether I could out-last all the glitches and finish out the legacy.

Exhibit A: Everything’s a mess.

Shortly after the Brights moved into their new home, Dusty aged up and his attractive young self got a lot grayer and droopier. 

Alice didn’t have a ton of time left at this point to give birth to the final heir, so they got the baby makin’ underway and gave birth to the last baby of the challenge, Eileen.

Things were getting a bit crowded now with the four of them living in a small two bedroom home, and Emma hit her midlife crisis and got the wish to move out.

So she did! It’s funny, because if I had moved her out normally it would have eaten up pretty much all of the household’s funds, but because I used the “kick out” option the game placed her in this huge mansion for free. Bit of an oversight, no?

Alice’s lifetime wish was to have 20 friends, which is not an easy task when you have Late Night installed. She’d have to throw parties pretty much whenever she could to make friends, but because she was so busy I’d often miss the notification for bills and things like that, so she ended up in this rut where she’d make some friends and then something would happen like something in the house getting repossessed, and because she’s a 5 star celebrity everyone would know about it and HATE her.

The game also seemed to have been saving ALL the random events for last, because all kinds of weird shit kept happening.

They got their toilet stolen by a burglar…

Dusty got abducted by an alien…

TWICE. But never impregnated, how disappointing. 

It was also around this time that the game decided it was done, and when Eileen was a toddler the game glitched out and EVERYONE stopped aging. Period. Days would go by and no one got any older, and I didn’t know what caused it or what to do. Apparently it can happen for any number of reasons but the most common is that you alter the lifespan of a Sim somehow and because Dusty is a merman he might live longer than normal Sims or something. The only fix I could find that didn’t involve installing a bunch of mods was to copy the save file from the main menu, which DID fix it, but only one day at a time. Every other day they’d all stop aging again, so I had to start saving right before they went to bed every night, copying the save file, loading the new game, and repeating until the end of the run. It took AGES but eventually Eileen aged up into a kid and Alice an elder.

And Alice fulfilled her lifetime wish at her birthday party, how nice :)

When Toy Day or whatever it’s called in this game rolled around, they threw a party for it, because everyone wanted to and I really wanted to earn them some more lifetime reward points. Eileen’s legacy challenge goals were to be “Different in some way” and though her dad is a merman, she was not born one, so I was trying to get enough points with at least one Sim to buy her some mermadic kelp. Anyway, at the party, Eileen overloaded the dishwasher with too many plates and it broke. That night Dusty tried to fix it and… well…

The random event strikes again! I was honestly pretty sad about this, I liked Dusty and he was REALLY close to having enough lifetime reward points for the kelp.

Eileen was pretty sad too. She blamed herself for Dusty’s death considering she was the one that broke the dishwasher.

Soon after much more saving and copying the file and restarting, she aged up into a teenager and vowed to run away from home.

But not before her mom got her some mermadic kelp. She wanted to be a mermaid like her dad was.

With her newfound fins, she decided to swim away and never return.

And that’s where I decided to leave things. One of her legacy goals was literally to “run away as a teenager,” but I don’t know logistically how that’s supposed to work in the game, since if teens are out after a certain point they’re “breaking curfew” and the cops come and drag them home. With the game basically breaking down behind the scenes and the tedium of having to quit and copy the file every few minutes to get them to age weighing on me, I figured this was a nice place to leave things. I saved a copy of Eileen to the library and that was the end of the Bright Legacy.

Two years, god knows how many hours, 13 generations. The Brights came from humble beginnings, they’ve gone from rags to riches and back again, they’ve had vampires, Aliens, mermaids, and ghosts, dogs and cats, they’ve owned half the town at one point or another. Most of all, they gave me a fun distraction during some really hard stuff in my life. When I started the legacy in 2015 I was in a bad place and they helped get me through it, and again recently when things have been bad I found an escape through their crazy lives. Thanks Bright family. Your Legacy will not be forgotten.

Sims 3 Legacy: Goofin’ Off

When we last left Marie Bright, she was newly graduated and living on her own with a ton of her dad’s money.

She didn’t really need to work or anything so she spent her time screwing around with her boyfriend Antonio…

Rescuing dogs (Menace and Amy)…

Throwing parties, and screwing around with her boyfriend s’more.

Also I guess her dad happened to be at the park and died in the middle of their date :( RIP Aric.

