My blog passed it’s two year anniversary while I was on my trip.

My aesthetic is pretty unique, I must say. I’m influenced by the trippy look of a lot of 1970′s sci-fi art and psychedelia in general.

Top pic: a shot from one of my @alientrustfundkids  story settings. This is an unreleased custom world by @rhodalle , which they kindly gave me  to use for story purposes. I am calling it Corpo-Bruptis in my story.

The moon you see is a custom moon made for me by @transcendentcacophony , who also made the moon we use in @saturenorn .  It suits this world perfectly!

I’m working on story update tonight set in both Corpo-Bruptis and then in Saturenorn.

Bottom pic shows a view from Emperor’s home, looking out over his fleet of warships and defensive towers in the sunnier part of his stronghold planet. (Lunestia, by@risastorm, with sky by @niobecremisi )

More landscape pix later this evening and story update on other blog will also go up.

Now for some story rebloggitty…


Landscape photos from Storybrook County with Blue Skies & Sunshine lighting mod, with Nilxis’s Realistic Clouds mod. I also use a HQ mod as well.

The left side is with just the above, the right side is with minor edits in Photoshop CS3.

I wanted to do some testing of the HQ mod and scenery, with edits.