A brief glimpse of Imogen Cloud’s first day in Lucky Palms. I created a little back story in my head for her.

Imogen’s a good, brave Sim but also insane. As a little girl, she loved superheroes because they always defeated the bad guy and saved people’s lives. She became obsessed with superheroes. Her room was so full of superhero comics, posters, action figures, movies and TV shows that you couldn’t even move around in it. She was literally buried in superhero stuff and all she ever talked about was superhero conspiracy theories. Her parents assumed it was just a phase, but Imogen never grew out of it. Eventually, she convinced herself in high school that she was a superhero. She adopted a hero persona, put together her own costume and snuck out at night to go fight crime (which usually consisted of giving stern lectures to kids graffiting the town after curfew). Unfortunately, Imogen was the one being dragged home in police cruisers every night because of her crazy antics.

When she told her parents on her eighteenth birthday that she didn’t want to go to university because she already knew what she wanted to do with her life (be a superhero), her parents lost it and threw her out of the house, telling her to come back home when she found some common sense, hoping that once their daughter was subjected to the real world without a safety net, she’d get a wake up call and shape up.

In actuality, this only made Imogen even more enthusiastic about being a superhero because now she could fight crime without worrying about her parents trying to hinder her. She got her own place on the water in Lucky Palms with the money that was supposed to be her college fund and now here she is running around town looking for bad guys to crack down on in her hero attire. Lucky Palms is a gambling city after all and gambling cities have lots of crime. It’s up to the amazing Imogen Cloud to keep the residents of Lucky Palms safe from criminals!

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