The thing is, Antonio and Marie still don’t really get along that well. They like goofing off and having fun together but Marie has commitment issues and Antonio, it turns out, IS EVIL AND WANTS TO BE AN EMPEROR OF EVIL. HOW DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING?

Regardless, they each thought the other didn’t suck quite enough to keep them from moving in together.

But their time being young and wild was up, and soon Marie was no longer a young adult and just a regular old adult adult. She hit a midlife crisis and so the pair of them and the dogs moved out to a bigger house. It was my first time in the entire Legacy buying one of the houses that the town came with, so I did a lil renovating, but it worked out okay.

Marie continued to attempt to replace her family with dogs, seen here adopting Champion, but as she was getting older it wasn’t quite enough anymore, and the dogs kept dying so hey she figured out why not pop out a few kids too?

Her oldest one was Alice,

Then Hugo, who had green skin and was named after one of her brothers,

And then Emma, the youngest.

Things were really deteriorating between Antonio and Marie though. Antonio was evil and kept doing mean things like stealing candy from his children and startling Marie on purpose, and Marie was lazy, didn’t contribute financially to the household, and didn’t clean up after herself.

On the day Emma aged up into a toddler, the shit hit the fan.

The two got into a fight and broke up, which was met by a resounding “meh?” from all parties. Not a single negative moodlet to be had, the only thing that happened was Marie got “Humiliated” from the fight. I guess because they never got married they weren’t that invested in the relationship.

Antonio moved out and took Emma with him, leaving Marie, Alice and Hugo and her dogs to fend for themselves without an income.

Sims 3 Legacy: Everyone is Evil

Now that Alice was living on her own in a tiny gross little house, she had to start supporting herself somehow. Her dad Antonio was still working as a criminal, so he got her a job working with his crime syndicate. 

The pay was decent, but she was getting arrested practically every other day and was having trouble earning a living as a result.

But even if it was a hard life, it was a way to get her family back. Marie passed away soon after Alice moved out, and she was eager to reconnect with the family she had left. Her dad gave her Emma’s number and the two started forming a relationship again.

The main reason she became a criminal, aside from getting close to the other side of her family again, was so she could fulfill the requirements for her generation in the Legacy, part of which was to “find love with a criminal.”

This proved difficult however, as there were only three other people in her career track, one of which was her dad.

Her co-worker Bambi Moore seemed like a nice lady, but she was already married.

So that just left her boss, an evil vampire named Krissy Crouse. Fortunately because both were hopeless romantics, they hit it off quite quickly and moved in together.

But Krissy, being evil and a vampire, couldn’t decide whether she wanted to keep Alice as a thrall or just murder her for kicks. She did a little of both, distracting her and mind controlling her while cooking to try to burn the house down.

Fortunately Alice caught on pretty quickly and decided she had enough. The criminal lifestyle was no way to live, so she dumped Krissy and switched careers to professional athlete. 

Meanwhile she and Emma were getting closer than ever. The problem was though, that whenever Emma attempted to interact with her, the action was instantly canceled, and when she tried to interact with Emma the options were weird. For instance she could do her special trait-related interactions, but she didn’t get the usual friendly ones at normal points in the conversation. I could never ask her about her day, for example. It seemed like it was just another one of those bugs that came with the game being crushed under the weight of save-file bloat. At one point I did get the option to ask her to move in though, so Alice and Emma became roomies, and eventually best friends. 

And wouldncha know it, Emma is ALSO EVIL. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised considering she was raised by Antonio, but goddamn. Since she, like everyone else in the world, wanted to be Empress of Evil, she got a career as a criminal too. 

Alice was gettin older though, so it was time to get her hitched for reals so she could carry on the matriarchy to the final generation. She started dating a nice attractive guy named Dusty from her new job and popped the question.

And though Dusty was, thank god, NOT evil for once, he was a merman.

It was a teensy bit crowded for the three of them in that tiny lil house though, and they HATED it there. Because they were saving up to move, they didn’t want to waste any money upgrading the appliances, so stuff was constantly breaking, giving them negative moodlets, and just catching fire, to the point where one of the firemen just decided never to leave and was permanently installed in their kitchen. 

This was no place to start a family, so the three of them pooled their money and moved into a slightly bigger, MUCH nicer home down the street.

That’s where we’ll leave things today, but join me next time as we begin the FINAL generation of the Legacy!


I was playing The Sims 3 and I just had to find out the title of this… it’s beautiful.